Top 15 Blog Post Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Get Good Traffic


Companies and individuals are working with blog post ideas to increase organic hits on their websites.

In the world of content and digital marketing, blogs hold a very special space in the heart of the internet.

When you have a blog that guides people about solving a particular problem that’s when you will get yourself a successful blog that’s actually profitable.

Once you start to identify a problem and write a blog about how to solve it, this is the best way to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Blogs are the best way to engage the audience and encourage them to keep visiting your website.

Visitors are more likely to sign up for your email list if you have regular updates on your blogs about the things that interest them. 

Getting a blog these days is a no-brainer but looking for topics and keeping the audience engaged is a challenge.

We are here to make it easier for budding bloggers to get into the industry. Here are a few blog topics list that you can use to improve your SEO rankings. 

1- Beginner’s Guide 

If you are trying to tap into the blogging business, the best choice is to start with offering Beginner’s Guide.

Offering these guides to your readers will help you gain a following among people searching the internet for guides to gardening, cleaning your car, getting stains off the carpet, and any other interesting guide. 

You can use topics like “a beginners guide to getting the best travel deals”, or guide like this about online marketing. 

after choosing what you would write about, focus on doing some research on the topic and actually find some outstanding travel deals. 

2- How To Blog Posts 

The internet is overflowing with How To blog posts, so in case you are wondering how different can you blog be from the rest… to gain a respectable SEO boost your How-to posts by giving your audience actionable posts with step-by-step instructions.

An important thing to keep in mind is that your readers are looking for useful, informative, and easy to understand how-to posts. WikiHow is doing an amazing job in this. 

WikiHow Site

For example, you can choose to write “How to keep flowers fresh for long” or “how to remove stains from your shirt”. Posts like these must have high-quality content that is useful to the reader. 

It might take you some time to come up with an easy to understand how-to guide as blog post ideas.

You can start by writing about something that you have full knowledge about.

The niche categories are endless when it comes to how-to blogs because it could be any topic, any task that you find difficult. 

3- Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Posts 

Another popular segment when it comes to blogging is to provide your readers frequently asked questions or FAQs to know more about a product, or a service.

Again, you should focus on choosing to write an FAQ about the different questions that customers are facing.

This is your chance to sit down and start making a list of the several questions that you hear around you for your blog post ideas.

Writing an FAQ about purchasing and installation of Solar Panels for Green energy is one way to go. 

Turn your content into an easy to understand Frequently asked questions post. It will be easy when you keep in mind the interest in the topic.

The more interest your reader has the bigger a chance of converting a visitor to a customer. 

If you’re lucky, you may get a chance to apprear in the google graph in first page .

how to start a blog

4- Doing a Product Comparison  

Product comparison is one of the best blog post ideas when it comes to writing a blog post.

Companies are afraid of mentioning their competition in their content, but if you pick two leading products and offer a comprehensive comparison with a conclusion then you will have a winning blog post. 

The concept of why comparisons are successful is easy to understand. Just take a minute to think about how you decide to purchase a product.

Let’s suppose you are looking to buy a new laptop, the first thing you do is to google several laptop brands and compare them.

 You end up choosing the one that fits your needs.

Helping your readers make a decision about which product or service to choose will not only help the companies promote their products but also your blog will have a considerable boost. 

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5- Top Ten Lists 

Another unique blog ideas include coming up with a list of Top ten or 5 (could be any number you want) things and write an engaging blog post about it.

For example, writing about the Top ten car models in 2020 is one way to handle a lucrative niche.

People who are looking to buy a new car in 2020 will surely look up the internet for the top models with reasonable prices.

6- Product Reviews 

Choosing to write an excellent and honest product review in a blog post can go a long way.

You can get organic hits when you focus on a hot new product that’s newly launched on the market.

You can use your own experience about using the product and give your honest review of the product. 

Make sure that you focus on all the different aspects of the product including its pros and cons.

Reviews are the key to promoting your blogs to a wider audience because many people read online reviews before buying a product. 

7- Write about Current Events 

You can choose to write about current pop culture events and happenings, writing about events is one of the best blog post ideas that can help you gain a considerable reader list for your blog.

To get a better understanding of how such a blog could work, you can choose to write about the Royal Wedding and look for topics that might pull in readers to your blogs. 

8- Interview an expert  

interview an expert

In your field of activity, there is inevitably one or more topics that need to be clarified, explained or presented in more detail.

If it is a technical or complex subject, an expert interview is the ideal format for teaching your target audience, providing them with useful information and thus highlighting your expertise.

9- Turn your long content into short content  

Do you find it difficult to capture the attention of your targets with qualified content?

Rather than trying to attract them right away with long, technical and / or complex content, try to bring them to you with short, easy and quick content to read.

If you have done an expert interview , it is certainly useful to summarize it, for example, in the form of video, key figures, graphics and illustrations, etc.

10- Reply to comments posted on your blog

If you're lucky enough to have an audience that posts a lot of comments on your blog, take advantage of it to find new sources of ideas for your future articles.

Because, believe my experience: when a user asks a question in comments, there is a 90% chance for 10, 100 or even 1000 other Internet users ask themselves the same question.

And if you give them the answer they are looking for, it is for you the opportunity to be identified as a source of interesting information ... which will play in favor of your visibility.

11- Listicles

That is to say articles written in the form of "lists" or "tops".

They are everywhere and bait the reader with catchy titles like "The 15 most mistakes to avoid while fishing'' or "10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened This Week".


"Listicles" are the success of Buzzfeed and Listverse and are also popular in the print media.

They are so ubiquitous that we end up finding reasons to hate them.

The "lists" or "tops" are an expression of a very current tendency of the mind to be constantly entertained and deconcentrated.

but of course, Listicles, like any type of content marketing, have their pros and cons.

12- Recipes

Cooking blogs, which offer traditional recipes, vegan recipes, diet recipes and more!

But do you know what interests more and more people today?

It is to eat with detox foods that will allow them to maintain their weight, and their health, without making huge sacrifices and by eating organic foods, anti-oxidants, cholagogues and filled with nutrients and minerals.In short, miraculous foods!

13- Write case studies 

The case study is one of the oldest and most venerable examples of content marketing. It one of the most effective strategies for making purchasing decisions.

They serve as indirect endorsements of your company while providing real examples of how authentic your offerings work.

They are a way of showcasing specific features and benefits.
They are inexpensive for they are focused and are just a few pages long.

14- Travel the world, and share your experience

Take trips around the world and post pictures, write around them and updates as you make each stop. 

Or may be  you’ve been somewhere in the past but haven’t yet written about it. Why not start now ? By reliving your experiences, you could discover a new way of creativity.

15- Inviting Guest Bloggers to Write for Your Blog

another great idea is to invite guest post , you can think of it in case you are running out of ideas.

Hosting guest writers on your blog is a great way to give yourself a break from blogging and give your readers different perspective. 

It is advisable that you put in place a writing guide that provides a useful framework for anyone interested in writing on your blog. 

We have discussed the brilliant blog post ideas with you, now you can use any of the aforementioned ideas to have your own blog that with time will help give your blog a major income and an SEO boost.

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