AdTargeting Review: How To Target The Accurate Facebook Interests And Google Keywords?

You may notice that it's getting harder than before to target the most specific Facebook interests and Google keywords for your ad campaigns, and your Google ads CPC is going higher while paid difficulty is getting tougher.

AdTargeting is aimed at helping you get rid of these annoying issues by searching for the most accurate hidden or niche keywords to lower your ad costs and maximize the ROI.

Through this AdTargeting review, you will know more about what exactly it is,  how it works, its key features of it, and what benefit it will bring to you in your Facebook or Google ad campaigns. So that you can decide if it is a suitable tool for you. 

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What is AdTargeting ?

AdTargeting is a Facebook interest targeting tool that reveals massive niches and associated interests to target your audience for your ad campaigns. You can target very specific audiences that you've never seen before and your competitors aren't aware of.

It's easy to use with free sign-up, you can simply enter the keyword in the search box, and then you can get massive hidden interests words that your competitors don’t know. 

Furthermore, it offers the whole dimension insight of your potential targets such as how many of your audiences are liking or using these words, their gender, age, geographic distribution, and region.

This free tool also helps you find the perfect audience for your ads. It’s easy to use and has helped thousands of marketers get more ROI from their Facebook campaigns.You can also use it to target Google keywords, so you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on irrelevant traffic again.


AdTargeting is the best way to find hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. It can help you max the ROI of your Facebook marketing targeting.

With AdTargeting, you’ll be able to discover new and interesting groups on Facebook that are relevant to your business and target them with ads.

You’ll also have access to a free Google keyword tool so you can easily find keywords related to your industry and create more effective ad campaigns.

No matter you are running a business to gain leads or just a beginner of Facebook advertising who wants to attract more traffic, AdTargeting will be your essential tool of choice because it will not only result in lower ad costs but save you a lot of time searching for those interests.

AdTargeting Review - What are the benefits of using AdTargeting?

AdTargeting provides a large number of keywords to reveal Facebook interests and Google Adwords that help you precisely target the audience and spy on your competitors' traffic!

AdTargeting offers precise targeting, which is more powerful  than other tools. AdTargeting can aid advertisers in classifying keywords based on the audience in detail through interest classification strategies.

Find facebook interests and target competitors' audiences

AdTargeting helps to expand and discover great interests, and take the guesswork out of interest targeting. 

facebook targeting

You can target competitors' Facebook Page fans' interests by using the "Advertiser" to search for your competitors' ad campaigns, you will know whether they had run an ad, how long they have been running for that ad, how the ads perform, and their audience profile to help you select the right audiences.

Get a more specific keywords insight than Google Keywords Planner

AdTargeting can reduce costs and maximize the effectiveness of advertising. Compared to Google keyword Planner, AdTargeting provides more nuanced insights into keywords.

When you are doing research on AdTargeting, you are able to know about the massively related keywords, the specific search volume, CPC, and paid difficulty varying from 1-100, which means the larger the number is, the harder it is to bid the Google ad.

However, Google's official tool only provides a vague range of search volume and a simple evaluation of the paid difficulty like easy, normal, hard, and super-hard.

More than that, Google keywords planner only offers several suggestion keywords, but AdTargeting has a huge amount of results for keywords.

Save time and make interests research easier with an interest package

It saves you much time to search for interests on Internet, you can add the interests you have collected to the listing to see if the keyword is suitable, then roll down to the next one.

Finally, you can get the most relevant interest words in the listing. and use them in your Facebook ad sets. In this way, you don't need to search for the interest keywords manually one by one.

Add interests directly to your ad account in a single click

AdTargeting allows you to import keywords directly to your Facebook Ad account in a single click, which is going to save you much time from copying and pasting. 

Discover advertiser pages to spy on Facebook ads of your competitors

To discover more advertiser pages and get Facebook advertiser analysis including Advertising trends, Hot words, Geographical distribution, Platform distribution, and Creatives type. You can also get Creatives Insight to spy on Facebook ads of your competitors and spy on their traffic.

Compare interests (or keywords) and choose the more appropriate one

Compare interests by Age, Gender, Education, Job, Location, etc., and analyze the audience to find the most accurate audience for your marketing. Compare keywords by paid difficulty, search volume and regions in Google trends to find more suitable keywords.

Who is AdTargeting designed for?

Basically, what we are trying to claim is that AdTargeting is an excellent platform for all online entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking for a better ROI. With the help of this platform, you can search for more relevant keywords for your business

  • A business owner who wants to boost their sales and impression online 
  • An advertiser who wants to make online ads on Facebook or Google by searching for low-cost long-tail keywords and niche interests.
  • Digital marketer who wants to expand the business and sales to other countries with high ROI and lower cost
  • Business manager looking for the leads customer and traffic

How Can You Use AdTargeting to Find Facebook Interests?

As a Facebook interest and Google AdWords targeting tool, AdTargeting is very easy-to-use for everyone even for beginners, here are some steps that AdTargeting can do to help you to target the precise audience and keywords.


Take the"Dog" for example, enter "Dog" in the search box, and you will get a report with a comprehensive list of related keywords and the amount of audience base they each have, along with the analysis of the audiences such as region, age, and gender.

Targetting example

Within this report, you will get around 220 related interested keywords and an overall image of what your target audiences look like.

Besides, you can choose different platforms. When you switch to Google, you will get more details like search volume, related keywords, and massive suggestion keywords.

Click the specific row for more accurate data, like paid difficulty, its popularity, top countries they are in, and the related keyword.

Related facebook Interest

Recently, AdTargeting has launched a new function, when you switch to"domain", enter your competitors' URL, and you are acquainted with all the long-tail keywords, and related hot words.

In that way you will get to know much about what keywords that your competitors' websites are using, then you can make them used for yourself,  which helps to improve your website ranking and Google ads.

Raking Google ads

Advertiser analysis

If you want more information about your competitors in detail, the Advertiser is the function you may not want to miss.

You can simply give in a keyword or Facebook page name and you'll get to see all sorts of useful information.

Things like the number of page likes, whether they have run ads, how long they have been running ads, the advertising trend in the past 90 days, and related products that have been promoted on the Facebook page.

Analysis of facebook interest

You can even dive deeper into pages and get very great insights about the advertising trends, hot words, geographical distribution, platform distribution, type of creativity. All the thing you want to know about the campaigns that your competitor is using is on your hand.

Advertiser Analysis

More than that, you can have all the materials they are using in their ad campaigns, and you can filter them by location, platforms, types, and duration.

adtargeting filters

Top Chart

Top Charts is also a great feature that Adtargeting offers to its users. This feature provides a list of the most popular interests or keywords under different keyword sets. This helps you to save time and choose the most suitable keywords. 

There are charts of 8 Facebook categories and 22 Google categories, sorted by audience volume, in 5 different languages. You can use this type of information to start with targeting. 

Top Targeting

The Key Features of AdTargeting

Interest keywords list

You will be thrilled to take a look at Facebook’s interest list vocabulary! There are some hidden interest keywords that you cannot even imagine.

The interest list is also a little overwhelming; it can comprise multiple categories. And now, AdTargeting provides the most renowned interest lists in various industry categories.

Let’s look at the interest list of advertisers on AdTargeting. We will observe that most advertisers are still using extensive keywords that are not relevant to the type of the campaign.

In advertising marketing, advertisers ignore these high-frequency keywords. AdTargeting helps you avoid these complicated keywords that seem relevant but are inconsistent with your target audience.

Accurate analysis

The second crucial feature of AdTargeting is the Audience Analysis feature. If you click on any Interest word on AdTargeting, you will observe an audience analysis of the selected keyword.

If you are baffled about whether or not your chosen keyword will interest your target audience, then interest audience analysis plays a vital role.

AdTargeting provides precise Google keywords analysis, like search volume, paid difficulty varying from 1-100, while Google's official keywords tool only provides a vague range which makes it hard to tell the accuracy of the data. The higher the score is, the harder it is to bid the keyword.

Mega database

It has a mega database of Facebook Interest and Google Adwords, hundreds of search-related and long-tail keywords, and hidden niche interests out of massive audiences will be revealed while Facebook's official tool only offers 25 keywords.

Maximize your ROI

It maximizes your ad ROI and lowers your costs, you can use the paid difficulty function to tell which keyword to bid, on and avoid the high-cost words to save your budget.

Specific keywords comparison

With the word comparison report function, you are able to compare different keywords to each other, so you can choose the most suitable one. As you use AdTargeting, you will realize that it has an interest audience comparison function when analyzing the audience of any interest. An advertiser only needs to enter another interest keyword, and they will witness an audience comparison of both the keywords. AdTargeting usually shows the difference between the two audiences in the form of a chart.

Advanced filters

You can filter the search by platforms, countries, language, CPC and paid difficulties to target the most cost-efficiency and accurate keywords for you. According to your audience market decide on the most specific keywords.

Integrated tool

It's an integrated tool of web analysis, audience targeting, and keyword research. You can not only find the keywords but also know your competitors‘ traffic, how their ads run and the duration of their ads.

Time saver

It saves you much time searching on the internet. You don't need to search the keywords manually and one by one, AdTargeting gives you accurate results within one second, and you can download the CSV file to look for more details.

Easy to use

User-friendly interfaces make it easier to use for beginners. In just one search box, you can enter the word that interests you most, then you can have all the results for it, and you can lead all the keywords into your Facebook ad campaigns in one click. That frees you from the most massive manual work.

Pricing Plan

AdTargeting now has four pricing plans, when you have signed up on AdTargeting, you are free to use it, but with very limited functions. Depending on your needs and budget, you have access to different plans, which is all up to you.

Now AdTargeting has a special limited-time offer, the pro plan is now on trial for 3 days, just $1.

  • Interest / Keyword Search
  • Audience Insight
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Advertisers Ranking
  • Advertiser Insight
  • Top Charts
  • Online Support

For more details, please refer to

adtargeting Pricing

AdTargeting Alternatives-Ubersuggest

There are always alternatives for software serving similar functions, in which, Ubersuggest is one of them. It is a one-end solution tool for keyword researching and SEO reports by offering a huge amount of data to help you to target your specific keywords and rank your website.


It offers not only related keywords suggestion but also a domains overview

Analyze your competitors' pages with the SEO report to copy their successful strategy and steal their audience traffic.

Track your link to search for the backlink data, get access to these sites and ask them to link back to you.


Much more expensive than Adtargeting

Focus more on your site's SEO than keywords suggestion


  • For Individual users, $29/Mon or $290 for lifetime use.
  • For Business users, $49/Mon or $490 for lifetime use.
  • For Enterprise/Agency, $99/Mon or $990 for lifetime use.

AdTargeting VS Ubersuggest

AdTargeting focuses more on the data behind the keywords, with more massive sources. Although Ubersuggest is a multi-function tool, it's not as accurate as AdTargeting. It's more related to Adwords and concentrated highly on ad campaigns. As we all know, concentration means profession.

Is it worth your purchase?

No matter you are a small business owner, a digital marketer, or an advertiser if you need to lower your ad cost and improve your ROI if you need to expand your sales and business into other countries, if you want to attract more leads and traffic to your website, there is no hesitate, AdTargeting is the best choice for you.

Many people have no idea how complicated an ad campaign is going to be, and how to sell their goods and services online.

Luckily, AdTargeting is here to help those people to raise their business to the next level by targeting an accurate audience.  No matter which industry you are in, AdTargeting will help turn your ad campaigns into your potential customers.

Through its mega database with over hundreds of millions of keyowrds, it gives the advertisers the biggest chance to expand their access to numerous audiences.

Filtering by search volume, CPC, PD, and search trend, advertisers could narrow down the audience volume to find the most accurate audience and leads.

By doing so, you can have a maximized ROI of your ad campaigns, and keep your ad cost lower than the average performance. So it is a must-have tool or platform for you, and definitely worth your buying.

frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

What is AdTargeting?

AdTargeting is the best tool on the market that helps you find hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences.It’s easy to use and can help you maximize ROI with Facebook advertising. You can use it as a Google keyword targeting tool too! With AdTargeting, you can have all the chances to get reach to your leads and potential customers.

What are the interest words?

Interest words are keywords on Facebook that people are interested in most, triggered by their online behaviors, their profiles, and shopping footprints. You can use the keywords to connect your ad campaigns to your lead audience and potential customers to traffic more conversion rate, sales, and impressions.

How does AdTargeting help me with my advertising marketing

By offering you more Google keywords than Google keywords planner does, AdTargeting can help you find low-cost and long-tail keywords. Just enter in the search box, then dozens of related keywords and suggestion keywords will pop out within one second, along with their search volume, CPC, paid difficulty, and search trends.

What are the database sources of AdTargeting

Its database comes from Facebook or Google platform. Its crawlers are always on the lookout for fresh, relevant content to add to its database. And AdTargeting does not rely on other search engines or similar services to find it. So if you want up-to-date information that will help your business grow, AdTargeting data sources are the way to go.

How often does AdTargeting update its database?

Adopted the Facebook official API, AdTargeting updates its database in real-time. So you can easily refer to its data for your business.

Why do I need to use AdTargeting

AdTargeting has helped many businesses and individuals to analyze its audience by offering the most specific audience analysis and keyword searching through its massive database. If you want to lower your cost and make your ROI higher, AdTargeting will be your essential choice.


AdTargeting gets a list of 1000 related interests or keywords by searching for words of any keywords.

AdTargeting is the best interest ad targeting tool to discover hidden or niche interests of massive Facebook audiences. It can help you max the ROI of Facebook marketing targeting. Just try it!

AdTargeting will be your essential choice to search for Facebook interests and Google ads, you can easily target your potential audience and hidden niches by its massive database, accurate data analysis, and advanced filters.

No matter you are running a giant business or just a new guy to digital marketing, you can find the right place here to raise your business to the next level.

AdTargeting is an excellent platform for all advertisers who are looking forward to expanding their business. It's free to use when you have signed up, so it means you can have a free experience to use it before your buy. And it offers a plan starting from $9, even if you are a small business owner, you can totally afford it. 

interest targeting Now

Discover hidden or niche adwords of massive audiences

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