10 Ways To Customize Your Dental Postcard And Stand Out Among The Crowd

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In this article, we are about to reveal 10 brilliant strategies to boost your direct mail marketing and make your business shine like a brilliant smile.

These custom postcards are more than simply pieces of paper; they are your go-to tool for gaining clients and customers.

So let's get ready to throw out those generic postcards and learn how a little bit of individuality can brighten your dental journey!

How Postcards Help Dentists in Marketing?

How Postcards Help Dentists In Marketing

Imagine postcards as your dependable companion in the world of dentistry marketing, equipped with abilities to help your business stand out. They are more than simply pieces of paper; they are your key to making people smile and open their hearts. 

In a world awash in digital noise, they do marvels by drawing attention. 

A postcard is a physical reminder of your dental brilliance that recipients can touch, feel, and put on their fridge. It won't get lost in a sea of emails. Additionally, because they are affordable superheroes, you can reach a large audience without spending a fortune. 

So why not think about hiring a professional direct mail printing service to touch all points? OF COURSE, it’s worth it!

These cards can be used by dentists to write their patients personalized reminder letters. You can establish confidence and a solid patient-dentist relationship by addressing them by name and conveying your concern. 

A picture really is worth a thousand words, after all, so let's not discount the power of images. 

Your postcards will stand out and make a lasting impact if they have sharp photos and rich colors.

Principal Advantages of Postcards for Dental Marketing:

  • Physical and Memorable Association: Postcards foster a tangible relationship.
  • Personalization: Referring to people by name fosters connection and confidence.
  • Impactful imagery and vibrant colors draw the eye.
  • Brief Messaging: Clearly and concisely state benefits.
  • Clear Calls-to-Action: Make it easy for beneficiaries to get involved.
  • Cost-effective: Reach a large audience without going overboard.

In a nutshell, postcards are effective marketing allies for your dentistry practice. They are distinctive, appealing, and affordable – a triple threat that draws attention to your practice.

What Stats Say about Postcards in Direct Mail Marketing?

What Stats Say about Postcards in Direct Mail Marketing

The statistics about postcards in direct mail marketing are unfalsifiable; they show clearly how effective they are. 

Let's examine the statistics that demonstrate the influence of postcards in this dynamic environment.

High Open Rates:

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reports that postcards typically have an excellent open rate of 42.2%. This shows that over half of those who get postcards interact with them. Their succinct and graphic character quickly captures attention, creating the ideal environment for efficient communication.

Visual Appeal Is Important:

According to the USPS, 98% of consumers check their mail every day. Postcards stand out from the rest of them owing to their vivid designs and compelling imagery. Due to their enormous exposure, they are more successful in spreading messages and advertisements.

Recall and Engagement:

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), postcards have a 33% greater recall rate than other direct mail items. This indicates that after interacting with a postcard, people are more likely to recall your message, brand, or offer. Their small size fosters speedy scanning, increasing the likelihood that the information will be remembered.

Direct Connection:

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), postcards foster a closer, more direct bond with recipients. Postcards are instantly recognisable as communication that doesn't require "opening," in contrast to envelopes, which can occasionally be connected with bills or promotional items. Receivers are more likely to interact with the material immediately away as a result.

Customize Your Dental Postcard With These 10 Amazing Ways!

1. Engaging Visuals:

The secret to drawing in viewers and winning hearts when it comes to postcards is visual appeal. In a sea of the mundane, high-quality photos and vivid colors stand out like a brilliant grin. 

Here are a few real-life examples of engaging visuals that dentists can use on postcards:

  1. Showcase a photo of a person with a bright, self-assured smile; it makes the ideal marketing for your business.
  2. Share a sequence of photographs showing how a smile may change from having dental problems to having a gorgeous outcome.
  3. Family Fun: Show a happy, giggling family to illustrate how much fun going to the dentist can be for the whole family.
  4. Display a group photo of your welcoming dental staff, who are eager to greet new patients.
  5. Cutting-Edge Tech: Showcase your cutting-edge technology with an illustration of contemporary dental tools to reassure clients about the calibre of the services.
  6. Promote healthy behaviours by displaying images of patients performing dental hygiene procedures like brushing and flossing.
  7. Kid-friendly: Use cartoony pictures or photos of children having a good time relaxing on the dentist's chair.

According to research, our brains consume visual information more quickly than a hot pizza slice. 

Pick colors that demand attention and images that stand out. Think of your postcard as a small billboard that attracts attention on a busy street. You can leave a lasting impression with only a glance that sticks in someone's head like catchy music.

2. Personalized Messaging:

personalized emails

YES, the personal touch is everything! It's not simply polite to address people by their first names; it's also like calling a friend by their nickname. 

Personalize your messaging to each person's needs since people desire to be seen and heard. It's similar to writing a dialogue rather than a monologue. 

Imagine receiving a postcard from your dentist that speaks to you personally and addresses your issues. It would be like receiving a warm handshake. For instance, bringing up their most recent visit or a recommended course of treatment can make them grin even before they enter your office.

Scenario 1:  New Patient Welcome:

An inviting picture of a dental staff embracing a patient with open arms is on the front of the postcard.

Welcome to [Your Practice Name], [Recipient's Name], says the postcard's back.

“We are happy to welcome you to our dental family. Here is where your adventure with a grin begins, and we're thrilled to make it enjoyable for you. Your particular dental requirements will be taken care of by our staff. Let's work together for a healthier and happier smile!"

Scenario 2: Reminder for Regular Checkup:

A bright depiction of a toothbrush and dental equipment is on the front of the postcard.

The postcard's reverse says, "Hey there, [Recipient's Name]! Give your grin some attention now.

“We are eager to see you again during your upcoming routine checkup. Although we are aware that life can be busy, don't forget to schedule a dentist appointment since your smile needs some TLC. Let's keep your smile bright and your dental health on track.”

3. Highlighting Benefits:

What makes receivers interested? Benefits now take the stage in that situation. 

Present your dentistry services' benefits like celebrities on a red carpet. Discuss how visits are made easier by painless procedures or how a better smile increases confidence. 


  1. Whiter Teeth, Brighter Smiles:

Imagine a postcard with the bold message, "Get a Dazzling Smile with Our Teeth Whitening!" and pictures of beautiful people with glowing smiles. Not only are you offering a service, but you are also guaranteeing assurance and luring people in with the promise of a better future.

  1. Gentle Care for Anxious Patients:

Take a look at a postcard that reads, "Anxiety-Free Dentistry - Your Comfort, Our Priority." This is comforting assurance, not simply words. You are presenting an advantage that stands out as a guiding light for people who are anxious about dental appointments by using pictures of serene settings and happy patients.

You strike the target when you talk directly to their oral worries, like that tenacious coffee stain. It resembles handing out answers on a silver platter. 

You'll have them nodding in agreement if you create material that depicts their enhanced dental trip.

4. Clear Call-to-Action:

4. Clear Call-To-Action

If your postcard were a stage, the call-to-action (CTA) would be the star attraction. 

Give receivers a clear direction; don't leave them in the dark. It's like leading them to the treasure box through a maze. If you want people to schedule an appointment, visit your website, or take advantage of an offer, make your CTA appealing. 

Here's a set of 6 examples to nail that CTA game:

  • Book Your Checkup Today: Requesting future dental appointments will help recipients have a more attractive smile.
  • Claim Your Free Consultation: To get clients to take the initial step, provide a free consultation.
  • Call Now for a Brighter Smile: Encourage them to call your number to schedule an appointment right away.
  • Visit Our Website for Dental Tips: Encourage visitors to your website by promising insightful dental health information.
  • Limited-Time Whitening Special: Create a sense of urgency with limited-time incentives, like savings on teeth whitening.
  • Unlock Exclusive Savings: To receive exclusive savings when they visit, remind them to bring the postcard with them.
  • Don't be timid about where you place them; use action verbs that sparkle like confetti. Imagine it as a neon sign on a busy street; it must be easy to see.

    5. Special Offers And Promotions:

    Everyone enjoys a good deal, right? Postcards with exclusive dentistry offers are like a golden ticket to the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. 

    Limited-time offers fascinate consumers, encouraging them to act right now. 

    Imagine it as an alluring invitation to a VIP event. These promotions make the purchase more enticing, whether it be a cheap teeth-whitening session or a complimentary exam. 

    Here's a tip: add a deadline to the offers to create a sense of urgency. They feel like they are being gently nudged into your realm of dental perfection.

    6. Patient Testimonials:

    Now let's get into the "word of mouth" magic - patient testimonials on postcards. 

    Real-life examples from the dental chair are priceless. They operate as cheerleaders for your practice, increasing trust and street cred. 

    When receivers hear about the great experiences of others, it's like receiving a warm hug that says, "We've got your back." Remember that honesty is the name of the game; real feelings will always triumph over planned statements. 

    Don't be hesitant about sharing your genuine anecdotes, and allow the power of patient praise to work its magic on your dental postcards.

    7. Interactive Elements:

    Postcards are more than simply a piece of paper; they're a conversation waiting to start. 

    Think about QR codes for quick appointment scheduling or online consultations. The beneficiaries might reciprocate by giving high fives to your office. They can start setting up appointments with only a tap. 

    Interactive elements in your postcards go beyond mere bells and whistles; instead, they serve as tools to grow recipient attention and turn your postcards into fascinating experiences.

    Here are a few examples for you to consider:

    • Convenient QR Codes: Include QR codes to quickly schedule appointments or access internet resources.
    • Offer a QR code or link for virtual consultations so that recipients may quickly interact with your staff.
    • Treatment Previews: Use QR codes to demonstrate treatments or give virtual tours of your office.
    • Comments Forms: Use QR codes to quickly survey patients and demonstrate your appreciation for their comments.
    • Smile Interactive Gallery: Share dental operation before-and-after pictures with QR codes to learn more about each case.

    So, don’t let any space ruin your first impression and get the most out of your direct mail marketing campaigns!

    8. Seasonal Themes:

    Consider dressing up your dental postcards for various seasons; it would be like giving them a festive makeover. 

    Seasonal themes are relevant in addition to being cool. 



    "Time to flash those tan grins! To keep your summer smile as radiant as the sun, make an appointment.”


    "Let's make sure your grin stays as bright as the leaves change. Healthy teeth will help you welcome the new season.”


    "This winter, warm up your smile! Come see us for a dental examination to maintain your smile as radiant as the Christmas lights.”


    "Your grin deserves a new beginning, just like the flowers. To keep it blooming, spring into action with a dentist appointment.”

    So consider the impact a summer-themed postcard has during a scorching day. It's like a warm handshake, an instant connection. 

    Matching your postcards to current events demonstrates to recipients that you are in tune with their moods.

    For example, a summertime beach postcard that invites people to boldly show their pearly whites. The postcard should include images of the sun and sand. 

    A cosy winter-themed postcard with snowy accents and smiles may bring warmth over the holiday season. 

    Spring? Why not send out a postcard that symbolises new beginnings with blooms and white teeth? 

    Keep in mind that themed postcards are more than just ornamental designs. They remark, "Hey, we're on the same wavelength as you."

    So be sure to update your postcards' clothes when the seasons change. You're not only writing them a letter; you're also celebrating with them. 


    Giving your postcards a personality appropriate for the season makes recipients feel as though you are present, experiencing the experience. So don’t let this opportunity go without letting your patients know that you feel their sensitivity in winters and summers alike!!!

    9. Local Community Connection:

    9. Local Community Connection

    Being the hometown hero has certain advantages in the world of dentistry postcards. Consider it as placing your office in the very centre of the community. 

    When you promote your engagement on your postcards, it's like giving the neighbourhood a high five. You're not merely filling cavities; you're an asset to the neighbourhood who improves the quality of life.

    Why can't you do this? 

    On your postcards, highlight neighbourhood collaborations or activities. What if your postcard read, "Proud sponsor of the community fun run!" or "Supporting local schools for healthier smiles." 

    These tidbits are more than simply ink on paper; they are indicators of your commitment.

    Furthermore, the magic continues. The image of your practice is improved by becoming involved in the community. It is like a trustworthy and reliable logo being painted on your brand. 

    Beneficiaries see more than simply a dental office; they also see a supporter of the neighbourhood. Your practice shines as a beacon of regional care, similar to putting on a spotlight in a dark room.

    Just to let you understand, here’s a scenario-based example:

    Consider that you own a dental office in a small community. You have contributed significantly to neighbourhood activities and projects. Now that you have dental postcards, it's time to highlight your community involvement.

    "Your Neighbourhood Smiles Matter!" the postcard can state. Thrilled to Support the Annual Community Health Fair. Additionally, you could add a colourful picture of your staff interacting with families at the fair and providing them with information and gifts related to oral health.

    It's not only about dental care when recipients get this postcard; it's also about shared values and a sense of community. You are more to them than simply a dentist; you are a familiar face and a supportive neighbour.

    Therefore, by including your community links on your postcards, you are not only sharing information about your practice but also the warmth of belonging to something greater. The benefits spread beyond dentist offices, and you become a hero in your neighbourhood. 

    10. Wellness Tips:

    Let's transform those dental postcards into wellness manuals, a little bit of useful information that says a lot. 

    Consider your postcards as mini-handbooks for happier, healthier grins rather than merely advertising items. Sharing dental health advice is more than simply a kind gesture; it establishes your practice as a reliable advisor.

    You may demonstrate to recipients that you care about them beyond visits by including advice on postcards. These pearls of wisdom, which range from basic brushing methods to diet selections that support dental health, are treasures that receivers will hold dear. 

    They're like insider information from a helpful professional – you.

    Think of cards with titles like "Five Foods for a Brighter Smile" or "Mastering the Art of Flossing." These are not merely arbitrary terms; rather, they represent the cornerstones of better practices. The recipients perceive you as more than just a dentist; you are a partner in their health.

    These suggestions seem like you're reaching out to recipients through their mails when they get them. They serve as entryways to better dental health; they are more than just postcards. 

    So create smiles that exude health and care with the help of dental professionals and wellness advice in your postcards.

    What To Know If You’re New To Direct Mail Marketing And Don’t Know How To Use Postcards?

    What to know if you’re new to direct mail marketing and don’t know how to use postcards (1)

    Here is a simple tutorial to help you started on the correct path if you are new to the field of direct mail marketing and are unsure of how to use postcards effectively.

    Understand Your Audience: 

    Establish who your target market is first. They, who? What are their inclinations and problems? By understanding your target, you can create postcards that will appeal to them.

    Set Clear Objectives: 

    Confirm your direct mail campaign goals. Are you trying to improve brand recognition, advertise a special deal, or encourage appointment-making? Your postcard's message and design will be shaped by having certain goals in mind.

    Craft Compelling Content:

    Keep your message brief and interesting. Consider the requirements or preferences of the receiver and emphasize the advantages of your offer. Make use of convincing copy and attention-grabbing headlines.

    Design For Impact: 

    Images are crucial. Use crisp layouts and graphics of the highest caliber. Aim to have your design reflect the essence of your business and the message you wish to deliver. Allow the design to breathe; don't stuff the postcard.

    Call-To-Action (CTA): 

    Every postcard must have a distinct CTA. After reading the postcard, what do you want the receiver to do? Make the process simple and alluring, whether it's visiting your website, dialling a number, or redeeming an offer.


    Include the recipient's name on each postcard, if you can. Engagement and connection are increased via personalization.


    Here is your prescription for a successful dental postcard, toothache or not! 

    You may shine in the spotlight of dentistry marketing genius by customizing your postcards with captivating pictures, personalized text, emphasized benefits, obvious calls-to-action, and compelling incentives. 

    In a busy gathering, these personalized postcards are your loudhailer to proclaim your dental expertise. Keep that in mind. Your attention-grabbing postcards can be the ace up your white-coated sleeve in a field where competition is as tough as flossing practices. 

    So go ahead and let your postcards shine, starting your dentistry practice on the road to standing out and grinning, one personalized postcard at a time! 

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