The Best Business Ideas For Students. How to start your own business as a student.


College students, parents and high schoolers - we've got the business ideas for you. Learn how to make money with these Best Business Ideas For Students. 

Students most often want to earn money quickly and without intermediaries. It is uncomfortable to work for someone because you have to fulfill someone else's requirements, to meet expectations.

A supervisor or boss can deprive you of your salary or a bonus for various reasons. A business, on the other hand, is a person's responsibility for his earnings and the quality of his work.

Therefore, the best and most promising way to make money as a student is entrepreneurship. In this article, we will tell you the best business ideas for students. Start earning on your own and develop in your industry.

Starting your business from college times will help you to succeed earlier, so when you graduate you will already have a steady income, and won’t need to start from scratch like your other peers.

Being a student entrepreneur is like “I pay someone to write my research paper and spend that saved time to earn 10 times more”. So, how do you start your own business if you are a student?

Can a student start his or her own business?

Many people wonder if a student can start his own business on his own and what are the best business ideas to implement in life. Let's look into it.

What is a business? It is an activity designed to make money. A businessman offers his goods or services to the consumer/customer/buyer. At the same time, he must ensure the high quality of his product to attract more people and gain the trust of regular customers.

The business should be a full-time job for the student so that half of the working day and evening is spent on the development of the business and its improvement.

So, choose from the list below the best business ideas for students and get started as soon as possible.

Do I have to drop out of university for business?

Do I Have To Drop Out Of University For Business

It is not a good idea to drop out of university for the sake of business. Even if you discover the best business idea, you cannot be 100% sure that it will work. Often businessmen, especially beginners, face serious problems.

For example, the PR campaign does not work and the audience does not add up. Suppliers, logistics, communication, customers or employees, etc. can fail. The product or service may not be relevant or of poor quality, so customers leave bad feedback and leave.

In general, business is always a risk. A young person should be prepared for the fact that he may not only not make any money, but also go into debt. In this case, businessmen get a job, save up and pay off debts, and then go back to their business.

Just in case, a student should have a major in which he or she can get a job. We recommend that you take the time to study to gain useful skills and knowledge, not just a diploma.

The competence of a specialist will not hinder you in business. The better you understand technology, your employees, etc., the better your team will be. Even if you are self-employed, it is possible to combine work and business at first.

Gradually you will be able to move away from a less profitable business and immerse yourself in more interesting activities. 

So, when you find the best business ideas for students, don't try to figure out how to pick up your documents from university right away. It is better to try to combine 2 interesting activities in your life.

For example, you can learn how to get up early and have time in all areas. And if you struggle with doing your writing assignments, essays or other projects then don’t hesitate to find best services on reddit that can professionally help you with any of that.

The best business ideas for students

So, we have compiled a list of the best business ideas for students. We have chosen those options that are suitable for today's students. They are relevant during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The choice is up to you. However, we recommend that your interests and your initial capital be the starting point.

If you are willing to invest in a business, there is no guarantee that you will make a net profit the first time around. However, over time, the idea can bring you much more than entrepreneurship without the investment.

Selling trending toys

Nowadays, the trends are set by Tiktok and bloggers. For example, Simple Dimple and Pop became popular at one time. 

These anti-stress toys were sold by the millions, so the first businessmen were able to make several million on resale. Find new trends and try to promote them to your peers. Or start selling to a marketplace. Requires an initial investment.

You can start helping your classmates and classmates for money.

Some need help writing term and dissertation papers, some need to explain a subject and prepare for an exam.

You can put forward your assistant services first at your university and then online for other universities. At the initial stage, it does not require investment, but over time you will have to recruit staff.

Online games for the smartphone

If you are studying to be a programmer, you can learn JAVA in a short time and start making simple games.

The simpler the game, the more followers it will have. You can earn by investing in an advanced version and additional options in the game. In this way, you can make money very quickly. No investment is required.

Artists can make money on pictures from photos

It has now become fashionable to give pictures as a keepsake. And a person does not have to come to the artist and sit still for several hours.

With photos, the artist can draw any background and landscape to the face. No investment is required, only for advertising in social networks.

A student can start fixing laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets

You will immediately have customers who do not have time to travel to workshops in other parts of the city. It will be much more attractive if you learn how to provide emergency care and carry tools with you. Then you can earn twice as much as other workshops. Investments are needed for tools.

Help at home

Students who live alone, especially girls, when faced with a breakdown are lost. Young people are often cheated by craftsmen and asked for very large sums of money for a simple repair. If you start helping your acquaintances for a small amount, you may soon have new clients.

So, you'll be able to moonlight for a while, accumulating a base of clients. Over time, you can hire employees who already work around the city. Investments are not required, but you need your tools.

Making handmade crafts.

It has now become fashionable to make jewelry out of epoxy and wood, as well as stones. You can sell them on the Internet, in social networks, as well as at fairs that are held at universities once every six months. Requires an investment for materials.

Become a copywriter.

This is a person who writes text to order. You can get a job as a freelancer and promote your services to other students. Chances are, someone may need your services.

Maybe someone will need advertising or promotional slogans. All of these things are expensive. Also, rewriting, i.e. changing the text to make it more unique, might be needed by many students. No investment is required.

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Start your blog.

You can earn from commercials on your blog. But for getting paid offers you have to provide high-quality content on your blog.

The best thing about it is that you can run your blog on anything you’re passionate about. For example, start running a blog about music if you are a musician or fond of music.

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Baking and home cooking.

If you periodically bring your pastry masterpieces to the university, you can find customers who will want to buy pastries from you for holidays or as gifts. Try to win live customers who will bring more people to you. Requires an investment in cooking.

Manicure for girls is very important

Also, some guys take great care of their nails. You can get new clients if you do a couple of free sessions for people around you. Based on the feedback, people will start coming to you. Don't forget to blog and earn on Instagram. Requires an investment in tools.

Leasing Xboxes or Sony. 

Nowadays, young people cannot afford to buy game consoles. Those who want to play a console have to go to game halls, which can be dangerous nowadays because of the pandemic.

Therefore, you can rent out your console by inviting you to visit or lending it to you. Requires an investment if you don't have a console. Additional game consoles may be required.

Creation and promotion of websites

If you know programming languages and visual editors, you can start earning money by creating websites and blogs, as well as promoting them. Because the services are up-to-date, you can find clients without any problems.

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Courier delivery of goods. 

A relatively inexpensive option for creating a business is to start a courier delivery service. To get started, you will need a smartphone and a computer. Delivery can be carried out both independently and by engaging third parties.

The target audience is online and offline stores, small organizations, and firms. Most often they need people who could carry out the delivery of documents and heavy parcels. With the proper organization of the case, such activity is very profitable.

The business of walking animals.

This business idea will be relevant to those students who study in cities. We all know that the lifestyle of people living in metropolitan areas is very stressful and sometimes they do not have enough time to fully walk their dogs.

That is why, these people seek the services of those who are willing to take on the function of walking the pet. Most likely, it will be necessary to walk the animals in the morning and evening hours.

So, the business is easy enough to combine with educational activities. To develop your business and earn more, you can also negotiate with other people who will already be your hired employees.

Buying food. 

Surely many of us have ever been in a situation where we had to buy food for our neighbors or acquaintances. You could also organize business on this. To find a lot of customers, you need to get a ready-made business plan with calculations for students. 

If you’re going to organize such a business, you should be familiar with the area where you plan to work. Determine if there is a supermarket nearby.

Next, you need to advertise for services. The more websites you will use to promote your services, the better. The price of the services you will provide should cover the cost of staff salaries and travel.

Tutoring and text translation services. 

Those people who are in their senior year at university can try their hand at providing private lessons. You can teach core subjects.

If you're a future teacher, then one of the options for earning money could be to prepare a child for school, exams, homework, and so on.

What about the students of philological and translation specialties, they can start earning on tutoring and providing services for the translation of articles, as well as documents. There are benefits from such employment. You get it all together with professional experience, a portfolio, and an income.

So, now you can choose one of the best business ideas for students. Remember that a business needs to grow, otherwise, it will stay in one place forever.

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What does a student need to start a business?

To start a business, a student only needs to start. It doesn't hurt to prepare a business plan. This will help you navigate your activities.

It also doesn't hurt to study the basics of management, marketing, advertising, and PR. At the base, you should have an accurate understanding of the business system. Check out the SWOT analysis and the Pest Analysis, which will help you in starting your business.

Once you start moving in that direction, the brighter your road to business will be.

The main mistakes when starting a business

Beginning your own startup as a student, very often there are common mistakes. The main ones are:

  1. Lack of idea. Without a clear idea of what you are going to do, you will not succeed.
  2. Lack of market analysis. You need to weigh the pros and cons of your chosen business. 
  3. Lack of a business plan. It is not difficult to find examples of business plans for students. After spending a few hours on this, you will be able to find a suitable one, which only needs to be adjusted to the conditions of your city.
  4. Laziness. If you have made a decision and taken on a case, then do everything possible to implement it.

Do the market research

ecommerce niche research

You have to understand the marketplace to understand what works and what doesn't. Online surveys are the best way to get information from different groups of people with different cultures and backgrounds.

Frequently asked poll questions such as "How do you shop?" and "Where do you go for information?" can give students great business ideas.

It is also important to find out the cultural, social, and economic trends that may affect your business. Here are some of them:

  • Buying habits
  • Health consciousness
  • Attitudes toward environmental products

Gather relevant data about your competitors, such as their prices, the areas in which they excel, and where they fail. This research will put you in a good position to launch.


When the business topic arises during the class, you should always ask a lot of questions to get a better sense of how to launch your startup. You can also go to special programs that might help students become entrepreneurs.

As you learn how to create a college startup, build relationships and connections that will help you get your first group of customers. You can follow this guide to create a mailing list and encourage people to sign up:

  • Choose an email marketing provider and create an account
  • Set up a form for subscription on your website
  • Create your first newsletter and welcome message
  • You can create a unique signature for your email
  • Offer a bonus or freebie form and attract traffic to it
  • Develop a landing page.

Launch and sell your startup

Launch And Sell Your Startup

Now it's time to launch your startup. In the early stages, communicate frequently with your employees, partners, and customers to ensure that your operations run smoothly.

Focus on providing quality services to your first customers and have them leave feedback on your site, if possible.

A huge part of launching your business is the first sales. Reach out to potential clients on your mailing list and let them know about your latest deals.

In addition to family and friends, they are likely to be your first customers. You can also offer discounts as incentives.

When you launch a college startup, it has to get the attention of people at your institution and beyond.

Since a large percentage of your customers will be students, you should use SMS marketing tools to send out announcements of your startup launch because students are likely to check their messages..

You can also use content marketing by creating a blog on your site and posting useful content regularly. You should use other cost-effective marketing methods as well:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Posting on relevant forums
  • Guest appearances on podcasts and webinars.


To start a successful college business, you need to use the marketing resources available to save money and stay within your budget. You can advertise your business in your university's media center.

This is a cost-effective resource that gives you access to a large number of students. The various student organizations on campus are other organizations you can partner with to promote your brand.

Build your brand

Build Your Brand

You need to create a brand that gives you more legitimacy. A good way to start is to create a website that doesn't have to cost money. Free website builders like WordPress, Wix, shopify, Webnode, Ucraft, and Mozello offer great results for free.

Your branding process should have a wide range and include social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media marketing tools should help make this process go more smoothly.

In addition, it would be helpful to engage a student Influencer to further strengthen your brand because statistics show that 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from Influencers.


Many entrepreneurs today forget that word of mouth is also an effective way to build a brand. Don't overlook this gold mine, because statistics show that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over other sources.

Tell as many people as possible: friends, classmates, study groups, and even strangers at parties. Feel free to organize your meetings and parties where you can sell your product by giving out free samples and inviting your guests to share their experiences on social media.

Strictly adhere to the rules and regulations

To avoid problems when starting a startup in college, you must follow all the established rules of your school and the government.

A common mistake startups make is failing to register a company, which can hurt you later. Also, stay up-to-date on insurance, licenses, certifications, and taxes concerning your business and personal life.

Tip: Clearly, during the first few months of your business, you may not have enough money to hire a consultant or lawyer to help you avoid violating rules and regulations.

This is where a mentor comes in. You can use the college network to get a mentor with experience in the field you are studying.

Keep your priorities straight

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” ― Stephen R. Covey

As a business owner, you should have better control of your time. You should also learn to plan and schedule most of your activities.

Whether you're starting a technology company, consulting firm, e-commerce store, or service provider, entrepreneurship can be difficult when combined with schoolwork. Make a daily to-do list to keep up with deadlines and keep up with school and work.

Before you become a business owner, you need to learn discipline and how to say "no" to various interruptions when you need to focus. You may have to cut back on Internet browsing, messaging, and hanging out.


Tip: Use a system of rewards to motivate yourself to complete tasks. For example, you may decide to go to a party with friends after you have completed all the tasks for the entire week.

Most importantly, make sure that assignments and exams are always on your list of priorities. Your academic performance is key, no matter how your business develops.

While the opportunity to get rich off your startup is an important incentive, there are other benefits as well.

Starting a business allows you to pursue your innovative ideas while you are young. It is also a great catalyst for self-development and self-discovery.

By following the above guide and adding an important ingredient, namely hard work and dedication, your dreams of launching a successful startup can become a reality. Stay focused, and you may be able to tell your own future success story.

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