Double Your Income With These 62 High Paying Affiliate Programs


Today, we will talk about the best high paying affiliate programs you can join to make some money. 

Remember Sigrid’s favorite line “everybody wants a box of chocolate”? But what actually does a digital affiliate marketer want?

You know the answer to that. Don’t you? You do because you’ve got the scars of a struggling affiliate marketer all over.

At times you’re up there smiling at your call-to-action buttons receiving click-throughs.

But looking into your dashboard, the ROI seem nothing to write home about. So now you’re here. Trying to figure out the best high paying affiliate programs to promote this year.

Truth be told, there's no general best affiliate programs in an affiliate marketer's point of view. First off, you need to know the kind of traffic coming to your blog. Doing so, determining the kind of products they'll readily buy is easy and with commission rates.

If your blog has its feet rooted in helping bloggers with SEO tactics, then you would want to promote SEO programs like Ahrefs, SEMrush... But blogs are niched.

A pet-content-publishing blogger with high DA will be much concerned with dishing-out animal care ebooks to its audience.

In this case, if you're receiving much traffic from this kind of audience, you will want to promote Email marketing programs like Convertkit. Get the trick now?

Dont Estimate this market which is projected to hit $6.8 billion by next years.

So, here are the high paying affiliate programs to earn commissions according to your audience/visitors, why you should promote them, and how each program works: 

High Paying Affiliate Programs 2024

Email Service Provider

1. Drip


If you've an audience to be converted to customers and make 30% recurring referral discount along the way, Drip may be your go to. Drip is an email service-providing platform created mainly for CMOs and marketers.

Though, other people use it. But to have a high ROI promoting Drip, your potential audience has to be CMOs/marketers.

In fact, if you check their biggest customers you would find Bigtree and Hawke Media, both of which are CMOs.

2. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an SooS by Nathan Barry used by big-name podcasters, bloggers, and other businesses for creating large email automation.

It also became the best for big-name eCommerce after all the hurdles around using InfusionSoft. Why then is ConvertKit a must-promote this year?

While you get 30.00% recurring commission, ConvertKit approve your commissions every 1st of each month and make payments on the 2nd of each month.

This could be 30-60 days after your referral link receives click-through depending on the day of click. For an example, if the purchase occur on 6th of May, ConvertKit approve and pay on July 1st and 2nd respectively.

Because ConvertKit comes in demo version, you won't be paid if a demo user from you did not end up using a paid version.

3. Aweber


Do you provide business tips and nuggets to small businesses? Your visitors will make Aweber subscription through your referral ID if you could put up eye-popping Aweber review on your business-niche blog.

And what does that make you? You get 30% commission every month a referral from you subscribe.

Though, Aweber affiliate program may seem like other programs but what makes it one of the best affiliate programs for beginners is the control it gives you.

You've access to made-for-you articles and ads from Aweber that can be easily placed for your adverts.

You also receive sales notices via email and through the visitors/sales stats on your affiliate dashboard. Plus… continuous receival of  affiliate newsletters to be in touch with Aweber's affiliate newest trends and updates.

4. GetResponse


Ever notice that GetResponse popup on every search list of the best email marketing softwares?

Not only that it's a dynamic email automation system for every small businesses, but GetResponse also has a unique affiliate system.

They give you the option of making a pick from two affiliate systems; Bounty and Recurring. On the Former, you are rewarded with a one-time $100 for every referral.

While the Recurring open you to a continuous 33% discount. That is 3% above what you can get elsewhere.

Meanwhile, for every three referrals you make, you receive one of the digital marketing courses made by GetResponse for free.

And about being in control, you're always on top of your dashboard watching the actions of your referrals. So, as a profitable and non-shady business, GetResponse is appearing on all the highest paying affiliate programs list today according to Google search engine.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

Boasting itself as the horsepower of mail marketing, sales and CRM automation, ActiveCampaign has been around for a long while and is still in a good position on the leadership board.

However, ActiveCampaign has the most different commission method when it comes to its affiliate model. It's a sort of game. For instance, for every converted recommendation, you receive 20% discount.

Which becomes 25% if you're able to bring in referrals worth of 100$ monthly for 3 months or 500$ a month.

Furthermore, if your referrals-worth fire up to 500$/month for three months or 2000$ for a month, your ActiveCampaign commission hit the Gold tier of 30%.

Therefore, ActiveCampaign may not be the best for a seasonal affiliate marketer but remains one of the best affiliate programs that pay well.

6. MailerLite

mailerlite affiliate

MailerLite is an eCommerce automation system widely used by beginner Bloggers than Vloggers.

Owing to its drag-and-drop newsletter editor, LSS campaign features,and inbuilt photo editor, it is on the other side used by startups for mail marketing.

Recommending MailerLite, you get 30% discount on every first signup and future continuous purchases after.

Nevertheless, you won't be able to make monthly payment request on your MailerLite affiliate dashboard until you've made up to 120$ worth of discount. 

7. MailerCheck

MailerCheck Affiliate Program (1)

If you’re promoting email service providers, you should also add an email verification tool to your list. Introducing MailerCheck, an all-in-one service that improves the deliverability of your emails!

With their email validation tool, you can bulk verify your entire email list in a few clicks, ensuring that your sender reputation is spotless. What’s more, you can improve the ROI of your campaigns by avoiding spam folders with their deliverability testing tool.

MailerCheck is the perfect product to cross-sell to your email marketing audience. It offers a generous 30% recurring commission for up to 24 months, plus their cookies stay fresh for 90 days!

You can watch your earnings in a real-time dashboard and access statistics to improve your campaigns. Moreover, if you need a helping hand, MailerCheck’s dedicated partner support is always available to help you achieve affiliate success!

8. Brevo (formerly sendinblue)

sendinblue affiliate program

Brevo is not a frontier among the popular market-through-emails service providers. 

Nevertheless, since the arrival of Brevo with so many incentives, a chunk of MailChimp, and InfusionSoft subscribers have migrated to Brevo .

And on discovering that Brevo makes LSS Campaigns easier, mail tracking more efficient, and popups creation effective, these customers have referred more subscribers to Brevo .

Why then should you join this group of subscribers-turn-affiliate-marketers? Thing is, Brevo stands out by paying you for paid customers and free customers!

So if you recommend Brevo to a friend who finally end up signing up for a free Brevo email marketing service plan through your link, you receive €5 bonus.

And if that friend make a paid plan subscription, you receive €100 commission.

Unfortunately, it is not stated on their Brevo official site of this commission is recurring, nevertheless, it is one of the best affiliate website today.

9. Omnisend

OmniSend Affiliate Program5

Have you ever heard about Omnisend?

Omnisend is an ecommerce-tailored email & SMS marketing automation platform.

One-click ecommerce stack integrations, pre-built workflows, and intuitive drag & drop editing make it easy to get up & running without diving into the smallest details, unless you want to. Omnisend can handle your marketing needs from A to Z.

Omnisend offers a generous affiliate program with 300% one-time commissions for the referred new businesses that join Omnisend on a paid plan.

Also, Omnisend provides an easy application & approval process, auto monthly payouts. A dedicated account manager and priority 24/7 support.

An easy-to-understand dashboard to track referrals, a resources section full of content, and migration support.

10. Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend Affiliate Program 2023

Introduce your audience to an effective cost-cutting tool that increases engagement and conversion rates, while also providing you with a reliable source of passive income through lifetime commissions.

Moosend Affiliate Program Highlights:

Tiered Commission Structure: Your commission percentage grows with your referrals:

  • Bronze Group (0-5 paid accounts) - 30% recurring commission
  • Silver Group (6-10 paid accounts) - 33% recurring commission
  • Gold Group (11-25 paid accounts) - 35% recurring commission
  • Platinum Group (26-35 paid accounts) - 37% recurring commission
  • Diamond Group (36 or more accounts) - 40% recurring commissions

Cookie Duration: Enjoy a generous 90-day cookie duration.

Flexible Payout Methods: Choose from convenient payout options, including PayPal, Stripe, and Wire Transfer.

Accurate Attribution: Utilize the first-touch attribution model for precise tracking.

Real-Time Insights: Access real-time reporting and analytics to gain valuable insights.

Centralized Resources: Find all your promotional resources in one place at the Affiliate Resource Center.

Moosend offers a comprehensive email marketing solution with diverse campaign options, including A/B split tests, automation, and RSS campaigns. Users can access a library of customizable email templates and utilize an easy-to-use email editor. 

The platform also supports lead generation through landing pages and forms, while effective email list management and robust reporting tools aid in data-driven decision-making. Moosend likely offers integrations for seamless connectivity and provides customer support for user assistance.

11. Stripo

Stripo affiliate program

Stripo is an email design platform that helps you quickly create responsive email templates without HTML skills. Stripo is widely integrated with 70 ESPs and has more than 1050 ready-made email templates in its’ library. Stripo shows you several ways to spice up your newsletters, from design ideas to gamification and quiz elements built into your emails.

The affiliate program offers a 25% recurring commission for referrals. On average, their affiliates earn $1,500 per month, and that amount grows with each new client.

Partners get access to real-time statistics through the partner tracking system. The cookie life is an impressive 120 days, and payouts are made monthly.

If you have any questions or help, the affiliate department is always in touch with you for consultation and solving any questions!

Those are the best of the best so far if you'd love to ganner much this year through promoting mail service providers.

Next up are the must-promote landing page providers and their partnership structure.

High Paying Affiliate Programs:

Landing Page Builders

Heads up! It is crystal that every businesses, today, build their funnels on  the solid foundations of landing pages that speak directly with customers and make them take actions.

But you don't want to rush into recommending all the landing pages to your visitors. Because not all of them pay affiliates handsomely.

Even most of those with high discounts have low exposure and the chances of generating real customers to them are low.

Therefore, I've done a test-based selection of top affiliate programs list for you. Read below to see the most selling landing pages service providers you shouldn't leave out of your promotion list today.

12. LeadPages

leadpages affiliates

What really are the big-players of affiliate partnership doing? How are they making 6-figures by just recommending products?

The answer is simple. They find a market and recommend products that solves the market's problems.

Leadpages is a top lead-generating suite of tools implemented by small businesses for mail-listing, popup ads, page and web-building/web-hosting, unlimited landing page building, lead magnet email delivery and a lot more…

Today, Leadpages has hundreds of thousands subscribers. And you can receive a continuous 30% bonus on every customer you add to Leadpages subscriptions.

As far as I know, leadpages dishes-out more incentives to their subscribers, giving them a spot on the highest paying affiliate programs list 2019.

13. BuilderAll

builderall affiliate

BuilderAll is the biggest player in digital marketing automation industry. Providing what LeadPages presents, BuilderAll goes about 10 steps ahead of LeadPages and other landing pages service provider.

By including Facebook chatbot, Animation builder, Android and iPhone Appbuilder, social proof App, Conversion proof App, Webinar creator, online course creator and much more.

 And just you know, including all of these features in your BuilderAll review will attract small businesses and entrepreneurs to subscribe through your link.

And that does not get you 30% but 100% recurring commission! Yikes! That's not all but…  

If your referrals-turned-subscribers in-turn refer a customer, you receive  a 30% commission while they also receive a 100% commission! No BuilderAll, No bigpay. That's the rule!

14. InstaPage

instapage affiliate

Currently, InstaPage is the only Google-integrated landing page builder that promises subscribers a shift in conversion rate from 2% to 33%.

This exclusive feature is continuously raking in more customers for InstaPage day-in-day-out. Why then wouldn't a smart marketer like you want to do partnership with a smart service provider?

InstaPage is not only easy to market as it already has a ready-to-buy market, but the InstaPage affiliate partnership has an attractive ROI.

Recommending InstaPage, you receive 50% cut from whatever your  referral pay to InstaPage. 

And if your referral become a permanent InstaPage user, you receive a monthly 30% on all your referral's transaction with InstaPage for as long as possible.

15. ClickFunnels ( Among the Top high paying affiliate programs) 

clickfunnels affiliate

Everybody knows ClickFunnels has been around for a long-while resting its services/products production on every latest trends and what consumers are really looking out for.

This is evidence in ClickFunnels’ landing page software that integrates conversion-driven funnels, Email and Facebook marketing tool, drag-and-drop webpage builder… and more.

All of these tools (usually from various SP) under a roof is surely a must-sell to any affiliate vying for the top paying affiliate programs.

However, though ClickFunnels affiliate recurring commision of 40%/referral is high, registering as a ClickFunnels promoter require a Tipalti account, but it is a Luxury affiliate programs. 

But if you don't have it, ClickFunnels will help you through the process of getting one.

Importantly, know that ClickFunnels pay every 45 days of paid referrals via PayPal, direct deposit, e-check, ACH, check, and Money wires. 

good paying affiliate programs

Web Hosting

No business strive today through SMM alone (Social Media Marketing) without a strong and visible online presence on the Web.

And since thousands of businesses are opening up everyday, the web hosting industry is growing every minute.

Similarly, the webhosting industry's growth depend largely on Affiliates like you.

Affiliates who are closer to startups even than the various web hosting providers we have today.

And if you're smart, you'd want to promote from my critically-constructed high paying affiliate programs for bloggers. Don't you? See them below.

16. LiquidWeb

liquidweb affiliate

Heads up! LiquidWeb is a leading host today with a networth of $100 million annual revenue coming from 500,000 subscribers.

They provide; Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress, and Managed WooCommerce.

On LiquidWeb Affiliate program, there are two available platforms (CJ, and Impact radius) you can join as an Affiliate to make LiquidWeb marketing successful for you.

On any of the two platforms, you earn between $100-$5000 per sales by placing banners and links on your blog, social media handle, and word of the mouth advertisement. 

17. WPX hosting

wpx hosting affiliate

WPX is another lion of the hosting service industry. A multimillionaire hosting service provider CEOed by Terry Kyle. Currently, WPX is the only hosting service recommended by thrive themes.

I'm fact, joining WPX affiliate program equally means being in the league of elites like BloggerPassion, AuthorityHack, ActiveGrowth, and Matthew Woodward all of whom are WPX Affiliates.

Not only do you receive up to $100 on every referral after 35 days of signups but you stand to enjoy WPX “fixed for you” service that solves technical issues for you for free.

To make managing your advertisement hasslefree and effective, WPX will write free mails for your campaigns, while you can access your dashboard through Skype from Monday-Friday.

All of these cool features that make WPX affiliate marketing easy and successful have bought it a significant space among affiliate programs.

18. Kinsta

Kinsta hosting

Do you know that Kinsta's asset shifted from 2016’s £73, 191 to £174, 159 in 2017.

That's an increase of £100, 968 within a single year ( a profitable affiliate marketing programs ) !

But it's no brained, since Kinsta has been widely known for its exclusive features like; having 20 Global data center powered by Google cloud platform, providing professional 24/7 support through WP experts, fast and fortified security, SSL, PHP 7, HTTP/ 2 CDN, staging area and even more…

However, going back to its asset, Kinsta's wealth is skyrocketing majorly through its affiliate partners whom are making $50- $500 per converted recommendation and an additional recurring 10% lifetime commission.

And great thing is you can start today for free and join Kinsta Best affiliate programs 2024 made easy for you via affiliate supports.

19. WPengine

wpengine affiliate

As a WordPress managed hosting, WPengine is the pinnacle award winner for two Stevie awards 2018 (silver and bronze) for customer service excellence and seamless marketing services respectively.

Working with WPengine as a products promoter, you are opened to a minimum commission of $200/referral promoting WPengine and 35%/referral discount promoting StudioPress themes which is available for promotion to all WPengine affiliate marketers.

WPengine partnership may be seen as the best among every online best affiliate programs for beginners because there are free landing pages, banners, links, and marketer-centric funnels readily-made to make advertisement easy and successful.

Not only that, but their dedicated affiliate team is available 24/7 to give you all the support needed whether as a beginner or an expert Affiliate.

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20. SiteGround

siteground affiliate

SiteGround partnership program has become a source of weekly income to many an Affiliate today.

According to SiteGround, most of their partners recommend the web hosting company solely because of the company's quality services and extra features that can't be gotten anywhere else without a few extra bucks on the side.

However, the program was created with eye-popping features like the weekly payment and a zero-restriction to how much you can request for payment. On SiteGround affiliate platform, you get 50/sale when you refer 1-5 subscribers. You receive 75$/sale for referring 6-10 subscribers.

100%/sale if you bring in 11-20 subscribers. And if you create 21+ SiteGround customers, you have the chance of discussing how much you should paid with SiteGround.

This is why I'd recommend SiteGround to just anybody. Both Affiliate marketers and businesses looking for exposure.

21. Digital Ocean

digitalocean affiliate

Aka DO, Digital ocean is known for the provision of CPU-optimized virtual machines with dedicated hyperthreads from drop-dead Intel CPUs needed for web application hosting, enterprise application, and ecommerce hosting.

It is the best model needed for CPU-intensive workload rather than RAM.

However, DO partnership program is not for anyone in need of direct money. Instead, your referral receive an $100 DO credit usable only on DO offers.

And once your federal uses $25 out of their $100 DO credit, you get rewarded with $25 DO credit usable, of course, on DO.

22. AccuWeb Affiliate Program

AccuWeb Affiliate Program

Any affiliate looking for a web hosting affiliate program should go for AccuWeb Hosting. With over 18 years of experience in the hosting industry, AccuWeb has hosted more than a million websites and have satisfied their customers globally. 

They provide a wide range of hosting services, namely, Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, Cloud Hosting, Forex VPS, WordPress Hosting, and many more.

Their high-paying multi-layer commission rates are really attractive. The minimum commission per sale is $25, and it goes upto $200. 

Another impressive thing, they also offer a Pay-Per-Click commission module where you can earn for each sale, as well as per visitor referred to the website. 

Attractions of AccuWeb Affiliate Program:

  • High commission module with PPC commission

  • 90 Days of cookie life

  • Marketing materials including attractive banners and text ads

  • Training videos and articles to help beginners as well as expert affiliates

  • A supportive team of experts

23. DomainRacer Affiliate Program

domainracer affiliate Program 5

DomainRacer is one of the best web hosting and domain extension provider companies. DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program is excellent to generate the highest commission.

They maintain quality services and provide 24/7/365 customer support. They never upset their customer. They have several partners of affiliates worldwide. 

You can easily gain up to 70% commission from this program. Signing up takes only a few minutes on the DomainRacer web hosting affiliate program. Register, promote, and earn more revenue. Because it is a bit popular web hosting company, It is not hard  to promote them. 

Highest Points about DomainRacer Affiliate Marketing - 

  • Earn Up To 70% Commission Per Sale.
  • 13.11 % Commission Ratio.
  • Earn Credit Bonus Based On Leads.
  • The Continuous Growth of the Business.
  • Fastest Lead Generation.
In a web hosting affiliate program, you can generate fixed or variable type of income. With DomainRacer you get more commission per sale, easy to earn money, slab-based commissions, and one of the highest customer ROI.

DomainRacer provides you all that you need, their customer support is excellent. All web hosting plans are extremely affordable and come with 21x faster LiteSpeed technology, free SSL certificate, free weekly JetBackup, free guidance resource, 9+ server locations, and many more. 

24. Verpex Hosting

verpex hosting affiliates program (1)

Verpex is a super-fast hosting at sustainable and affordable prices.Verpex was launched in late 2018, and in just three years, they managed to host more than 50,000 websites. 

They have a global network that is powered by 12 servers’ locations across five continents, from Asia to Europe.

Verpex offers Cloud web hosting, WordPress hosting, managed dedicated servers, managed WordPress hosting, managed Magento hosting, and reseller hosting.

With the Verpex affiliate program, you can earn an astounding $150 per single sale. Their plans and website generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. What this means is that the people who you send on their website are more likely to buy their products. 

Moreover, if a customer comes from your site to their site and then comes back again to purchase in the duration of 60 days, you get credit.

High Paying Affiliate Programs:

WordPress Themes And Plugins

You don't want just a one-off program to generate income from.

Aside from bringing recurring commission, a good program in an Affiliate point of view should sell evergreen products.

And if you've been in the digital world for a while, you would know why promoting WordPress is lucrative.

Below are the highest paying WordPress Affiliate programs with recurring commission.

25. The Genesis Framework

If there's any easy-to-handle WordPress framework for both WP beginners and WP experts, Genesis Framework will always take the lead.

Though, Genesis Framework’s plans are among the most expensive on WordPress but they are worth every penny.

Genesis looks into the future to produce HTML5-supporting Framework that stands your site’s contents against future obsolescence.

Genesis child theme makes updates a one-click process, so nobody need not to code anything.

And as an Affiliate, a recurring $125 discount reaches you for referring a pro plus all-theme package. On the Zigzagpress theme, your commission is 25%/subscriber.

On the Hello You Designs (HYD) theme, a 30% discount is given you. And if you recommend the restored 316 designs theme, you get 20% discount.  

26. Thrive Themes

thrivethemes affiliate program

Beside the almighty Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, Clever Widget, and Thrive Architecture, Thrive Themes is Thrive's most-selling product.

As a WordPress integrated-theme developer, Thrive is one of the biggest player of digital marketing today.

All of their products sell themselves and therefore should be your priority when considering what product to promote this year.

Not only are Thrive themes easy to sell, but the payout of 30% on every sale plus a recurring 25% commission gives Thrive a place in your plan if you're planning on making a list of profitable Affiliate programs. 

Payout is quick and easy. As long as you reach as low as $20, you're opened to making payment request which is made immediately into your PayPal account.

However, though Thrive treat every Affiliates equally, if you happen to be a big player referring more subscribers, Thrive take you in on their Stack workspace to have access to all the inner-circles.

27.Theme Forest

envato affiliate program

We all know ThemeForest comes before Devi on any top themes providers listing. And it doesn't stop there.

As an Envato market and a WP plugin, ThemeForest has the biggest affiliate program today with Impact Radius as its Platform.

The only downside is you earn a one-time 30% discount on every referred customer's first purchase. So, there's no recurring income for you here.

But it's no big deal if you'd love to promote something that sells real-quick with a yearly overall affiliate payout of $30 million.

28. Thirsty Affiliates

thirsty affiliates affiliate

With ThirstyAffiliates, marketers can cloak their affiliates links so as not to annoy visitors. And can uncover them to play by Amazon's policies anytime.

ThirstyAffiliates also track broken links, and give their statistical reports in form of tables and charts. A long story cut short;

ThirstyAffiliates is a powerful affiliate link manager used almost by every marketer today who promote other people's businesses.

The ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate program payout a one-time 30%/referred customer discount on their Affiliate program.

A discount paid through PayPal between 15-20 days of the month after your referral's purchase month.

29. MonsterInsights

monsterinsights affiliate

MonsterInsights stands out among every other Google analytics WordPress plugins.

Currently, due to MonsterInsights extra features like integration with other tools, MonsterInsights has over 1 million active websites using it.

Most bloggers testify they use MonsterInsights because it doesn't slow down web speed unlike most other analysis plugin.

If you happen to join their affiliate model, you receive 20% discount on every sale. Which is between $39.80 - $399.80.

30. WP Rocket

wp rocket affiliate

Caching is an important SEO factor and WP Rocket is a leading premium caching plugin as at now.

Claiming 700,000 users, the WordPress plugin increases site loading speed by getting rid of render-blockage.

However, ShareAsale is WP Rocket's affiliate platform just in case you're interested in their affiliate program to earn 20% discount/sale.

A discount with a value ranging from $9.80 - $49.80.


The electronic commerce world was never thought to gain as much traction as it has today.

With the likes of Amazon, Aliexpress, WooCommerce, standing tall amidst the small players, the competition has boomed eCommerce to a significant height.

And right now, electronic commerce boasts a net worth of $22.1 trillion. Great news is, our most-loving affiliate marketing business worth over $12 billion with a large percent coming on in from eCommerce.

If this is so, what really should you do to be part of those smart ass affiliate marketers who are getting the bigger cut of this yearly increasing $12 billion?

Save begging the question and just check out these best eCommerce affiliate programs with high ROI in commission.

31. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program

Just in case you're new to eCommerce, Shopify is the lion of the jungle.

As the biggest and oldest eCommerce platform, Shopify is used by about 800, 000+ users today.

Most of which are retailers, educators, enterprises, entrepreneurs… 

Shopify provides the best on eCommerce services like; marketing, payments, checkouts, and delivery. Best thing is, you can make as much as $2000 per referral for thier Shopify plus ( a high ticket affiliate programs). While the average you can rake-in on a single sale is $58.

Another amazing fact about Shopify affiliate program is, as an Affiliate, shopify give you a discount on whatever shopify tool you buy.

How about payment? Any required threshold?

Nope! No delay in payment. No PayPal issue… just dive in for free and start making your money.

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32. Printful

Printful affiliate

What does Printful do? They help online shops in products printing, packaging, and delivery. All an online store does is connect with Printful via any of their outlets, say an Affiliate marketer like yourself.

A paid connection that increases CRM and make online marketing easy and fast.

And if you happen to recommend Printful to your business partners, say an online fashion store, you receive 10% discount on every paid Printful connection made by your referral for 6 months.

Payment method? PayPal and nothing more.

33. BigCommerce

BigCommerce affiliate

BigCommerce takes the onus of security and scalability of every online businesses upon itself.

The eCommerce platform supports every range of online business uses, streamlines business operations, and takes off the heavy duties.

Exactly what your audience is vying for? Good for you. BigCommerce comes in two plans namely; BigCommerce Essential, and BigCommerce Enterprise.

When a referral from you buys the Essential plan, a 200% bounty rolls on into your PayPal account directly.

And if the Enterprise in the other hand, a salecut of $1200 is awarded to you. Shorley?

34. Amazon Associate

Amazon has been around since 1996 as the first online affiliate marketing program ever. The $134.5 billion market is the largest in the world owned by Jeff Bezos.

If you've been around Amazon for a long while, you'll notice Amazon is exactly like Google. A sort of everybody's thing.

It's hard to know who controls it without a critical research.

With millions of companies putting up their products on Amazon so Affiliate marketing like you and me can help them market them with up to 15% discount on each sale as a return.

However, if you're interested in joining Amazon affiliate program today, do your homework carefully to find winning products so you don't fall into marketing what won't sell or products with low discounts.

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35. Shift4Shop (Before 3dcart )

shift4shop Affiliate Program (1) (1)

Shift4Shop is another great hosted eCommerce solution that offers the most complete set of features out of the box.

This website builder is a good fit for every type of business and includes all the tools to build, make and grow an online business. Plus, 24x7 technical support.

Shift4Shop is unique in the eCommerce industry as it offers a completely free plan that doesn't have limitations of most free eCommerce plans.

Their free plan includes all their features, unlimited products and bandwidth, and even gives access to all Shift4Shop apps in their App Store for free as well.

It's based on their $229/month Pro plan but even has a few extras on top of that. Merchants qualify for the free plan by using the built-in Shift4 Payments gateway.

Shift4Shop has an excellent affiliate program, offering $100 for each referral to the free plan, a great 120-day cookie duration to track referrals, and even a 2nd tier affiliate commission. 

It's very easy to market the free plan since it's a complete, unlimited eCommerce platform. Marketing materials are available as well.

SEO and Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only tool for effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

And SEM on the same side has continue to receive the largest cut from every business’ marketing budget.

However, since there are more marketing models out there like Affiliate marketing, SMM (Social Media Marketing),...., the need to reduce the amount spent on SEM so as to implement other strategies along with it is on the high.

That is why businesses today are vying for cost-effective SEO tools that bring high conversion to their search engine marketing.

But as an affiliate marketer, getting these tools to their doorsteps will earn you cool cash along the way.

Isn't it? If you're looking for SEO tools to promote right after reading this article, then here are the highest paying program you should promote to help your customers boost their marketing. See them below.

36. SEMRush Affiliate

SEMRush Affiliate

SEO is the wand every business need for an Herculean online presence. And SEMRush is the spell to make SEO works.

SEMRush has been around for a long while with amazing SEO tools in every plan.

With SEMRush, startups can spy on their competitors, know their strength and weakness, and get themselves ahead of the big players. But what's the BeRush about?

BeRush is the name given to SEMRush affiliate program where you earn 40% discount continuously as an Affiliate.

Payout is made twice a month and you can receive payment through PayPal or wire transfer.

The kicker… you can only get paid through wire transfer once a threshold of $1000 is reached.

But with PayPal, withdrawal can be made on every $50 earned. Needless to say, the amount you make per sale falls between 39.98 - 159. 98. Spoilers? Go step on it!

37. Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

Pat Flynn of Smartpassiveincome is a fan of LTP (Long Tail Pro) because of LTP’s advancements in keywords research.

With LTP, it's easy to generate hundreds of long tail keywords with a single seed keyword.

Long Tail Pro ends the times of overwhelming data and plethora of meaningless statistics that make ranking look like a thing for coders and programmers.

On every plan, information on competitors like; trust flow, citation flow, site age, and referring domains are generated in few clicks and can be read, interpreted, and used even by beginners.

Not only has Long Tail Pro made keyword reading/listing easy but… keeping track of keyword ranking is much more accurate than on anywhere else. Is this something your customers will readily buy?

Yes, if they are hungry for an SEO tool to skyrocket their online presence. What's in it for you as an LTP Affiliate? It's just the same 30% recurring commission as with most programs.

The diff here's just that LTP is a product that sells itself.

Plus… you're supported with banners (animated and static), marketing nuggets, tutorials and other supports to make sales easy for you so you could focus on other things.

38. Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder affiliate

Due to the differences in metrics result like Keyword difficulty, between Long Tail Pro and Keyword Finder, deciding the best out of the two has been an Herculean task.

However, Keyword Finder (KWF) claims to be the master in finding low difficulty keywords with high PPC (pay per click). Making it the number one long tail keywords research tool for every blogger.

 And that's what gives KWF a most-worthy place on my list of high paying program to promote for bloggers this year.

With a 30% recurring commission and a full access to KWF digital marketing tutorial videos, you save the extra bucks spent on online courses. 

39. Netpeak Software 

Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software is a tool suite for SEO specialists and webmasters, using which SEOs can spot SEO issues that harm the website ranking, do SERP scraping, and bulk URL analyzing by metrics from SimilarWeb, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, etc.

So if your audience consists of these types of professionals, this affiliate program is worth your attention.

With Netpeak Software affiliate program you get a 25% discount as an Affiliate, so it makes referring customers easier. 

Plus, there's a 30% recurring commission awarded to you on every customer that buys Netpeak Software tools through your authentic referral link or/and using a discount.

You can make payouts every time you reach $100 on your affiliate balance, and you can receive payment through PayPal or a bank card.

Plus you're supported with banners, marketing nuggets, tutorials, and other supports to make sales easy for you.

Marketing Tools And Services

Whether through contents, word-of-the-mouth, link building, promotion, or whatever, marketing is a lifetime herculean task for every businesses.

This is why there are various marketing tools being created day in day out to make marketing effective and hasslefree.

But intelligent marketers don't want a run down the mill marketing tool. They want the best of the best.

And if you can put those tools at their doorsteps, shouldn't you as an Affiliate marketer get something in return?

Below are marketing tools and services you should consider promoting.

According to Google SERPs, they fall within the affiliate program list of 2019.

What then are you waiting for?

40. FatJoe

FatJoe affiliate

When it comes to creating effective bloggers outreach, infographics outreach, and press release distribution, FatJoe is a grandhulk.

FatJoe also provides marketing services like content writing, infographics design, and local business citations to enterprises and entrepreneurs.

They have the most viable services you can promote to earn trust from your customers like a credit card.

Plus, there's a 10% bonus awarded to you on every customer that buys FatJoe service through your authentic referral link.

The 10% bonus is on one-off customers and on those who order continuously through your link. But without a PayPal account, you won't be able to receive your payment which is made on a monthly basis.

41. Ninja Outreach

ninja outreach affiliate

Every influencer marketer who wants to build good reputation in no time would use Ninja outreach.

Ninja outreach Influencer tool helps SEO agencies, marketing agencies, digital PR firms, link builders, email marketers, lead generation experts, campaign managers, and journalists in creating evergreen outreaches.

The company co-founded by Mark Samms and Dave Schneider in 2014 now has an affiliate program from which Affiliates generate a passive income of 20% discount/sale made.

So, if you have an influencer marketer on your list, recommending Ninja outreach to them is a win-win for everyone.


Before wrapping it up, here are some randomly picked programs with top discounts every promoter should promote along with the previous ones.

42. Bright Data, formerly Luminati Networks 

brightdata Affiliate Program (1)

Formerly known as Luminati Networks, Bright Data is a leading Saas company known for providing excellent all-in-one solutions that include automated data collector, automated data unblocker, and the most advanced rotating residential proxy service, offering the largest and fastest real-peer IP network in the world.

With its proxy network, companies can get access to accurate data from millions of websites, unblock target sites, get real user search results, optimize their proxy performance and more.

Bright Data has the highest paying affiliate program in the industry, making it the leading B2B affiliate program with no time limit on commissions!

Just Sign Up as a Bright Data affiliate (It’s free!), share your unique referral link on your social media, blog/website, email, or via word of mouth, You earn 50% revenue share, up to $1,000 per customer without any time limit when a user pays for the service using your link. 

Bright Data's Affiliate Team provides customized support in multiple languages and is available and proactive in helping you boost your campaigns and increase your referrals.

To manage its affiliate program, Bright Data is using a third-party platform, called PartnerStack, so you can be sure that it’s transparent and correct.

You can login to your affiliate account, see your stats, including numbers of clicks, sign-ups, sales, the amount of the revenue you generate for Bright Data, and how much money you’re earning.

  • Revenue share up to $1,000 per customer you refer
  • Niche: Residential Proxies, SERP, Web Scraping/Data Scraping, Unblocker 
  • Affiliate Platform: PartnerStack

43. Personal Capital

personal capital

Personal Capital is a financial manager associate with a supportive software that helps investors, cooperatives and individual control their financial life. As of 3/18/2019,

Personal Capital manages $9 billion assets.

At 1/31/19, the award-winning financial tools provider has 19,000 investment clients from 50 states, and 2 million plus individuals managing their investment, accounts, and spendings with its app.

Personal Capital uses HasOffers as their affiliate platform to avoid the large charges of the like of CJ, Impact Radius, and FlexOffers so as to pay their Affiliates more handsomely.

Once your  referral signup and connect their accounts with a value of $100,000 investable assets, PC (Personal Capital) award you between $50-$100. 

44. Teachable

Teachable affiliate

Melyssa Griffin had 200, 000 students subscribed to his online course through Teachable.

Teachable is an all in one toolkit perfected with end-to-end features anybody would vy for to run multiple online courses successfully in one place.

And if you could put a clear Teachable review up on your blog, an ongoing 30% discount would roll into your PayPal account on every customer made by Teachable through your authentic referral code.

45. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

WA (Wealthy Affiliate) is a paid online community of most top affiliate marketers.

They support newbies, experts, and intermediates with all the hidden golden nuggets, tools, strategies, tactics, and state-of-the-art swipes to attain success online.

On WA affiliate program, the least you can make on your  referral is $121/subscription.

46. LiveChat Partner Program

livechat Affiliate Program (1)

Nobody shoot their business out to the Net without making provision for a channel of interaction with customers.

In fact, any online outreach will fail once customers find the provided means of communicating with a business’ support team subpar or shitty.

That is why chatting apps have become an essential tool you see on every eCommerce stores, blogs, and platforms today.

And speaking of LiveChat, it is a business-centred chatting app and a helpdesk software developed just for your business partners.

Thing is, as a promoter, you can either join LiveChat affiliate program or LiveChat partnership.

What's the diff? On the affiliate program, Affiliates earn 20% recurring discount on every customer purchasing LiveChat via their affiliate link.

On the other hand, as a partner, you buy LiveChat license for your business partners at a lower price.

Lower price here means 20% lesser than the normal price. Then you can sell at the normal price to your customers.

Good thing is, you can the two programs and manage them on a single dashboard. Downside is, LiveChat doesn't support app white labelling.

But in case you don't know what white labelling is, it is simply a legal activity whereby you rebrand a product not provided by you under your business name.

Want to know more about white label apps? Go here.

47. Collect.Chat


If there's ever an app that sells itself, Collect.Chat will always be the one. Collect.Chat is a viable tool that support your business partners’ overall business.

Collect.Chat draw their customers nearer by making activities like order placements, enquiries, booking, feedbacks, appointment, suggestions making, and lead creation easy, fast, and spineless.

But where's the hotdog here for an Affiliate?

On Collect.Chat program for promoters, your PayPal account receives a recurring 30% cut from the price paid by anyone you referred and who purchases a Collect.Chat plan for as long as they remain Collect.Chat customer.

Shorley? There's more beneath the iceberg… Here's the deal. Collect.Chat drops a $50 bonus into your pocket for every 10 customers you hit.

48. SkimLinks


Have some publishers on the lookout for publishing opportunities? And or some merchants vying for purchasing-intent-driven data to enhance their outreaches?

Then you'd better recommend SkimLinks to them as a means of building an infallible reputation for yourself.

Or isn't it juicy enough that SkimLinks pays their Affiliates 35% discount/sale? That's a 5% rise over many a Affiliate programs.

49. FreshBooks

freshbooks affiliate referral program

Though their philosophy may seem way sugarcoated, at least it is to me, but the app is one nice account manager software for small businesses and startups.

With Freshbooks, your business friends will automate activities like invoicing, client follow-ups, time tracking, and organizing expenses accurately and stress-free.

I pretty much like the idea of creating wowing invoices on the screen as it throws away the time of pilling papers up in shoeboxes.

And the possibility of carrying out seamless teamwork on the cloud-based platform gives it a solid ground.

Topping that off, Freshbooks beats down the shitty old times of payment delay so businesses can receive payments from customers paying via credit card in 11 days faster!

Enough of the telling, you can do that to your partners.

  1. Tell them all the goodies Freshbooks has in store as a Freshbooks’ Affiliate and Freshbooks will reward you with $5/free signup and 25$/paid signup.

And if you think selling up to 50-250 paid Freshbooks plans in a year is breeze for you, then you would want to  join their partnership program where you buy Freshbooks plans at MSRP 25% cut off and resell them at the standard price.

You've got a PayPal account? You're in for all the bonuses.

50. Bitrix 24

bitrix24 affiliate

Bitrix24 is a set of fine-tuned essential tools developed by a million dollar company to make life easier to every solo entrepreneur.

The software is a bucket of telephony, AI-based CRM, calendars, contact centre, website builder, and task and projects manager.

All of which work together providing solutions like; Marketing, Human resources management, Customer services, and project management to all Enterprises and small businesses on the digital market. 

Now here's the reason you would want to partner with Bitrix24. Bitrix24 partners get a kick-start $1000 payment for adding Bitrix24 to their products portfolio and all the little troubles gone through.

Partners also get up to 45% discount on every sale of Bitrix24 plan, 100% on value added products, and free Bitrix24 subscription! 

51. Grammarly

grammarly affiliate

Content marketing is a big industry contributing the most of digital marketing support to businesses.

In fact, no marketing strategy strive alone without the horsepower of well-structured content.

That is why different kinds of tools are being developed every day to leverage content marketing efficiency and purpose.

And among these tools is Grammarly. Without the likes of Grammarly, a business will unconsciously continue to lose valuable customers with shitty and grammatical error-fulfilled articles.

But if you care for your friends’ online presence and would want them to make the most out of their marketing efforts, you would make them aware of why and how they should empower their contents (articles) with Grammarly.

Right? Along the way, Grammarly gives you $25 on every signups that subscribes to a Grammarly paid plan through you as a registered Affiliate of Grammarly.

Also, when you register and become an Affiliate, you receive a one-time $25 and 0.02$ on everyone who uses Grammarly freemium through your affiliate link.

Looking for an affiliate program that pays beyond your expectations in 2019? Then you should join Grammarly via CJ or ShareAsale.

52. Udemy

Udemy Affiliate

As the biggest online institution, Udemy is the most known and most dominated platform for teaching and learning.

On Udemy alone, thousands of curses in hundreds of categories  have been sold and bought. And more are getting sold every hour.

The question here is, do you have a few audience on the lookout for great courses at the most convenient costs?

If yes, you should monetize your audience by joining Udemy affiliate program today and get verified in 3 to 4 working days to start earning on every person you refer to a course.

Remember there are bunches of courses on Udemy and you would readily find the ones that suits your audience.

The kicker… not only do you receive commissions exclusive to each courses you promote but you are also opened to offers like free courses, coupons, and more.

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53. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic affiliate

"PromoRepublic is being loved by more than 15,500 clients and this number rapidly grows.

They provide social media scheduling and management tools for different audiences like small businesses, freelancers, agencies, multi-locational brands, and franchisors.

Each plan has its own unique features and can be promoted accordingly.

The commissions are up to 30%. PromoRepublicans take their affiliate attempts seriously, constantly sharing the insights about our user's audience to help affiliates to grow fast.

Help to build the content that sales and share the best practices on what's working and what's not.

54. SaleHoo 

SaleHoo Affiliate Program

SaleHoo is a popular supplier directory for beginner and seasoned eCommerce entrepreneurs. They have 3 main value propositions:

  • It allows customers to quickly sort and filter top selling products on eBay and Amazon.
  • Find vetted wholesalers, manufacturers and dropship suppliers for these products.  
  • Provides education/courses on how to start and succeed in eCommerce business.

As an affiliate, you are entitled to 50% commission on all SaleHoo memberships (yearly/lifetime) plus all the upsells customers purchase during the checkout process. 

If a customer you refer purchases the SaleHoo membership plus their online selling course, you are entilted for ~$166 per sale.

All sales are tracked through ClickBank (which you can sign up for free).

And once you've made the sale, simply head over to ClickBank dashboard and set up one of their supported payout methods.

Overall, it's pretty easy to promote SaleHoo. It helps that they have plenty of marketing resources at your disposal: social media images, videos, email swipes etc.

If you're looking for a simple affiliate program with decent payout then SaleHoo is highly recommended!

55. MDHearingAid

mdhearingaid Affiliate Program 2020 (1)

MDHearingAid is one of the largest direct-to-consumer hearing aid companies in the US. All of its call and support centers are US-based.

It was established by an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor and has been for operation for over 10 years. 

By skipping out retailers and streamlining the production process, they are dedicated to producing effective, FDA-registered hearing services that are simply as great as the larger companies, yet within your budget. 

They pay affiliates for all phone orders that get made off of the traffic they send to them. 

They give affiliates a unique phone number that will appear on website for their visitors, and they can utilize it on their website also. Affiliates get a commission for any of these purchases.

 In April 2020, they paid a total of $28,800 in commissions; in May 2020, they paid a sum of $33,500 in commissions and growing. 

Affiliate information: 

  • Commission rate: 15% to start, with higher tiers available per performance
  • Cookie length: 30 days
  • Lifecycle: 60 days
  • Average EPC: $200

56. amoCRM 

amoCRM affiliate Profram 8

amoCRM is a pioneer in the field of Messenger-Based Sales with the ability to connect the biggest messengers in the world directly in a CRM (WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Skype, Viber and Telegram).

They are also unique in featuring thier own Salesbot builder.

The partnership program is completely free and our partners receive the following benefits

Affiliate information: 

⭐ 35-50% commission for each sale
⭐ Free amoCRM Enterprise account for partners
⭐ Warm amoCRM leads that require partner help and services
⭐ Co-marketing opportunities with amoCRM

57. Better Proposals Software

Better Proposals affiliate program

Better Proposals is a software for creating, sending and managing business proposals.

For freelancers, solopreneurs, SMBs and even enterprise companies, you can save hours per proposal by using software instead of writing them manually.

For partners, Better Proposals offers a 20% commission for the lifetime of the deal you sell to your affiliates.

Moreover, you also get a branding landing page with a headline that matches your business and you’ll get featured in the Better Proposals community.

Overall, one of the best reasons why this is a great offer is because Better Proposals is used by such a large variety of customers, from freelancers to large companies. No matter who your audience is, you’ll find a way to promote this product.


JRpass Affiliate Program (1)

The Japan Rail Pass is one of the most loved travel products in the world. This one rail pass gives wanderlusters the chance to travel throughout all of Japan for a fraction of the price of what single train tickets would cost.

Being an affiliate of means you get to tap into a product with a brilliant reputation as well as work with a company known for speedy worldwide shipping and excellent customer service.

In addition to the Japan Rail Pass, affiliates of can earn commission on the company's pocket WiFi units, regional train passes and an airport meet & greet service.

With commission rates from 2-10% and an average cart value of $700 USD, this is one of the highest paying affiliate programs around. 

However, great payouts aren't the only reason affiliates love the program. The program goes above and beyond to help it's partners be successful.

From one-on-one video meetings with their Affiliate Program Manager to a newsletter full of tips, this is a program that goes the extra mile to get affiliates set-up and to see them succeed. 

59. Inboxally

Inboxally (1) (1)

Inboxally is an email marketing SAAS that helps to improve your email open rates and warm up your inbox.

It does so by interacting with the emails you're sending and teaches different inbox providers that the emails coming from you should be placed into the main inbox instead of the spam or promotions folders. 

By doing this, Inboxally's users are able to see their open rates more than double within the first few weeks of using the service. 

They provide a 20% life-time recurring commission scheme and a 90 day cookie period.

As their service costs from $149 and runs up to more than $10,000 per month per client, being an affiliate of Inboxally can be rather rewarding. You can read more about their affiliate program here.  

60. Tagembed Affiliate Program

Tagembed Affiliate Program

Tagembed is a leading social media aggregator tool that lets users aggregate content from over 20+ social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. and display or embed feeds on their websites.

The tool is extremely easy to use and has a no-complex structure. Users can display or embed feeds on any website using our plugin or simple HTML code.

  • Affiliate Earnings Teaser  : Earn 30% Recurring Revenue Every Month
  • Cookie Length (Days) : 60
  • Minimum Payout : USD 100
Tagembed High Paying Affiliate Program

61. PDFLiner 

PDFLiner Affiliate Program

PDFLiner is an all-in-one online PDF editor that helps customers from all over the world to handle their paperwork.

Its PDF editor offers to create, upload, redact, and fill in any PDF document, as well as highlight or annotate PDFs; the tool also provides to create E-signatures, fillable fields, or convert PDFs to other formats.

Recommending PDFLiner, you get 40% commission from all first sales and 20% lifetime recurring commission. It also makes monthly commission payouts via PayPal and provides banners & evergreen campaign marketing support.

62. SaneBox's affiliate program

SaneBox's Affiliate Program

SaneBox's affiliate program is a game-changer for those looking to generate passive income. With a generous 30% lifetime recurring commission on all referred subscriptions, you can build a sustainable revenue stream that keeps on giving.

But that's not all – SaneBox goes the extra mile to ensure your success. Each trial customer you refer gets a complimentary personalized onboarding session through their Concierge service, boosting conversions from trials to paid subscriptions. Plus, a $25 subscription credit for each new customer referral makes it a no-brainer for prospects to give SaneBox a try.

The results speak for themselves: SaneBox's program ranks in the top 25% on PartnerStack, with successful affiliates raking in an average of $2,300 per month. And with regular bonus incentives and partner challenges, you can amp up your earnings even further.

The commission structure is a breeze to understand, with flat placement fees for acquisitions across various pricing tiers. Whether you're working with CPC, CPL, or CPA models, SaneBox has you covered.

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Learn and model a proven system for success as a ClickBank affiliate. No hidden secrets - All  revealed!

So, those are the most paying affiliate programs today and as a smart marketer, you would want to get registered for the ones pertaining to your niche and your audience need. Because the earlier the better.

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