24 Best ClickFunnels Alternatives 2024 (#17 is free)


If you're looking for a ClickFunnels alternative 2024, we've got you covered. We researched and tested all the top tools and narrowed it down to the ones that we believe are the best for all types of businesses.

Possibly you are looking for another alternative product due to functionality, or perhaps you are even thinking of affordable option that works just as well.

Without question, ClickFunnels is one of the most costly software on the market. In general, you tend to take what you pay for.

Besides, ClickFunnels has some restrictions like the lack of CRM functionality, short on metrics, or Page load speed. 

In case you are new to ClickFunnels, hers is a brief overview.

System io

Systeme io 

Systeme Io is my favorite FREE sales funnel software. Get the
World’s Easiest
All-In-One Marketing
Platform. It's a simple but powerful tool that can help you become a better online marketer.

kartra Logo


Kartra is a great alternative to Clickfunnel. If you are looking for a clear, attractive and intuitive marketing automation tool with lower costs, then Kartra is the right one for you.

ThriveCart logo


Thrivecart is a platform that enables entrepreneurs to sell their products and services online. 

It provides sellers with the tools to manage their storefronts and customers effortlessly. 

What is ClickFunnel? 

Creating a sales funnel that works from scratch can be an immense time-consuming. Here comes the role of Clickfunnels. 

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one online marketing and sales platform. The great strength of ClickFunnels lies in its functional richness using drag-and-drop

The software integrates all the tools (payment system, marketing automation, affiliation, etc.) allowing all types of advanced funnels to be formulated like : 

  • Automated webinar funnels.
  • Squeeze page funnels.
  • Sales funnels (built-in shopping cart )
  • Product launch funnels.
  • Membership website funnels.
  • And a lot more.

While remaining very easy to handle, (no need to make code ) ClickFunnels offers various Funnel templates and a very intuitive editor to customize the pages.

The end goal of ClickFunnels is to convert traffic and generate leads and boost profits.

is clickfunnels worth it

Generally, The answer to this depends on what you need to do and how financially stable you are. 

From one side, Yes, it is absolutely Deserving the investment! Many people are earning huge success using clickfunnels because they know how to use the system the right way.

I mentioned that ClickFunnels is a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing software that helps you create SALES FUNNELS and sell your message, product, or service to the world without knowing how to code or any technical skills.

When you understand the WHAT and HOW, then it becomes simple to use it in a way that makes it worth it.

On the other side, others are also failing at applying the system because they don't know how to handle it and what to do to make it worth the money.

ClickFunnels is for you if you want to sell something online, And It is not suitable for you in case you just want to tell others your marketing story. You should still create a WordPress site, post on social media, or a blog for this purpose.

Getting the proper Clickfunnels substitute involves examining the right landing page software builder that integrates with different apps.

Matching the characteristics and prices of certain tools will assist you decide which solution is best for you.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a referral link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission for at no charge to you. However, these are merely the tools I fully recommend and we believe in.

Best ClickFunnels Alternatives This Year 

Here is a list of the best alternatives that are able to replace or complement ClickFunnels. The list contains Free and Paid Software. 


Builderall has made quite a fuss a few years ago – it was promising to be a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels.

It is indeed cheaper and offers roughly the same functionality, but there are some important details to know about it.

First up, Builderall is more oriented at building webpages or websites, whereas ClickFunnels is more focused on sales funnel building.

With that, Builderall probably is a better suit for beginning digital marketers.

Secondly, we and many people out there feel that Builderall somewhat lacks the polishing of ClickFunnels.

Part of the reason for this probably is that Builderall isn’t yet as mature as ClickFunnels, and the cheaper price also likely plays a role here.

Still, if you need a tool that will allow you to make basic sales pages and sales funnels, Builderall is perhaps a good place for starting. Builderall offers all the basics you need, including checkout functionality, analytics, lead management, and whatnot.

Builderall even offers its own email marketing service, so you will not have to spend extra money on buying email marketing automation software (which you do need to do with most of our other picks on this list).

We also love the fact that Builderall has 5 membership plans to choose from, one of them being completely free.

Most other software pieces on this list have up to 3 very differently priced plans, limiting your flexibility and sometimes forcing you to buy a much pricier plan because cheaper ones lack key features.

The free plan of Builderall is a bit limited (it has no SSL, CDN, DDoS protection, and some other things), but you can’t complain given the 0$ price tag.

Builderall’s templates are free too (some of ClickFunnels’ templates are behind a paywall), and its 7-day free trial can be claimed with no credit card information.


  • Cheaper than ClickFunnels.
  • Many plans available (including a free one).
  • The free trial requires no credit card info.
  • A good option for beginners.


  • Not as polished as ClickFunnels.

builderall Pricing

  • Builderall Free plan :  $00/month.
  • Builderall Digital Marketing plan :  $29.90/month.
  • Builderall  Essential plan : $49.90/month
  • Builderall  Premium plan : $69.90 month 

Leadpages is one of the oldest landing page solutions on the market, and it thus offer a highly polished set of tools to work with.

Although Leadpages has sales funnel functionality, it’s more focused on landing page building.

The sales funnel software is a bit sluggish as well (compared to ClickFunnels), but it gets the job done.

One thing we particularly like about Leadpages is that it has two landing page builders – one for new users and the other for more skilled marketers.

The more basic, newbie editor is simpler to work with but has limited functionality, while the advanced editor gives more tools but also requires more skills too.

Leadpages also provides you with access to a huge number of templates to choose from, and you can also create your own ones to really tweak and min-max your funnel. 

One unfortunate downside with Leadpages is that it doesn’t have any integrated email automation software (unlike ClickFunnels) – you’ll have to buy it (and some other things) separately to get the most out of the platform. This also applies to affiliate management software.

However, Leadpages has over 40 integrations, so you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Apart from that, Leadpages isn’t too expensive (starting from $37 per month or $25 per month if bought annually), though the cheapest Standard plan isn’t the most suitable.


  • Affordable.
  • Templates galore to choose from.
  • Has dedicated page builders for new and advanced users alike.


  • No built-in email automation or affiliate management software.

leadpages pricing ( all comes with Free trial ) 

  • Standard : $25Per Month (Paid Annually), 1 Site
  • Pro : $48Per Month (Paid Annually), 3 Sites
  • Advanced : $199Per Month (Paid Annually), Up to 50 Sites

Convertri is again more of a landing page builder, but it’s actually one of the most well-optimized pieces of software you will find out there.

Convertri does optimizations like minifying codes or setting up HTML in an optimal way for you behind the scenes automatically.

There are, of course, limits to this webpage acceleration, but you can be sure that Convertri will do most of the optimization job done.

Another thing we like about this landing page builder is that it has free-form editing – that is, its landing page builder allows you to place page elements wherever you want.

This is unlike typical page builders where you have an element grid and a limited number of positions to work with.

The funnel-building functionality in Convertri is also nice – it has a convenient drag-and-drop builder, over 400 templates, and more – but perhaps not as advanced as in ClickFunnels.

With that said, if you have a WordPress website (which you likely do), then know that Convertri will easily integrate with it via a WordPress plugin.

On the other hand, Convertri is rather pricey – about the same as ClickFunnels.

On top of that, it has relatively limited functionality – for example, you don’t get the option to integrate email autoresponder or affiliate management software.

Not only is Convertri not cheap, but it also has only one plan priced at $99 per month or $75 per month if bought annually.

Convertri used to have more plans, but they seem to have committed to just a single membership.

With this approach, you, on one hand, won’t have to go through the differences of multiple plans, but on the other, there won’t be much flexibility in terms of costs.


  • Makes very fast landing pages.
  • Installs easily on WordPress websites.
  • Extremely versatile drag-and-drop editor.
  • Over 400 templates.


  • Limited functionality compared to ClickFunnels.
  • Only 1 plan available.

convertri Pricing 

  • $75/month /Paid annually
  • $99/month/Save 24% with annual pricing

Instapage is among the best Clickfunnel alternatives in terms of landing page & sales funnel building.

It provides advanced customization functionality along with over 200 templates to build your perfect sales funnel with.

Not only that, but Instapage offers landing page heatmaps to help you visualize visitor behavior, which could prove a valuable tool for sales funnel optimization.

Instapage additionally promises fast landing page loading speeds, but perhaps not as fast as Convertri.

The pricing of Instapage is a little bit high though – it’s even pricier than ClickFunnels (pricier than the ClickFunnels base plan, to be precise).

The functionality is somewhat more limited as well – you aren’t getting integrated marketing automation or affiliate management tools.

Instead, you’ll have to buy those tools separately, increasing setup costs even further.

With that said, if you want excellent landing page & sales funnel builders, you may want to give Instapage’s 14-day free trial a go.

Another more or less major thing we dislike about Instapage is that it only has 2 pricing plans – the $199/month Business plan ($149 per month if bought annually) and the Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

With that, Instapage probably isn’t for beginners or less experienced business owners.


  • Excellent landing page functionality.
  • Landing page heatmaps for analysis.
  • Over 200 templates to choose from.
  • Fast load times.


  • Pretty expensive & has only 2 plans.
  • No integrated marketing automation or affiliate management tools.

Instapage Pricing

  • Business Plan : $149 Monthly paid Annually and $199 Monthly paid Monthly

Like ClickFunnels, Kartra is a complete marketing platform offering all the key features you need to build an e-commerce website, including a landing page builder, sales funnel builder, video tools, sales page builder, integrated email automation, and some other things.

Although the sales funnel builder in Kartra isn’t as flexible as in ClickFunnels, you are getting the essentials.

Most importantly, you can create rule-based sales funnels to guide website visitors where you want them.

Starting from the Silver plan (the second-cheapest Kartra plan), you are also getting unlimited access to things like product listings, team members, emails, bandwidth, videos, or whatnot.

With the cheapest Starter plan, these features are limited, but they are sufficient to help you get started. Kartra also offers membership site hosting functionality.

A significant benefit of Kartra over some other options on this list is the integrated affiliate management software.

So if you want to run affiliate campaigns, you won’t have to purchase a third-party tool. This is excellent especially because Kartra is a pretty pricey platform by itself.

Speaking of prices, Kartra offers 4 plans, so it’s a bit more flexible than most other platforms on this list with their 3 plans.

However, Kartra offers no free trials – you only have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which may repel some potential buyers.

Overall, Kartra is a great piece of software to build e-commerce and membership websites with.

However, if we are talking specifically about sales funnels, then ClickFunnels is still on top. It’s a more funnel-targeted platform and thus has very few truly good alternatives sales funnel-wise


  • Complete e-commerce & marketing functionality.
  • Integrated email marketing & affiliate management tools.
  • Unlimited emails, bandwidth, and other things with the top plans.


  • Relatively limited sales funnel customization.
  • No free trials available ( sometimes via pop up you can get 14-day $1 trial 

Kartra Pricing

  • Starter : $99/month
  • Silver : $199/month
  • Gold : $299/month
  • Platinum : $499/month

When billed annually Save 25% each plan


InfluencerSoft is a recently released competitor to ClickFunnels.

In our opinion, it still needs some polishing (especially their website where there is little information for non-members about the product), but it appears to be a promising alternative to ClickFunnels.

Like ClickFunnels, InfluencerSoft is an all-in-one marketing tool with some e-commerce functionality.

And best of all, InfluencerSoft has a particular focus on sales funnel building.

The sales funnel builder of InfluencerSoft is an interesting and simple one – visualizing and mapping everything you do, it’s a rather easy tool to work with.

With its mobile-first approach, InfluencerSoft’s builder tool also makes sure that your pages look good on mobile devices.

Notably, InfluencerSoft also has advanced webinar & course functionality to help you teach and track progress, and there also are integrated email automation & affiliate management tools to allow you to stay in touch with your subscribers and affiliates.

And perhaps most interestingly, as of this review, InfluencerSoft offered lifetime access for a one-time payment – $997.

However, keep in mind that the pricing seems to be volatile – if you check out some older reviews online, you’ll see different pricing (e.g. $497 one-time). 

It appears that InfluencerSoft offers limited-time initial pricing to get as many people as possible onto their train, and it has changed at least once (from $497 to $997).

With that, it’s very likely that the mentioned $997 price tag will change soon – possibly into a monthly membership.

Also, note that as of this review’s writing, InfluencerSoft only offered Paypal and Stripe for payments, whereas ClickFunnels provides you with 3-27 different payment gateways (depending on the purchased plan).


  • Lifetime access for a one-time payment.
  • All-in-one marketing & e-commerce tool.
  • Easy to use visual & interactive funnel builder.
  • Advanced webinar & course features.


  • Pretty expensive.
  • Offers only PayPal or Stripe for payments.
  • Seemingly volatile pricing.

Influencersoft pricing

InfluencerSoft Lifetime Access : $997

7. Simvoly


Simvoly is a rather fresh and very inexpensive alternative to ClickFunnels.

It will take some time until it gets polished enough to become perfect for its functionality, but it still is a worthy option to consider, especially if you are on a budget and don’t need the scalability of ClickFunnels.

Simvoly incorporates key features for sales funnel building, page building, custom checkouts, e-commerce, and a few other things.

Interestingly, Simvoly also allows for white labeling – only a few digital marketing & e-commerce platforms out there have such functionality.

The pricing, by the way, starts at $12 monthly, so Simvoly is a great choice for small businesses or beginners.

In fact, there are 4 plans to choose from, so there is more flexibility with Simvoly than with most other platforms on this clickfunnel alternatives list.

The $12 Personal plan, interestingly, offers a pretty nice set of features.

Of course, it lacks some things – like upsells/downsells and has a limit of only 1 funnel – but the difference between it and the higher tiers isn’t as dramatic as in some other platforms. 

In a few platforms, the feature sets of base plans are so bad that they aren’t even worth considering no matter what your budget and business are.

Also, Simvoly offers a 14-day free trial with no credit cards, so you can confidently give this platform a shot.

However, note that Simvoly doesn’t have built-in email automation or affiliate management tools, so you’ll have to buy them elsewhere and connect them to Simvoly. 


  • Offers very cheap plans.
  • 4 plans available for more budgeting flexibility.
  • Combines funnels, e-commerce & membership tools, and more.
  • Free trial with no credit cards.
  • Can be white-labeled.


  • Simvoly is pretty new and needs more time for polish.
  • No integrated email automation or affiliate management software.

Simvoly Pricing 

  • Personal : $12per month / Save $72 Annually
  • Business : $24per month / Save $96 Annually
  • Growth : $59per month / Save $240 Annually
  • Pro : $149per month / Save $600 Annually

SamCart is a solid option and a great thrivecart alternative, if you are looking to build an e-commerce or membership website.

In fact, SamCart is considered one of the most intuitive shopping cart platforms in the world, so if you are a beginner, it’s probably worth a try. 

The cheapest plan from SamCart (called Launch) with its $49/month price tag is pretty pocket-friendly for newbies.

Not only that, but SamCart offers a 14-day trial, so you will get a chance to try out its features first before committing.

Speaking of features, SamCart provides wide functionality for e-commerce.

With the aforementioned Launch plan, you are getting nice basics like unlimited pages & templates, email customizations, custom domains, coupon & discount functionality, and email & Zapier integrations.

Once you step up to the more expensive Grow ($99/month) or Scale ($199/month) plans, you are gaining access to things like upsells, white labeling, multiple payment options for buyers, CRM integrations, advanced reports, A/B testing, and more.

Here, we see one of the problems with SamCart – although its base Launch plan offers rather decent functionality, the potential of the platform is only uncovered at the higher membership tiers.

The absence of some reporting features in the Launch plan seems especially weird to us.

Other than that, SamCart also provides you with some affiliate management functionality to allow you to track and pay commissions to your affiliates.

With SamCart’s Affiliate Center, you are unlikely to have to resort to a third-party affiliate management software.

Note, however, that SamCart can’t compete with ClickFunnels in terms of landing pages and sales funnels.

If that’s what you want, tools like ClickFunnels or InfluencerSoft would be preferable – otherwise, for general e-commerce, SamCart could be the right software to choose.


  • Not too expensive.
  • Allows for easy e-commerce and membership website creation.
  • Has white labeling in top plans.
  • Has affiliate management tools.


  • Isn’t as funnel- & landing page-focused as ClickFunnels.
  • Although pretty cheap, the starter plan lacks some key features.

SamCart Pricing

  • Launch: $49/mo, good to start your business, and create a beautiful one-page website to showcase your products.
  • Grow: $99/mo, good to Convert more of your visitors into customers, and grow the value of each purchase.
  • Scale: $199/mo, suited to everything SamCart has to offer including all the high-level features you will want for selling at scale.

Unbounce is a well-established piece of landing page builder software that has been used by giants like The New York Times and Vimeo.

With that, it’s certainly not a beginner’s kind of software – it’s a much better suit for those digital business owners who already have considerable traffic and want to tweak their sales funnel a bit.

First up, this is because Unbounce is rather expensive – the cheapest plan, if bought monthly, costs $99 per month.

Add to this that you have to buy email & other marketing automation tools separately, and your costs could skyrocket.

Secondly, once you glance over the features of the plan, you realize that it’s not for beginning digital marketers – it offers things like up to 75 landing pages along with max monthly traffic of 500 thousand and unlimited domains.

Is any new website going to need numbers like these?

There are other similar details, but it’s already clear that less established business owners should probably look for something else.

If you do think that Unbounce is just right for you, then you’ll be able to enjoy its plethora of landing page-building tools.

In terms of landing pages, Unbounce allows you to publish dozens and even hundreds of landing pages (with the higher-tier plans), get fast loading speeds with AMP (unfortunately, not available on the starter plan), and more.

The AI features of Unbounce are particularly interesting – you are getting advanced stats, Smart Traffic (where visitors are matched with pages where they are likely to convert), and Dynamic Text Replacement (increases the relevancy of PPC campaigns).

With all that in mind, although Unbounce doesn’t replace ClickFunnels fully (you don’t get built-in email tools or an affiliate management platform), it does have some interesting features for landing page building and optimization.


  • An excellent choice if your website already has considerable traffic.
  • Advanced landing page & popup tools.
  • Powerful, AI-powered features.
  • Fast landing pages with AMP.


  • Pricey.
  • You’ll have to purchase email & other marketing automation tools separately.

Unbounce Pricing 

  • Essential : $99 USD / mo / billed monthly
  • Premium : $199 USD / mo /billed monthly
  • Enterprise : Starting from $499+ USD / mo / billed monthly

OptimizePress is yet another good option if you are looking for affordable marketing software.

Not only that, but it’s actually one of the very few options built specifically for WordPress!

What this implies is that OptimizePress should integrate nicely with WordPress themes, not slow down your website, as well as allow for easier migrations to other platforms (since you will have full access to your website’s pages and their backend stuff).

When it comes to functionality, OptimizePress combines landing page, sales page, and sales funnel creation functionality.

OptimizePress allows you to easily create gorgeous & mobile-targeted pages. In fact, if you are running a membership site, then OptimizePress offers a little more versatile tooling than ClickFunnels. 

The sales page functionality also nicely integrates with popular e-commerce & shopping cart software (like SamCart, CartFlows, or WooCommerce).

Price-wise, OptimizePress is one of the most attractive Clickfunnel alternatives on this list – their starter Essential plan costs just $99 annually.

However, note here that OptimizePress doesn’t have monthly plans, so you are forced into an annual commitment.

There aren’t free trials either, though there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

An important note here – the funnel functionality is only available in the priciest Suite plan ($199/year as of this review’s writing, normally $249/year).

This plan isn’t too expensive compared to ClickFunnels pricing, but since you are paying annually, it’s costly upfront, so if you want sales funnels, you may have to go deeper into your pocket.

Interestingly, OptimizePress was one of the first pieces of software to offer a drag-and-drop page builder.

But to be fair, OptimizePress’ webpage builder isn’t the best – it’s solid, but you can find much better options on the market.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Built specifically for WordPress.
  • Works with various shopping cart services.
  • Has checkout features & landing/sales/funnel page builders.


  • No free trials – only a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • All plans are annual.

OptimizePress Pricing 

  • Essential : $99/ year / Install  on 1 personal site
  • Business : $149/ year / Install on up to 5 personal sites
  • Suite : $199/ year / Normally $249/year / Install  on up to 20 personal sites

Funnelytics is a pretty cheap and interesting ClickFunnels alternative, but it’s quite different from all other tools & platforms on this list.

Funnelytics is a funnel planning tool, not a funnel building tool, first of all.

As of this review’s writing, Funnelytics didn’t allow you to deploy your funnels – you needed to use another tool for that (e.g. ClickFunnels).

With that said, Funnelytics offers some of the most intuitive interfaces you’re going to ever see in sales funnel & landing page builder software.

The drag-and-drop builder is easy to use, and the funnel maps show you visually what your funnel is doing.

The funnels are also very nice in Funnelytics – starting with the mid-tier Marketer plan, you are getting over 50 funnel templates.

These are advertised to be the highest-converting funnels of all time, so they will probably work for any business needs.

Additionally, Funnelytics provides some advanced tracking and forecasting features to help you improve your funnels.

Now, what about the limitations of Funnelytics?

Well, we’ve mentioned one – that you can’t actually deploy funnels with Funnelytics alone. You’ll to do it manually or use another tool for that (which means added costs).

The second disadvantage of Funnelytics is that it doesn’t have native integrations with third-party software, be it email automation, affiliate management, shopping carts, or CRM.

You will have to either pair Funnelytics with your software manually, or again use something like ClickFunnels for integration. 

The free tier is rather limited as well – it doesn’t have tracking or analytics, and it also provides only 6 funnel templates. With that, it’s just a simple brainstorming tool, nothing more.

Speaking of plans, Funnelytics also offers the Marketer plan for $49/mo (or $470/year) and the Pro for $790/year (no monthly options).

The features of Funnelytics get uncovered at these paid plans, and the Marketer plan actually isn’t too expensive, but given that Funnelytics lacks many of the key features of ClickFunnels and most other similar software, it’s not going to be worth it for most people.


  • The mid-tier plan isn’t too expensive.
  • Very visual and easy to use.
  • Free plan available.


  • No free trials.
  • Lacks some very important features (especially the free plan).
  • No native integrations with third-party platforms & software.

Funnelytics Pricing 

  • Starter : Map out your funnel tactics at lightning speed / FREE Forever
  • Marketer : Cooperate with your team and predict the progress of your funnels $470/year / or charged monthly at $49/m
  • Pro : Measure and optimize the performance of your funnels in a visible way $790/year annual only

ThriveCart is a little more advanced alternative to SamCart. However, as of this review, it was in a pre-launch phase with the special one-time pricing of $495 for lifetime access.

So as of this post’s writing, ThriveCart was gathering as many clients as they could.

The pricing will most likely change pretty soon to over $95 per month. So if you end up liking ThriveCart’s features, you may want to buy it as soon as you can.

Compared to SamCart, ThriveCart offers a little more flexible shopping cart & sales funnel management tools.

For example, ThriveCart allows you to do sales tax collection automatically, embed videos onto your cart, upsell, or “thank you” pages, and manage an unlimited number of membership websites.

ThriveCart also has a wider list of native integrations – most importantly, it supports Apple Pay and Google Payout of the box.

You can also use multiple email autoresponder services, while SamCart only allows one autoresponder per account.

Like SamCart, ThriveCart has an affiliate platform that you can manage your affiliates with.

ThriveCart provides advanced features to both you and affiliates, including stat export, in-depth data on payments (including payment method, data, and time), and more accurate stats.

All in all, ThriveCart is a little more advanced and intuitive than SamCart, but it will likely be more expensive when it launches and its pricing structure finalizes.

But right now, while it’s offered for life for a one-time payment, it looks pretty attractive.


  • Available for life for a one-time payment (limited offer).
  • Has auto sales tax calculation.
  • Affiliate management functionality.
  • More flexible and functional than SamCart.


  • Wasn’t live as of this review.

ThriveCart Pricing 

$495 ONE TIME (LIFETIME ACCESS) - $95+/mth - $1,950+/yr

13. Kajabi


Kajabi is similar to ClickFunnels in that it allows you to easily create sophisticated funnels and landing pages.

In fact, Kajabi is one of the few digital marketing platforms out there that can compete with ClickFunnels in terms of functionality.

However, Kajabi is more than just that – it also serves as a hosting platform for your website, allowing you to move all your website resources and management needs to a single service.

So you won’t have to worry about making Kajabi work together with your hosting provider.

Kajabi provides you with a free domain as well, but you may bring your own domain from elsewhere.

Notably, Kajabi is specifically focused on digital products, so delivering digital goods to your customers will be easy with it. Membership and webinar sites are also a strong suit of Kajabi 

On the other hand, keep in mind that with its aim at digital products, Kajabi can’t compete with ClickFunnels if you also want to sell physical goods – ClickFunnels can do both digital and physical products.

Also, keep in mind that Kajabi is pricier than ClickFunnels and is intended for a more advanced audience – Kajabi plans start at $149/monthly ($119 per month if billed annually) and go up to $319/$399 per month. 

Apart from that, Kajabi offers support for only up to 3 websites, as well as limits the number of products to 3 and 15 in the Basic and Growth plans.

This number goes up to 100 in the top-tier Pro plan, but it’s much more expensive than lower tiers.


  • Besides sales funnels, allows you to build and host a website.
  • Specifically focused at digital products.
  • A great option for established businesses.
  • Email automation & affiliate management features.


  • More expensive than ClickFunnels.
  • Offers a limited number of websites & products (especially at lower-tier plans).

Kajabi Pricing 

  • Basic : $149 /mo
  • Growth : MOST POPULAR $199 /mo
  • Pro : $399 /mo

Save 20% with annual billing

14. GetResponse Funnel

GetResponse Funnel

GetResponse originally provided only email autoresponder services. Recently, they have expanded and started to offer landing page & sales funnel-building functionality as well. 

Compared to ClickFunnels, GetResponse isn’t as mature and polished in the landing page & sales funnel department.

ClickFunnels is more intuitive and offers a little more functionality (most importantly, it allows you to manage affiliates).

However, when you look at pricing, GetResponse looks much more attractive.

GetResponse offers 3 plans – 1 more than ClickFunnels – so it provides more flexibility to buyers.

Secondly, the cheapest plan starts from just $15 per month if paid monthly ($12.30 if billed annually) and goes to $99 per month ($81.18 if billed annually).

There is one caveat here though – these prices are for 1,000 list size. If you choose bigger, you will have to pay more – up to $369 per month for the cheapest plan with 100,000-member lists.

With that said, if you have lists bigger than 1,000, then you probably can afford to pay more for larger email limits.


  • Rather inexpensive.
  • Email autoresponder & sales funnel software two-in-one.
  • 30-day free trial with no credit card info.


  • No affiliate management functionality.
  • The bigger your email list size, the pricier the software gets.

GetResponse Funnel Pricing 

  • BASIC : $15/mo
  • PLUS : $49/mo
  • PROFESSIONAL: $99/mo

The number of funnels are limited as you go fro plan to plan 

15.Thrive Themes 

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is considered by some people the most functional drag-and-drop builder out there. Personally, a cool clickfunnels alternative wordpress

Although it isn’t as focused at sales funnels as ClickFunnels, it’s a great all-around tool to build a website with.

Of most interest for us today is the Thrive Architect tool that allows you to build landing pages from over 220 templates.

Every template is fully customizable, allowing you to adapt them to the specific needs of your business.

Another interesting tool is Thrive Optimize – an instrument that allows you to do A/B testing to tweak the performance of your landing pages.

No less remarkable is Thrive Leads – a lead generation form builder – as well as the Thrive Theme Builder that allows you to create a unique WordPress website.

Speaking of WordPress, Thrive Themes is built specifically for it, so you should have no issues with compatibility or performance if your website is hosted on WordPress.

Thrive Themes doesn’t have built-in email autoresponders or affiliate management tools, but it does have native integrations with tools that can do that.

In terms of pricing, Thrive Themes is pretty pocket-friendly – starting at only $30 per month if paid quarterly or $19 if paid annually.

Thrive offers just two plans as well, but the only difference between them is that the low-tier plan is capped at 25 websites and the high-tier on at 50 websites. All else is the same.


  • Built specifically for WordPress.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • A wide range of tools included.
  • You get the same features regardless of the chosen plan.
  • 14-free day trial without credit cards.


  • Only quarterly or annual payments.
  • No integrated email autoresponders or affiliate management tools.

Thrive Themes Pricing

  • Thrive Membership : $19/month / PAID ANNUALLY
  • Agency Membership : $49/month / PAID ANNUALLY

Pipedrive is very distinct among Clickfunnel alternatives in that it is aimed at CRM rather than landing page or sales funnel creation.

When it comes to the last two, Pipedrive is a sales funnel management rather than creation tool – it can help you identify bottlenecks in your sales funnel and eliminate them, but you will need another tool (like ClickFunnels) to create those sales funnels.

This makes Pipedrive similar to Funnelytics.

Pipedrive complements rather than replaces ClickFunnels.

So if you really want an efficient sales funnel, then you should have not only a sales funnel builder but also a sales funnel analysis tool.

As CRM software, Pipedrive provides advanced stat & report capabilities, including customizable dashboards, forecasts, sales & activity reports, and more.

Interestingly, Pipedrive also allows for some email-related functionality like email sync, email templates, or group emailing, but for many, these won’t replace the functionality of third-party autoresponders.

Pipedrive is rather inexpensive too – it starts at $15 per month ($12.5 if billed annually) and goes up to $99 in the Enterprise plan (this one’s only billed annually).

You get 4 plans to choose from, so you have more flexibility when it comes to feature selection and cost management.


  • Excellent choice for CRM.
  • 4 cost-effective plans available.
  • Advanced stats & reports.


  • No affiliate management software.
  • Can’t be used for sales funnel deployment, only analysis and planning.

Pipedrive Pricing

  • Essential : US$12.50 / Per user per month, billed annually
  • Advanced : US$24.90 / Per user per month, billed annually
  • Professional : US$49.90 / Per user per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise : US$99.00 / Per user per month, billed annually

17. GrooveFunnels 


GrooveFunnels is yet another all-in-one kind of marketing platform that allows you to do much more than just create sales funnels.

It also allows you to build a blog or membership sites with ease. And given that it’s priced around the same as ClickFunnels, you are getting more value for the money.

In terms of pricing, as of this review , GrooveFunnels’s sub-tool GroovePages was completely a free clickfunnels alternative due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This is a limited time offer that could end anytime, so if you are lucky to find out about GrooveFunnels while the deal still stands, you may want to give it a try. 

GrooveFunnels promises that this free offer is for life and that no credit cards are needed.

Pricing-wise, GrooveFunnels itself is one the pricier side – it has a free base plan, but its paid plans go from $99 to $299 per month.

The difference between the plans is that you get access to somewhat different sets of features and varying visitor & email limits.

By the way, GrooveFunnels has integrated email automation software – just like ClickFunnels does.

Likewise, you are getting affiliate management tools. So with GrooveFunnels, you can not only build sales funnels or landing pages but also create a website from scratch. 


  • All-in-one marketing software.
  • Has email marketing & affiliate management tools.
  • Sub-tool GroovePages free as of this review’s writing (normally paid).


  • Still in development – some key features will come soon

Groove Funnels Pricing 

Starting from $99 to $299 per month.

Infusionsoft By Keap

Keap has some of the features of ClickFunnels along with a few CRM tools. Overall, it’s a solid tool if you want email & marketing automation combined with CRM functionality.

Keap was originally known as Infusionsoft, but since 2019, the company has been going under its current name “Keap”. Keap has retained the name “Infusionsoft”, but only as the name of their top-tier plan. 

Note that when we or other reviewers say “Infusionsoft”, we are referring to the whole service rather than just the top-tier plan.

Keap is inexpensive – it starts at $79 per month and goes up to $199 per month. And as of this review’s writing, Keap offered the first membership month for free.

Although Keap allows for landing page creation like ClickFunnels, it’s more CRM- and email marketing-oriented – all of Keap plans incorporate 500 contacts (you can choose more for a fee), sales pipelines, SMS message & phone line functionality, and more.

Additionally, Keap allows you to set up shopping carts and checkout pages to get paid.

Infusionsoft isn’t very expensive, but it has one big caveat – new members are required to enroll in the Expert Coaching program.

It costs from $99 to $999 depending on the plan, which makes initial costs with Keap very high. Whether this is worth it or not is up to you.


  • Advanced email marketing & CRM features.
  • Marketing & sales automation functionality.
  • Relatively pocket-friendly.
  • 14-day trial with no credit cart requirements.


  • The low-tier plan doesn’t have a landing page builder.
  • Actual costs will depend on your number of contacts.
  • New users are required to enroll in the costly Expert Coaching program.

Infusionsoft Pricing

  • Keap Grow : $79/mo
  • Keap Pro : $149/mo
  • Infusionsoft : $199/mo

All from From $0/mo For your first month.


If you are an owner of a SMB, Enterprise, or an Agency , then SharpSpring may be the best option for you out there.

This piece of sales & marketing software is very expensive, but it may be worth it.

As a complete marketing & sales solution, SharpSpring incorporates a wide range of features, including email automation, landing page & blog builders, analytics, forms, automation, and more.

The only thing that SharpSpring lacks is affiliate management tools – with them, it would have been complete.

  • Among other great features : 
  • Behavior-Based Email
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Blog Builder
  • SharpSpring Social
  • CRM & Sales Automation
  • Dynamic Form Builder
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Anonymous Visitor ID

In terms of pricing, SharpSpring employs a rather unpopular approach among marketing tool providers – it offers several plans with the exact same set of features (what was listed above plus unlimited users & support) but with varying contact limits.

These limits go from 1,500 in the base plan to millions in the custom Enterprise membership.

But as mentioned earlier, SharpSpring is a bit costly– its pricing starts at $550 per month, which makes it the most costly platform on this list.

This is the main reason why SharpSpring definitely isn’t freelancers or budget-tight business owners. It’s for established shops or online marketers who just want to optimize their sales process a little bit.


  • A complete sales & marketing solution.
  • CRM, email automation, and lead generation functionalities.
  • Flexible pricing plans – all with the same features.


  • valuable price 
  • Not for budget-tight business owners.
  • No affiliate management tools.

SharpSpring Pricing

  • $550/mo Plan / 1,500 Contact /Users: Unlimited /Support/Training: Unlimited /Dedicated Account Manager
  • $850/mo  Plan : 10,000 Contact / Users: Unlimited / Support/Training: Unlimited
    Dedicated Account Manager. 
  • $1,250/mo  Plan : 20,000 Contact / Users: Unlimited / Support/Training: Unlimited
    Dedicated Account Manager
  • Agency Plan : Customized 
  • Enterprise Plan : Customized 
CartFlows copy

ClickFunnels, as you probably know, is a sales funnel builder with some added features like email automation.

CartFlows, on the other hand, is laser-focused on just sales funnels, a little bit on shopping carts, and nothing else.

As a result, CartFlows is pretty light and rather cheap – only $299 annually. This is a little costly upfront, but if you calculate monthly, it’s cheaper than many other solutions on this top.

Unfortunately, CartFlows has no free trials, but it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also note that if you need additional things like email automation, CRM tools, or affiliate management tools, then you will have to purchase those separately.

Interestingly, CartFlows is designed specifically for WordPress & WooCommerce.

It thus works with these platforms seamlessly, and if you have already been working with WooCommerce, then you’ll be able to keep using the same tools and payment gateways.

In terms of features, the most important thing with CartFlows is the sales funnel builder. It’s got a few dozen templates to choose from, and each of them may be customized to your own taste and business needs.

CartFlows also has order bumps, upsells/downsells, abandoned cart tracking, and some other things.

And with the analytics & tracking tools, monitoring your results and tweaking CartFlows sales funnels shouldn’t be a big challenge. 


  • Not too pricey.
  • Specifically aimed at sales funnels.
  • Made for WordPress and WooCommerce.


  • Only annual billing.
  • Has sales funnel features and nothing more.

CartFlows Pricing

CartFlows Pro / $349 $299/yr


Finally, we have Landingi.

It’s also a very narrow-focus solution like CartFlows, but it’s aimed at landing pages rather than sales funnels (though its pricier plans have funnels as well).

Landingi has 6 membership options – all of them rather cost-effective. The cheapest plan costs $39 per month ($29 if billed annually), while the priciest, agency-targeted plan costs $329 per month ($245 annually).

Landingi separates its plans into Business and Agency categories, with the latter being aimed at super-large businesses that need to serve perhaps millions of clients monthly. With that, Landingi is suitable for both small and large clients.

Although Landingi is dedicated to landing pages, it actually isn’t limited just to them (unlike CartFlows which doesn’t offer much else than sales funnels).

For example, higher-tier plans offer email autoresponders, funnels, webhooks, and some other things.

When it comes to landing pages, Landingi’s functionality is extremely wide – you are getting unlimited leads & active landing pages, access to Google Fonts, libraries of 5,000 images and 600 free icons, background videos, and more.

Interestingly, Landingi is hosted on Amazon Web Services, so uptime is 99.95% with this platform – as good as you can find out there.

One thing to know with Landingi is that some of its integration features become available with high-tier plans.

For example, CRM or Zapier integrations are only available starting from the Automate plan (which is the 4th most expensive plan of Landingi).

Funnels are also available starting from this plan, as is A/B/X split testing, the autoresponder, and some other features.

This won’t be a problem for everybody, but if you are considering purchasing a Landingi plan, make sure to carefully read through the pricing charts to see what you are and aren’t getting.


  • Specifically aimed at landing pages.
  • 6 cost-effective plans.
  • Unlimited landing pages & leads with all plans.
  • 14-day free trial with no credit card.


  • Limited integration options with cheaper plans.
  • No affiliate management tools.

Landingi Pricing

  • Automate : $59/month / billed annually
  • Create : $45/month / billed annually
  • Core : $29/month / billed annually

22. Systeme.Io ( Cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels )

systeme.io (1)

The price remains reasonable with an already complete offer at only $27 per month.

Two offers at $47 and $97 also exist for even more advanced features.

Features & functionality:

Systeme.io is an online business management platform for entrepreneurs on the Internet. It is a complete tool that allows managing, in one place, all the actions of a business 2.0.

The platform was created and launched in 2018 by French entrepreneur Aurélien Amacker.

He wanted to allow the greatest number of people to be able to launch an online business without paying expensive subscriptions and without having to connect several tools together.

systeme.io was then born with all the functionalities to launch his online business.

  • Create sales funnels by dragging and dropping
  • Create email lists
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Create a full-fledged SEO blog
  • Create own affiliate program
  • Automate your entire business

Today, the platform claims several thousand customers and some former Clickfunnels customers say that systeme.io is much more ergonomic and easy to use.

23. EzyCourse


EzyCourse can be considered as another alternative to ClickFunnels where you can easily build sales funnels and landing pages.

Basically, EzyCourse is an online course platform with plenty of other options like community-building, site-wide memberships, website and landing page builder, built-in email marketing tools, etc. 

With a wide range of features and functionality, the platform stands as a good ClickFunnels competitor.  

EzyCourse specializes in digital products like courses and communities. Notably, this platform lets you create high-converting lead magnets offering multiple options for lead generation and automation. You can capture leads with attractive dynamic forms with advanced form builders. 

As an all-in-one platform, you have no tension for managing several things differently. Rather, you can handle all your business tasks from a single dashboard.  

Just like ClickFunnels, EzyCourse also offers both digital and physical product selling options. But you can enjoy a more comprehensive solution  with EzyCourse. 

Fortunately, EzyCourse is far more affordable than ClickFunnels. The platform starts at $35/monthly. On the other hand, ClickFunnels starts at  $147 per month. 

EzyCourse offers unlimited courses, students, site admins, Unlimited custom forms, Unlimited lead generation, automation, etc in the Unlimted Plan. 


  • All-in-one platform
  • Allows funnel-building, website, and landing page building, etc 
  • Both physical and digital product selling options 
  • Much more affordable than other platforms
  • Robust email marketing features


  • No free plan
  • Too many feature updates 

EzyCourse Pricing.

  • Basic plan - $35/month
  • Pro plan - $99/month
  • Unlimited plan - $199/month
  • Elite plan - $299/month

Save up to 57% with annual billing

24. Webflow as a Clickfunnels alternative

Webflow as ClickFunnels Alternatives

Webflow takes a different approach to ClickFunnels. While sacrificing some funnel-building ease, it empowers you with unmatched design flexibility to create stunning websites. While it lacks the drag-and-drop funnel-building features of ClickFunnels, Webflow shines for those who prioritize unique design and complete creative control.

Key Features:

  • Visual Design Editor: Craft stunning landing pages, websites, and even full-fledged e-commerce stores with a powerful visual editor.
  • Clean Code Export: Unlike ClickFunnels, Webflow exports clean, SEO-friendly code for your website.
  • CMS (Content Management System): Manage website content with ease through a user-friendly CMS interface.
  • Animations & Interactions: Add interactive elements and animations to create engaging user experiences.


  • Unmatched Design Flexibility: Pixel-perfect control over your website's look and feel.
  • Clean Code & Scalability: Build future-proof websites with readily scalable code.
  • Developer-Friendly: Export code for further customization or handoff to developers.


  • Learning Curve: Webflow's interface has a steeper learning curve compared to ClickFunnels.
  • Limited Funnel Features: Focuses on website creation, not specifically built for sales funnels.

Who Should Use Webflow?

Webflow is ideal for designers, agencies, and businesses seeking complete design freedom and clean code for their websites. If you prioritize a unique aesthetic and don't require a dedicated funnel builder, Webflow offers a powerful alternative to ClickFunnels.

Pricing Structure: 

Webflow offers different plans depending on what your website needs to do. There are plans for both regular websites and ecommerce stores.

Regular Websites:

  • A starter plan for simple sites that get under 500 form submissions a month, which costs $18 per month.
  • A CMS plan, which is good for sites with blogs or other content you regularly update. This plan allows for up to 1,000 form submissions monthly and starts at $29 per month.

Ecommerce Websites:

Webflow also has specific plans for websites that sell products online. These plans typically offer features like product management, shopping carts, and inventory management. Pricing for ecommerce websites likely starts around the same as the CMS plan (around $29/month) and scales up depending on features and sales volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ClickFunnels replace your website?

Website and ClickFunnels are different, and can't replace each other 100%. The website is more for those people who prefer to blog and use visible pages ( menu ) to market their various services.

ClickFunnels is for folks who favor creating focused not -distracting squeeze pages to capture leads and building email marketing campaigns as well as sales funnels to maximize revenues.

In its introductory video ClickFunnels recommends that you “abandon your website for your business to survive”… From their point of view, what makes your business run is not your website, it's your “Sales funnels”. This new system could add to or completely replace your existing website.

Does ClickFunnels host your website?

Yes. ClickFunnels enables you to host all of your content on their platform. Hosting each of your content on ClickFunnels is very useful, this will not push you to look for other hosting services and spend extra fees.

How can I get ClickFunnels for free? 

Unfortunately, there's no legal or free version of Clickfunnels to date. 

However, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. You can use this link to get started and commence using their Clickfunnels services 

How much does ClickFunnels cost per month?

ClickFunnels offers 3 packs (beyond the 14-day trial period):

The Standard Pack at $ 97 per month
The “full” Etison Suite Pack at $ 297 per month
The ClickFunnel Collective $ 1497


If you have followed along, you will have a comprehensive understanding that there are many options on the market for you as a potential web seller.

Each option has its pros and cons, and it's hard to say that a platform is objectively the best.

If you have a medium business, you can choose something like SharpSpring and get your sales to the next level. A great Clickfunnels substitute would be Kartra.

If you're just starting out and can't afford that kind of price, you might be better off with Thrive Themes's products with membership plugins to design nice membership sites or self-hosted online courses.

if you are looking for a shopping cart, I can suggest SamCart or ThriveCart as a web-based checkout program with conversion-optimized checkout templates, one-click upsell, subscription, payment plan capacities, and order bump.

Choosing what works best for you is just a matter of knowing what you need and what is going on.

I hope now that you have a better understanding of your situation and the configuration of the market for the digital sales platform market and that you are ready to take your first steps in the new era of Internet sales.

What are your ideal ClickFunnels alternatives this year?

Let me know in the comments below.

Affiliate Disclosure

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