KWFinder Review: Increase Your Website Traffic 10X


KWFinder Review. I use KWFinder for SEO research, competitive analysis, content marketing, and some for PPC.

kwfinder tool

KWFinder Review

Kwfinder provides you with everything you want for powerful keyword research, all in one spot.

Starts at $29.90/month

4.5 of 5 Stars

The first step on how to have an improved ranking on any search engine is to understand the importance of keyword research tools.

Not only will this allow you to find the most relevant keywords for your website but you can also use this to identify weak keywords in your content.

There are various keyword tools used in internet marketing to facilitate better web ranking and improve SEO.

A well designed keyword research software is important for any search engine marketing campaign and this is where KW Finder comes in.

KW Finder is a first-rate keyword research tool that really streamlines the keyword research process in a way other tools failed to do.

It provides a more comprehensive data set that even a veteran SEO will be happy about, but still able to present that data spontaneously inside their user-interface to maintain its user-friendly features that even a newbie will understand.

KwFinder Review Summary 


Provides you almost everything you need for a more accurate and precise keyword research, all in one place.

Ease of Use

KW Finder has a very user friendly and highly intuitive user interface that even a beginner can master in just a short period of time.


Although this is still one of the reasonably priced premium keyword research tools available, it is gradually getting more pricey.


Multiple support options with a very responsive live chat support.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Launched in 2014, KWFinder has improved considerably over the years and allows in particular to:

  • Find out the number of monthly searches for a keyword
  • Find variations of this keyword
  • Find out the average CPC on Google Ads
  • Know the difficulty in positioning yourself in a niche
  • Analyze the sites present in the SERP
  • Follow the evolution of research over the months and years
  • All in the language and / or country, region or city of your choice

In a simple search, you can know the trend of a keyword throughout the year, the number of monthly searches, the AdWords CPC (cost per click), the PPC (the level of competition in paid results) ,difficulty positioning (on a scale of 100),SEO and social metrics of the first 10 results and even an estimate of their respective traffic.

In addition, KWFinder offers related keywords that are relevant and sought after by Internet users.


You cannot identify weak keywords on your own.

To ensure that you will only get high volume keywords that are also relevant to your website, you need to use special tools designed just for this purpose.


  • Highly intuitive user interface than any other keyword research tool on the market
  • Cloud-based application which means there are no more compatibility issues
  • Multiple research options for precise but unique keyword opportunities
  • Consistent, one-click keyword difficulty score for any keyword
  • Responsive and high-quality support
  • One of the low priced keyword research tools in the market


  • Possible strict request limitations for heavy users
  • Not designed for competitor research
  • Capped keyword results may affect the import feature
  • SERP Checker preview can’t be customized
  • No support for multi-tabbed keyword research

When it comes to your web content, choosing to use high search volume, low competition but trending keywords is very important.

This is how you get the most out of your free search engine traffic.

When Google cancelled its keyword planner, obtaining free accurate keyword data has become trickier and having premium keywords tools have become more important.

This is the same as having a premium backlink index or checker tool if you are really serious about your link building.

However, a lot of keyword tool platforms don’t really understand the exact needs of marketers with regards to relevant keywords that will generate them profits.

What these providers do is to inflate their applications with redundant and usually unnecessary features just to make the tool look fancy and then charge users with premium price for these unhelpful features.

This is particularly true for keyword tools that target newbies because it is much easier to sell gaudy features to customers that don’t know what they need.

KWFinder Review 2021

kwfinder keyword tools

One of the best free keyword research tool in the market today is KW Finder.

This is a popular, updated keyword research tool from Mangools.

What makes this keyword tool different from others is its focus on simplicity without sacrificing any functionality.

Its developers designed an application with user experience in mind.

Apart from its remarkable UI, KW Finder provides a one-click keyword difficulty score system including effective research options you usually don’t find in other keyword research tools.

Aside from functionality, a keyword research tool must also have an easy to use interface.

SEO is a simplified process so a keyword research tool must not be complicated to use.

Even if you do not have the experience of an SEO professional, a user friendly application will make sure you understand the process of keyword research without making the simple task extremely complex.

In addition to this, the keyword research tool must also provide full customer support.

User manuals might be helpful but nothing can replace the good old method of customer support which is talking to another individual who know the product well.

The quicker you are able to fully understand how your keyword research software works, the faster it will be for you to establish your business online and strengthen your online presence.

With the help of a powerful internet marketing tool in the form of keyword research tools, the opportunity to have a well ranked website and a highly optimized page is always possible.

This particular tool can prove highly valuable when used the proper way so learn more about your software before you use it in your marketing campaign.

To know more about how KW Finder really performs when it comes to effective keyword research, we have created a step by step tutorial to showcase the experience of using this tool and find out what KW Finder can really do.


One of the main advantages of KW Finder is its user – friendly interface using 2D design to display data in an a very understandable way.

As a keyword research tool designed for beginner SEO’s, KW Finder does an excellent job at providing a significant amount of otherwise confusing information in a way that even the newbies with no prior experience in using a similar tool can understand.


As a reliable keyword research tool, KW Finder can provide a sizeable databank of derivative keywords as well as synonyms that include long phrases or long tail keywords.

This can also provide you with an overview on how much advertisers are willing to compensate, the number of competitors vying for the same keyword, volume of searches, and the ranking that each key word can provide in terms of search results.

KW Finder also provides information on the number of links a competitor has and how many links you need to generate so you can get into the first page of Google’s search results.

kwfinder backlinks

And while some keyword tools can provide you with the same information as what other keyword search tools can, KW Finder makes everything simple.

Ideally, there are similar tools that offers comprehensive keyword information including the competitors’ domain ages and whether or not the keyword is included in their main tags, page title, and or headers.

However, these information are sometimes unnecessary and usually add to the premium cost of the keyword research tool.

With KW Finder, you are given something that is so simple but works wonderfully in providing you the exact information you need.


As a web based keyword research tool, the primary advantage of KW Finder is the opportunity of accessing it from any computers anywhere you are.                                      

As long as you have an internet connection, you can be able to obtain updated keyword search results everytime you perform a research.

Kwfinder Review

In addition – having a more specific keyword research tool such as KW FINDER does not require users to connect a personal Adwords account.

Or any other account for that matter in order for the tool to function properly.

Every time you log in to your Mangools account, everything just works fresh out the box.

kwfinder pros


If you are equipped with the right keyword research software, you can be able to beat all the odds in your marketing efforts and expand your reach as you try to build your ranking or increase your traffic generation rate.

Learn the things you need to know to find the right keyword research software and you can be able to have a powerful internet marketing tool.


A well designed keyword research software is important for any search engine marketing campaign just like with other tools used to improve SEO.

For online business owners, this is a vital piece of their marketing strategy to make sure that they are attracting specific online traffic relevant to the services and or products they offer.

A successful internet based business need products or services that convert potential traffic into buying customers not to mention a highly optimized website that will bring the traffic in the first place.

But without reliable keyword research software, your site may be able to attract sizeable amount of traffic but the question is: are they the type of online traffic your business needs?

With KW Finder, you can take advantage of their 10-days free trial to find out if this keyword research tool is the perfect application for you.

Kwfinder Free Version 10 days

Visit Kwfinder and click on the FREE TRIAL button on the upper right corner of your browser.

You will be redirected to a page where you need to create your Mangools account. Once you have confirmed your email, you can now start your ten-days free trial.

Kwfinder Free trial

Continue to dashboard and start your keyword research.

how to use Kwfinder

A list of results will show where you can specific sugestions based on keyword difficulty score, average cost per click on Google ads and level of competition in PPC.

You will also have the average of monthly search volume in the last 12 months. More keywords will be available if you upgrade into premium account.

Kwfinder tools

Click any keyword and wait for it to calculate a difficulty score according to link metrics. You will see a comprehensive analysis on the keyword suggestion window.

Kwfnder word difficulty

This keyword phrase has a monthly search of 264,000 with high keyword difficulty rating. Based on this test, it’s very likely to find some relevant keywords even if you are just using the standard search option.

Kwfinder search options

KW Finder can also give you a helping hand if you want to find informational keywords by clicking on the “questions” button.

kwfinder question button

Using this research option, you can precisely obtain query-based keyword suggestions without any extra work.

Using the keyword “food”, you will be able to obtain a whole batch of keyword suggestions you would not normally see in the regular search tab.

But just by allowing KW Finder to add it’s own question-related prefixes, you are able to pull in informational keywords that are relevant to your search.

Search by keyword

You can find different results from using this search option but it will be on the low side when it comes to search volumes.

But this does not mean that these keywords are not worth targeting.

In general, this is still a wonderful option you can use if you want to occasionally find some great keywords using this particular research option.

However, this is not quite advanced enough at this stage to replace other external research tools.


Commercial keywords refer to phrases and terms people often use when they are looking for something to buy.

For e-commerce websites and online stores, these type of keywords are very important because they convert really well.

Compare to regular informational search keywords, the principal goal is to make a sale.

To search for commercial keywords using KW Finder, start by typing a keyword based on your niche.

commercial keywords using KW Finder,

After you obtain relevant keywords suggestions, the first thing to do is use filters so you can narrow down your search.

Filters are practically useful for searching for commercial keywords because you are able to use specific modifiers based on your niche.

Unless you are looking for exact product names, commercial modifiers are usually what provides a keyword commercial purpose in the first place.

kwfinder filter option

Once you have included some modifiers in your search by using the filter option, you will be able to pick out more relevant keywords for your niche.

You can also choose to constantly dig through your keyword suggestions and perform new searches while applying the same filters until you finally strike gold.

kwfinder filters

You have to understand that in this case, your niche audience is those who are looking for mountain bikes and relevant accessories.

Although most of them will be typing “mountain bikes” directly on the search bar, general keywords often yield thousands of results from different websites, online guides, forums, product advertisements and other related online information.

So to avoid wasting money on clicks that you will not be able to convert into profitable customers, be very specific on the keywords you use and it must target the niche that is actually interested to buy the products or signup for the services you are offering.


Utilizing the most relevant and appropriate keyword is important if you are aiming to improve your website’s ranking.

Even if your website has the best Flash application and well-designed content, without the relevant keyword, you will never have a chance to rank better in Google SERPs.

KW Finder allows you to input a seed keyword to produce a list of related keyword suggestions including alternative research options that allows you to have a different mix of results.

You can also analyze the overall difficulty of every suggested keyword using the built-in SERP analysis or the keyword difficulty rating.

kwfinder SERP analysis

Lastly, you can narrow down and manage your results using the filter options, including monthly search volumes and specific modifiers as well as keyword competitiveness.

KW Finder has been popular not only for establishing niche markets and improving SEO rankings but in finding keyword based domain names.

If you own a website, the only way to improve and make it more productive is to enhance its capacity to generate traffic.

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However, the volume of traffic will be insignificant if its quality is poor.

A highly targeted traffic based on relevant keywords will have a higher conversion rate as compared to random visitors who accidentally bumped into your website because of wrong choice of keywords.

Keywords tool is actually a system that provides interested parties the opportunity to drive well targeted traffic into their website.

More often than not, the cost of services for using an online based keywords tool is determined based on the PPC system also known as the pay per click.

In addition to KWFinder and SERPChecker, Mangools has developed a range of very practical SEO tools such as:

  • SERPWatcher which tracks the positions of Websites
  • LinkMiner which allows to find the backlinks of a site
  • SiteProfiler which analyzes the metrics and important data of a site
  • SERP Simulator which simulates SERP to optimize its metas

All the reasons are good to have a Mangools subscription, and at this price, no more excuses

Kwfinder Pricing

KWFinder, like most tools, offers a subscription system: there are basic, premium and agency packages.

The basic subscription is more than enough. It is priced at 49$ and you can benefit from -40% if you take the annual subscription, for $29.90 only.

kwfinder pricing

Then there is the Premium offer available at $39.90 per month. This plan is especially dedicated to people with several sites and who seek to push SEO further.

This offer allows you to check 500 keywords per day. From this offer, the tool no longer limits the search for competing keywords.

Finally, there is the Agency formula available for $79.90 per month. It’s a big SEO machine, like digital strategy agencies.

Here you can access 1200 keywords per day and no limits in searching for competing keywords.

Mode of payment?

You can pay using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards, or pay with PayPal, transfer money via Bank or if you're fashionable, use Bitcoin.

Can I get a refund?

If you are not convinced, Kwfinder will give you a complete return in 48 hours of your pay. This does not refer to two consecutive subscriptions.

The Best KWFinder Alternatives?

If you think KWFinder is not a good keyword research tool fit for yours.

You possibly don't like to pay the money or you searching for a more different tool that fits your needs.

So, I have created a separate article stating all the  excellent keyword research tools that you can utilize today.

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The keyword is one of the factors that make websites searchable in the internet.

This is one of the reasons why keyword tools are important when it comes to analyzing the market trend to learn the most sought after keywords in the market with the lowest competition possible.

Without the help of keyword tools like KW Finder, ubersuggest, google keyword finder, or other free keyword tool,  it is usually a lot harder to get better ranking from search engines and this will render your website virtually non-existent especially when your target market is not able to find you in the internet.

KW Finder offers additional research options that will help you do a good job for finding unique keyword suggestions without having to use another keyword research tool.

Although this is not a complete all-in-one keyword tool, this application provides a step in the right direction when a few functionality tweaks are added like batched difficulty calculations, multi-tabbed research, and customizable SERP Checker preview.

And for you to be able to take advantage of the keywords that are not generic, KW Finder has been designed to search for key phrases as well as long tail keywords.

Most of the time, what makes internet marketing a very competitive industry is due to the fact that almost all internet marketers are focused on a particular approach and that is to use highly competitive key phrases and keywords in their articles which only floods the internet.

But in order for you to avoid this particular mistake, consider using long tail keywords in your marketing either in writing articles, creating press releases, and other SEO strategies.

Long tail keywords and key phrases can also offer the same result and increase your search engine ranking without having to compete on using the same keywords used by many internet marketers.

This is why using KW Finder is important in order to find the most specific keywords relevant to the products and services you are offering and with the least competition.

Investing on keywords with high competition rate is not a practical move unless your website is highly optimized using other SEO strategies.

If you are planning to buy a premium keyword research tool, it is best to go for KW Finder because it includes special features like being able to monitor competitions in AdWords.

This will enable you to determine what words are competitive, what offers greater profitability, and what words to avoid so you can reduce unnecessary expenses on unproductive keywords.

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