Ecommerce SEO Best Practices That Really, Really Work In 2024?


Learn ecommerce SEO best practices and find out how to optimize your site for Google.

Search engine optimization is essential to any website if there are dreams of making it popular and profitable. That is true for a blog and e-commerce source.

SEO allows for increasing the amount of organic (free of charge) traffic, thus converting potential clients into buyers. 

To gain the desired result, you should follow the already written techniques. That is both about what to write and how to do that right. We will talk about that.

As long as we describe approaches to content, there are tons of different things to do. Before ranking on the search result page, you should define your business strategy.

Think of what values you promote and what helpful information you want to share. That is a must to conclude what your niche is to call all interested people.

In addition, you have to consider the actions of your competitors. We will recall the exact techniques that will help you to do it properly.

Those performed tasks will increase your chances of standing out from the mass of similar websites and information. More than 2 billion people migrated online in 2021.

They managed to handle USD 4.9 trillion, according to Statista. Nowadays, the most important is not the goods or services you offer, but how you present that to the world.

After these introductory and inspiring words, let's dive into top e-commerce SEO practices. Be ready to find out new knowledge and skills. Keep reading!

Ecommerce SEO 

Ecommerce SEO is a procedure that allows you to promote your site in order to have a favorable position/ranking for your online store in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

To be precise, eCommerce SEO is a broad technique to apply and receive more traffic to your source. You can read more about tips for SEO here.

The notion has a general sense. It expects different sets of actions that will help crawlers index your pages and increase their rate of visitors.

What are the obligatory things to optimize? It would help if you worked with product and category pages. Do not forget about metadata, descriptions, tags, etc. 


Why are they essential?

Internet users seek goods and services on the search bar. People operate terms and get the list with options.

More than 75% of online shoppers come to various online stores directly from Google Search. To sell your products, you should find out what keywords match your business.

It is more about exact words' popularity and power than their uniqueness. That is hard to be unique when you sell the same refrigerators as many other resellers.

Even if you possess a thousand such items on your online store, you may find a way to optimize the pages with those keywords. If you do that correctly, you will get the result. 

Unreasonable usage

First of all, avoid plenty of keywords in your titles, descriptions, and metadata. The more does not mean the better. Remember that you should write not for bots that crawl your store but for real shoppers.

Google and other search engines encourage to create content for people. Whether it decides you overuse different keywords, your website may lose trust and decrease in rank. 

What to do

Instead, offer valuable knowledge, tricks, and new information about the stuff you sell. Whether you suggest wedding decorations, promote tips on creating a new photo zone.

Or, as in Pinterest, show excellent examples of correct combinations. Write about how to arrange the best wedding ever. 

Be careful! Create a content plan and find bottlenecks to reveal. Add your keywords to optimize your store as a cherry on the cake. Do not give readers some general information one may easily find elsewhere.

Keyword research

Keyword Research in Longtail Pro

To perform that piece of job, you should find reliable tools. Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Keyword Tool Dominator, Ubersuggest, and others are perfect.

With them, you find the most spread keywords. When you go with that, compare different services, there are free and payable plans. Indeed, there are other ways to proceed with the task.

You may even manually check with Google or Amazon search bars. How is that? Put your product name there, like "trousers," and see all the popular suggestions on the drop-out menu. 

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Search volume

Ubersuggest keyword overview

That is the first thing you will see on any SEO tool. That means the number of visitors' queries per month.

The higher number is, the more popular phrase or term is. Pick that keyword then and use it for your store optimization. 

You can add them to categories and page titles too. However, do not waste your time choosing words with low search volume. They do not bring you traffic but may even decrease your rate.

Search intend

ecommerce niche research

That is about the anticipation of people when they look for any product. One may come to read about differences between products, while another has already picked an exact refrigerator model and wants to buy it.

That is two different customers' intentions and journeys. One needs you to give more details and knowledge. Others need exact characteristics and information on discounts and availability in stock.

Also, they will admire the feedback of your existing customers. Yes, there are unlimited opportunities for you!

Hire specialists to review your website and assess its calls to action. Best Writers Online is ready to help you out! Think of what needs your clients have and find different ways to address them to hit the target. 

Term fit

Keep an eye to give what people they look for. You will get customers back if they see your website operates fast and is reliable.

They come and find precisely the right things. They write green scarf and receive a list of green scarfs back. No way can it be they get white T-shirts.

Any difficulties ranking?

That is a technical ranking metric that Ubersuggest provides. It shows how hard or easy your content ranks. Remind that with much similar information from your competitors, that is a tricky thing.

If you see the indicator tends to 100, it is terrible. As a solution, pay attention to long-tail keywords. They bring more specific notions and will have more weight when The higher the number is to 100, the more difficult it is for you to rank higher in the search.

So instead, focus on long-tail keywords. Because these are specific, you're likely to rank higher and lead more traffic to your website.

Website architecture

SEO website’s structure

That is the aspect you consider first when creating a website. It must be straightforward. Whether there is a need for more explanations for the titles and tabs, redo them.

That is a powerful thing that works not only for ordinary people who want to buy some items but for search bots. With the tons of pages for products, categories, and subcategories, it would be better to decrease the number of hierarchical levels.

The perfect situation is when one needs four clicks to get to the item to buy. Thus, it will take a form. 

Homepage > Category > Sub Category > Product

That way, the customer journey looks simple. For bots, you may add breadcrumbs. The latter may filter on location, attributes, and history of actions. 

URL structure

Check that all your URL is clear, following categories and subcategories. Each URL should belong to one page. Do not duplicate them and misuse them.

Internal linking

Take care of an understandable menu and links inside your store. Whether you remind particular items or posts, add the path to go there fast. 

Structured data

Think of implementing the structured data. That will help people and bots to know the context and what type of information you share. Then, that tool increases rates magically.

Technical aspects

That goes far away from content and leads you to involve specialists who will take care of your website's correct operation.

There are very few occasional visitors who will wait for your pages to upload in the browser.

The rest will close the tab and move forward to your competitors. To prevent that, find ways to speed up your store. 

Perform an audit

All the tools mentioned above suggest you check how well your website runs. With their assistance, you see if you have duplicated content or broken links that lead your customers to error pages.

In addition, you will see how well your website is crawled and what else you can do to improve the way it is ranked by Google bot. 

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Double-check the stacks you use

That is important to know if you do not miss any updates from applicable services. There are numerous. You might sell your goods with WordPress, Magento, Wix, etc.

You might also use multiple extensions that boost the performance. Ensure they are up-to-date and do the job correctly. You might need to make backups, flush cache, or perform other actions.

Link building

Link Building 2

Along with internal linking, you should think of an external one. That increases the authority and trustworthiness of your website.

When people and crawlers see other respected sources referring to yours, they realize you do a great job. There are numerous techniques to complete that task. 

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Find Mentions

Use Ubersuggest to find mentions of exact brands and products. Whether you see the proper context, ask to add links to your store there.

That increases sales and encourage people to buy, especially when they come from trustworthy source. That may appear in different blog posts, articles, forums, etc.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) 

That is a medium between journalists and sources. If you can show your expertise with particular things and answer writers' questions, they may citate your words and add your website URL.

That is so great! For example, if you promote Greece cuisine and sell products to cook and bake, you can reveal secrets and get traffic for free! 

Contact colleagues directly

Perform analysis of complementary websites manually. People usually leave contact information there, so you may contact them to discuss such collaboration that will help both of you.

Content marketing

That will be a mistake to think of content marketing as something related to creative writing!

No way is that true! First of all, that is a set of actions that attract potential clients and turn them into loyal customers. SEO is a constituent part of that notion. However, there are many other options.

Content strategy 

That is about the same action your brand should do to reach goals, such as selling goods, promoting homemade food, or active spending time.

It would help if you considered stacks, approaches, communication channels, and support of your website. Then, what would you like to reveal, and how do you want to stand out.

Check what similar companies choose and what their strong and weak sides are. That is the SWOT analysis. You will note what distinguishes you from all the rest of the competitors. Then, build the strategy to highlight your uniqueness—set tasks for writing. 

Create a content plan

blog post planning (1)

Analyze your target audience and write a content plan. That will be your determining list of what to write about and how to distribute the information.

There are the following steps to do a calendar of publications, affiliate programs, and marketing events. Consider the nuances of materials, dates, and sites for magazines for a certain period. That may be timelines for the month ahead.

Do not forget to add goals, your mission, and how you see the world and your clients. Formulate the prices task and ask a personal copywriter or Writing Judge to create the correct copies for you. 

Email marketing

That method shows a powerful result if you perform the job right. Consider creating your catchy templates or using existed ones.

That will draw attention to what you want to say. Warm your existing clients with new discounts and sales. Even when a person is a fan of your store, he may forget about the great purchase the last time.

When a potential client searches for some items without success, offer him your helping hand to inform him when the product will be in stock.

Moreover, if a person comes to the basket but drops the tab or does not have enough funds to pay, you may remind him about that intention to purchase later.

That converts people to you. Besides, providing your client with updates and news about your company. Share case studies of solved issues. Be open. That attracts clients a lot! 

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Brand ambassadors

That is a relatively new way to gain popularity and loyal clients. You may use the power of people's minds regarding recommendations. These people might be ordinary customers or influencers. Offer people discounts or goods instead. 

Mix content 

Even if your online store is for pure selling, add different content to it. That is about the information on the pages. Content notion includes texts, audio and video files, feedback from clients, graphics, and animations.

You may share news or compare different smartphones. You may lead discussions. Define your target audience and write for it. Think of mixing selling, entertaining, reputational, and news content.

If you have an additional tab for the blog, follow the content ratio. Optimal content values are when attracting range takes 40%—the 30% go-to entertainment and news.

Then spend 20% of the copies on reputable writing and 10% to encourage selling. Mix these types and find the perfect relationship that matches your needs.

Create the community and dive into what you sell!


eCommerce SEO seems to be confusing. However, with time and effort devotion, everyone can tame it.

If you pay attention to the described points and keep learning, you may get success in that branch. Improve your website performance, fill it with correct information.

Also, remind clients about your brand, and make money. We wish you all the best with your dreams and their implementation! Good luck!.

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