102 Point SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy Product Review 2024


No matter what you’re selling and no matter how large or small your business is, you’re going to need visibility.

And, we don’t just mean that in the literal sense but also visibility in the digital space.

Your brand’s success is only as good as your SEO ranking and that all starts with learning the right techniques and employing the right help.

There are a lot of SEO agencies today that boast to get you on top but none of them has the credibility and expertise of SEO Checklist by SEO buddy.

Let’s see how they can help you, now!

What is SEO Checklist and why should you avail of their services?

Buddy SEO Checklist is exactly what its name means. It’s a step by step guide or framework that anyone can follow to then rank higher in the Google search pages.

Well, the goal here is not just to get to page one but ultimately get to rank ONE.

The checklist itself was devised by an entrepreneur himself who struggled to get things going ranking-wises. But instead of giving up, he learned about the techniques to get to where he wanted to.

Sounds tedious, right? It is. But you won’t have to worry because everything has been laid out for your convenience.

Literally, anyone from a 2nd grader to probably your sweet old grandma can follow the step by step guide and get their SEO rankings going.

Why should you subscribe or avail of SEO buddy’s services or guide? Well, that’s because SEO has just been made 100 times easier for you right now.

You can get more traffic onto your site and eventually get a lot of leads and conversions with literally not even breaking a sweat.

The SEO checklist is targeted towards anyone who works as an SEO analyst, those who own or manage an agency, or business owners who are clueless as to how to get their brand known in the digital landscape.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a startup or a large business, this SEO Checklist is for everyone interested in making a mark.

What are the benefits of a good SEO campaign and why is it important to get to page 1?

Before diving in deeper into HOW the SEO Checklist can help you out, let’s have a little bit of a crash course as to how SEO will benefit you, to begin with.

Usually, SEO is just an acronym thrown around but what does it really do?

It helps with targeting quality and organic traffic

The best way to explain this clearer is to consider outbound and inbound marketing strategies. Outbound being advertising and inbound being SEO.

When it comes to ads to come up with a campaign to tell people that they need to come to you or they need what you offer.

You do cold calling, emails, and visuals (interruptive ads) in hopes of getting people to know about your brand and let them seek you.

With SEO, the campaign is meant to keep you visible so that your target market may COME TO YOU if they need you.

Thus, having more organic traffic to your website with more chances of conversion.

It’s more budget-friendly

Especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to invest in ads, SEO campaigns can save you a lot of money.

You will just have to invest some funds initially to get things going and maybe for content. But after that, traffic will come eventually especially if you start to rank higher.

Trust us, PPC ads are super-expensive.

Gives you a chance to compete

Not just a chance to compete but a good SEO campaign will help you move ahead of your competition. It’s a tried and tested method to do so.

That’s backed up by data as 61% of marketers see improvements in their online presence right after.

How can SEO Checklist help you out?

So knowing what SEO Checklist is all about and now that you’re informed what SEO means for your business, HOW will this checklist do what it says it will?

First of all, the SEO Checklist comes in organized and detailed steps of over 100 things to follow to get you up in the rankings. You will be getting a spreadsheet of everything that you’ll ever need.

The personalized SEO Checklist will have the steps, status, difficulty level, cost, and the tools that you’d need to execute the said step.

You will also have a lot of other inputs on how to accomplish them with detailed notes.

The steps are also divided into the foundational steps you need to do to get the campaign going, the user experience, performance, and many more.

You will enjoy over 40+ SOPs to share with your clients as to how to better do SEO.

There will also be a lot of extra resources like videos to gain more knowledge.

You will have guides on how to create content that will run for a year and another manual that would explain the steps of the SEO Checklist.

Getting the bundled deal does not cost much at all and we say that it’s the best deal you’ll see right now.

It’s the kind of tool that you wish you have as you were starting out but didn’t only that you do have a chance to utilize it now.

If you have the SEO Checklist then you won’t have to look anywhere else and soon you’ll be orienting people in no time.

Few of What you will get  in the Bundle : 

  • The Foundation : Learn the basics to start a Solid SEO
  • User Experience: Google minds the user experience, So you should too. 
  • Content : Google likes impressive content and quality websites will link to it
  • Performance : Learn how to make your site is running smoothly and fast.
  • On-Page Seo : Learn how to make all your pages crawlable and consumable
  • Off-Page Seo : Learn how to build awareness of your site.
  • Technical Seo : Learn how to avoid technical SEO pitfalls
  • Local Seo : Learn how to Optimize local listings in search engines
  • Bonuses

Final Thoughts

For the uninformed, getting your website on page one might sound trivial and unimportant

However,the knowledgeable ones know that if you have bigger dreams than what you’ve accomplished so far then not only getting to page one but eventually being number one is the goal.

Thanks to SEO Checklist the challenge may no longer be that daunting. All you have to do is to subscribe and follow easy steps to achieve such goals. Get more traffic to your website NOW!


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