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Not yet decided, let’s dive into the details for this native ads spy tool. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is always important to follow market trends to stay on top! How should you do this? By spying on your competitors, it's like that!

Indeed, it is essential that you check which materials (promo banners, landing pages) other affiliate marketers currently use. By analyzing how they do what they do, you'll be able to create a strategy and win big!


Because there is a whole lot and we want to make sure that you choose the best to do your thing!

Today we are going to create an article about Adplexity . These is a good examples to follow to understand the techniques to use to explore skills to the fullest!

Here we are! AdPlexity is one of the leading ads spy tools and it is our favorite.

By accessing the platform, you can monitor and download promotional materials like banners and landing pages from the most popular ad networks and ad exchanges and adult ad exchanges  in 75+ countries.

Adplexity products with Adplexity Coupon

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Adpexity Features

AdPlexity provides several approaches, depending on the different objectives.

Now let's try to imagine the questions you ask yourself!

This is how we will answer them and you will know everything you need to know before making your move!

# 1 - affiliate marketing offers that work on a certain segment (country + operator + operating system) and which promotional materials do they use?

To check this, filter by Country, Operator, and Device Type. This is how you can see all campaigns running on this segment. This filter will also allow you to get the list of banners and landing pages as we mentioned.

In addition, you can filter the ad type for the mobile web to see only the banners, or Popunder to see only the landing pages.

Even when you filter by mobile web, you can click on any banner and check its landing page.

Depending on what you find, some campaigns have a direct link to the offer and others are related to a landing page that leads the user to the offer.

The Adplexity tutorial suggests that to find campaigns using a landing page, select "Search in outgoing URLs". Even with this selection, you will always find many campaigns with the direct link to an offer.

Another Adplexity suggestion: uncheck "None" in the tracking tool's filter, since 99% of all affiliate marketing campaigns use a tracking tool.

This will exclude brand marketing and other types of irrelevant campaigns.

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#2 - know which promotional material used to promote a specific type of offer?

Let's say you are interested in a ''Uber'' offer. What you need to do is search by keyword on the landing page for "Uber". This is how you will get all the campaigns that include the word "Uber" on their landing pages.

AdPlexity tool

No matter what you are looking for, it is always better to specify the segment (country + operator + operating system), otherwise, you will have too many results in random languages.

On the other hand, you can sort the overall results by "Received Most Traffic" and see which are the largest markets in specific segments for this type of offer.

You can also see which promotional material has been running for a longer period, as it may mean that it works well.

# 3 - How did affiliates manage a particular offer?

We have an excellent offer to promote, but we do not really know how to promote it.

What to do?

Check how others are doing it!

First, we need the URL of the offer's landing page. If the offer is available for Wi-Fi targeting, you can open the offer affiliate link via a VPN with an appropriate country and access the offer's landing page.

After clearing the tracking variables, you end up with the appropriate offer link, which basically will look like this :

http: // cr = 53212

Then, you search for this URL by the Advertiser, you will see all the campaigns promoting this offer and their promotional materials.

# 4 - And how do affiliates work on a specific website?

Imagine that you know that a website works very well, but you're not sure how to promote it.

Open the "By Publisher" tab and insert the website you want to check.

What and how do affiliates work on a specific site?

You can then specify the segment that interests you (country + operator + operating system).

adplexity coupon Code

Now is the best time to take your compaigns to the next level by joining hundreds of other Gurus  who use this sofware and love it.

With AdPlexity you can:

  • Search and find profitable affiliate campaigns
  • Find the exact traffic source of the campaign
  • Download the exact landing page of the campaign
  • Find out exactly where the campaign is running

In a nutshell, you can find and copy profitable mobile, native, desktop, and adult affiliate marketing campaigns. It's a no-brainer. 

This is a game changer, and this is the perfect time to give it adplexity trial as one of the facebook ads tool. 

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