SocialPeta Review – A Dedicated Advertising Intelligence Spy Tool (2024)


So in today Socialpeta Review, I want to give you some insider tips to get the best bang for your buck out of Socialpeta

In today’s world, where marketing trends are shifting at a rapid rate, it’s no wrong to say that digital marketing is making revolutionary progress.

There are several reasons for this, the biggest of which is COVID-19, which has confined people to their homes. 

The majority of the businesses are now using online tools not only for survival but also for their growth. Online advertising using social media, search engines, and mobile advertising has become a norm of today.

The biggest challenge, however, is that some people are not able to manage the targeting of their ads properly, which results in the loss of advertising budget as well as their time. 

For this purpose, there is a need for a tool that can help users in intelligently analyzing the market trends and the advertising details of the competitors in the industry.

SocialPeta is one such tool, that if used rightly, can work wonders in establishing the digital presence of a business. 

offers a variety of features to help its users get the maximum benefit from the tool. Let’s have a quick overview of the modules in SocialPeta with their features.

What is SocialPeta 

Socialpeta is an advertising intelligence platform that can help users in the in-depth analysis of advertising trends with the detailed graphical representation of the fluctuations in an organized manner.

The massive database of Socialpeta is fetched from 69 top publishing networks across 45 countries.

This database contains the data of over 770M ad creatives, which is an assurance and a proof to the fact that SocialPeta really provides an in-depth analysis. 

Filters are available in every module of the tool to make it easier for the users to extract required useful data from this collection of big data. 

SocialPeta Review and features

SocialPeta Features
One of the main SocialPeta featurues is Ad Analytics.

The module contains the analytics of more than 10 Million deduped ads with various filters to narrow down the search according to the set parameters.

There are three subsections in the module.

Ad Creatives

To find the ideas for ad creatives from the competitors, all you need to do is to search for your keyword and press enter to see the magic.

As mentioned earlier, you can refine your search for the ad creatives by clicking on the filters for category, networks, language, ad format, theme, countries, type of ad creative, supporting operating system, and time. 

ad creatives (1)

With the right use of these filters, one can easily make a strategy that can help in laser-targeting of the audience with the ad creatives that work.

Moreover, if you don’t put the category yourself, the artificial intelligence of the tool can detect it from your searched keyword and do the job for you.

Also, users can see the top charts for ad creatives and top trending new products that are ranked based on many factors, particularly in the ascending order of the impressions they are getting.

SocialPeta ad creatives (1)

If you click on an ad from the results page, you can see more details and more options to explore the creative, copy, and performance.

One can also get the inspirations for ad copy and playable ads to use in their advertising creatively and cleverly.

Cost Intelligence:

The cost intelligence module of SocialPeta helps the users in determining the estimated cost of their advertising campaigns.

Currently, the tool only helps in finding the advertising cost for Facebook ads and its related advertising channels such as Instagram, Audience Network, and messenger. 
SocialPeta Cost Intelligence (1)

You can find the size of the audience for any given keyword, no matter its English, Russian, Japenese, or Chinese versions.

The super powerful algorithms of the tool can not only find the audience’s size, but it can also show the trend of the cost per click (CPC) of that keyword.

This CPC trend can give an idea about the estimated price that users have to pay per click by targeting that keyword.

There are also some keyword suggestions based on the searched query. Advertisers can use these suggestions as keywords in their ad campaigns to reduce their marketing costs.

Apart from the audience and CPC, the tool also provides the estimated amount of money required to gain 1000 impressions (Cost per mille or CPM). 

Detailed graphical representation of the CPC, CPA, and related factors can also be accessed through the tool.

SocialPeta analytics review (1)

Filters are available as well to refine the selection.

You can select the advertising channel, category, placement, call to action, operating system, date range, and country to find out the best estimation for the CPC, CPM, and CTR. Demographics data is also available. 

Similarly, a graphical representation of cost per action can also be accessed if you click on the CPA button from the sidebar menu.

Here the action can be an app installation, product view, purchase, or anything that can add to the benefit of the advertiser.

Apart from the general filters of SocialPeta such as country, publisher, category, and type of action, there are some advanced filters as well. 

These include placement filters, which can be used to find the cost per action according to the placement.

Some example placements include Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Groups Feed, Facebook Search Results, and a lot of others.

Advanced filtration for the call to action button (CTA Button) and OS is also present.

After selecting all the criteria according to their requirements, you can find near to the exact estimation of cost per action, and the interesting thing is that SocialPeta shows these matrices according to different genders, age groups, and locations.

SocialPeta review (1)

Ad Intelligence:

This section helps in analyzing the advertisements of the competitors or industry leaders so that one can refine and maintain their own advertisement quality.

General top charts and the top charts of new trending ads are available based on the popularity. 

Similarly, the analysis of advertisers, ad publishers, and ad platforms with very detailed graphical representation can be performed using the tool.

As in the below screenshot from the dashboard, the selected publishing network is Admob; You can observe how detailed the analysis is.

SocialPeta app analytics (1)

App Analytics:

The app analytics section of SocialPeta helps the advertisers in accessing a great deal of information about the top mobile applications in the industry.

The segment can also be used to search for the apps using the keywords. Thus one can have an idea of the competitor’s app performance in real-time.

There are two segments in the module -app charts and app search. The app charts show the tables of the applications ranked based on the number of downloads for each app.

However, the tool allows the users to change this ranking factor to either revenue or reviews as well. 

For better comprehension, there is one separate column for free, paid, and grossing apps. Filters are available for the type of app store, the category of the listed apps, and the target countries.

Apart from these things, one can also sort the applications in the charts based on their Rise, Drop, and specific date range.

SocialPeta app analytics review (1)

Now coming to the “App Search” subsection of the module, here, you can search for similar applications to their given keyword(s).

Parameters such as daily active users, average rating, number of reviews, amount of Facebook engagements, number of versions, and the release date are available for each package. 

Filters for the categories, countries, type of app store, and release date can also be set. Sorting can be done based on the number of downloads or revenue.

SocialPeta filters seach (1)

eCommerce Analytics:

In this time of crisis, when most of the businesses are fighting for survival, there is undoubtedly a need for the tool that can intelligently help in eCom product and niche hunting.

The multidimensional focus of SocialPeta surely leaves no room for the betterment of a business. 

Dropshipping is one of the very best businesses that are active nowadays as most of the people are shifting to some sustainable income sources with little investment.

In the case of dropshipping, the investment required is less. 

With the module of eCom analytics, you can find winning products and niches for dropshipping using Aliexpress and competitor’s Shopify stores.

Anyone who is experienced with eCommerce business model or dropshipping can tell how much it can save time, energy, and money if you can find winning products and the best competitors.

The module consists of two subsections -Aliexpress products and Shopify products.

The gigantic database of SocialPeta’s eCom module contains the data of over 4M Aliexpress products and thousands of related Shopify stores. 

To find a winning product or store, all one has to do is to put his keyword or Aliexpress Products URL, and the tool can handle the rest!

Filters are available for each of the categories, top countries, number of orders, selling price, shipping country, top brands, containing videos, the availability of PayPal payment method, and fast shipping.

Advanced filtering is available to filter the products based on the number of people adding them to their wishlists, votes, and the number of orders on the current day.

To find detailed information about any products from the results, all one needs is to click on the product, and the tool will show a lot of other parameters related to the product, including the Aliexpress link to the product, similar products, graphs of performance and country-wise trend.

eCommerce Analytics

Audience Intelligence:

One of the biggest problems that most of the advertisers face is that they have to test which audience is best to target.

This used to be a trial and error based method, but with the help of SocialPeta, finding the best audience is no more a headache. 

Audience Intelligence (1)

When one searches for any given seed keyword, the tool uses its artificial intelligence and continually updated big data to find related keywords and relevant audiences.

The size of the audience, their relationship status, their educational background, the devices they use, their gender, and their age can be accessed within no time.

All this information can be used to plan or refine a marketing strategy in order to run a successful ad campaign. 

The same data for the Facebook pages related to that keyword is also available in the search results; thus, we can say that with a single click, one can access not only the goldmine of data but also the castles of competitors.

Inventory Intelligence:

Unbiased Ad inventory tracking in digital advertising is very important. SocialPeta gives a helping hand to the users in this regard as well.

In the ad inventory module, the users can search for any keyword and track the inventory of related publishers.

The search results include the app name, app package name/ID, page views (PV), Page views proportion, Ad Unique views, unique views proportion, top countries, ad format (and dimensions), and subscription button.

If the user subscribes to an app, they can track it in more detail.

PV Proportion is the ratio of the PV value of the current region and os to the PV value of all the regions and os of the app.

Similarly, UV Proportion is the ratio of the UV value of the current region and os to the UV value of all the regions and os of the app.

SocialPeta review Inventory Intelligence (1)

Brand Intelligence:

SocailPeta intelligently analyzes the performance of a brand based on several factors, such as their total number of fans, their weekly growth, and the rate at which they’re growing.

The tool shows the top charts of the brands performing great according to a specific category. One can also subscribe to the brands they want to follow for detailed analysis and tracking.

The brand analysis section shows a more in-depth analysis of brands that the user has subscribed.

Details of the total number of fans of that brand page, their posts, the magnitude of interactions, number of interactions per 1000 fans, mood, shares, and comments are available.

SocialPeta Brand Intelligence (1)

KOL Intelligence:

Key opinion leaders or KOLs are one of the best ways to promote a product, service, or application.

These are people who have made their name in the market by mastering or preaching a particular skill or some profession.

People trust their opinions and follow what they say, so these people also test a brand before promoting it, but as mentioned earlier, there are more chances that the audience is ready to listen to these people.

One of the biggest problems that advertisers face is that they have to find influencers by searching for a long time.

SocialPeta helps in this regard, with a single click from the dashboard, you can find thousands of influencers in any main niche or the shoulder niches.

The tool can help in a detailed analysis of the amount of engagement that the influencer received on some of the previous promotions.

This feature of SocialPeta currently helps in finding key opinion leaders on Facebook and Youtube at the moment.

KOL Intelligence (1)

How SocialPeta Works:

SocialPeta is a tool mainly build for the advertisers to maximize the ROI from their advertisement campaigns. The tool provides a lot of modules, as discussed in the features above. It uses special methods to collect a massive amount of data. 

The collection of this big data is then intelligently used in facilitating the advertisers with the use of powerful algorithms that extract requested data and present it to the users in a matter of milliseconds.

The tool uses a multidimensional approach in gathering this data, so the advertisers can get benefits from different networks and publishers, instead of just relying on the famous ones.

That’s the so reason SocialPeta collects data from over 69 publishing channels.

In the case of eCommerce intelligence, the regularly updated database is fetched from Aliexpress according to the number of orders a product is getting.

SocialPeta Pricing:

SocialPeta currently doesn’t offer any pricing plans publicly on the website, but the plans can be accessed by contacting the support.

This is because it’s a SAAS Service that is built to help corporates, so pricing needs to be set according to the magnitude of usage.

The users can, however, Get a trial account for three days with limited functionality. One important thing is that one can avail the trial account only with a  business email address. 

SocialPeta Pros:

  • Massive collection of big data of 770 ad creatives from over 69 publishing networks 
  • Access to advertising data from 45 countries/regions
  • A multidimensional approach to build a great marketing strategy
  • Filters available to narrow down the search results
  • Top charts in each module
  • Easy to use and comprehend
  • Regularly updated database
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Built-in live chat facility with premium support
  • List Element
  • List Element

SocialPeta Cons:

  • Pricing not clearly mentioned on the site
  • Comparatively more focus on Facebook and less on other advertising networks

Final Words:

SocialPeta, no doubt, is one of the revolutionary tools in the internet marketing industry.

It can help the advertisers not only in fixing their marketing errors, but it can also provide them with millions of inspirations to creatively build their marketing strategy. 

If you’re thinking of launching a new product or a mobile application, this tool can save you thousands of hours of research. 

All you need to do is to search for your competitors, find their strategy, and the way of targeting and boom! You’re good to go. 

Thus, we can say that SocialPeta not only helps in saving the budget, but it can also help users in developing an advertising strategy that works.

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