Ways to Develop a Relationship with Social Media Influencers


Outreaching to your potential audience is not easy in today’s emulative world.

Hence, marketers are taking the recourse of social media industry influencers in order to create vigilance about their product or services.

Social Media Influencers help you out in building the engagement with your online audience or your industry leaders using their social networks or blogs.

So, let us uncover the ways to develop a relationship with social media influencers

Ways to Develop a Relationship with Social Media Influencers

1. Build Engagement on Facebook 

Facebook offers a way to build a strong engagement with your niche specific social media influencers.

Use the search function and type the keyword or phrase in order to find out the people that matter to your industry.

After finding the industry-specific influencers, start liking their company profile or company page.

If they like your page back then, start the conversation with a call to action.

Like, share, and comment on their posts regularly but avoid being promotional. You can also start appreciating them by posting a message on their page.

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2. Interact On Twitter Platform 

Interact On Twitter Platform

Twitter is used as an advanced search function whereby one can grab the latest news .

Performing the search using the hashtag (#) allows you to see who is talking about a certain subject.

This will also help you to have an idea that who is sharing content or infographics relevant to your product or brand.

As a result, you can start your engagement; by following them, commenting on & retweeting their tweets, and initiating a conversation using smart efforts.

 Remember, this process requires an investment of time so, do not expect a prompt response from your social media influencers.

3. Make a Connection on Instagram 

Make a Connection on Instagram

Instagram has become a strong business network where marketers are grabbing the new opportunities to market their brand amongst their targeted audiences.

Using Instagram, you can build a database of your industry leaders by simply sending them follow requests.

If they find you relevant, they will connect with you and follow you back.

Now, the next step is to keep an eye on what your followers or industry influencers are posting.

Also, share your contents regularly using the hashtag they use and what people search for.

Those who are showing interest in your posts by liking or sharing activities might be interested in business engagement with your company.

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4.Participate in Discussions via Google+ 

Google+ is a platform that allows you to join the circles and groups related to your industry leaders.

Be active to demonstrate your participation in your social media influencers’ posts by clicking on +1, share, and comment.

Also, share updates of your influencers on your profile page as it will show how much you value their posts or updates.

Make sure that you are not adopting the promotional way.

For a deeper connection, invite industry leaders on Hangouts and start your conversation.

You can also have a group conversation on a certain topic and this will help you to enhance your reputation in the eyes of your targeted influencers.

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5. Boost Your Network on LinkedIn 

Boost Your Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is such a great professional network whereby you can search your industry influencers using your own connections as well as through groups.

By going through the search function you can also find the influencers that are relevant to your industry.

Simply, type the relevant keyword and start sending the request to subject matter influencers.

In order to engage with them, start a conversation and show your curiousness about their content.

Be honest and tell them about how you discovered them. Make sure that you have performed the sufficient research about what exactly they do.

From Facebook to LinkedIn, we have discovered that appreciating the industry influencers and getting into discussions with them is crucial in order to build a relationship with them.

A good way to do so is by sharing their content on your social media profiles and mentioning (or tagging) them in it.

For doing so, Social Aider’s Bulk RSS Feed Upload is an ideal choice.

6. Social Aider

Social Aider is a social media management tool that helps the marketers manage their content calendar effectively.

It is extremely affordable and comes with various features like Bulk Upload, Image Editor, Content Curation, Time-Zone change, etc.

But here, we will focus on one of its most important features, “Bulk RSS Feed Scheduler”.

Benefits of Social Aider:

Social aider enables you to manage your social accounts simultaneously at your preferred time.

Now there is no need to select and schedule each and every post to be uploaded to your social media accounts or pages.

With the ‘Bulk RSS Feed Scheduler’ feature, you can schedule all the RSS feeds with a single click quickly and easily.

Just by using the Feed URL of the blog of the industry influencer of your choice, Social Aider fetches their latest posts.

You can then schedule these to be posted at a time and frequency of your choice.

You can add hashtags and @mention while scheduling their posts.

These will appear in every post that gets uploaded as scheduled and the influencer will get notified that you are posting their content and mentioning them in those posts.

You can initiate conversations, get involved into discussions and voice your opinions due to these consistent communications.

You are bound to get noticed by the influencer because of this consistency and dedication.

Once you’ve added the feed of an influencer, you can keep refreshing it at regular intervals, thereby letting Social Aider fetch their latest updates.

These new updates then can be scheduled to keep your audience entertained and maintain your relationship with the influencer.

You can promote your influencers’ content (and your own) more efficiently as Social Aider allows you to manage different social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Social Aider offers a separate text box for Twitter platform because of Twitter's character limit.

It also enables you to cancel a scheduled post before it is published.

There is no need to visit every social media account individually just to delete a wrongly added post. You can delete it by a single button click on Social Aider.


Social media influencers play a key role in your lead generation campaign.

Invest your time in identifying, outreaching, and engaging with your industry-specific influencers in order to boost your product or brand exposure.

Utilize completely every feature of each social media platform; liking, sharing, +1, etc.

Use tools like Social Aider, especially its ‘Bulk RSS Feed Scheduler’, in order to stay active virtually and build and nurture your relationships with your targeted audience and influencers.

All of your dedication and hard-work will be awarded with long-term relationships and a powerful network that will catalyse your growth and align your efforts towards achieving your business goals.

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