6 Easy Steps on How to Start an Etsy Shop

Selling on Etsy and growing a business there is what every other businessman dreams of, yet not everyone can achieve it. That’s not because you don’t stand a chance against Etsy's already established brands but because of lesser knowledge about the platform and lack of consistency.

Etsy is a remarkable eCommerce platform that is constantly on the road to more and more success each year. Just in 2022, Etsy gained around 377.4 million traffic with a bounce rate of 46%. In addition, 58,79% of the traffic comes from the U.S. alone!
Etsy Stats

You can choose among the 43 categories of products on Etsy and see which products you are willing to sell among the 2.1 million sellers that are also competing in the same race. 

Scary right?

Well, not exactly! Here are 6 easy steps for you to start an Etsy shop and how to make money on Etsy.

Why You Should Start an Etsy Shop

Start An Etsy Shop

You might be thinking there are a lot of other ways to run a business, like setting up your own eCommerce website, making social media pages, creating a YouTube channel, or starting a physical shop; why should you choose Etsy?

Earning primarily depends on your interests and since the internet is extremely broad, multiple ways can help you earn online such as selling services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Services can include digital services like designing, marketing, writing or editing, etc.

Similarly, if you are a business-minded person and are looking forward to building huge assets, consider establishing your shops. So far, if explained simply, having your website may have its pros and cons, the most challenging struggle of which remains the optimization of your website. 

However, despite the multiple ways you can choose, let’s discuss Etsy briefly and why it could be a better option for you. 

Well, the main reasons behind the higher possibility of success on Etsy are:

  • Etsy is a trusted platform, and buyers are comfortable with purchasing products there.
  • Etsy has millions of active buyers who are constantly in search of new products. You are confident on Etsy because it’s very easy to get shop visitors. 
  • It is very easy to set up an Etsy store. All you need to do is to register on Etsy, scroll down, and click on “Open a Shop”. Next, select the language and your currency, set up an attractive shop name, and start listing your products.
  • At Etsy, you can enjoy a low start-up cost, with which we mean no hosting charges, no membership fee, and no domain costs. Listing up a product costs $0.20 and a 3.5% fee as per the sales price.

How to Start an Etsy Shop

Once you list your products, you might be thinking about how to get more sales on Etsy. Before we jump on to the 6 easy steps, remember to set up your storefront and choose a specific niche to sell in.

Etsy is specifically known for designs, such as in-home decor items, personalized gifts, handmade jewelry, custom phone cases, and art and craft items.

So, when you initially know about the recommended and most demanded products on Etsy, it would be much easier for you to decide which products to sell and whether those products are going to be profitable. With that, here’s the first step to follow:

Decide on the Product You Want to Sell

Which one to choose SEO vs SEM

In today's highly competitive market, saturation is a common challenge faced by online sellers. It's crucial to carefully select the right items to sell to maximize profits with countless products flooding the market.

One trend that has gained popularity is print-on-demand merchandise, which boasts a dedicated fan base and higher sales compared to larger products.

To make informed decisions, sellers can leverage powerful tools like Helium 10, Keepa, or Jungle Scout for comprehensive product research. These tools provide valuable insights into competition levels and search volumes, helping sellers identify lucrative opportunities with low competition but high demand.

However, product selection involves more than just market research. It's important to consider potential issues that may arise, such as returns due to incorrect sizing, material quality, or fitting problems. These factors can negatively impact customer satisfaction and erode profits, so careful attention to detail is paramount when listing products for sale.

By leveraging cutting-edge tools for thorough research and considering potential issues, sellers can enhance their chances of success in a saturated market. Strategic product selection sets the foundation for a profitable and sustainable online business, and sellers must meticulously evaluate various factors before listing their products for sale.

Explore the Market

Explore The Market

When it comes to selling on Etsy, keeping a pulse on market trends is key to success. By analyzing what's hot and what's not, you can expand your business approach and stay ahead of the competition. Take a peek at your competitors and see what marketing tricks they're using to stay in the race. Check out the top-selling products and identify potential customers you should target.

Pro Tip 

Having a good grasp of the overall market landscape is crucial for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their field. By staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, keeping an eye on competitor activity, and understanding the broader market forces at play, individuals and businesses can develop a better understanding of the context in which they operate. This knowledge can help to shape their mindset and provide a clear direction to follow.

It enables you to identify new revenue sources and develop effective strategies to boost your earnings. With a solid understanding of market trends, you can stay nimble and adapt your business strategies accordingly, whether it's by offering unique products, leveraging popular keywords, or optimizing your pricing strategy.

Feel free to dig deep into the market data using tools like Etsy's own analytics or third-party tools like Marmalead or eRank. Look for patterns, spot gaps in the market, and identify emerging trends that could give you a competitive edge. Stay curious and open to experimentation, and be ready to adjust your approach based on market dynamics.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace like Etsy, staying informed about market trends and using them to your advantage is crucial. So, keep your finger on the pulse of the market, stay proactive in your research, and leverage the insights gained to drive your business forward on Etsy. 

Know Your Target Audience and Their Needs

Understand Your Audience (1)

As a businessman, it's essential to adopt a customer-centric approach and understand the market from your customers' perspective. While customers have diverse preferences, it's crucial to identify what your specific audience wants to see when it comes to your products.

One effective way to gain insight into your customers and their needs is through social media surveys.

By running surveys, you can gather valuable information about your audience's preferences, pain points, and challenges they face when purchasing products similar to yours. Analyzing this data can provide you with crucial insights that can inform your marketing and sales strategies.

Pro Tip

Armed with this knowledge, you can effectively tailor your messaging to address your customers' needs. Highlight the unique features or benefits of your products that align with what your audience is looking for. Be transparent and authentic in your communication, providing multiple compelling reasons why your products are the best choice for your customers.

Understanding your audience goes beyond identifying their weaknesses; it also helps in building better customer relations and communication. By knowing your customers' preferences, you can personalize your interactions with them, provide relevant solutions, and foster customer loyalty.

So, as a businessman, it's important to invest time and effort in understanding your audience and their needs. By putting yourself in your customers' shoes, you can tailor your products and messaging to meet their expectations and build a strong customer base. 

Create Your Store and Prepare It

Creating your store on Etsy is a breeze, as mentioned above, but it's equally important to prepare your store effectively to attract more customers. Customization is key when it comes to making your store stand out and drive traffic.

The images you choose for your products are crucial in catching your audience's attention. High-quality and visually appealing images can entice potential buyers and make them more likely to click on your product listings. Consider using professional product photography or creating eye-catching graphics to showcase your products in the best light.


In addition to images, you can also upload product variations, videos, and detailed listings to help buyers make informed decisions. Providing comprehensive information about your products, such as size, materials, and usage, can build trust and confidence among potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

It's also essential to ensure that everything is ready before you officially open your store. Double-check that your product listings are accurate and complete, your store policies are clearly stated, and your payment and shipping settings are configured correctly. This attention to detail can help avoid any potential issues or confusion when you receive your first order, ensuring a smooth and seamless buying experience for your customers.

By taking the time to customize your store and ensure everything is in order, you can create a positive impression on potential buyers and increase the chances of attracting more customers. So, invest time and effort in preparing your store effectively to make a compelling impression and set the stage for success on Etsy.

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Business

How would you let your targeted audience know that you’re selling on Etsy and there are a few reasons why they should purchase your products? That is why a solid marketing plan is compulsory with an Etsy shop.

Among the most applied and recommended ways of marketing are:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Running Ads
  3. Using keywords and optimizing your store
  4. Influencer marketing
  5. Email marketing

This does seem like a lot of extra work when you should be focusing on more and better marketing strategies instead of dealing with secondary problems. Several plugins and tools lift your load for you and provide you with nearly all the solutions to your problems, such as sharing statistics, sending out emails, and store management. 

Connect Your Store With a Print-on-Demand Platform

A very interesting way you can further lessen your workload and focus more on expanding your business is to connect your store on Etsy print-on-demand platform. 

The process is very simple, starting with creating an Etsy account, connecting it with just a click to a print-on-demand platform, and letting the platform handle everything for you, from creating and selling your unique designs to handling printing, inventory management, and even shipping products directly to your customers. 

The most popular print-on-demand platforms are:

  1. Printify
  2. Printful
  3. SPOD
  4. Teelaunch
  5. CustomCat

Watch Your Store and Sales Grow

After following these simple basic steps, you not only gain more marketing exposure but also reduce your workload. Etsy, along with other eCommerce platforms, is highly saturated, and establishing a brand is not as easy as it used to be. 

However, with basic knowledge in mind and appropriate factors fulfilled, you enjoy your reward as you see more and more visitors in your store and, likewise, more sales generated.

Once your store starts running smoothly, your job would be to keep monitoring your store and the statistics to see if there’s any problem or hindrance that needs to be fixed.

Also, make sure that you update your content with time so that your visitors know ]you’re active and are bringing out more and more interesting deals and discounts for them. Regularly updating your store keeps your store optimized and attracts more visitors than usual. 


Summarizing the discussion, no platform helps you generate revenue without learning about it. You might have heard people complaining about not being able to make a single sale.

That is not because of the platform or bad luck but simply because there’s always an appropriate way to get things functioning smoothly. 

Etsy has a lot of potential buyers who are in search of new and attractive products, mostly related to designs and decor. When you keep the minutest of details in mind, there’s very little chance you still fail to receive orders.

Always use tools and plugins to shift the work and instead try to develop plans, long-term goals, and ideas on how to make that happen. 

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