lead generation strategies – 25 Tactics That Never Fail


It's great, you just create content that you broadcast on your website as part of your lead generation strategy.

creating a good piece of content is just the start, you are yet far from closing the deal, you need to promote it , and that is the big game for lead generation strategies.

You can not just put your content on your website and hope that everyone will find it. you need to work on it .

Many marketers spend 80 % of their time promoting and just 20 % writing.You must be actively involved in promoting to your audience.

So that's where many of us are left to the judgment. How can people notice the new content? How to generate more leads with what you've created?

Here is a list of lead generation methods and strategies that will create a springboard for the promotion of your content.

There is obviously no obligation to use all the elements of this list whenever you create something. However, you will earn more optimal and efficient lead generation if you apply some of them correctly and consistently.

Let's get started !

1-Create a remarkable content

Let's start with the most important concept: quality content as one of the  lead generation techniques. 

The expert content marketing Jeff Molander gives the following answer:

"the remarkable content is content that creates leads and promotes buyer confidence.

The difference between the content which converts and one who scares away visitors is the ability to give prospects to taste success.

"Thus, your content should enable the reader to learn things from the perspective of putting them into one convenient.

To succeed in attracting the most relevant customers/ audience, it is essential that your content is of quality and relevant to your target.

These should both be optimized for natural search and precisely target keywords searched by your audience.

You will then be able to generate more qualified traffic to increase your conversion rate and therefore your number of qualified leads.


Now you understand that quality content is the key to attracting new prospects, you may be wondering how to know what content interests your target?

For this you'll need to set your personas.

Personas are a fictional representation of your 'ideal' customers based on the data you managed to collect and assumptions that you develop.

They will help you better understand the behavior of your customers on the digital channels and so guide your content production according to their specific needs, concerns and behaviors.

If you are not familiar with Personas check this Guide by Neil Patel

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3.Find new prospects through SEO

SEO is an effective way to bring your website quality leads.

Being ranked well in the search results pages of search engines ensures better visibility and allows you to get a steady stream of prospects.

There are several techniques to improve your SEO, the content marketing, which should be in your top list, Combined content marketing and SEO to get more leads is a good technique.

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Generating leads through social networks

Social networks are a very interesting source of prospects! This is truly a channel that should not be neglected because they not only allow you to create engagement, to connect to your target,

But they also have an important influence in the buying behavior of individuals.

Market research experts, report that 51% of Facebook users and 67% of Twitter users will be more likely to buy products on the recommendations of companies they follow.

You certainly already published on social networks, but here are some additional ideas that you can apply to increase your visibility and gain a notch lead generation business.

4.Change your cover photo and replace it with the image of your new content. This will naturally increase awareness that you just created, and its description will give you the opportunity to link to your content.

5.Post several times a week the same content, varying the images you use in each post.

6.Create groups. A discussion group related to your niche is a powerful way to generate leads.If you manage to attract many qualified members of your swap space,

You manage a big shot, no need to study their profiles, they joined your group because your topic interest them. therefore they are potential customers.

As you turn them into leads by offering your articles regularly on the group and draining them to your landing pages. Buffer is a good platform to help schedule your conent.

A great Guide for this is done adespresso

7.Twitter cards are somehow the equivalent of the registration forms that you place on your blog to collect emails.

So instead of redirecting the user to a landing page and a form to complete for an ebook download or a series of video, you can use the Twitter cards. A complete guide on the use of Twitter cards go here

8. Change your cover photo to showcase your new content you want to promote.

9.Create a hashtag for your campaign. This will allow you to monitor conversations around your new content and answer specific questions.

10. Tweet frequently, include images and a link. Did you know that tweets with pictures generate 55% more contacts than it is without images? A compiled list of tools is created for you here

11. Organize contests. For example, the first 200 people who tweet your offer will get a gift or a discount on what you are selling.

This technique is very useful because, it can help you reach more people outside your circle . Each person who tweet to his audience about your content refers to additional people who are not in your network.

Linkedin is a platform that can bring you much more targeted prospects as Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to develop your content marketing strategy.

On LinkedIn, you share the contents of your blog on a wall like on Facebook or you can publish all or part of your best articles in professional groups. This is a great way to get noticed by a community of influencers that will bring you many targeted prospects.

12.complete your profile.

If you wish to use LinkedIn to make direct or indirect marketing, it is essential that your profile is complete and all the elements that distinguish you as a business are there.

The idea is to ensure that the quality and professionalism of the service or products you offer are reflected on your page, which will greatly contribute to the positioning of your business.

Throw your documents directly, like your Slideshare presentations or any other element that could help support the expertise of your business.

13.Actively Participate in groups

Awareness of your company goes through its own page, but also through your personal involvement in specific groups (in other words: your personal profile).Do not go to LinkedIn for sharing your articles: you will soon be regarded as a spammer unprofessional.

nstead, take the time to answer questions, participate in discussions and share quality resources, even if it is not yours.This is How to create one

14.Send sponsored InMails

Your marketing campaign is not limited to traditional banners. LinkedIn gives you the ability to send targeted InMails, that is to say direct messages to decision makers of your choice.

Be smart not to spam : to attract the attention of your prospects, you must offer them something in return. This may be a webinar, a round table, a white paper, a detailed case study that will help them in their business sector.

15.Use landing pages to get more leads online

landing page

As simple as it may seem, the use of landing pages is a success factor in converting your visitors into qualified leads.

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but here a few reminder about a landing page

It is a page whose sole purpose is to get more leads online. It contains a value proposition and a form. The visitor fills out the form in exchange for obtaining this value. Yes forms work, but they have a price

There are different models of landing page, but you'll see very quickly that they have in common:

  • The absence of the navigation menu (not required but recommended)
  • A clear title that prompts action
  • A value proposition presented synthetically
  • A form that will be longer or shorter depending on the value of supply , how much information the visitor is willing to invest against your offer?.
  • Elements for reassurance as customer testimonials
  • A Lead magnet
  • A strong Call to action

According to a study by HubSpot, an internet site that has 30 landing pages convert 7 times more than a site that owning 5. When you think that many sites have not 5, it is perplexing.

Many people forget that they can optimize their website to promote their own content (it is certainly likely that this is the most effective way).

16. Create a strong call to action in your home page home page, which is usually the one with the most traffic to your site, this also helps in building your email list fast. have a look at Brian Dean site as a good example for that.

17.When you create a lot of content, create a content library: as a catalog page dedicated to the content you create.

18. Make every new star at the top of your content library.

19 On SEO all secondary pages of your site (eg, product pages, thank you pages ...), include a link and a short sentence of motivation to this new content.

Each time you post an article on your blog, you give Google and other search engines one more opportunity to find you. Each article gives you an opportunity to rank for new keywords that will generate leads and grow your visibility.

20. Create articles about the new content as often as possible (at least twice). Post these articles a few months to generate a steady stream of traffic to the landing page that matches it.

21 Create a nice attractive call to action at the bottom of each article that links to your new content. preferably offer something for free to motivate your audience.

22 Encourage social sharing of your articles with an integrated few sharing buttons, Maximum 3.

23. Submit your articles and your content to partner

24.Set up a newsletter.

create a news letter

Creating a newsletter (online newsletter) allow your company to regularly provide relevant content to your potential customers.

As for downloadable resources, you can include a call-to-action to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Regularly sending relevant content to your prospects, you improve the relationship of trust and increase your chances of attracting into your funnel.

The newsletter is a subtle way to accompany your prospects by offering advice and solutions, demonstrating your expertise, improving at the same time your chances of seeing come to your business when it's ready to take his purchase decision.

A great Guide to start one is here

25.Emailing is probably one of the most effective tools for new prospects, according to web marketing experts.

Email can influence consumers' purchasing behavior. Contrary to what one might think, the fact that there is so much information available on the Internet does not make it less effective emailing the contrary!

According to a study of iContact, 83% of consumers are willing to spend more for a product or service they have heard about via an email. Of course, this is true provided that emailing is made in accordance with ethical marketing rules.

Tools to help you start all of that is in my resources page here

A great way to increase lead generation in the other channels. The A / B testing can be used in calls to action, landing pages,email marketing, advertising and more.

According to research conducted by HubSpot with tests A / B landing pages, they can help you to generate up to 40% of potential customers for more your business.

When properly made, the tests A / B can provide a huge competitive advantage your business.

Generating leads is like the sinews of war for your business! There are lots of ways to come to you potential customers, whether online or offline.


The lead generation ideas listed above are the most common and do not represent an exhaustive list. The key is to find the formula that suits you and works for you!

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