24 Email Marketing Statistics To Know In 2024


Here you will find some important Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know this year.

Today, professionals direct more efforts towards chatbots, social media, and other ways of reaching out to customers. It seems there’s no place for email marketing in our world. 

Yet, email remains the oldest but the most efficient marketing channel. Considering the number of people having access to email proves its effectiveness.

Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity for your budget and a smart method of growing your brand awareness online. 

This is not my subjective opinion. This is the conclusion based on numerous research and numbers. 

If you still doubt, let me show you a list of some  email marketing statistics to know this year. They not only prove email marketing effectiveness.You'll get a few insights into how to get maximum out of your email marketing campaign.

Here's a summary of the important email marketing statistics this year:

1. 72% of customers claim that email is their main channel for professional communication ( Constant Contact)

The email is the most effective and most preferred method of communication with clients.

It enables users to read and respond to messages during both their leisure time and business hours.

It's free, keeps better records and global in scope. It can also be forwarded and allows reaching out to a large number of people.

More It is effective: even if some companies generate little business thanks to it, email marketing is an incredible engine of growth.

Used well, it is the lever with the best return on investment and the emailing figures prove it.

2. The email marketing ROI is 4400% (Campaign Monitor)

One of the main metrics for every marketing campaign is ROI. For social media marketing, it’s not that easy to calculate it.

Yet, it’s easy to do this for email marketing. 

There are a few formulas that will help you calculate ROI:

ROI Email Marketing

Source: Snovio

Email has shown to be an efficient medium for business promotions as it delivers an average ROI of 4400%.

This means the return of $44 for every $1 invested.

3. 50.7% of CEOs and marketers find AI in email marketing more effective than non-AI approaches (Selzy)

AI is not the distant future anymore — and Selzy’s survey of business owners who implemented email marketing proves it. According to their 2023 survey of 1,250 platform users, half of CEOs and email marketers find the AI-powered approach more effective than traditional email marketing techniques.

importance of ai in email marketing

The company’s study also showed how exactly business owners and marketers use AI to improve their emails:

  • 39.7% of participants use it for automated content generation

  • 33.9% use it for personalization

  • 13.2% use it for filtering contacts and databases

  • 13.2% use it for send time optimization

4. Email marketing shows the best-performing metrics (GetResponse)

Email marketing delivers a high success rate for every campaign when you implement the best-performing practices. Studies have shown that:

  • Email copies with the subscriber’s first name have a 22.15% open rate
  • Relevant eye-catching links and CTAs in your emails can deliver a click-through rate of 15.49%
  • The opportunity to unsubscribe helps build trust and can deliver a 0.02% unsubscribe rate 
  • Quality content that meets the subscribers’ desires gives your email campaign a 0.02% spam rate

5. 61% of customers would love to receive emails weekly, 38% prefer promotional emails a few times a week 

What’s the best email frequency? Every day? Week? Or month? You never know until you try. Yet, research suggests the following.

Sending out emails every week is one of the ways to strengthen your brand.

Regular emails with useful and valuable content position you as a credible source of information and offers.

Fortunately, statistics have shown that 61% of your audience would love to hear from you on a weekly basis, and 38% of them are also willing to buy from you. 

6. 50% of customers unsubscribe because of being emailed too often (Explore)

Though people love to get emails comparatively often, it doesn’t mean you need to bombard them with emails like mad.

Sending emails too often or changing the email frequency result in a negative reaction. The best scenario is unsubscribing, the worst one is spam complaints. 

Email Marketing stats

Listen to numbers, email marketing statistics won’t lie to you.

But be even more attentive to what your subscribers and customers say.

Experiment and find what the best frequency of emails for your business in particular is.

Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates Tips:

  • Getting your message in front of the proper people at the right time.
  • Segmenting your email list can help you do that.
  • Craft The best Subject Lines
  • Did you know that 74% of marketers say targeted personalization improves customer engagement? And deliver 6X higher purchase rates.

7. The best days for sending emails are from Tuesday to Thursday (CoSchedule)

Not only the email frequency matters. The days when you send your email marketing campaigns are of importance too. 

To get the most out of your email sequences and generate more traffic, you need to send messages at the most appropriate time.

The best days to send your emails are between Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday has the highest open and click-through rates (18.6% and 2.73% respectively) followed by Thursday and Wednesday.

8. Email sent between 10 am and 11 am show the highest open rates and CTR (Snovio)

The most appropriate time for business emails is on working days.

Still, there’s one question remaining: what is the best time to send emails

Science speaks louder than guesses.

When we dive deeper, into the exact time of sending emails, it turns out that working hours are the best time for emails too.

Several studies have positioned the perfect email sending time to fall between 10 am and 11 am. This hour shows the best results when considering open rates and click-through rates.

Email Marketing stats sending email

Brevo's data reveals that there are times of day that are most suited for open and click volume: by Business Type

Also, In research by GetResponse, they investigated about 4 billion emails sent by their clients within January and June ( 2019 ), to collect data on the most suitable time to send to individual email addresses in their local time zones.

The investigation only observed at active senders with at least 1,000 contacts.

Here’s what they found about the most suitable day to send emails:


Useful Terms (Source

Open Volume: This is a measure of the % of the overall size of opens for emails sent through a specific period.

Click Volume: This is a measure of the % of the overall volume of clicks for emails sent through a particular period.

Open Rate: This is a common measure that takes the number of emails that were opened divided by the entire number of emails that were sent.

Click Rate: This marks the number of emails that received clicks divided by the entire amount of emails that were sent

9. 68.5% of marketers believe that automation is worth its price (LianaTech)

One of the main objectives of marketing automation is to provide the right content to the right audience at the right time.

This grows the audience's trust in the brand. Marketing automation is also a way to better qualify your leads, personalize your communications and increase your turnover while saving time.

Marketing automation not only improves marketing tasks. It’s more about optimizing the campaign, customer experience, and improving ROI.

This is the reason why 68.5% of marketing professionals believe it is worth every investment.

B2B leads. 53 % of B2B companies are adopting marketing automation technology, and an additional 37 % say they are intending to realize it. (Econsultancy).

Over the following years, an additional 21% of Marketing Directors plan to adopt a Marketing Automation Platform. – Salesforce “State of Marketing” (2017)

Some people associate email marketing with sending newsletters.

But it's much more than that!

Email marketing is the systematic and structured use of email in order to initiate, maintain and consolidate a relationship between a brand and its customers. It is one of the most used media in relationship marketing. 

This is due to its impact and profitability as a commercial media.

10. 50% Agree that personalized emails are the most profitable marketing tactic (Ascend2)

Personalization builds relationships, delivers a better experience and rewarding for any brand. That is why half of professionals claim it to be the most efficient tactic.

personalized emails

Personalization stands for a personal approach to every shopper.

It also includes relevant offers and recommendations. 91% of customers are more likely to shop with stores that provide this information.

56% of these shoppers state that they would return to the website with relevant personal offers.

Other personalized Emails Stats

  • Compared to non-personalized mailings, personalized promotional mailings have a 29% single open rate and 41% higher single click rates. - Invesp
  • The opening rate of emails with a personalized message was 18.8%, compared to 13.1% without personalization. - Statista
  • Brands that personalize promotional marketing emails have 27% higher single click rates and 11% higher open rates than non-personalized ones. - Experian
  • In the travel industry, Personalized subject lines have an opening rate of 65%. - Invesp
  • 74% of marketers said that targeted messages and personalization of emails improved customer engagement rates. - eConsultancy

Using multiple personalization techniques in a single email allows you to establish a much more personal connection with your customers.

However, do it with caution as combining too many elements can compromise the quality and relevance of your email.

To implement these email personalization techniques, it is essential to use email automation and marketing automation software like Getresponse which has advanced functionalities to execute them.

With the right email personalization feature, you can be sure to stay efficient and relevant to your customers. 

11. 88% of reviewed customers say that they are more likely to reply to an email if it looks as if created for them specifically (Dynamic Yield)

Email personalization has proven to generate revenue for up to 760% thanks to individualized content.

Personalized emails increase email open rates and boost engagement.

They increase email open rate and boost engagement. 88% of customers say that they will only respond to an email made for them. The result shows up in higher sales.

12. Segmented email campaigns show a 50% higher open rate compared to non-targeted ones (HelpScout)

Your every email subscriber is unique. You can unlock the highest income by segmenting them and sending different email campaigns.

HelpScout discovered the following email marketing stats. Compared to non-segmented campaigns, segmented ones show a 50% higher open rate and CTR.

Here are a few reasons why marketers segment their email marketing campaigns:

Segmented email campaigns

Marketers who practice segmented campaigns observe as much as a 760% jump in revenue. (Campaign Monitor)

13. Segmented email campaigns show higher open, click-through, delivery rates, and improve revenue (SuperOffice)

A test carried out by SuperOffice discovered a 94% open rate and a 38% click-through rate for segmented campaigns.

DMA sees segmented and targeted emails make 58% of all revenue.

14. Segmented and personalized emails generate 58% more revenue (Active Trail)

Email campaign segmentation is profitable. So email personalization is. Combined together, they offer your marketing strategy a boost.

According to Activetrail, both segmented and personalized campaigns generate a 58% higher revenue. 

Segment your audience according to any parameter.

For example, age, location, browsing history, and/or gender will help you realize a personalized approach to every subscriber.

This will compel them to open your email, click through, and finally, convert.

15. The email subject line defines whether the email recipients will open the email or report spam (OptinMonster, CMB info)

The sender’s name and the subject line determine the destiny of the email open rate. 47% of subscribers claim that the email subject line influences their decision on the email open.
email subject line - Email marketing Statistics 2024

So do not use spam triggers in the subject line and pay individual attention to your senders’ name.

Make them visible, recognizable, and professional.

16. The best email length is 200-250 words (Reply)

The email reply rate indicates how engaged your audience is. It reveals the effectiveness of your email campaign and is vital for lead generation and conversion rates.

The issue is in the email length. 

According to research, emails between 200 and 250 words show the highest reply rate followed by short emails of under 50 words (19% and 17% respectively).

The next in the email length are the emails of 150-200 words that show a 15% open rate.

short emails vs Long email stats

17. 45% of respondents would love the brands that do not position themselves as serious ones (ForeSightFactory)

Your clients and leads are human. You are human.

So make your communication human-like not robotic. 45% of customers state that they are more likely to communicate and buy from a brand that is not too serious.

For example, you can use emojis in emails.

18. The emails with emojis in the subject line gain a higher open rate (Backlinko, hackermoon)

Be human, be fun, use emojis. These small digital faces and objects evoke a higher engagement in the email recipients.

Studies have shown that emojis in the subject line of an email offer a 50% higher open rate.

At the same time, some indicate a 93% increase in CTR compared with text-only subject lines.

19. 80% of marketers are sure videos in emails improve ROI (wyzowl)

Videos are important for your marketing strategy.

They not only draw the attention of your audience but also grow the level of engagement and improve customer retention.

Videos in emails is a profitable marketing strategy that also shows a higher ROI.

  • About 63% of businesses are employing video in their marketing strategy

  • 82% of these businesses recognize the importance of videos in their marketing efforts and will continue to invest in videos in the coming years

  • 80% of these brands claim that using videos in their campaigns have a positive impact on ROI

Use videos to educate your audience, disclose new features, and involve clients and leads into a conversation.

20. Emails with pics generate a 7% higher open and 1.5% click-through rates (GetResponse)

Videos influence email deliverability in a negative way. If you do not trust them, use a picture with a Play button on it.

Attach a link to it and help leads learn more about your service with your YouTube channel.

Use pictures to attract attention to your email copy and educate your subscribers on an issue.

Using the right image can deliver high content views, click-throughs, and conversions.

Email marketing statistics prove that an email with a picture shows a 1.5% increase in the click-through and a 7% higher open rate.


Yet, keep in mind the next thing. When it comes to engaging and attracting attention, speed and display are vital. Make sure the email opens and it opens quickly.

21. 46% of emails are opened on mobiles and smartphones (Litmus)

Smartphones have conquered our hearts, minds, and hands.

We check them daily, hourly, minutely. The result is simple: 46% of emails are viewed on mobile devices and smartphones.

This makes it important to always optimize your messages for mobile devices. 

Do this to guarantee your audience benefits from your campaign. Also, emails optimized for mobile need less memory, download faster and are very easy to read. Just don’t forget to test it out

22. Only 32.2% of subscribers see the email later on a PC if it doesn’t display on a smartphone while 42.3% delete them once and forever (SaleCycle)

What do you personally do when an email in your smartphone shows in an inappropriate way? Save it for later? Do you remember to open it later? 

SaleCycle research has discovered that mobile users are usually fussy and want an easy-to-read option on their device.

Only 32.2% open the email on PC later if it’s not ok on their mobile while 42.3% of them delete the email.

23. Over 347 billion emails will be sent and received by 2022/24

Statista data shows a steady increase in the number of emails received and sent. they predict that the number will exceed 347 billion a day by 2022. It should also be noted that the number was 269 billion in 2018. This is quite strong for an already high volume of emails.

What does this mean for marketers? These email marketing statistics suggest an increase in the number of people using email, which, overall, is a positive thing.

However, the increasing number of emails can also make it more difficult for you to highlight your messages.

It is essential to create subject lines and relevant content for users. Otherwise, they may never open them.

number of email sent

24. Mobile in emailing

The arrival of mobile has significantly boosted the interest of email for all of us with the possibility of being notified quickly when we receive an email.

Here is some information on the main statistics on the subject. 

  • 53% of emails are opened on mobile. - Campaign Monitor
  • 23% of readers who opened an email on mobile, reopen it later in the day. - Campaign Monitor
  • 75% of the 900 million Gmail users access their accounts via mobile. - TechCrunch
  • The iPhone is the smartphone most used to open emails on average. - Campaign Monitor

Devices used to check emails: 


The email marketing statistics help professionals receive maximum out of their marketing efforts. 

There is one significant thing about email marketing: it is still relevant in 2023.

With over 760% increase in revenue, 4400% ROI, 94% open rate and a 38% click-through rate on every properly launched email marketing campaign, it is without any doubt the best marketing strategy.

If you are looking to reach out to both new and existing audiences, improve your relationship with an existing audience, improve customer retention, and close more sales, email marketing will help you do that with ease.

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