Increase Your Website Conversions with These 6 Social Proof Tools


After all how many techniques have you employed to improve your conversion rate and conversion ratio? You can chalk this up as one more in the list if it doesn’t work (which it will).

There is a misconception about the theory of social proof. Social proof tools are not just confined to being used in marketing (online and offline), they can be used to boost web conversions too.

If you don’t know how to do so, then you can check out the ways of using social proof tools to elevate conversions, as explained below:

Website Conversions Techniques

#1. Testimonials And Reviews:

Adding testimonials from customers to your website’s landing page whether written or video will give visitors a good impression of the company and of the services you offer.

Semrush does a great job of catching your eye as soon as you arrive on the page. They've even included a few customer quotes from big companies like Ebay.

testimonials in maketing 101

If you have an e-commerce website or are displaying your products on the company’s website, then adding good product reviews and showcasing the ratings given to the item, will act as a tool for conversion.

All this will show potential customers the likeability and popularity of a product, convincing them to make a purchase.

#2. Social Media:

social media as a social proof

Using social media is the most efficient way to use social proof. This can be done in three possible ways.

The first method is to add a social media bar to the webpage that displays the number of time the content, blog or page has been shared on social media, thereby showcasing its popularity.

The second method is to mention the total number of followers or likes a company or product has on social media, to show how many people are using the company’s service or subscribing to their content, then again subtly guiding the person to doing the same.

The third method is to embed the social media posts or tweets to the webpage that displays all the posts published by the company or those by customers in which the firm is mentioned.

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#3. Numbers And Statistics:

Playing with numbers is an efficient way to show how popular a brand is amongst the public, and if so many people are employing the services of a firm or using their products then they must be offering something great, as is the mindset.

The method to do so is by stating the number of users, customers, and subscribers on the landing page, About Us or homepage of a website.

Or by displaying the company’s good statistical data like market share, consumer base, sales, etc.

Shopify also uses social proof in the form of numbers ( number  trusted businesses worldwide using the platform) to persuade visitors to sign up.

Shopify Stats (1)

The third method is to integrate a counter in the webpage that showcases the number of times the webpage has been visited or accessed by people during the day or month.

#4. Influencer Or Celebrity Endorsements:

Getting social influencers and celebrities to endorse a blog, website or products is a method that will undoubtedly bring in conversions. The reason for this is simple.

Check out how Buffer uses endorsements from a number of successful entrepreneurs on their homepage to land them some serious comments.

Buffer Reviews (1) (1) (1)

Celebrities and influencers generally have a large following many of whom include loyal fans who like to follow what their idols do, what things or brands they like or what products they use.

After finding out what the people admire, do or like, other tend to follow their example and do the same.

Have you ever noticed how quickly a makeup kit sells out after a famous Instagrammer or YouTuber promotes it in their makeup tutorials?

Hordes and hordes of followers of the particular celebrity or influencer, clear out the racks of the endorsed product in Sephora and other such shops.

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#5. Awards And Recognition

A company that is well-received by the general public, or has received an award is generally considered to be more esteemed and reliable by the customers.

One way of letting customers know that your firm has received recognition or an award is by posting it on the company’s website, which will also boost its conversion rate.

Ahref not only displays logos of companies they’ve helped but also, positions it close to the sign-up button, turning client logos into the final proof to convince new visitors to try their product.

ahrefs users (1)

#6. Badges And Seals:

This social proof tool is widely used by a number of websites to show their authenticity, especially those that require customers to submit their credit card information to make a purchase.

However, in our opinion, it has the opposite effect on the visitors. Doesn’t those gold safety seals and badges look fake?

Why does a website need to showcase that it is authentic if it is?

Isn’t its name in the market or customer reviews enough? In our opinion, these are a waste of valuable screen space.

Although others might have a different opinion to all this.

The reason they are displayed on a webpage is to rid customers and potential leads of their fear that their private information will be misused.

So it entirely depends on what you think and how you perceive these seals -- as a social proof tool or a way to increase the bounce rate.

All these were some of the social proof tools or ways  that are employed by website owner and brands to boost their conversions and sales.

Furthermore, these also have a positive impact on the brand image, popularity and reception of a brand so don’t shy away from them. Use them wisely.

Some Selected Social Proof Marketing Platforms

social proof notification



Booketing is a marketing platform for popular eCommerce apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, LightSpeed, BigCommerce, WordPress. It helps owners boost sales and conversion rates.

Super easy and simple to install, does not require coding, works smoothly on all devices, highly customizable color, chat box icon, chat box position, it is never easier to approach, build trust and establish a relationship with customers as between friends.


Fomo is an app that displays recent actions (purchases, newsletter signups, whatever).

It's the online equivalent of a busy store, showing prospective visitors that other people are buying your products or services.

Fomo allows you to add your own logo, change the timing and style of the pop-ups, and has great popular positive feedback. 

Fomo comes with great built-in analytics dashboard which provides needed feedback on how your notifications are performing, how often you are getting  clicks, conversions, and how much sales your store made from them.


Morevago is an app through which you can display testimonials or social proofs, reviews, purchases, Optins and Downloads on your site, Landing pages, ,Funnels or Blog.

In just 3 steps you are ready to go; Create Campaign, Create Notification
Add the custom Javascript (no worries, it is just copy and paste).


Proofleads 2021

We help you display Social Proof notifications on the bottom edges of  your website with a custom message.

These messages can nudge visitors in the direction of purchasing, converting &  signing up.

Using Proof Leads helps you increase conversion rate on your website by displaying recent customer activity.

These are great psycholigical ways/apps to attract more potential customers but it should be used wisely.

If you adjust the constant appearance of the notification, It may make the visitors think that it is far from being real.


use Proof (1) (1)

Proof remains a very popular conversion tool among web entrepreneurs. More than 3000+ companies are already using it with very good performance.

It helps you make your site more lively and more social by integrating notifications of all kinds.

The installation of the Proof pixel is done with a simple copy of the code. This is then pasted into your HTML code inside the <head> tag. 

You must then verify if the installed pixel is sending data. To do this, you want to go to your website and check for a green status message.

If your pixel is working normally, then you need to launch a campaign. For each campaign, you can set a name, an objective, one or more notifications, and finally the sites on which the notifications will be displayed.

Depending on the size of the offer, you get different types of notifications, conversion tracking, or personalization.

To Sum Up

The idea behind the app is to increase social proof with store visitors to increase sales.

When prospects see activity from real customers, it builds consumer confidence with your brand which leads to more prospects taking action.

These apps are  tools used to further optimize your website traffic into taking action, but if you don't receive good traffic, you should focus first on traffic not apps.

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