BLOG NAME GENERATOR! 18 Brilliant Tools to Use Today


Getting an excellent and unique domain name for your site or business could be a difficult job.

You may have just determined to create a blog on WordPress, but what the hell do you name your new website?

In order to run a successful blog that enables you to meet all your content marketing goals, having a unique and attractive name is very important.

Whether you do so off the top of your head or utilize an online blog name generator is up to you.

It just has to be catchy and compelling enough to get noticed by the right users so that you can ultimately increase the traffic on your blog.

One important point to remember is that your chosen blog name should effectively represent or depict the relevant field about which you will be creating content on your blog.

For instance, if you are planning to work in the field of fashion and style, then you need to have a name that has some relevance to the field.

If you go for a name that doesn’t directly connect with fashion or style or some related aspects, then you are starting with a disadvantage.

There will be lots of confusion and you risk losing potential traffic to your blog.

Moreover, the competitors are likely to take advantage of this and swoop in for the kill. You may end up losing market share and may even have to shut up shop and go home.

Always keep this in mind when trying to come up with a blog name, whether you carry out manual research for this purpose or use a blog name generator online.

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What Makes a Good Blog Name?

Those of us who are well familiar with the virtual world will know the importance of making the right efforts for the right project at the right time. The same thing applies to catchy blog names.

You need to have a unique name decided and ready to go when you are starting your business/venture/project. Do not treat it as an afterthought. You need to be done with the naming decision at the right time.

It is also true, however, that choosing a unique name for your blog and/or business is not something that will happen just like that.

There is no magical template around where you just need to fill in the blanks.

You can use a blog generator or carry out painstaking research but all these are tools available for help.

They would not do your work for you. In fact, you must know how to use them in the right way in order to come up with a name that can help make your blog stand out from the crowd in the vast online world.

There are a few ground rules that you should follow when coming up with a name.

They are important guidelines that can also give you good blog title ideas which you can incorporate in your naming process. Learn more about them below : 

1) First things first. Remember that your chosen blog name has to be unique, catchy, compelling, engaging, attractive, and thought-provoking. This point just cannot be stressed enough.

2) Setting the right expectations is the next consideration. As discussed previously, if you are working on a fashion blog, it needs to have a name that depicts the category correctly.

3) Ideally, the chosen name should be short yet descriptive enough to let the reader know what the content is going to be about.

Also, try to make it as innovative as possible. Even a name based on a couple of words is fine as long as it is conveying the right message about the content and hooking the reader as required.

4) Nothing can be better than a blog name that has a generic or widely searched keyword in it. Having a keyword in your blog name will benefit you in multiple ways, especially when you are running marketing campaigns over the web.

5) Last but not the least, detailed competitor analysis will help you in coming up with better naming ideas.Take a look at similar players in the market and try to draw some inspiration from their names.

These will be good blog name examples which you can consider later on during your own brainstorming sessions.

There are a number of tools available to help you come up with a blog name that will be perfect for you.

In this piece, we provide short reviews of the best 15 FREE Blog Name Generators. Read on to learn about them.

You will surely find one that will help you generate the right blog name examples for your website.

Best Blog Name Generator(s)

There are lots of blog name generators available online. Try these 15 excellent ones that will help you generate : 

  • Beauty blog name ideas.
  • Great domain names. 
  • Brilliant blog names.
  • WordPress blog names.
  • Etc.


This is one of the finest and most trusted blog name generators available today. 

It offers services related to blog name, website name, and domain/URL name generation.

Being one of the most versatile tools on this list, it provides highly innovative blog name ideas for businesses of all types.

nameboy blog generator 1

Nameboy is one of the oldest service providers and has been around since 1999. 

It is a genuine domain name generator that helps users in generating a name by analyzing the given keywords.

Whether you are looking for a new business name, blog name, website name, or any other related service, this tool can do it all.

Panabee 2021

For those who like no complications, this one is probably the best.

It has a simple and straightforward process which you can follow to have your website names, app names, domain names, blog names, and even company names generated.

This website also enables users to buy online addresses linked to their own names.

It means that you can get all the personalized help for your business from this platform.

In case your preferred name has already been taken, Panabee will come up with a list of related names that you can adopt for your blog/website/business.

Just make sure that the suggestions offered are inspired by the original idea in your mind. These suggestions are generally derived from syllables, phonemes, suffixes, prefixes, and abbreviations.

Also, you will find suggestions based on the top trending domain names inclduing personal blog names list.

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4. looka's business name generator

4. Looka Business Name Generator

While some online business name generators work with random words that might give you generic-sounding results, Looka’s business name generator tool provides a variety of unique, high-quality names in different categories that range from traditional type names to invented and compound names.

You can enter your own keywords or pick some from the lists of abstract ideas and industries that the tool provides. You can also filter results by name length.

The tool also checks the domain availability and social handles, offering alternatives should they already be taken.

Business Name Generator 5 (1) (1)

We believe that no one can understand your business better than Business Name Generator when it comes to choosing the right name for your business and website.

Therefore, it is recommended by experts that you should consult a proper database like when looking for suitable options for your business name.

Leandomainsearch domain generator 2021

Leandomainsearch is one of the newer tools on this list, Lean Domain Search will provide you a comprehensive list of possible domain names in seconds.

It does this by matching your search phrase with other keywords that are frequently found within domain names. 

All it takes is a few seconds at most and you get a list of related names that are readily available for registration.

Isitwp Domain Name Generator

Another very efficient tool on this list, it can help you find the right business name, website name, or blog name in an instant before anyone else can take over that particular name.

Just put in a couple of your preferred keywords or search terms and hit submit. Within an instant, you will get a list of names that are ready to be adopted. name generator

Their motto is that it all gets underway with a great domain and they are absolutely spot-on.

Having a custom domain name is as vital to your business’s success today as all of the other things normally considered important.

As a business owner, a custom domain name will help you stand out and build credibility. is a certified provider of high-quality and unique domains which you can avail today.

Not only is it one of the industry leaders, it comes with a one-stop payment and billing mechanism for everyone’s convenience. 


As the name suggests, instant domain search it is a swift and easy way to come up with ideas for the right domain name that will not only be unique but also suitable for your blog and business at large.

You can find unique domain names, domain extensions, domains for sale, domain name generators, and even expired domain names on this website.

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BlueHost Hosting

Seopressor Blog Title Generator 5 (1) (1)

A very popular tool all around the world, SEO Pressor can provide you with an endless array of catchy blog titles, unique domain names, attention-grabbing website names, creative blogging suggestions, and much more.

You will get lots of relevant results here by describing your keyword. This is a unique feature of SEO Pressor.

Webhostinggeeks Blog Name Generator 5 (1) (1)

Web Hosting Geeks is the place to turn to if you are looking for cool names for your blog, business, or website.

Be it products, apps, services, blogs, webpages, or any other related offering, this is where you can find a unique, funky, and catchy name.

namobot domain generator (1) (1) (1) (1)

If you want awesomeness in your blog name, then Namobot is the answer to your prayers.

 With a database of almost 42 million words and more than half a dozen name generators, this is where you can go to find your perfect blog name.

Domainglo Domain generato

This tool is perfect for startups looking to find good name generator services for free.

Simply add your preferred keyword(s), pick a domain name (or blog, business, website name), get it registered, and you are good to go without having spent a fortune to get the whole naming conundrum out of the way.

Namesmith Domain Generator (1) (1)

Namesmith is one of the best tools when it comes to generating creative random names for your business, blog, domain, website, webpage, etc.

Simply describe your idea in about 5 words in the search bar, hit submit, and get a huge list of names to choose from.

15. Satori’s Blog Name Generator

Satori’s Blog Name Generator 2021 (1)

This tool by Satori Webmaster Academy is a combination of a blog name brainstorming platform and a domain name checker.

Input one or more words and it will create suggestions neatly structured into three categories: close matches, suffixed/prefixed variants, and synonyms.

Generation takes a bit more time than with most other tools, but it might sometimes be worth it.

The results are focused on available .com domains (with .net and .org as fallbacks) and do not contain banners or popups. 

16. Dynadot Domain Suggestion Tool

Dynadot-Domain-Suggestions-Tool 5

This domain tool allows you to take initial keyword ideas and easily discover new domain options based on your search. 

It will take your keyword and break it into modules, allowing you to swap out parts of the name, while also providing the option of adding prefixes and suffixes to get you thinking outside the box.

The tool is also useful for discovering if domain names are available while coming up with name ideas. 

All of the options listed in grey indicate that the recommendation is already a registered domain, while the options in blue indicate that the recommendation is available for registration.

This can help speed up the process of discovering a domain name.

17. NameChk 

namechk (1) (1)

NameChk is your one-stop shop to instantly search through 351 million registered domain names (and even more usernames) to ensure that your brand name is consistent and available throughout all the platforms you use.

Every day, thousands are being registered by new business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. 

Domain names and usernames need to be catchy, memorable, sensible, and practical. And yet, they’re essentially permanent!

Once you’ve branded everything, it’s incredibly difficult to go back. Plus, you want to make a choice that can stay consistent through social media platforms, right? 

Checking every platform (even ones you haven’t thought of using yet) isn’t feasible. Plus, the platform you checked availability on yesterday may not be available today once you’re ready to claim it and open your account!

So how does it all work? If you have one or two name ideas for your business/blog, simply type them into the domain search bar.

After a few seconds, you’ll notice that your idea has been scrubbed for domain availability (allowing you to create your website right away) and social media availability (allowing you to create those accounts right away).

NameChk removes all of the friction you’d expect from having to do everything manually. 

The username check and generator that most people use is NameChk – try it yourself to see why. 


Wordlab is your ally when it comes to generating creative domain names. Unlike typical AI-driven platforms, it relies on human intellect, offering a multitude of choices that resonate with your ideas.

You begin with a simple keyword, and Wordlab does the rest, exploring options including popular TLDs, SEO-conscious combinations, and alternatives derived from synonyms, antonyms, and related phrases.

Stay trendy with the latest TLDs, explore short or country-specific domain names, or consider business-oriented options. Wordlab is more than a generator; it's a tool that fuels creativity and innovation in the domain naming process.

19. Namelix (


Struggling to find a catchy and memorable name for your business? Look no further than Namelix! This AI-powered tool ditches the long, dictionary mashup and focuses on generating short, brandable names that perfectly capture your business essence.

Here's how Namelix helps you stand out:

  • State-of-the-Art AI: Namelix leverages advanced language models to craft unique and creative names relevant to your business idea.
  • Customization is Key: Prioritize short names, specific keywords, or desired domain extensions for a perfect fit.
  • Learning Over Time: As you save your favorites, Namelix's algorithm tailors future suggestions to your preferences.

But Namelix goes beyond just AI!

When choosing a name, consider the emotions it evokes. Does it sound powerful and trustworthy? Playful and approachable? Namelix's AI can likely generate names that tap into these desired emotions, making your brand even more memorable.

20. Namify.Tech ( Blog Name generator ai)


With, you can do more than just come up with ideas; it also analyzes the availability of matching domain names and social media handles across all the major platforms. This way, you may start off with a name that works well in the digital realm and create a consistent brand identity. also works with extensions other than the standard ".com" ones. The application is open to the ideas behind new domain extensions such as ".tech," ".store," and ".online." As a result, you have a better chance of securing domain names that are both distinctive and indicative of your brand's personality.

Namify offers a free logo design with the purchase of a domain name. Along with your chosen name, this can assist visually solidify your brand identity.

21. Brandcrowd


Aside from company names, this ingenious web application has many more uses. If you're looking for a place to get ideas and establish your brand, this is it.

  • Enter a few keywords into our AI-powered name generator, and a flood of ideas will appear. With the help of AI, BrandCrowd can generate a large number of unique company names that are perfect for your ideas
  • An Easy-to-Use Logo Creator: The name is just the beginning! You can quickly create a logo to go with your newly-minted company name with BrandCrowd. Pick and personalize without any design skills required!
  • In addition to logos, BrandCrowd offers much more. Use your brand-new logo to create stationery, social media visuals, and business cards.

Simply said, BrandCrowd is a platform that allows you to envision, create, and share your dreams with the world. Uncomplicated, imaginative, and prepared to make a splash for your brand!

Once you have selected your blog name, you will have to register it before someone will take advantage. You should also make sure that you are getting the best and reliable  registrar : Namecheap offers cheap domain names with the most reliable service.

Once you have registered the address of your blog, you must decide where to host it. You must decide the type of accommodation you want. You can:

Either create a blog on a free web host, such as

The advantage? you will not pay anything. By cons, you will have some constraints: A limited choice of graphics, advertising and the presence of their name in your address. 

That said, with a free blog you can try and learn. And you will not spend unless you are sure you want to go further.

Either create a blog on a paid platform. The advantage is that you will have more choices. Your blog will look more professional. And you will have the opportunity to better adapt to your tastes. 

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Parting Note

Whether you use an online blog name generator or decide to take the long route of research and brainstorming sessions to come up with a name.

It all comes down to how well your chosen name depicts your business and how good it is in attracting visitors to your blog, website or webpage.

If the name you pick is able to do that, then you are certainly off to a winning start.

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