How to create a landing page that converts?


What are the main types of landing pages?
Which design to choose?
What are the best practices?
What are the important details when creating a sales page?
What color codes to choose?

How to improve your product page, your landing page, your squeeze page and your conversion page? No matter the name you give it: in short how to create landing pages that convert and sell?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page created to generate leads or purchases from visitors. It is the user's initial point of contact with a website, thus it should be engaging and tailored to their needs.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is just one form of internet marketing that makes use of "landing pages," which are intended to enhance conversion rates by acting as a separate entity from the main website. Typical components include an info-gathering form, eye-catching visuals, and persuasive text.

Here are some of the common purposes :

Selling a product
Generate downloads
Get a quote
Capturing an email
Offer a free trial
Up-sell or Cross-sells
Social Engagement
Notification of a future product launch
Webinar registration
Initiate a phone call ...

Unlike a brochure site where the user navigates the liking of pages to understand the offer of a company.

The landing page includes all the useful and relevant information here and now to convince the user to make a purchase, a plug contact or any other goal that you set beforehand.

Note that the goal of a landing page - beyond being beautiful, clear or representative of your company (which are subjective) - is not only "present" your offer but to convert.

A landing page aims to be constantly improved and optimized to increase your conversion rate. Anything that can make a user hesitation about the credibility of your site will lose sales percentages.

You do everything possible to keep your margins fiercely negotiating your contracts so do not waste your budget by losing those percentages that make the difference between a profitable business and a business flowing.

Optimizing your landing page can increase conversions exponentially. More leads for your business equals more ROI for your bottom line.

Types of landing page

clickthrough landing page:

These pages act as an intermediary between the commercial and the purchase page.

They can be used to highlight the arguments of an Internet service or a package of offers and refer to the appropriate sales page.

On this kind of page, the only clickable link is the call to action button.

Subscription pages :

Registration pages aim to get the email of the visitor and other details for participating in certain services like the Facebook page or other social media pages.

The lead generation pages

lead generation pages are designed to capture your name and contact email in exchange generally with a valued offer:

Free trial period for software, free quote, downloading a white paper or eBook, subscription to a newsletter, a podcast, a free template or excel file, registering for a webinar to ask questions to an expert ...

You can get your message across more effectively by using webinar software. Webinars are great for sharing information with potential customers on the fly, so it's important to do this in style.

The contacts thus captured will be used to send advice and quality content by email accompanied occasionally with commercial offers, the aim being to educate the customer and to gain the trust to bring it up to the sale of a product or service 

Be careful here not to bombard the user with email that are not related to your target/ , means if they registered for online marketing and you send offers about iPhone accessories , 80 per cent they will not land or they might unsubscribe.

Sales pages:

Sales pages are optimized to encourage the user to spend to purchase and therefore include all necessary information to the customer to decide (delivery, price, description, photos ...) and arguments to highlight the offer.

In some cases the one landing page of type will lead a sales page, this is one of the effective landing page strategies now as most probably the first landing page will offer something free and build trust. Agree?

How to create a landing page?

A landing page meets, of course, the specifics of your business and your positioning.

There is still good practice to consider when designing or optimizing your landing page.

All key points that will be listed here are not intangible rules and will be tested one by one by removing or adding an element to determine what works for you and only for you.

We will see how to make these further tests in the article:


The design of your page necessarily impacts how visitors perceive your product or service and therefore conversion rates. 

A landing page to poor design necessarily loses credibility in the eyes of the visitor.For some companies, an extremely long landing page will turn better. Sometimes an ultra-simple page into a screen will get the best results. Only testing can determine here.

The title of the landing page:

The title of the landing page must capture attention, it must immediately show the value of your offer and it should be a complementary reply to the texts of the ads and banners pointing to your landing page.

An example of coherence between advertising and Landing blog landing page returned Page Course:


The subtitle of your page should be clear and concise, They must strike the mind and encourage to read more detail and They must respond to specific points that could interfere with the user or point fingers to a high product quality.

The text:

Anything that can make a reluctant visitor about the credibility of your site will lose sales:

1. Would you give your bank details to e-commerce with spelling mistakes?
2. Explain the benefits of your offer
3. Answer all the objections that a user could have on your product or service
4. Use ventilated and concise paragraphs
5. Keep sentences short and punchy
6. Vary the forms of text: quote, question / answer, points list, the key phrase ...
7-Free of any spelling mistakes

The Offer :

According to most marketers the best is to have only one offer per page

1. Remove the maximum of barriers between you and your offer
2. To show maximum and test your product before purchasing:

a video of the product or what you will find "inside" of the pay offer (eg a tutorial on the tool), a demo, free excerpt of your book, a trial offer for few dollars , an online test without the need to register ...use your creativity here ; )

Trust and credibility indicator 

Credibility leads to money, You don’t buy from someone you don’t trust, do you? let users feel comfortable sharing their personal data and spent their money .

  • The user needs to be reassured. Out the card or give their email is not a harmless act on the Internet.
  • For the B2C business, add customer testimonials possibly with a photo for humanizing , here be honest, real and just don't use the screenshots.
  • Add the logos of corporate clients or partners and managers of quotes that have worked with you . if possible
  • Add logos and quotes blogs, newspapers and television have spoken of your solutions,if possible.
  • Highlight the labels and prices received
  • Highlight the notes received (if they are good) by your company on review sites like Google Play for a mobile application.
  • Display the logos to reassure the buyer Online: security seals, standards, certifications, available methods of payment, transport, and delivery ...
  • A phone number and an address sometimes reassure the buyer
  • you Offer something based on own experiences or something that your personally tried if not Quote
  • Buttons "call-to-action ''

  • Indicate clearly to the user what is expected from him with an incentive to take action
  • Use the right wording to cause the act of buying or making contact, "Buy Now", "Try for free", "Complete my purchase," "Ask my free estimate,"Download Now", "The new eBook here "...
  • Use colors and play on the button size to increase your conversion rate
  • The button "call-to-action" should be visible above the waterline so the user does not have to scroll the page, this is if the page is Long .
  • However, do not hesitate to repeat the button "call-to-action" throughout your page
  • Forms 

    • First give benefits to the customers why he/ she has to register or to leave their email?
    • If you use a contact form or email capture, remove unnecessary fields. Each additional field takes you (usually test course) opportunity to convert the lead.
    • Do not give chance for user to click somewhere else aside from your call to action
    • Make it easy for the visitor with well-appointed fields, an explanation of the expected information in the fields, a "tool tip" with additional explanations when the user moves his mouse, a green checkmark when the fields correctly filled…for example
    • Use clear, visual buttons to validate the form.

    Outbound links:

    • Remove all unnecessary links on your landing page including the header of your page.
    • Remove navigation, breadcrumb, the link on the logo linking to the home page
    • unnecessarily Outbound links will make users hesitant seeking additional information.
      Images and videos:
    • A landing page must apply to all users not to lose sales: visual, chilly, synthetic...
    • The use of photo and video captures the attention of others.
    • Add pictures and photos at once to illustrate or reinforce your point and make less tedious reading.
    • A video presenting quickly and interestingly your top solution enables the improve the conversion rate.

    Use beautiful visual and professional videos but do not kill your credibility

    Mobile Optimization :Optimize your landing page for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets,forget the mobile Optimization would lose 25 to 50% of your sales


    Some marketers do not pay attention to SEO when it comes to landing page, rather they will non-index them , but for some companies it is a must to think of SEO . thus :

  • Treat SEO and keywords from your landing page to better position you in the search engines and gain free traffic
  • Treat your titles and subtitles to intersect expressions actually typed on Google by users looking for solutions like the one you offer
  • Even if your strategy would focus on paid advertising, the relevance of your page and its positioning on keywords has an impact on your conversion rate and your cost per click on particular Google Adwords.
    • The loading speed of your page:Optimize the loading speed of your site such as reducing the size of photos.After 3 seconds to load your page, it's 40% of your users leave your site.To test the speed of your page and find areas for improvement, test Google Page Speed, Pingdom or GTmetrix
    • Conversion Tracking:Track down each of your conversions to monitor your page: generated traffic, conversions, conversion rates, conversion losses in the tunnel .Do not track your conversions back to hunt at night with grenades.
    • Thank you page:

    Optimize your thank you page that is activated after conversion by offering something of value both for you and for the user.This bonus can be a link to a guide on your site for example or a voucher...etc

    • A / B testing:A / B testing can modify your landing and send half of your visitors to a version and the other half to the second to find statistically if your change has an impact on your conversion rate.Do not rely on a one single landing page:Your visitors come from all communication channels, with profiles, problems or ways to express their different problems. So,Do not create a generic landing page, try to create a page segment.Create as many landing page you ways to solve the problem of your users.The more your landing pages are relevant to your ads and problems of your users, you will convert more.
    • Choosing the color of your landing pageThe colors impact the statistics of your landing page. Change the color of your buy button and you will see significant increases or decreases in sales which are perfectly understandable

    Yellow: optimism and youth, captures the visitor's attention

    Orange: aggressiveness, captures the visitor's attention on a particular call-to-action button

    Red: energy, created a sense of urgency, often used during the sales and in the food sector

    Rose: Romantic and feminine, used for products for women or teenage girls

    Blue: creates a feeling of security and confidence, often used by banks or business services

    Violet: calm, quiet, often linked to beauty and wellness, cosmetics and anti-aging

    Green: related to health, the easiest color to understand for the human eye, used in finance or entertainment sites

    Black: power, seen as luxurious and sophisticated

    • Examples of effective landing pages :  visit this link to check some of landing pages . Some inspiration to create your landing page: these examples are of course to be taken lightly because what works for one site will not work for another. It is only through the test that we can actually determine which landing page is effective for you.

    Tools to create a Landing page ?

    If the best is to have complete control over the creation, design and changes to your conversion page, there are many online tools to help you create your page:

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