Affiliate Marketing for Dummies: This Is What Professionals Do


A step-by-step affiliate marketing for dummies tips: everything you want to understand to get your first sale if you are a novice in affiliate marketing.

You probably know what affiliate marketing is, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

At the very least, you must have heard about affiliate marketing even if you are not exactly sure what it entails.

But, there is nothing to worry about. You will have a pretty good idea about it by the time you are done reading this piece.

We will take you through the whole process step-by-step so that you know exactly what you need to do to get started in affiliate marketing.

This is also the reason why this guide has been titled as “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies.

If you are a beginner looking to get started in the field of affiliate marketing, then you have come to the right place.

Now if I were to explain what affiliate marketing is for dummies, I would say it like this: Some companies have a great product.

They need help to increase their sales. You tell them, "Don't worry, I can generate more sales for you. You start promoting the company's product and the sales go up.

The company is happy and gives you a commission for every sale that comes from your marketing efforts.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here's how it works:

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies: This Is What Professionals Do

Why Affiliate Marketing?

The plain and simple reason is that AFFILIATE MARKETING ACTUALLY WORKS.

Businesses tend to face high entry barriers both with regard to in-depth industry expertise and the limited resources at their disposal. 

But, the arrival of affiliate marketing companies has made things significantly easier for them with regard to operating in the digital domain.

A simple and cost-effective way is now available for businesses to make money over this wonderful thing called the Internet.

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: A Complete Roadmap

The purpose of writing this piece is to help you understand the basics and have an idea on how to start an online affiliate marketing.

Following is a list of affiliate tips to help you get your feet wet and navigate through the wondrous world of affiliate marketing like a pro.

1. Only Pick Proven Affiliate Marketing Programs to Work With

One of the most attractive aspects of affiliate marketing is that it is so convenient to use for all the counter-parties involved.

However, there is another angle to it. There are a number of scammers around and you can very easily lose money if you decide to go with a program that is seemingly unreliable.

You must always choose to work with proven programs. But here’s the thing. There are fraudsters even among these proven affiliate marketing websites.

One telltale sign is the promise of quick and easy money. Never fall for this. They are almost always the cons.

While convenience is one of the things that affiliate marketing is well known for, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme designed to change your life overnight. There are no shortcuts to making money from it.

So, be very careful and stick with programs that can boast of an established market position.

A genuine affiliate marketing setup will never make promises of quick and easy money. Nor will you be expected to pay for getting on board.

They earn only when their affiliates do. Therefore, they aim to maintain maximum engagement with as many affiliates as they can easily accommodate.

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2. Choose Your Niche 

Once you have filtered out the genuine affiliate marketing programs from the scammers, the next step is to define the niche that you would want to be active in.

A good approach in this regard is to pick topics that you are quite passionate about. 

Following your passion in this way will make the starting point somewhat more comfortable for you.

Just make sure that your chosen niche can be lucrative enough to help you make a decent amount of money in the near future.

Another important thing to do is deciding whether you will be better off working with large affiliate networks or independent programs.

There are positives and negatives of going for both approaches and you might find it difficult to manage your activities efficiently in both.

If your business does not have a particular strategy in place, then a large affiliate network might be the way to go for you.

However, if you plan on working independently on a large scale, then a SaaS affiliate program will be better.

They are higher-paying primarily because of the value of the software on which they are based.

While finding a customer willing to take on B2B-oriented software, the revenue earned from successful deals is incomparable.

Another attractive feature SaaS affiliate programs is that they sell recurring licenses on a monthly basis and that means fixed recurring commissions. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Have Your Own Website

Affiliate Marketing for Dummie

There are quite a few methods to become successful in affiliate marketing without having a website of your own.

However, the better approach obviously is to have a website because your work will become a lot easier.

Do not be daunted at the prospect of creating a website. It is no herculean task. In fact, it is a lot easier than you probably think it is. The entire process can be effectively summarized in the following four steps.

  • Purchase a domain.
  • Acquire and establish a hosting mechanism.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Have an attractive WordPress theme on display.

Here is a guide I updated this year that will help you Start a Blog/site in Easy to Follow Steps.

Many hosting services provide bundle deals which enable you to buy a domain as well as hosting services swiftly and in a cost-effective manner.

Just get the WordPress content management system (CMS) set up and pick an exclusive theme for it. Fortunately, that is another easy part of the process.

You can get both WordPress and a dedicated theme for it without having to spend a dime. Having a website will make your affiliate marketing services look more professional and organized.

Thanks to this simple blog im generating more than $2000/month using affiliates.

4. SEO Is Vital

This will largely have to do with the affiliate marketing niche that you may choose. Different promo techniques and methods are useful in different affiliate marketing approaches.

However, irrespective of your chosen niche and affiliate approach, you must always focus on one thing: creation of quality content and search engine optimization (SEO).

Once a niche has been selected and a good-looking website is ready, you need to load it up with high-quality content.

Whatever you put on the website should be helpful and handy for the readers while being optimized for SEO.

Come to think of it, you might never have come across this piece if it wasn’t optimized for SEO and ranked prominently in the search results.

So, get your SEO game on track. That means knowing and having a proper understanding of search engines, website rankings, keywords, etc.

if you are fresh to SEO, you might read this Free SEO E-book

If you are confused about this, then let’s break this down a little bit. Basically, you need to research the right keywords for the niche that you have chosen.

There are a number of tools to help you do that. The Google Adwords Console Keyword Planner can come in really handy here ( you want more, read this : 20+ Best Keyword Research Tools (Free and Premium) ). 

You should ideally optimize your website for words and phrases that have at least 500 and at most 15,000 organic searches every month.

Content containing such keywords is relatively easier to rank higher in Google's search results.

You will not get traffic in the millions with this strategy but it is a good starting point to attract the attention of more people who could turn out to be loyal customers in the long run.

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5. Add Value to Your Services and Promote

SEO will help rank your content prominently in search results and attract traffic that can turn into paying customers.

But, the content that you put out has to be good enough to keep holding the audience’s attention and turn casual visitors of your website into customers of the products and services that you are marketing as an affiliate.

Some of the common ways of advertising affiliate offers include product reviews, content links in the text, email marketing, and providing unique offers and special discounts.

The important thing to remember is that you should not sound too “salesy” and push the offer in the face of the visitor.

One of the most common mistakes that incompetent affiliate marketers make is “intrusive promotion.” Avoid it like the plague.

Furthermore, your affiliate marketing efforts should not look like a regular ad. In fact, ads are not there to sell the product (or service).

They are normally the last incorporated element within a strategy that focuses on providing detailed info or explanation of any problem along with effective solutions.

You should also be focusing on the same thing with your affiliate marketing efforts. Create content that is genuine and insightful.

After that, make use of different techniques for its promotion.

Techniques used by Pro in affiliate marketing :

The technique of the squeeze page:

This is one of the most used techniques by super-affiliates. A squeeze page (or capture page) is a mini-site where you offer a free product free to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

To proceed, you must:

first, create a squeeze page: on this one, you will offer a free product related to the main product you want to sell.

It can be a book (ebook), an audio or video training, a conference, a seminar or a mini-course by email.

You can also combine several formats. The goal here is to offer something of quality to convince your visitors to give you their email address.

Then write a series of messages: your messages should not be too aggressive.

In other words, do not show your subscribers that you want to sell them your product at all costs.

For that, offer them quality information before offering them something for sale. If you manage to do this, you will convert them more easily into customers.

Diversify your sources of traffic

It is common to note that most blogs or affiliates use ads only on their sites. What most of them forget is that there are several other sources for generating traffic.

More important will be the number of targeted traffic that you will send to the sales site, the more important your commission will be.

You can try using : 

  • Facebook and intagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • YouTube

Diversifying your traffic source will give you a lot of  chances to stay in the game should any of your platforms decide to ban or remove you.

Innovate and use the right tools

internet affiliation is an area of great competition.

So you must constantly boost your promotional campaign so you do not overtake.

For this you need to research the latest methods and techniques to promote the affiliate program. You must adapt these methods and techniques to your campaign strategy.

You must be constantly innovating to attract as many customers as possible. Also, give yourself useful tools.

You may check the tools I'm using in the resource page here

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Can you really make money as an affiliate marketer?

There is no real limit! Obviously, as a beginner, you are not going to make millions overnight. But there is no current limit to the amount you can earn through affiliate marketing.

Many people live on affiliate marketing and earn between $ 10 and $ 20,000 a month. Some even earn several million a year. 

It greatly depends on how much time, energy and effort you are willing to invest.

I might start to scare you a little, but, like any area, you need to learn the basics before you become an expert.

Now, affiliates who earn between 10,000$ 20,000$ a month are enjoying their lives while working only a few days a month. 

This is the power of affiliation.

Once you've set up your system, it works on autopilot (or almost).

The more money you make, the more you can delegate your work to a virtual assistant to free up your time and live life to the full.

Here is persnal proven Free Affiliate marketing Training to start making your 1k/day On Clickbank!

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Parting Note  

Affiliate marketing is not dead, but it is  one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. It is here to stay and is likely to be the dominant approach of future marketers.

The total value of the industry is expected to reach nearly $7 billion by 2020. So, the pie is certainly large enough for everyone to have a piece.

Even rookie affiliate marketers can make a significant amount of money if they can hone their game and are dedicated enough to make things happen for themselves.

Our aim with this “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” guide was to give novices an understanding of what they need to do to achieve success in this field.

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