Ecommerce Link Building – How To Build Them For Your Stores?

E-commerce is a cutthroat business. In today's time, everyone is interested in shopping online, where everything is just a click away.

Eventually, the e-commerce market is growing yearly, and every business person plans to invest online now or tomorrow. By 2025 it is projected to reach $5.73 billion.

To ensure your online shop is part of that success, you will need to invest more effort in your marketing strategy, including e-commerce link building. While these backlinks increase your site's traffic and boost it, it is surely not easy to build them.

It is not only the quantity of these links but also the quality that determines your e-commerce website's ranking on search engines. 

What is this, and how to increase backlinks mass? This article will answer your questions.

What Is Ecommerce Link Building?

Link building increases the referral traffic on your website, which is the number of viewers that visit your page through a link on another internet site.

If you ask an SEO expert how to land your e-commerce website at a higher ranking on a search engine results page (SERP), they will always ask you to build strong backlinks. 

Certainly, it is important for you as an e-commerce site builder to come up with strategies to bring more and more users to your online shop from external web resources. The more backlinks your website has, the more credibility and value it has for search engines. 

When you link your webpage to many different sites, it means the content is interesting and valuable. On the other hand, you also have to maintain a standard.

It is always better to link your page to one reliable and authentic source than other random ones. Not only will backlinking help you gain your customer's trust, but it will also uplift your e-commerce store's credibility.

Why Is Link Building Important for Ecommerce?

backlink for real estate
Search engines, specifically Google, consider every backlink as a signal to raise your ranking, especially if you are not on the first page.

These links help build each other's ranking by affirming one another's reputation among the e-commerce stores.

Furthermore, the Domain Authority(DA) and Domain Rating (DR) of an e-commerce website are also directly dependent on its solid backlinking.

It is natural for a user to go to a website they see more frequently on different internet sites. Also, It is more likely that we go to a link seen on a more significant website such as Amazon.For all of that to happen, your backlinks should meet the following criteria:



The web page or site you link your e-commerce store to must be relevant to your topic. Linking a pet store to a makeup site will be of no use



The link should look natural and organic, coming from a related niche website. Backlinks from illegal or fraudulent websites can be detrimental to your store.

Not only could this result in blocking your online shop, but it also may give you penalties. Thus, you should be careful with buying backlinks and consider only trusted services. It's better to use a reliable service and follow them to learn about backlinks like Links Management to avoid any problems in the future.s. 


Ranking of Website

You need to check the rating of the internet website you are linking your e-commerce store to beforehand. The higher the domain ranking is, the more likely it is to give your profit. Just like you trust the recommendation of someone you respect, search engines trust backlinks.

Undoubtedly, reputable sites are much better than those that are either less trustworthy or unknown. This trust comes in the form of PageRank, one of Google's algorithms that evaluates the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to a page to determine its relative importance and authority.

After we have discovered the most important features of high-quality do-follow backlinks, it’s time to understand the algorithms on how to get more of them.

How To Build Backlinks?

Building backlinks is a complex but achievable task. Though some of you believe that only SEO experts can do it, the following tips will help you do them on your own. 

We have put together some effective and practical ways for you to get your site up in the rankings.

Create High-quality Content

quality matters (1) (1)

Think through your content plan and brainstorm before executing it. It is vital to ensure that the content you are producing is relevant to your website and the quality is never compromised. 

Improve the creativity of your content in such a way that it is attractive as well as helpful to both customers and readers. In addition, strong content will also help you grab attention such that other websites would want to backlink your e-commerce store. 

Bringing consistency to your content is another key to success. If you post regularly, eventually, you will be rated higher on search. However, keep in mind that the content must not lose its quality.  

Moreover, some of the other ways are:

  • Write useful articles
  • Create videos
  • Record podcasts
  • Create graphic instructions, etc.

Lastly, make your e-commerce store as unique as possible, and it should stand out among all the other links on other internet sites.

Be sure to optimize your shop's logo and give it a different yet easy name to make it better discovered by search engines.  View this post on how to do this.

Ask for Product and Service Reviews

Who does not follow celebrities today? An influencer or blogger is someone we all look up to when it comes to online shopping. A page they backlink to has much more chances of doing better than others. 

Certainly, Reviews are top rated and one of the best ways to build backlinks. You can do this by contacting bloggers who talk about a similar or related topic on their blogs and convincing them with facts and figures to promote your e-commerce shop. Also, ask them for a post, article, or video that eventually links to your online shop. 

Even if you do not have much faith that bloggers can bring you customers, backlinks from reputable sources are worth their weight in gold for SEO.

Be as attentive as possible when preparing the content for the article. Do research on interesting topics (on Reddit, for example) before writing, and order proofreading of a text from a professional.

For the best conversion into a client, order or make high-quality product photo editing yourself. When you prepare such content, you will have a 95% chance that the blogger will post it on his site.

Ask Product Suppliers To Place Your Link

If you are a distributor and focus on selling other people's products, you will find that many of your supplier's websites have a "where to buy" or "distributors" page with details (and links) for each of them. 

Go and check those lists right now. If you are not included in them, ask right away. These links are usually not updated as often as they should be. 

Write a Guest Post

Today guest posting is one of the great tactics for link building for e-commerce and sharing your knowledge and expertise from current industry publications.

Let's say you are an accountant and want to write guest posts. You are bound to find relevant websites looking for authors to whom you could offer your guest post ideas.

The price of guest articles will depend on the popularity of the blog, but the money spent often pays off.

Turn a Brand Mention Into a Link

Build Your Brand

Make your products one of their kind so that you are more likely to be called to a media event to talk about them.

On the contrary, if you go to any product launch, service, charity event, or other cause, it can be a great excuse to get published in the media. Nevertheless, always consult a journalist or editor. 

When you are mentioned in the press, ask them to add a link to your shop as well. Many people, unfortunately, do not do this as they lack confidence in themselves or the product. But it's a great way to build quality backlinks. 

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is a noble and worthwhile cause. Not only will you establish yourself as a credible and socially responsible business that the customers can trust. You will also get another opportunity to build backlinks to your website. 

After all, most events have special pages where sponsors are listed. The media may also mention you in a press release, post about the e-commerce site, or you may make it to the news section on the event website. 

Do not ever hesitate to ask the event organizer to add a link to your website when you are not mentioned. This will help you get new clients and improve your website's ranking.

Forum Posting

Today, people are actively seeking answers to their questions in forums. Take this opportunity to add backlinks to your e-commerce store.

Look for active forums and discussions relevant to your topic, and leave comments regarding it along with a link to your site. Not only will this attract more users but also boost the site's authoritativeness. 

There are plenty of such forums on the Internet, so you can increase the number of backlinks to your site if you want to.

Create Cross-posting Materials

Other companies from your niche would also be happy to have some backlinks, and that's why you are welcome to exchange the links with them by placing guest posts on each other's blogs. 

Indeed, you should not help your competitors build backlinks. Still, the cross-posting tactic can be pretty winning for businesses from semi-related niches, such as those selling shoes and bags, clothes and jewelry, etc. 

Write a Partner Review

Partner testimonials will be published on their website, mentioning your online shop.

It will add to the reliability of your store and is another efficient way of link building for e-commerce from a trusted source. Plus, you and your partner will help each other grow your businesses.

Take Part In Giveaways

Offer your product or services as a gift in blogger promotions. Whether you are a new business or old, consider this as an investment.

They will surely mention you in a post with a link to your e-commerce shop.

Alt: Maria Wendt’s video on how to collaborate with bloggers and influencers

Take Online Help

Various websites are available online that help you build and improve your backlinks, and there is no wrong in doing so.

Some of our trusted websites are Moz Link Explorer, Broken Link Builder, Google Search Console, and White Spark. 

Improve Your SEO

SEO and Ecommerece

Backlinks and SEO depend on each other, and if your e-commerce website's SEO is down, even the backlinks will not help. Firstly, work on the layout of your web page, and make sure that everything is three or fewer clicks away on your homepage.

As customers do not like making much effort, anything that is difficult to find will reduce the user traffic on your site, eventually resulting in a lower rank on google. You can hire experts who will help you with your SEO tasks, for instance if you have an Amazon store, working with an Amazon agency can provide specialized knowledge and strategies to optimize your listings and boost your sales. 

Purchase Some Backlinks

Search for domains that have links for sale. Go through each one of them and check the relevant ones for your e-commerce store.

When you find something relatable and valuable for your website, contact them, and you will have a domain backlink to your page.

Note : 

Buying backlinks can break or make your brand, but you need to make sure that you follow the rules. Avoid poor-quality links, don't break the rules and risk getting penalized by Google, avoid spammy outbound links/ anchor texts, and make sure that links and relevant.


With time you must understand the importance of link building. It is one of the most important seo tools that help boost your e-commerce business within a minimum time.

The strategies we have enlisted above will help you in every possible way to improve google rankings of your online shop. Try to engage with backlink building from credible portals regularly. You will soon be able to reap the rewards of your labors.

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