PowerAdspy Review 2024, Features, Pricing And Free Trial ( updated )


Did you know? 66% of Facebook users find and follow their favorite brands on the platform.

Likewise, 90% of IG users are engaged with a company on the $33.71 billion-worth platform.

Therefore, it is logical to say that you can get the highest conversion possible if your social advertisements are aligned with the best SMM (social media marketing) practices.

Whether you’re an Ad planner or an advertisement agency or a media buyer or a copywriter, Facebook is definitely your biggest advertisement platform.

With PowerAdspy, a powerful cloud-based social media advertisement software, you can spy on your competitors’ social media ads by  providing you with every tool you need to create yours from scratch.

What Is PowerAdspy?

poweradspy RREVIEW (1)

PowerAdspy is the first-ever Adspy software, currently the biggest among its ounterparts, developed from scratch with Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms for marketing in mind. 

It is the largest database of billions of both past and present social media ads and is continuously updated with a minimum of 1000 ads every single day.

This Facebook ad-spying software is available as a PowerAdspy chrome extension for chrome users and as well an app PowerAdspy 

How PowerAdspy Works?

The working architecture is quite simple but potent.

Signing up for the PowerAdspy premium plan gives you access to a massive database of millions of social media ads and copies across every industry.

Once signed up and logged in, the PowerAdspy dedicated filter engine allows you to diffuse your search in terms of age, competitors, keywords, and audience.

At the end of your search, you’re returned to with all the past and active most successful landing pages, campaigns, and advertisements related to your search.

Finally, at the end of the line, you’re able to copy, tweak, and use the most converting ones of these adverts for your own campaign success. Yay!

Benefits Of Using PowerAdsy

Beyond mere popular opinion, Poweradsy appears to offer more benefits and features in comparison to other premium social media ads spying tools, the BigSpy for instance.

See my personal verdicts below.

  • The PowerAdspy premium is insanely time-savvy, saving you the time and energy spent on an endless search
  • It is a marketing strategy generator in the sense that you’re provided with a detailed structure of each ad result with nothing left out of the picture
  • You can instantly use whatever data you scrape off of your search for your business’ monetization and campaigns
  • All PowerAdspy plans put you in charge enough to decided what data you want to see about each ad and what data you don’t want to deal with
  • You’re able to search ads based on your preferences
  • It is beginners-friendly, all thanks to a super-intuitive operating interface
  • It puts your competitors (major and main competitors) in your sight, enabling you to track down their angles, ad copies, creatives, and other outreaches 

Down below, I will walk you through the pricings of Poweradspy plans.

PowerAdspy Features

Filter advertisements By Ads Positions; being able to research unlimited Facebook ads, you are equipped with this feature so you can decide the segmentation of your search results based on the result ads positions on the Newsfeed.

Poweradspy Filtering (1)

This way, you can conveniently access the most performing and converting ads for your niche, for analysis.

Millions Of Data; every single day, PowerAdspy updates its database of over millions of ads from 15 countries so far with thousands of new ads.

So, it is obvious that you’ll never miss out on any of both the oldest and the newest ads regardless of your niche.

Complete visibility; PowerAsdpy engineers a feature that allows you to have clearcut visibility of the real-time engagement on each ad.

This means that you can have a time-to-time visit on each result campaign to see the viewer’s real opinions about the same campaign.

poweradspy spy tool (1)

Ads Bookmarking; from time to time, you’ll start seeing the advertisements that you will find worthy to copy, tweak, and use for your own future campaigns.


This bookmarking option allows you to save the advert of your choice into a unique advertisement inventory dedicated to each user.

Flexible Search Filtering; imagine having to scroll through a thousand chunk of ads results every time you run a search. That can be as time-consuming as it is energy-draining.

This is exactly why PowerAdspy integrates the search filtering feature with which you can narrow down your searches based on the domain of your competitors, their niche, and the name of advertisers.

In addition, you may also search based on the best performing adverts. Talking about flexibility, PowerAdspy has got one on this.

Search Algorithm; other than searching for ads via keywords, phrases, and terms with PowerAdspy, you can be more specific with the kind of ads you want in your view .

This is done by basing your search on the date of publishing, the number of comments generated so far, the number of likes and reaction received till the moment, and the accumulated number of shares so far.

By so doing, you can more easily locate the ads most suitable for your kind of campaigns.

Access To Ad Videos And Images; visuals have been found to be the most effective form of campaign. Images convert than plain written content.But videos are even more engaging.

So here’s the catch. With PowerAdspy, you can search for video-only advertisements and image-only advertisements if that’s what you’re looking for.

And just like you can bookmark written campaigns for future use, all video ads and image ads can be downloaded in the same way in your own accord. Isn’t that just great?

Details Of Engagement; unlike most advertisement spying tools out there, PowerAdspy provides you with the complete details on the engagement of each ad result.

With metrics represented with piecharts, graphs, and bar charts, PowerAdspy breaks down the sources of engagement in percentage.

poweradspy Analysis (1)

It will show you the percentage of engagement coming from a particular sex and age group of ads viewers. 

What’s more fascinating is that you can see the break-down of each group in terms of relationship status and so on.

poweradspy analysis 1 (1)

Powerful Geo-Targeting; this is an important feature for an online store owner or anyone selling physical products.

Knowing the geographical location of your potential customers before-hand is essential for your outreach success.

PowerAdspy massive database of millions of ads supplies you with precise information about the geographical location of the audience targeted by your competitors.

poweradspy targeting (1)

And the result is, instead of going through the endless circus of A/B testing, you can easily spot those interested in your services and products.

Call-to-action Oriented Searching; your call-to-action button is the last end on your funnel.

Without getting it right, you can lose a potential customer who has made it so far through your funnels.

And while that can be a pain, PowerAdspy has a special searching ads searching system that works solely for making researches on the best working call-to-action buttons.

poweradspy call to action (1)

This will be decided by the number of click-throughs generated so far by the button.

And the fact that you can download any call-to-action button of your choice for later use is just too great.

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PowerAdspy Pricings

poweradspy Pricing (1)


On the basic plan, there’s no limitation to the number of searches you can make before the month of your subscription runs out. 

Nevertheless, you will only be able to filter your searches by keyword alone. 

You will be restricted from filtering your searches by age, country, gender, advertiser, competitor’s domain, and advertiser.

But the major drawback is you can only use the basic plan as a Facebook ads spy tool. 

This may not be bad if your main targets are on Facebook and all you want is a powerful Facebook ads spy.

In fact, Poweradspy basic plan is the most cost-effective and potent Facebook ads spying software you can ever get.


If your ads hunting is limited to Instagram and Facebook alone, opting for his plan will not only save you money but also save you from paying for the extra features that you’ll never need to use at the end of the day. 

With this standard plan, you can filter your searches by gender, domain, advertiser, country, ad type, audience age, and ad placement. 

This plan is also great for store owners who are looking to know the best working call to action buttons and find out in what countries their competitors are generating most buyers.


With this premium plan, you can trail the footsteps of your niche’s most successful businesses’ averts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

With no limit to the number of searches that you can perform in your subscription period, you get access to the Poweradsy tracking system features other than being able to filter your searches in all ways possible.

You will be provided with performance metrics on each result ads which in turn become useful assets for your own campaign success.

Especially if you’re an online store owner or an Amazon affiliate, you can spy on your competitors’ secret funnels and find what e-commerce platforms the most successful advertisers are using.


This plan is for both e-commerce store owners and entrepreneurs.

It enables the spying on YouTube adverts, Instagram adverts, Facebook ads, Google ads, and funnels in terms of domain, performance, audience age, the volume of the engagement generated so far, and for how long the ad has been running.

An additional feature is that this plan gives you an unfair advantage by allowing you to filter your ads by mobile, iOS, desktop, and android.


The Poweradspy titanium plan has just the same features available on the platinum plan.

The only difference is, however, you get to make searches not only on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram campaigns alone but also on Native.

If you’re looking to tap into the massive sales opportunities on Native where the competition is less, this plan will put your foot in the door.

PALLADIUM PLAN ($349) as the last paid plan, Poweradspy palladium allows offers the chance to use all PowerAdspy features on one more media, GDN.

PowerAdspy Extension

Being able to integrate all your digital operation pieces of software with your browser is a dream come true.

poweradspy chrome extension (1)

Other than being able to subscribe to any of the PowerAdspy of your choice, you can install the PowerAdspy extension directly to your chrome browser to start using it for free for a lifetime.

Note:  you must only install the extension on a chrome browser that you have your personal or business Facebook account logged in to for direct access to millions of Facebook advertisements.

PowerAdspy Pros And Cons

So, here’s the walkthrough around the benefits and the downsides to using PowerAdspy.


  • It is a time-savvy software especially for an agency who need to speed up all operation process
  • You are able to seamlessly scrape real-time data from the best-performing ads and use that for your own campaign success
  • Using PowerAdspy is like having your A/B testing done for you (no need to waste money testing multiple versions of the same ad)
  • Accurate tracking of your competitors’ ad copies, creatives, and angles is priceless
  • ou’re able to run efficient advertising and marketing strategies that create effects
  • You can search for ads based on domain, niche, and other factors. The result of this is a narrowed-down campaign blueprint
  • PowerAdspy come in multiple subscription plans, making it flexible and insanely available to everyone
  • PowerAdspy trial, coupons, and codes are PowerAdspy way of giving back generously
  • It is possible to search for a specific type of adverts from videos, images, and writeups
  • You get the chance to make the device search to find out the percentage of viewers of each ad viewing from mobile phones and those viewing from other devices
  • You have access to live ads displays for real-time engagement and position of the result ads from your search


  • The software requires both technical and analytical skills from the user. Yes, PowerAdspy has a learning curve
  • The first three basic plans lack some of the most useful features

PowerAdspy Coupon And Free Trial


Yeah, you read that right. PowerAdspy has a free plan on which you can make a total of 100 searches.

You can sort the ads result from each search by the number of shares, comments, and likes it has generated so far, and how long the ads have been live.

Regardless of where the ads were placed (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, GDN, Google, and Native), you can make a search by Advertiser, gender, audience age, country, your competitor’s domain, and even make bookmarks.

poweradspy Free Trial (1)

The free plan offers you Poweradspy’s Ad insight feature with which you can drill into the performance of each ad to detail.


So, here’s the thing. Poweradsy offers 3 different kinds of coupon codes for their subscribers. The first code is a time-sensitive valid offer.

You just have to copy the code and paste it on the Apply Coupon option during your subscription process to get a 20% discount off your subscription fee regardless of whatever PowerAdspy plan you’re opting for.

On the second hand, there is the $100-off code that saves you $100 on every premium plans that are priced above $100.

Finally, there’s the MegaPixel code that saves you 10% on some selected plans.

Is PowerAdspy Worth Investing In?

Well, it depends on your expectations. Here’s what I mean.

If you’re a social media marketer, your job is to keep your clients ahead of their competitions on social media. In that case, PowerAdspy becomes a must-have companion. 

Also, if you’re personally looking to run a successful Facebook campaign for your next product/service or you want to reach new relevant customers on a big social media like Facebook, whatever PowerAdspy plan you subscribe to is worth every penny.

As long as you’re running a Facebook campaign, PowerAdspy should be considered as a necessity.

Best Alternative To PowerAdspy

Before running ahead to pay for a PowerAdspy subscription, you may want to have a sneak peek at these best alternative Facebook advertisement pieces of software.

Number one…


adplexity 2020 (1)

AdPlexity is strongly recognized among eCommerce entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers as the number one competitive intelligence solution.

It is every eCommerce marketer’s side-kick on the road to keep track of their competitors’ most converting advertisement campaigns on Facebook and other adult social media platforms.

This AI-based software is your oneway ticket to past-success-guided marketing on social platforms. 

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While PowerAdspy generates all its ads from 15 major countries, AdPlexity lets you see campaigns running in a whopping sum of 75 countries.

Yes, you read that right.

Featuring everything offered by the major campaign spying tools,

AdPlexity takes advertisement spying to the future with more complicated features that you only get to grow with once subscribed to either the $199/month plan or the $1990/year plan.

MagicAdz ( No Longer Working ) 

PowerAdspy Alternative

MagicAdz is an Artificial Intelligence-based social ads tool that empowers social media marketers to create winning campaigns through the analysis of trends and the tracking of competitors.

With MagicAdz, you have access to millions of social media campaigns from over 50 countries and the working system is quite simple. 

All you have to do is make a customized search based on keywords, landing pages, or just name it and you’ll be provided with a list of the best working advertisements that are related to your search.

You can as well filter your search by engagement, type of ad, and a specified targeted audience.

For each ad, MagicAdz equips you with analysis tools to cut into the deepest details so as to generate priceless data for your marketing strategy. MagiAdz subscription plans come in two parent groups. 

The first being the monthly ranges from the Essential plan charged at $99 to the Enterprise plan charged at $749.

Then there’s the annually billed line of plans that range from $89/year to $749/year.

Sign Up for MagicAdz  > Use the code : emarketing15 for your 15% lifetime discount.


adsector 2020 (1)

AdSector is another alternative to PowerAdspy.

AdSector prides itself as an analytics software designed for marketers to eliminate the guesswork by learning from their successful competitors.

It has been saving affiliate marketers and social media marketers hundreds of dollars every month with in-depth analytics and advanced search and filtering.

With AdSector, you can bookmark and organize winning ads resulting from your searches and use them for your own outreaches. 

The only downside to using AdSector is its fixed subscription plan.

While other advertisement spying tools are available in various subscription plans, AdSector has just one plan which regularly goes for $323/month.

But as at the time when this article was written, you can get AdSector at $74 less at the price of $249/month.

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