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Millions of companies have already turned their attention to professional website templates. Are you going to be the next one?

It seems to us that we are going to find the answer to this question very soon.

Why Turn to Professional Website Templates?

There are several groups of users who decide to take advantage of professional website templates more often. These are bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Startupers also got used to using ready-made solutions because it is more cost-effective. What are the reasons that make these people opt for professional website templates?

First of all, they don't have enough time to do everything by themselves. Building a highly-functional site requires several important steps. 

Designing, coding, and adding content might take a few months. From time to time, it is impossible to afford such a luxury.

Professional website templates assist in streamlining the workflow. The whole process is about adding your pieces of content.

After this, you are free to go with your newly-launched website on the Internet.

A limited budget also makes people forget about custom online-projects. It is expensive to hire someone who will create the desired site from scratch.

Unfortunately, we are not born programmers and coders. It takes time to learn everything about this sphere.

Thankfully, professional website templates are suitable for those who have no coding knowledge. You can be an experienced user who gets a chance to build a marvelous online-project.

7 Professional Website Templates That Will Impress Your Imagination

Today, we have decided to collect seven professional website templates for multiple goals. We have not chosen any old ready-made solution.

Our research helped us to select the most visually-attractive and multi-functional ones. 

These have a fully-responsive design, eCommerce compatibility, various design options, and many other functions.

However, it is not right to reveal all the secrets beforehand. Below, you are going to find seven detailed descriptions. 

Thanks to them, it will take nothing to understand whether the template is perfect for your taste. Let us get familiar with all of them here and now.

1. PathSoft - IT Solution for Your Business Services Website Template

PathSoft Theme (1) (1)

Having a strong online presence for your IT-related business means getting more revenue. Thanks to the visually-attractive site, it is possible to stress the importance of your services.

In addition to this, it gives a chance to display your content at its best and distinguish the company from others. 

It is always possible to turn to professional website templates and build an online-project on their basis. We want you to get familiar with this high-quality choice.

It enables getting a convincing website for multiple topics. These include maintenance services, SEO optimization, and many others. 

What does the package prepare for you? To start with, you are free to choose from four homepage demos.

Each of them has a special appearance and makes sure your site will be noticed. After this, it is possible to start experimenting with a bunch of pre-made pages. 

They will assist you in showcasing all the necessary info and drawing more attention to your content. As an example, you are free to speak about your services, present contacts, and add galleries. It is also possible to add blog functionality.

Thanks to its availability, it takes nothing to share additional pieces of information about your company.

There are also different header and footer layouts. It also includes a set of premium plugins that will enhance the functionality of your online project. As you can understand, you will get a fully-customizable variant that does not require applying any efforts.

Do not forget about the fact that it has a cross-browser-compatible design. It means that every visitor can browse the website. Google Maps make it possible to show the physical location of your office.

Main Features:

  • drop-down menu;
  • Ajax;
  • team members;
  • lazy loading images;
  • portfolio functionality.
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2. Builder - Construction Company Responsive HTML Website Template

builder Template (1)

We have also decided to choose a construction-related choice from professional website templates. This industry also requires having an excellent online-presentation.

However, it might happen that it will be impossible to manage the desired site, due to the lack of knowledge. It is when ready-made solutions are ready to offer their incredible assistance.

Actually, there are many professional website templates for the mentioned topic. Anyway, our choice fell for this beautifully-designed variant. It looks like a credible template that does everything in its power to promote your services.

What options are waiting for you inside the package? First of all, these are multiple homepage styles. Each of them is a well-structured variation that makes sure your content draws attention.

Furthermore, there is a massive set of pre-made pages that enable speaking about your business in detail. 

As an example, you can display info about such aspects as services, projects, employees, contacts, and others. It will also be possible to add different blog posts and make your service more trustworthy.

After this, you can start sharing your pricing lists and the latest news. Do not forget that this stunning template will gladden you with a fully-responsive design. What does it mean? Every use will be ready to browse your content no matter what device he or she uses.

Main Features:

  • drop-down menu;
  • Google Maps;
  • Parallax effect;
  • social media integration;
  • contact form. 

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3. Backpack Story - Online Travel Agency from Professional Website Templates

Backpack Story Template (1)

When it comes to a traveling site, its online-presence can have a huge influence on its success. The majority of prospective customers are looking for the best tours on the Internet.

For this reason, it is crucial to take care of your online-project, so that it can impress the audience. In our opinion, it would be perfect if you decided to opt for this superb ready-made solution.

We have also chosen it from professional website templates that provide a heap of useful options. Are you ready to get familiar with the filling of its package?

As usual, it would be clever to start with the availability of different pre-made pages. These are well-organized helpers that allow getting a fully-functional site in a flash. 

Add your pieces of information and get ready to present all the travel-related details. As an example, they give a chance to speak about your tours, display services, and share contacts.

There is no need to look for some eye-catching images or taking all of them by yourself. 

The package has dozens of topical pictures that will make your site look more attractive. What are other ways to broaden the horizons of your travel agency?

You can make the online-project more exciting to browse by adding a few animation effects or transitions. 

If one wants to communicate with your team, it is always possible to take advantage of the contact form. Moreover, we cannot forget about the opportunity to add a newsletter subscription.

It enables sharing the latest updates and keeping your audience engaged. By the way, another way to show your latest news is to work with blog functionality.

Finally, it is essential to mention that this template comes together with a fully-responsive design. It does not matter what gadget your visitor uses to look through your tours. He or she will always get access to the site because it adjusts to all the screens.

Main Features:

  • different gallery styles (grid, accordion, slider, and carousel);
  • booking form;
  • advanced search;
  • drop-down menu;
  • Google Maps.

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4. DreamSoft - Software Development Company Multi-Page Website Template

DreamSoft Template (1)

Are you concerned with the fact that your software site does not get enough visitors? Do you want to make a perfect first impression and make the audience stay here as long as possible?

In this case, it would be smart to update the existing online-project and make it special. To achieve such a goal, you can turn to different professional website templates. We decided to save you time and share this minimalist-looking choice with you. 

To our mind, this multi-page HTML template has all the necessary functions to get an unforgettable site. Its design is cross-browser compatible. People will be ready to look through your content using all the modern browsers. It has a bunch of ready-to-use inner pages.

All you need to do is to add your unique pieces of content. As an example, it is possible to display such aspects as a team, services, and many others.

In general, there are 30+ pre-made pages to work with and customize according to your needs. To make them more engaging, you need to add a few relevant images. 

Fortunately, you will not need to waste time searching for the most beautiful and remarkable pictures. An amazing pack with them is waiting for you.

Without a doubt, you will need to showcase these images in the best possible light. 

The package provides a set of gallery types. Among them, you are going to find a grid, carousel, accordion, and slider.

After this, make sure to work with several animation effects or transitions. They will make sure your online-project makes a lasting impression on all the visitors. How can you increase the number of your clients?

There is also blog functionality that allows speaking more about your business, interesting facts, and updates. 

Main Features:

  • contact form;
  • newsletter subscription;
  • mega-menu;
  • Google Maps;
  • mega-footer;
  • Google Fonts.

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5. Crafter - Multipurpose Modern Bootstrap 4 Website Template

Crafter Theme (1)

Crafter is one of the best professional website templates that we have ever seen. In this small selection, you have already gotten familiar with ready-made solutions for particular goals and topics.

Have you thought about having a multi-functional template that will be suitable for all possible purposes? 

This significant choice provides you with a great many functions that will impress your imagination. Are you ready to learn what this exclusive template has prepared for your needs?

To begin with, it includes eight demos. Each of them is a perfect match for a popular niche. You will be ready to promote such topics as weddings, dances, hotels, and restaurants.

In addition to this, it enables drawing more attention to construction equipment, a flight school, and charity. Finally, you are free to present different events and DJs. It is no doubt that everyone wants his or her site to stand out from the crowd.

Due to the availability of different pre-made elements, it will not be a difficult task. The package provides a wide variety of headers and footers.

You can also work with different pages, styles, and layouts. Combine them and get a unique online-project that will grow your audience. In general, there are 175+ pages that will help you to distinguish your company and services from others.

Remember that it offers an easy-to-edit nature that will make your customization process pleasant and comfortable.

You can also add a bunch of extra elements to make the site more reliable. As an example, these include testimonials and pricing tables. 

People will get a chance to take advantage of the newsletter subscription. Share your updates and make sure your audience can track the latest news.

Main Features:

  • portfolio;
  • team members;
  • mega-menu;
  • different gallery styles (grid, accordion, slider, and carousel);
  • hotel booking.

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6. Supplyx - Gym Shop Angular Website 

Supplyx Theme (1)

You might be asking yourself whether your gym shop requires a decent online-project. Nowadays, every company needs to have an excellent online-presence to differentiate itself from different competitors.

For this reason, we decided to draw your attention to this modern choice from professional website templates.

It is one of the best variants to invest in if you have an interest in promoting your sports-related topics. Perhaps, you are not sure that this choice will be your perfect assistant. 

We will try to convince you of its usefulness. To start with, we want to mention that it has a fully-responsive design. Your audience got used to browsing the Internet by means of different devices.

As you can understand, it is crucial to make sure your site suits both desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, its package includes 22 pre-made pages. Due to their availability, you will be ready to launch the desired online-project as fast as possible. 

Add the essential pieces of content to them and start promoting your high-quality products.

Among these ready-to-use tools, you are going to find shop pages, checkout pages, single product pages, and others. Without a doubt, your visitors will have an interest in communicating with you.

A fully-functional contact form will give them a chance to ask all the questions they way.

As you could have already understood, it will be effortless to implement eCommerce and start selling your items. By the way, an eye-catching Parallax effect will add something special to the presentation of your assortment.

Main Features:

  • background video;
  • Google Maps;
  • drop-down;
  • blog functionality;
  • newsletter subscription.

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7. UniversalTheme - Business Consulting & IT Solution Website Template

UniversalTheme Template (1)

These days, all customers expect different businesses to be presented on the Internet. People got used not to trusting those companies that do not have a proper online presence.

Customers turned out to be impatient. It is possible for them to look for their perfect items and service somewhere else.

For this reason, losing a chance to build an impressive online-project would be wrong. Our search for the best professional website templates led us to this memorable choice. 

In our opinion, it will prove to the audience that your company deserves their attention. In general, it is suitable for those who require promoting a business consulting topic and some IT solutions.

Like all the previous variants, it has a fully-responsive design. You will not need to worry whether your visitors can get familiar with different pieces of content. Moreover, it has a wide range of pre-made pages to present all the necessary information.

Each of them makes it possible to transform the site into something that inspires confidence. Among them, you are going to find ready-to-use tools to speak about your team, services, and contacts. Then, you have the freedom to add blog functionality. It is another method of bringing more customers to your company.

Thanks to sharing some unexpected details and interesting updates, you can boost the popularity. It also has a useful booking form that enables getting a consultation from the team. You can also showcase a pricing table on the homepage.

Do not forget that the customization process will take you nothing. It is effortless to insert the desired images, texts, and other pieces of content.

Main Features:

  • Google Maps;
  • Parallax effect;
  • social media integration;
  • drop-down menu;
  • gallery.

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A Few Words in Conclusion

Whatever niche you are working in, having a credible online-project is essential. It will meet the satisfaction of both your prospects and existing clients.

These days, it takes nothing to find professional website templates. 

They are available for creative agencies, consulting businesses, online-shops, restaurants, and other popular spheres. It is also possible to download website templates for free if you are on a tight budget.

In this selection, we have tried to gather the most fully-functional and beautiful templates. They have all the necessary tools to display your work, accomplishments, team, and other details.

Together with them, it will not be an issue to keep your audience engaged. For this reason, make sure to check them all out and choose something for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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