44 Websites to Make Money–$200 a Day Online.


The online market is booming, and there are many trusted online money making sites. To help you find the best sites that offer a good return, we've created a list where you can find out what the best sites are in your niche. It all depends on your commitment and consistancy.

In today’s digital world there are endless possibilities of accessing tools and services that will provide you with alternate ways of making money–in the fastest way possible.

Most of these are through websites or applications, with the former being the preferred source of quick income.

There are predominantly, a plethora of websites to make money online, which not only equip you with the tools and skills to get more bang for your buck, but also leave you feeling fulfilled and anxious-free.

However, much to your amusement, among these lie plenty of double-crossing sites.

These websites pitch their schemes so effortlessly that it makes you work day and night–only to leave you feeling ‘high and dry’ once awakened from the cringeworthy experience.

These platforms are pretty good at making you believe–you can earn thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home until proven otherwise.

Conversely, there ‘are’ some pretty reliable sites out there, through which you can actually ‘earn more than a regular 9-5 job’.

This may sure sound unbelievable, but to assure you, and reinstate your firm believe in genuine platforms through which you can make money online, it can be quite an exhilarating and rewarding experience, should you choose to take it up.

Many users, access these websites to make money, and earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars each week/month.

Now, you must be wondering, “How can I tell the difference between a real money making website from a spoof?”

Let us show you How to make genuine money online, by giving you a kickstart into the remarkable world of ‘22 websites that conquer the world of online moneymaking’–without any special skills needed.

We highly recommend these websites that earn you money , because they are reliable, legal, easy and time-worthy of all your online efforts.

Also, these are tried and tested by thousands of users, who guarantee that these websites are an addictive source of earning money, due to their functionality and payment methods.You can also use a referral code on these online sites to make your process smoother and more effective.

Here is a list of the trusted online money making sites, worthy of your attention ( and some them will show you how to make money online for free ) :

brandcrowd 2

By using BrandCrowd to create a professional logo, consistent marketing materials, and eye-catching social media graphics, you can build a strong brand identity that increases awareness, attracts new customers, and ultimately boosts your business's credibility and return on investment in marketing efforts

44 Websites to Make Money 2024



Earnut makes it easy to earn money online, directly from your computer or phone. Simply log in and head to the "Offers" page to browse a variety of opportunities. Choose what interests you, whether it's completing surveys or downloading apps. Follow the on-screen instructions, and once you're done, your earnings will be deposited within minutes (with some exceptions).

Withdraw your hard-earned money through the "withdrawal" page, selecting your preferred method from cryptocurrencies, CSGO/RUST skins, PayPal, or even gift cards. New options are added regularly, so your earning potential increases with each visit.

On average, users dedicate 2 hours daily to Earnut and earn between $400 and $700 per month. Remember, these figures can vary depending on your location, and cheating (like using a VPN) is strictly prohibited. Their system verifies withdrawals instantly, 24/7, and thier dedicated team is always available through live chat to assist you.

Join EarnUt today and start earning! It's simple, straightforward, and potentially quite rewarding.

Bonus : Coinsbaron


Ready to make easy money online? Coinsbaron.com is your trusted partner on the journey to financial freedom. Join our community today and experience the joy of turning your spare time into a rewarding income stream!

How It Works:

  • Sign Up: Create your free account on Coinsbaron.com.
  • Explore Opportunities: Choose from surveys, games, and apps to start earning.
  • Get Paid: Watch your earnings grow and cash out your rewards effortlessly.

Why CoinsBaron?

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate our platform with ease and enjoy a seamless earning experience.
  • Secure and Reliable: 4,6 rank with over 2k reviews at TrustPilot.
  • Rich choice of offers: 15+ Offer walls
  • 150k+ Satisfied users
  • Low Fees
  • Fast Payouts: 
  • Crypto payments min. $0.20
  • PayPal payments min. $5
  • Giftcard payments min. $3.60
  • Mobile payments min. $1.250
  • Bonus 2: BigCashWeb


    BigCashWeb is an online platform where you can earn real money by playing games, taking surveys, and doing various tasks. It's easy to use, with a simple interface and tasks you can quickly finish in 5–10 minutes. You earn coins, and 250 coins equal $1.

    Redeeming your earnings is straightforward; you can exchange your coins for real money or choose gift cards, including PayPal cashouts. Big Cash Web makes it convenient with a low cashout threshold. Plus, they have a referral program, letting you earn a percentage of your friends' lifetime earnings.

    There are fun games like Mafia City, Chief Almighty, Ball Sorts, and Bingo Bling to choose from. Big Cash Web is a reliable way to make extra money online, thanks to its clear process, various earning options, and dependable payment system.

    2. Freecash.com

    Freecash A Websiet to make money

    Freecash.com , founded in 2020, is one of the fastest growing websites to make money online. They assure you not only highest payouts, instant cashouts or low minimum withdrawals but also a clean, modern and user-friendly design, active direct support, featured offers (offers that have reliable payouts) & international signups.

    You can earn money on filling out surveys, completing tasks, sign-ups or playing games. Users already earned $28,000,000+.

    There is a large community of users around Freecash who are in touch and help each other. This is possible thanks to numerous functions provided by the Freecash team, such as Chat, Discord channels or various social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Reddit).

    You can withdraw your money through PayPal, crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Doge and Gift Cards (Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, Play Station, Xbox and many others) instantly. They also offer several other withdrawal methods like buying skins to the most popular games like CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL or Valorant.

    Some of the things Freecash offers:

    • Instant PayPal cashouts starting at only $5.00
    • Instant Crypto cashouts including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & DOGE starting as low as $0.50
    • Daily Leaderboard paying out $500.00 every single day to top 250 users & monthly leaderboard paying out $2,500.00
    • High payout rates on offer walls (Running +50% promotions constantly with the biggest offer walls like Ayet Studios, Adem & AdGate)
    • Very good  Trustpilot Rating (27,000+ reviews, 4.6 stars)
    • $28,000,000+ earned by users
    • 1,000 coins = $1
    • 0% fee Gift Card withdrawals (Amazon, Steam & more)

    Online Business Academy ( Learn to Earn)


    The Online Business Academy is a comprehensive learning platform that empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to make money online.

    With carefully selected Creators and Educators specializing in various fields, custom tools, and systems, the Academy equips students with the knowledge and strategies needed to gain a competitive advantage in their niche or industry. Whether it's e-commerce, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, content creation, or any other online venture, our specialists have got you covered.

    By offering niche expertise, networking opportunities, and industry insights, the Online Business Academy provides invaluable support to help individuals thrive in the digital realm and achieve financial success through online ventures.

    The Online Business Academy provides excellent opportunities for making connections with people who share your interests. Making connections with other business owners can lead to lucrative options including joint ventures, collaborations, and collaboration.

    They also provide a Completely Done-for-You monetized Youtube Channels. Save yourself months or even years of steady uploads, "hacks" for growth, and old strategies that don't work, only to be turned down for the YouTube Partner Program. Instead, let thier experts do it for you quickly .

    JumpTask (Bonus)

    JumpTask (Bonus)

    JumpTask is a global online marketplace that allows users to earn income by completing various digital tasks such as gaming, surveys, app installations, and social engagement. Participants receive JMPT tokens for each task, which can be converted into cash instantly or staked for potential increased returns. The platform is known for its valuable JMPT tokens, considered a promising cryptocurrency asset for investment portfolios. 

    JumpTask distinguishes itself by offering higher compensation than its competitors and providing exclusive deals and opportunities. It aims to be a top choice for individuals looking to monetize their skills and time through online work, offering substantial payouts, withdrawal flexibility, and a wide range of tasks. 

    JumpTask enables users to generate additional income streams on their own terms, emphasizing its exceptional support, task diversity, passive income opportunities, and user-friendly interface. Overall, it presents a fantastic opportunity for earning cryptocurrency online.

    • Instant JMPT token payouts
    • Exclusive offers
    • The highest payout rates on the market
    • Opportunity to stake rewards and increase returns exponentially

    3. SurveyJunkie 


    If you’re ready to earn extra money on the side, SurveyJunkie can help you find legitimate online surveys to fill out and earn rewards or cash. It’s easy to maximize your earning potential with this website.

    Survey Junkie provides you with surveys in exchange for points. It’s free to sign up, but like most things you need to spend some time on it before you start seeing any benefits.

    One of the best features of Survey Junkie is that you can make as much money as you want – even $50/100 per day if you really wanted! All this is possible because surveys are given out based on how many points you have.

    To sign up for an account, you need to fill out some basic information including your name, email address, gender, and birthday. Once you have logged in for the first time, take the Quick Quiz on Survey Junkie to determine which surveys you qualify for!

    Disclaimer : Junkie is available in USA ONLY 

    Respondent.io (Bonus 2)


    Allstate and eBay, to name a couple, use Respondent.io to conduct online customer satisfaction surveys. It does this by matching research organizations looking for participants like you with people like you who have applied to take part in studies.

    Participants receive compensation for their time and effort (up to +$200 per study). 

    Most studies can be completed from home or over the phone (i.e. remotely), while others may require you to visit an office (i.e. in-person).

    There is no upper age limit for becoming a Respondent; anyone over the age of 18 can join. Although most research are aimed at US citizens, anyone from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the rest of the world can sign up to take part in the studies.

    A PayPal account (where your money can be sent) is also required.

    Having a social media or professional networking page can assist establish your credibility. Connecting your social media accounts increases your chances of being chosen for paid studies.

    The mechanics:
    • Create and verify your profile. Be sure to add information about your interests, talents, and experiences to your profile.
    • Find a compatible partner. Based on your background and interests, thier algorithm will assign you research projects.
    • Apply for projects...
    • Take part and get compensated for it.

    Earning money as an affiliate with FreshBooks

    Earning money as an affiliate with FreshBooks

    As an affiliate for FreshBooks, you can make money thanks to the company's generous commission system. If you get someone to sign up for a free trial, you'll get $10. This makes it easy to start making money right away.

    The best way to make money is to get those free trial users to become paid customers. With up to $200 in commission per sale, you can make a lot more money by getting the word out about FreshBooks.

    Focus on giving value and being honest in your advertising if you want to do well as an affiliate. Showcase the benefits of FreshBooks with honest reviews and recommendations, and keep track of your results to improve your marketing strategies and make as much money as possible.

    How to : 

    • First, join the FreshBooks affiliate program. To join, visit their "Affiliate" or "Partner" area. After approval, you'll receive an affiliate link or referral code to track referrals.
    • Promote FreshBooks: Use several avenues to acquire clients. Reach more people by blogging, making YouTube videos, or sharing your affiliate link on social media.
    • $10 Trial Sign-Up: Earn $10 each FreshBooks free trial signup using your affiliate link. Encourage users to try the platform to make money quickly.
    • Up to $200 Sale Commission: Turning trial users into paying customers is the true moneymaker. You can earn $200 each successful affiliate sale. Converting more clients earns you a percentage of their subscription value.
    • To optimize earnings, provide valuable content and be honest about your affiliate relationship. Provide honest evaluations, case studies, or testimonials to reassure potential buyers.
    pawns.app home

    4. Shopify

    Shopify Free Trial

    Ecommerce is exploding. This is undoubtedly the fastest-growing field on the Internet and has endless potential. And why?

    Well, simply because traditional commerce is being transported over the Internet. But there is a smart way to do eCommerce without having a product, without taking care of the delivery, and even without ever touching the product yourself. This is called Dropshipping.

    Dropshipping is the act of being an intermediary between a supplier and a customer.

    You find a product from a supplier, and you find customers who buy that product from you more than the supplier's price.

    You earn the margin between the customer's selling price and the supplier's purchase price of the product, and Shopify will help just to do that.

    Shopify is a SaaS (software as a service). it is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their online stores.

    A monthly fee gives you access to an admin panel where you can enter store data, add products, and process orders, plus you can choose from a rich selection of free and purchase design templates.

    To make money with dropshipping you first need to set up an online store with Shopify, and then develop a marketing plan for your Shopify store

    SproutGigs ( Bonus ) 


    A marketplace online called SproutGigs connects companies with independent contractors. After adding "gigs" to the platform, Picoworkers was renamed as SproutGigs.

    It functions as a middleman where business owners may hire individuals to carry out everything from quick chores to ongoing projects.

    SproutGigs is a crowdsourcing platform that allows employers and freelancers to work together to execute one-off tiny tasks (micro-jobs) or contribute to ongoing projects, unlike freelancing networks like Fiverr.

    SproutGigs will help you earn $3 to $50 or $60 every 100 assignments if you are just starting out in internet marketing and want to earn a few extra dollars working from home.

    5. Binance

    Earn with Binance

    Did you know that there is a more efficient, securer, and more effortless way to generate earnings from cryptocurrencies?

    There are many methods to make money with crypto, but one of the most painless ways is to utilize the Binance P2P product in tandem with Binance Earn.

    Binance P2P lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly with different users, while Binance Earn permits new and professional crypto users to efficiently earn money from their current crypto assets.

    There are numerous forms to generate passive earnings with Binance Earn, from savings products with flexible, locked-in terms to better-refined products including DeFi staking, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), and more.

    Binance users can transmit crypto investments from Binance Earn to Binance P2P and effortlessly trade their crypto assets in exchange for their best local currency.

    Let's take a look at each of the earning options in Binance separately.

    Flexible savings. This method involves acquiring interest bonuses only for keeping funds in a portfolio. If the user unexpectedly changes their opinion, they can withdraw the deposit at any time. Not a bad alternative if you have a temporarily unused portion of the money.

    Locked-in savings. This method is similar to flexible savings but varies by offering a higher interest rate and restricted access to frozen assets. In this case, the funds are stopped for a specific period, normally 7 to 90 days, during which the funds will not be obtainable for use.

    Activities. These are occasions and offers good for a fixed time. They are often more thriving than holding blocked savings but demand users to protect them so they don't miss the opportunity.

    Staking locked. This method is equivalent to Locked Savings but offers rewards in exchange for crypto staking. Staking certain coins offers more flexibility in managing staked cryptos, as sealed staking frees users' funds after 48-72 hours. 

    Launch pool. This is a platform for mining fresh tokens that are launched on the deal. Users can dispatch their funds to the pool to mine a new token, thereby financing their launch. Invested assets are blocked, but users do not lose authority and can take them at any time.

    Double investment. This method lets users be exposed to two coins, in exchange for a very high return in a short time. Users have the opportunity of picking the desired strike price, APY, and deposit period. The return will be in one currency or another, depending on the circumstances.

    Binance Liquid Exchange. This tool allows users to become an Automated Market Maker (AMM) by depositing tokens, hence providing liquidity and obtaining interest on the token exchange.

    BNB safe. A secure and hassle-free tool for users who don't like to go via the intricacies of defining crypto-asset strategies. This aggregator connects all the techniques described above to develop income. 

    6. Printful

    Make money with Printful

    Printful is a print-on-demand service and online app that integrates with your online shop to produce print products for your customers.

    Printful operates by giving you a complete design platform to design products like apparel, accessories, and homeware. You can produce rapid designs on the Printful platform or import designs that you or someone else has made.

    Printful, after that, syncs with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Letting you drive new Printful products to your e-commerce business and sell them to buyers.

    How Printful Works

    Printful handles everything, from printing to stocking raw materials, from shipping to returns. This means that you just have to create a website and market the customized products to your customers.

    When a sale is made, it is sent to Printful to start printing. Printful then packages the product and ships it to your client.

    Therefore, Printful is a mix of a print-on-demand service and a drop-shipping service, as storage, packaging, and shipping are all done by Printful, a great of to how to make money online legit. 


    Fat Lama is an exceptionally unique platform that lets you rent your belongings to those who need it, for the price you want.

    You can earn from an average of $50 a week to $10,000 a month, just by lending your unused belongings for a short period of time.

    This is one of the few online money making sites without investment that believes, that a culture of ‘borrowing over buying’ must be created.

    The platform provides you with the privilege of having things you need, but also renting them out when they’re lying around in your shack.

    It encourages you to connect with your neighborhood, and puts a stop at buying unnecessary mass-manufacturing and carbon-intensive distribution systems.

    It is something almost everyone can do, with pretty much whatever you have lying at home.


    miPic is a phenomenal platform that allows artists, photographers, hobbyists and art lovers to  print, buy and sell pictures as custom-made art and design products.

    These include a variety of high quality images and prints which can be used in the form of photo prints, canvas art, t-shirts, and even wallpapers to pillows.

    With a variety of options available, miPic is one of the chicest websites to make money, as it allows you to celebrate your inner artist at its finest.

    On miPic, you can sell your images and earn up to 20% commission.

    As a matter of fact, in pursuit of pleasure and a bit of self-indulgence, you can print your own images–which is an incredible way to raise your spirits and make more money.

    MiPic is a terrific website that takes you on a rollercoaster of generating income super easily, and allows you to take your art and creative leverage to another height–from the usual.

    Lime is the epitome for taking user mobility to another level, by making electric scooter share programs affordable, accessible and great for urban centers!

    This platform allows users to hire scooters or bikes in nearby areas for $1 each month, paving way for empowering cities, by clean and environment-friendly urban living.

    Among contending websites to make money, this platform gives you an even easier option of earning over $200 a week at home. As much as it sounds like a catch, it is true like gravity.

    You can do this effortlessly by becoming a Lime-S Juicer, Lime Charger or Lime-S Scooter Charger, and then collecting and charging these Lime-S Scooters overnight to be delivered in the morning for extra cash.

    It’s all easy peasy Lime-S squeezy, isn’t it? Doesn’t hurt to do a little extra for the environment.

    Amazing trng

    Upwork is among the real money earning sites that gives you the quintessential tools to earn money from home in the quickest and easiest way possible.

    Be it website development, creative writing, sales, marketing, or accounting etc., the platform gives you the space and network to grow your technical skills like a true pro.

    If you’re looking to put your skills to good use, and create a good standing– Upwork falls in the upper class of websites to make money in the most consistent way possible.

    At Upwork, the percentage of what you earn, is calculated on the basis of what you earn from the contractor. For instance, for the first $500 you bill to the client, Upwork will take a 20% commission.

    Then from $500 to $10,000, Upwork take a 10% commission. Then, after you've billed a client with earnings over $10,000, Upwork will take only 5% commission.

    This is a premium talent hub and is a big hit among users, rather than the usual websites to make money ( Similar site is freelancer.com ). 

    Clickbank Website

    ClickBank is an online retailer that harnesses the power of digital marketing with six million products worldwide to 200 million customers.

    With its affiliate program, affiliates can promote vendor products from ClickBank’s Marketplace, by generating a HopLink and earn up to 75% in commissions.

    The platform features a tracking system that is reliable and commissions are made on time, creating an environment of quality, workability and suitability.

    This demonstrates a win-win situation for the vendor, affiliate and client.

    So, if you’re looking for reliable affiliate websites to make money, this one actually gives the rest a good run for their money.


    Zirtual is you putting your instinctive administrative skills to use in the best way possible.

    As a virtual assistant, you can work remotely and take care of tasks that clients don’t have time to manage, such as scheduling meetings, paying bills, booking travel etc.

    Often, finding such websites to make money provide lesser incentives for work–though through Zirtual, you can earn from $12-$15 per hour as a beginner and make thousands per month.

    As you go further up the ladder, and increase your skillset and experience, you can earn over $5000 per month like a rockstar!

    Sellvia Affiliate Program


    ShareASale is also a reliable and well paid affiliate marketing platform which is beneficial for both merchants and affiliates with heaps of commission as a bonus.

    This website gives ordinary people, an extraordinary way to earn income, in the easiest way possible.

    Through a large number of affiliates and their product reviews, an extensive range of readers can be reached, which automatically increases sales.

    Once a sale is made, commissions are earned either through leads or sales. These commissions start at 10% or more, bur can be negotiable between both parties.

    Often when you go as an affiliate on websites to make money, the commission can be excruciatingly low, which in turn can lead to low conversions.

    Though on ShareASale, every review is worth a sale!


    Individuals who are accustomed to internet marketing, can often struggle when outranking competing websites.

    To solve this problem, one should always fall back on a well-known internet marketing site called, Muncheye. 

    Muncheye is uniquely termed as the “headquarters” which ‘lists’ internet marketing products that are about to be launched or have recently been released in the market.

    Affiliates have the liberty of seeing the products before they are launched, and can choose to promote it early on if they like.

    Likewise, affiliates can also benefit from early bird sales and free access to products–which can increase productivity–and lead to sales skyrocketing and increase in commissions.

    Affiliates who channel their energy to various affiliate programs and websites to make money, should definitely link up to Muncheye for additional benefits.


    Fiverr is a freelancing website that promotes professional services–ranging from logo designs, social media posts, voice overs, translations etc. for various industries and clients.

    It is the fastest way to earn money, starting from a $5 gig, out of which $1 is retained by Fiverr for using the platform.

    Anyone with minimum skills can use the platform, and effortlessly earn up to $50 or more per hour.

    All you have to do is put up the services that you’d like to offer, and get an order. Once the order is complete, you can get paid and continue to use the winning formula to win more orders. It’s a $5 winning streak for everyone, with no fails attached.


    Swagbucks is one of the most popular online survey sites. When you sign up for a free Swagbucks account, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus.

    To earn points, you can choose from a variety of methods like; taking surveys, shop online, swagbucks search, watch videos, play games, discover deals, buy gift cards.

    Later you can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from PayPal.

    Swagbucks probably isn’t your path to financial freedom, but it’s an awesome tool for the casual use.


    ACX is a great place where  authors,  publishers, and other Rights Holders can interface with Producers,  narrators and recording studios who can  produce finished audiobook. 

    Here you can make money as narrator . As long as you can read and speak , you are fine to start making some money.

    Choose from an unlimited number of potential acting gigs thru ACX, and the audiobooks you make will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

    It takes just 7 easy steps in enrol:

    1. Create a Profile
    2. Upload Samples :  you can mentione an unlimited samples in your Profile, taking into account  your accents, genre, and style...etc .
    3. Tell them how how do you want to get paid.
    4. Look  for books you are interested in narrating. 
    5. Accept the Offer from authors 
    6. Start Recording your way 
    7. Get Paid one done/accepted 

    Validately  is one of the genuine online money earning sites. You'll be asked to complete a number of tasks, speak your ideas and opinions aloud, and answer few questions reference your opinion  to a website or app.

    Tests are available on a daily basis. Not everyone or tester would match the criteria for all the  tests so you will be emailed about available tests less frequently.

    What you need : 

    • You need a computer with a microphone
    • You need to use Google Chrome
    • You need to have a good internet speed connection
    • You need to be at least 18 years
    • You need to be able to communicate English
    • You need to have a PayPal account

    19. Make money with Udemy

    make money with udemy (1)

    Udemy is one of the best-known online training platforms, but also one of the most comprehensive in terms of courses.

    Udemy is one of the best-known online training marketplace on the Internet. Just like eBay or Amazon, it allows you to sell (and buy) your training and courses products.

    For example, it sells complete web developer training, various design training, but also lifestyle training and office productivity training.

    Being able to work from home and do something that you really love is important. But the real question is: does it pay off to sell training on the Internet?

    The answer is yes!

    Udemy has real potential for users who know how to embrace the codes and listen to their customers.

    It's hard to define how much you can earn with Udemy per month, but based on personal feedbacks, a newbie can make up to $ 700 per month with just one good training.

    600 $, that's 60 customers who would buy your first training at 10 $. This is a largely achievable goal if you put your heart into it.

    Thereafter, you will have the opportunity to create a suite of training courses, which will increase your sales volume, while helping you build up a certain reputation with your niche Udemy community.

    Finally, remember that once a course is created, it never stops generating passive income, without you having to put in any extra effort ( you may update it yearly).

    It is important to remember that to work on Udemy, you must have a Paypal account. If Udemy is responsible for the traffic that leads to the sale of your training, the platform receives 50% of the price of the sale.

    If the traffic that leads to the sale comes from your side, the platform will only receive 3% of the price of the sale.

    Finally, make sure you have a good microphone before you start. The clearer and more audible your voice, the better it will be for the quality of the training you publish.

    Udemy is accessible to everyone and covers a lot of skill areas. No matter what training you want to sell there, chances are you'll find a buyer there.

    Udemy will drive you very quickly to the rank of web trainer if you have knowledge to sell. It's up to you not to minimize the extent of your knowledge!

    20. Flippa

    Flippa (1)

    While flipping websites and domains can take a great amount of effort to do rightly, it is not that hard and can be pretty profitable. Have you given this a try?

    The last few years have shown examples of domain names, websites, and even apps' sales at record prices, so much so that the Internet has become an essential communication platform. 

    GoDaddy reports that the most prized domain ever sold was cars.com, for a price of $872 million.

    For sure there is a skill and absolutely an expertise to obtaining the domains that will be profitable.

    If you want to sell a domain, websites that you no longer use, or if you have registered a domain name that may be of interest to potential buyers, Flippa is a platform to use, and this guide will help you start. 

    21. Make Money with Amazon 

    Make Money with amazon (1)

    Amazon is the # 1 online store and is visited by millions of potential buyers every month. In 2020, Amazon collected $3.86 billion in wealth—over 1/5 of which was fueled by third-party businesses.

    In other words, this is a huge opportunity to do business and earn a living.

    Many smart guys like you have already understood this and have already made Amazon a main source of income.

    There are many excellent ways to earn money on Amazon, such as affiliation, dropshipping, selling products, or offering private services. 

    1. Merch by Amazon

    2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

    3. Join Amazon Affiliate

    4. Dropshipping with FBM

    5. Amazon: Kindle e-books

    6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

    7. Selling Apps

    I have written a detailed article about how to make money using the above methods, if you have time, you may check it out. 

    Amazon continues to add different methods to make cash on their platform, indicating that there is likely something possible for anyone desiring to make a little extra cash.

    If you’re looking to get into Amazon selling, you may take advantage of Helium10, a great all-in-one software containing various Amazon seller tools to help you succeed in your Amazon business.

    22. Etsy ( Among the great Website to Make Money )

    earn with etsy

    Are you creative or do you have an inspiring hand in the design?

    If you can create something unique, you can start your own small business by selling your designs on Etsy Site.

    If you haven't heard of Etsy, this is an online marketplace specifically designed to sell "unique items and products", which are handcrafted (no less than 20 years old) as well as various craft supplies.

    The site has more than 1.7 million active merchants and 28.6 million active buyers, so there's a potential audience there if you can create something that you recognize people will want there.

    If you create the right product and use the tips below, you can easily get enough money to raise your share to the top of your bank balance every day.

    23. Taskrabbit

    taskrabbit 6

    According to one study, more than 52% of the US population will either be gig economy workers or have worked independently at some point.

    With so many gig websites, you can choose the ones that offer you good pay and the flexibility to earn extra cash on your terms. An example is TaskRabbit ( Among the free money earning sites ). 

    TaskRabbit is a platform that helps employees together connect with people who need small services. Founded in 2008, TaskRabbit is a place where people can get small services from “Taskers”.

    In other words, it is an equivalent of Upwork or Freelancer for physical or concert services. TaskRabbit is currently available in the US, UK, and Canada.

    Joining TaskRabbit is easy. All you need to do is register online with all your contact details such as name, address and don't forget to mention your skills in detail.

    After a successful background check, there is an onboarding session in your city.

    Once you've completed your onboarding session, you can download the app and start searching for gigs.

    You have the freedom to set your own hourly rates based on tasks, location, and expertise. Keep in mind that TaskRabbit takes a 15% reduction on hourly rates for Taskers. You can also get advice for the tasks you perform from your customers.

    Even if you are not an expert, you can use TaskRabbit to perform simple tasks that don't require a lot of skill.

    For example, if you can queue up, you can find work on TaskRabbit! If someone doesn't feel like standing in line to buy tickets or gifts, they can hire someone on TaskRabbit to line up and purchase the item for them.

    You will work as an independent contractor with TaskRabbit.

    24. Redbubble 

    redbubble (1) (1)

    Redbubble is a leading online marketplace for print on demand (POD), and among the easiest online earning sites. 

    Redbubble's products come from thousands of independent designers and artists who upload their designs to the site.

    When a customer makes a purchase, Redbubble prints the design on the product and sends it to the customer (on demand).

    The creator will receive a royalty, usually between 10% and 30% of the purchase price. (creators have some degree of control over their royalty margins).

    Here's how exactly Redbubble works, from a seller's or creator's perspective:

    • You sign up for a Redbubble account and upload your artwork.
    • You pick which products you want this illustration to appear on, including colors, position, etc.
    • You provide your drawing a title, description, and add as many relevant tags (keywords) as possible.
    • You publish your product: it is then ready for sale on Redbubble.

    Then here's what happens from the customer's perspective:

    • A customer explores their desired item on Redbubble and views your drawing.
    • The customers admire your design, so they get your design on a T-Shirt (for example).
    • Redbubble prints your design on the T-shirt and ships it to the customer.
    • Redbubble credits your account with a royalty (a percentage of the sale price) - and once a month Redbubble pays your royalties to your Paypal or bank account.

    That's it. 

    25. Uber driving jobs

    20. Uber Driving Jobs (1)

    I'm sure you know Uber or have heard a lot about it.

    You may even have used the app to take a tour. If you own a car, why not use the app to earn money driving people to their shortest destinations.

    As an uber-driver, you work when you want. Downloading the app is free. You won't need to open the Uber app until you're ready to go.

    New drivers are guaranteed to win promotions. You can also be rewarded with substantial bonuses for working specific hours, and your client can also tip you well.

    To maximize your profits when working with Uber, understand your local market, drive the right vehicle, and know specific areas to expect customers.



    Like paid survey sites, Toluna is a free site that offers online surveys to each of its members.

    All you have to do is complete the classic online registration by entering your contact details and your valid email address in order to validate your registration.

    It will only take a few seconds and you are part of the Toluna community. The best part about this site is that it offers you a bonus as soon as you register.

    I don't know if it's still 500 points, For those with information please feel free to correct if the bonus has increased in recent times or if it has stayed the same.

    The other advantage that I like about this site is its mobile version.

    And yes, wherever you go, you can complete surveys at any time of the day using your mobile device.

    Whether you eat your lunch sandwich; whether you are in the metro or having a coffee before returning home, you can perfectly do a survey and put the few euros in your account.

    This concept is also adopted by MySurvey thanks to the mobile application it has recently developed

    27. Trymata

    Try my user interface (1) (1) (1)

    Trymata will help you earn an extra income to use websites and apps and share your honest review or feedback!

    Trymata helps make web browsing more satisfactory for all to use by allowing designers and coders to see the barriers and challenges that real users run into on their websites and application.

    All you have to understand as a tester and checker is, to be honest about your feedback: apply the test site exactly as you would in real-life circumstances, and express your opinions and difficulties out loud so the website developers can get your experience's feedback (and others like you).

    There are no restrictions on how many tests you can take but anticipate getting less every week.

    This is unquestionably not a full-time job, just a means to earn a few extra dollars making something fun in your spare time.

    You will get paid $10 for every test you take. A regular test lasts around 20 minutes. Just sign up and start earning by making the web an extra user-friendly environment!

    28. YSense 


    YSense (formerly Clixsense) is an online money making website. Created in 2007, it has more than 8 million participants to its credit. 

    This site has already paid a big sum of money since its opening. 

    It’s a large, global community that offers everyone the opportunity to earn money online by completing specific tasks and assignments. 

    These surveys provide insight into the opinions of users of a company's branded products and services.

    This with the idea of improving things or offering services that meet needs. In other cases, the goal is to get to know each other through consumers.

    ySense (Clixsense) is recognized as being the profitable PTC site whose participant satisfaction remains essential.

    It provides members with a variety of ways to make money on the site.

    The ySense platform offers money for this by watching videos and advertisements, responding to surveys, making referrals or simply playing clixGrid on the site. 

    As a site with a serious reputation, this site pays its participants as long as they meet the conditions: have the minimum amount available before making the payment request. That is $ 8 for standard members and $ 6 for members who pay $ 17 per year.

    29. JustAnswer 

    Earn with JustAnswer

    JustAnswer is an online paid question-and-answer service that connects users with professionals in different subjects.

    Once you’re connected with a specialist, you can ask a question and get a typed response. For an extra fee, you can speak with a specialist on the phone.

    For its millions of users worldwide, JustAnswer is where they can seek masterful support and guidance in Taxes, financial issues, Law, Mechanics, Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Electrical work, Plumbing, Electronics, Phones, Computers, software, Home improvement, and Appraisals. 

    For trained experts, it is a place where you can make up to $7,000/month by answering questions in your area of expertise. You pick the questions you want to answer and when you like to answer them. You can work as much or as small as you want, and anywhere you want.

    If you think that you have the essential capabilities, then you should absolutely consider joining JustAnswer. While it may not be a replacement for a full-time job, it’s a wonderful chance to make supplemental income

    🎁Learn how to start a blog and grow it to profitability in a matter of months.

    Don't miss this golden opportunity.

    30. Earn Money with Tiktok

    Earn Money With Tiktok (1)

    To make money with TikTok you have to create an account, place videos that become popular, get a lot of followers and get them to give you gifts using virtual currency so that you can exchange them for diamonds and finally money. Easy, right?

    The first thing you need to do is to create an account, add good videos and generate a large community of fans and followers. Afterwards, you will have to use the app's gift program, also called Diamond Program.

    On the app users can buy coins with real money using payment methods allowed by Google and Apple. These coins are redeemable for different virtual gifts with varying prices.

    The value of diamonds may vary according to the criterion of ByteDance, the company responsible for TikTok, which uses several parameters for its calculation. The amount of diamonds a user has is visible on his profile and he can convert them directly from this page into US dollars, which he will receive through PayPal or other similar services.

    This opportunity to earn money is what has increased the number of Musers, the name by which former Musical.ly users are known who use the platform to generate viral content that allows them to earn the money.

    Other indirect options to earn money are through using the profile as a showcase for commercial brands, or even your own brand or company. Brands, aware of how this platform works, are starting to look for good creators for their marketing.

    With the Influencer Agency, offer your account and put it at the service of brands. The Influencer Agency offers your profile for targeted campaigns and pays you for each mission.

    31. Cryptocurrency Jobs


    Cryptocurrency is highly popular at this time and plenty of people want to acquire this type of currency, but most of them don't know how or are afraid of the risk of trading.

    Luckily, there are already companies and businesses that are willing to pay cryptocurrency in exchange for doing a task or jobs. Now, finding a job is not as easy as it sounds to be. Especially if you're aiming for a job that would pay in cryptocurrency.

    This is where Crypto Jobs List gets in, it's the #1 site to find and post crypto jobs. Job hunters can discover over 3148+ open Cryptocurrency JobsWeb3 Jobs and Blockchain Jobs.

    You can connect with companies hiring in a few clicks and begin your next experience in the industry. You can also find benchmarks of blockchain salaries and ensure you are being paid fairly.

    32. Rewardy.io


    Rewardy.io is a new and unique innovative platform where you can earn money online.

    They offer a variety of methods to earn money from like: watching twitch streams, completing short and fun quizzes, playing games, completing offers/surveys, referring friends and many more daily incentives.

    You can withdraw money through Paypal, crryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Gift Cards (Steam, Amazon, Fortnite, Roblux). The payments are processed within 24 hours.

    The best part is that there is a way to earn money for everyone with rewardy, no matter which country you are located in or what your interests are. They are constantly adding new methods of earning as wel

    33. GoTranscript


    An example of a well-known web business that hires inexperienced transcribers remotely is GoTranscript. You can make money as a transcriber on the site even if you have no prior experience.

    GoTranscript is, a prominent transcription service. The core of the company is providing freelance transcribers to a wide range of clients in need of transcription services.

    GoTranscript is looking for people to join their team as transcriptionists and pay them regularly.

    You must register with GoTranscript in order to work with them as a transcriber. The URL is provided below for your convenience.

    Join up with a free account by signing up first.

    After signing up for their free service, you'll have to take a short exam (it should take you less than three minutes) before you can begin applying for transcription jobs.

    In general, editors can expect to earn anywhere from $12 to $50 per hour.

    34. Appen 

    Earn with Appen

    Founded in 1996, Appen is an Australia-based technology company. It is one of the largest companies for earning income from home by doing tasks in a wide range of fields.

    The primary objective is to collect data to develop machine learning. Appen collaborates with several companies that want to improve their services and products.

    To date, Appen has approximately one million freelancers in over 170 countries. In addition, tasks are performed in more than 180 languages.

    Appen offers different possibilities for working from home. On their site, you will find micro-tasks but also contract projects that last for months or even years.

    Once your account is created, you will have access to the available tasks. All you have to do is apply for those you think are eligible.

    For most projects, you don't need any special skills. However, you must at least have a basic knowledge of how to properly search for information on the Internet and/or have analytical skills.

    Additionally, projects may have criteria that you must meet to participate. For example, some can only be done on an iOS smartphone or others require having an active Facebook profile.

    35. Maxbounty

    maxbounty affiliate 2

    You can earn a decent income with CPA offers that generate leads and require certain actions requested by your visitors.

    It's much easier than most affiliate products that will only pay you after the sale is complete, and in most cases you will have to wait 30-90 days for the money back guarantee period to cash out the money.

    So basically you don't need to generate any sales to get the commission. It just requires your visitor to perform a requested action in the landing page.

    This type of marketing is very compelling if the offer is a free gift because people are more likely to want free products than spend their cash, so driving your traffic to a particular task can guide you to a reward.

    Typically, you can make anywhere from $0.50 to $10 per CPA offer. However, there are also high-end CPA offers that pay up to $500 or even more for a lead.

    maxbounty CPA

    Your job is very simple; First, apply to a MAxbounty network and after being approved, browse the existing offers and pick the offer that suits you.

    After selecting the offer, promote it as much as possible to the targeted online visitors.

    1. Sign up with the CPA networks of your choice.
    2. Browse the offers within the networks and find the ideal offer that suits your need. Try to get an offer that rewards higher commissions and is easy to promote.
    3. Start your campaign and send targeted traffic to your selected offer, by paid and free traffic. The best way is to promote on your own website or blog and on social media at no cost.

    If you can find a high reward offer, you can run a PPC paid ads campaign to drive highly targeted traffic for more leads.



    Neighbor.com is a peer-to-peer rental platform that offers self-storage and parking spaces that are flexible, more convenient, and up to 50% cheaper than conventional ones.

    Do you have any unused spaces at home? With Neighbor, you could make extra money by renting out any spare bedrooms, closets, basements or attics to store other people’s belongings.

    Or perhaps you have space in your garage or your driveway. You can also rent it out for others to store their vehicles and start earning additional income yourself.

    Signing up as a host is free; you can list any spaces and set your own prices. Hosts get to review and approve or decline any renter requests and start earning money each month.

    The platform handles all payments, and it even protects hosts by covering the rental cost when renters don’t pay.

    37. Earn Money with Chat GPT

    earn with chat gpt

    Chat GPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text. This technology can be used for a variety of purposes, including content creation, customer service, and even earning money. In this post, we'll show you how to earn money with Chat GPT by creating content for websites and social media.

    • You can utilize Chat GPT to create content for your website or for third-party sites like Medium and LinkedIn. This material is suitable for monetization via advertizing, affiliate marketing, or sponsored posts.
    • Chat GPT can be used to act as a virtual assistant, assisting customers remotely. This could involve anything from responding to emails and phone calls from customers to actually setting up appointments and communicating with them.
    • Chat GPT can be used for the creation of commercial chatbots. These chatbots have several potential applications, including lead generation, sales, and customer care.
    • Chat GPT can be used for research, market research, and other forms of data analysis by gathering and analyzing information in real time.
    • Chat GPT's language translation features are helpful for organizations that deal with customers from different parts of the world or for individuals that need to communicate with people from other nations.
    • Generating script and dialogue for creative works like movies, TV shows, and video games is possible with the help of Chat GPT.

    These are but a handful of the many possible ways to make money with Chat GPT. Creative individuals have found innumerable applications for this flexible linguistic framework.

    38. Promote Astra Theme

    Astra affiliate program
    Astra is the most popular third-party WordPress theme in the world, with almost 2.4 million users. That makes the Astra affiliate program a very lucrative option. If so many people are already using it, promoting it to others will be easy!

    The Astra theme reviews exceptionally well and has almost universal approval across the web. It is powerful, flexible and provides complete freedom to design websites anyway you like.

    If you don’t want to design your own website, you can use one of the 280+ professionally designed Starter Templates. Fully operational websites you can install in seconds and customize to your particular needs. The quality of these templates needs to be seen to be believed!

    It is compatible with most leading drag and drop page builders, WooCommerce, SureCart and most plugins. It’s also designed to be fast and with speed often being a deciding factor in purchasing decisions, it’s another thing Astra gets right.

    Astra has a very successful free version and three premium tiers ranging from $59 per year up to $249 per year. The company also offers lifetime licenses, which are the most lucrative to promote.

    The Astra affiliate program offers up to 30% commission on referrals and pays through PayPal. Cookies last for 60 days, giving you maximum time to earn and you can track all your earnings using a dedicated affiliate dashboard.

    39. userinterviews


    Make money by sharing your feedback on actual products through userinterviews! With a whopping +2,500 studies launching each month, your insights are incredibly valuable.

    Getting started is a breeze. Simply create your personal profile and explore the array of studies available. Plus, they'll keep you updated with email notifications about studies that match your interests.

    Applying for studies is quick and straightforward. Just answer a few questions that researchers use to find their ideal participants. Most applications take less than a minute to complete!

    Once you're accepted for a study, you can easily schedule a session that fits your schedule. After completing the session, you'll receive payment within days.

    Challenges: It's important to align with the specific criteria of the site, and there's no assurance that you'll always be selected for studies you're eager to participate in. Therefore, while it can offer occasional earnings, it may not be a reliable source of consistent income.

    Time commitment: The amount of time required can vary significantly. You might invest as little as 10 minutes or several hours providing your feedback. However, the more time you dedicate, the higher your potential earnings are likely to be.

    40. ThredUp:Turn Your Closet Cash


    Looking to declutter and make some green? ThredUp, an online thrift store, caters to savvy shoppers searching for gently used women's and children's clothing at fantastic prices. But here's the twist: you can become the seller!

    How it works:

    1. Clean out your closet: Gather clothes you no longer wear, but are in good condition and from popular brands. ThredUp isn't interested in well-loved items that have seen better days.
    2. Get your free shipping: ThredUp provides you with a prepaid shipping bag or label to send your clothes in. Easy peasy!
    3. Let ThredUp do the work: They'll assess your items and offer you a payout, up to 80% of the retail value!
    4. Shop guilt-free: With your earnings, you can treat yourself to some new threads knowing you've given your pre-loved clothes a second life.


    • Effortless process: ThredUp handles the shipping and selling.
    • Potential for great payouts: Earn up to 80% of your clothes' retail value.
    • Sustainable alternative: Give your clothes a new home and contribute to a circular fashion economy.


    • No upfront payment: You only get paid once ThredUp accepts your items.
    • Rejected items: Unaccepted clothes are recycled (unless you pay for return shipping).
    • Limited countires 

    Time commitment: It might take a couple of hours to sort through your closet and navigate the ThredUp website, but the potential rewards are definitely worth it!

    Sum up

    As we reach the finish line, Warren Buffet said it best, “Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.”

    All of these websites to make money listed above, are fundamentally easy to use and very reliable.

    They provide a stress-free way to make money, even if you don’t have a degree, a technical skill, or a small amount of money to say the least. It is the next generation way to increase your income flow to make ends meet, or pay off that debt–fast and easy.

    Far from the drama of websites who entangle you into believing they are offering you more, these websites to make money are truly worth your time, effort and energy.

    So get your act together, and pick one or more of these websites that offers you best value for your talent and sign up!  

    From freelancing, scooter sharing, art printing to affiliate marketing, there is no way you cannot find online work that won’t give you that extra buck for the day.

    Also, did we mention about being a virtual assistant from your couch? The benefits of these are manifold and cannot possibly be ignored.  Did I miss any good how to make money from home site ,please share it in the comment. 

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