6 Handy Hacks To Save Time in Your Online Business


19% of offline small business owners state that their enterprise can expand 25% within 3 years if they own a website. 

This convincing statistic proves that customers interact with their preferred brands online, motivating them to make purchases — a key factor for the success of your venture. 

However, you need to consider much more than merely launching a webpage when it involves running a successful business. 

Certain critical considerations are regular website maintenance and upkeep, which includes preventative security measures like frequent updates. Supporting aspects include staying on top of customer orders and assistance, vendor billing, and maintaining accurate records. 

Although your homepage might serve as the center of your company, you also need to take other actions. It's time-consuming and often stressful. We'll quickly outline a few strategies you can use to manage your internet presence while saving valuable time.

We’ve put together six smart hacks, which will help you maintain your pace, thoughts, and work while optimizing time to expand your online venture.

1. Automating multiple processes


Every industry has some duties that are universal. Do you regularly reconcile the amounts in your accounts? Do you manage incoming leads? How do you manage your email lists? The best solution here is automation – which enables tasks to run continuously without any intervention from anyone. 

Automation not only enables you to prevent something mundane from falling through the gaps, but it also frees up your time and brain capacity for other duties.

Online businesses can streamline many activities that would normally consume a ton of time. With the help of email marketing tools and social media campaign optimization, you can plan newsletters or product launches with minimum effort – weeks or even months in advance.

This saves valuable hours that can be used to iron out bugs, conduct quality checks, or create customer journeys.

Perhaps you’re creating your blog posts in batches, but you also want to frequently organize updates to distribute your information via social media.

Instead of spending the entire day glued to the laptop, allow a plugin to determine the most effective moment to contact your community and publish fresh posts.

Use form plugins, which integrate with your preferred email lists or form codes provided by your emailing service if you send out a newsletter. This will allow subscribers to self-subscribe and organize their membership. Here are some other suggestions for managing your emails.

Recommendations for email management software

  • Numerous services, including Facebook, Asana, Dropbox, and many others, are linked with email management software. 
  • AI-driven tools help you focus your attention on the emails that are most important.
  • There’re also platforms available for team email communication. They're the ideal auxiliary for a modest marketing team because they provide scheduling tools and the ability to set objectives.
  • You can also automate the production of expert business proposals, greatly increasing your likelihood of success.

Here’s an example of an email marketing service – whose interface allows complete marketing automation like campaign creation and workflow visualization.

Use OCR to automate multiple manual processes 

What is OCR? OCR (optical character recognition) is a technique that enables users to extract text from pictures or scanned documents and convert that text into a form that a computer can understand.

This is useful when additional processing of data is required, such as in accounting, cost management, loyalty marketing initiatives, or identity verification.

In essence, employing OCR software to identify letters, words, line items, phrases, and patterns can reduce the amount of manual document processing required.

We frequently see OCR solutions used in conjunction with AI and ML to automate specific tasks and improve the precision of data extraction.

It’s necessary to invest time and train the OCR technology by providing it with a large amount of data in order to achieve the best text recognition. In terms of accuracy and document coverage, it improves over time.

Use travel management systems to automate business travel

Corporate travel turns simple and hassle-free when you use an all-in-one business travel booking solution. It can help you with everything from lodging reservations to cost-effective travel.

2. Executing tasks in bulk for efficiency


Ideally, your company has some batch-ready, repetitive procedures. This may be as simple as opting to open your email three times daily rather than leaving it open. 

It can involve composing several posts for social media and arranging them to be published at a later date. Or maybe you need to field a slew of calls however you can plan them out.

Determine which of your company's recurring duties can wait for a few days because they aren't urgent. Despite what the ordinary individual may claim regarding how they’re supposed to be forever working, email monitoring is undoubtedly one of them. 

You don’t have any justification for not establishing a rule that emails are not emergencies. Should you operate for somebody else, say that you'd accomplish more for that company if you had more undisturbed time to concentrate – and then back it up with your performance.

Deep working, which entails you give one task your undivided attention for several hours, is challenging to accomplish. When you've got a reasonable pile, identify the tasks you can schedule in advance and disregard the rest for now.

3. Locating the proper tools

You might provide your clients with solutions that are slightly more specialized than one-size-fits-all purchases or sell things through an internet store.

You'll require software like these Microsoft services to manage transactions, gather and handle revenues, and produce bills, projections, and invoices no matter how you choose to trade. 

You'll additionally have to handle delivery, tariffs, leases, customer service, and other needs unique to your company.

Setting up could be a chore in and of itself. As market demands differ, we won't recommend a particular product or kit as the best course of action. Rather, we'll advise you to take the time to do some investigation and read objective opinions.

Test a few different tools, but restrict the number of service suppliers you choose for your organization to a limit of three or four to prevent decision fatigue.

A point-of-sales system should not be used to manually enter credit card information while selling online learning subscriptions, just as you don't wish to break down a wall using a shovel. Do your homework, pick the resources that are suitable for the project, and then start operating your company.

Let’s go through some time-saving tools:

Index cards

Utilizing index cards is really a quick and easy technique to enhance your time managerial skills.

First, at the start of each day, list each key activity on your index cards, and then hang them where you can view them easily. If you find yourself becoming sidetracked, take a moment to review each card to help you get back on track.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

If you’re tracking and interpreting piles of data from multiple websites, an application programming interface, or API, will set you up with plenty of advantages. For one, using an API platform is simple and connects you with hundreds of websites and tools all over the web.

With the help of APIs, transferring information between programs no longer requires manually entering data. As a result, data can be automatically transferred across applications, doing away with the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

For another, APIs make it possible for programmers to extend upon and reuse existing pieces of code and features rather than having to create everything from scratch. Having the API already in place allows developers to focus on creating new applications or features rather than rewriting code for things that are already present.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

ERP can consolidate all of a company's operations into a single, integrated system. A functional ERP ensures that several business management tools work together for the majority of businesses. 

ERP integrated eCommerce solutions can be used to efficiently accomplish a variety of back-office tasks, including IT services, inventory software, warehouse management, and HR tasks. You gain from an integrated, single data hub that breaks down silos with an ERP e-commerce connection.


Using templates for the emails you send frequently will help you save time. Because you only have to check the templates occasionally, you won't have to compose the same text repeatedly and you won't have to be concerned about glitches or errors.

Marketing calendars

Have you ever introduced a brand-new commodity only to discover afterward that you neglected to make a social media announcement? If so, creating a marketing schedule could save you time. 

Your social networking activities and company output will be integrated by a weekly plan, allowing you to plan Instagram feed posts, Facebook updates, and Tweets in preparation for any release. 

As everything will be planned, you won't have to be concerned about upcoming posts on social media and your following will constantly be aware of the most recent developments in your company.

Check out how this social media strategy includes a calendar that incorporates plans for the content mix, which you aim to place before your customers.

4. Doing away with repetitions

There are typically established procedures that continue to be conducted in many businesses, from commerce to manufacturing, digital to branch offices, merely because they've been executed in that manner for a while

Whether or not the operations are beneficial to the company overall, this occurs. A terrific approach to save time and funds that can be utilized elsewhere is to take a step back and  determine what doesn't perform.

The batches and automation hints are built upon in this. Consider a scenario in which you frequently react to a specific kind of service request.

They ask how to utilize your service, and you provide detailed instructions in each email. It's a job that can easily become monotonous.

Attempt to develop a text extension for everything that you may frequently compose, even though it differs somewhat so that you can readily access it when necessary.

5. Properly delegating and outsourcing tasks

Advantages of Outsourcing

Delegating work is a terrific method to save more time, however, when you do it, ensure that the proper person gets it.

It might be enticing to assign the job to the employee with the sparest moments, however, if they lack the necessary skills, the task might have to be redone, which will add to the hours spent.

How to properly assign jobs is among the most challenging skills to learn. Collaborating with a remote team can make this more challenging because most human interactions occur online.

Your crew will be better able to handle the issue at hand if you can visually and constructively lay out their goals for them.

Outsource the business activities if you’ve got a project that requires expertise that isn't typically possessed by your staff.

The rise of the global marketplace has given the average business owner access to a large pool of skilled contractors. Therefore, when you want to conserve time, freelancing websites can help

Also, providing things with a designated area will save you time. Whenever you frequently ship parcels, have envelopes, sheets, and pens nearby, and attach a sticky tape roll to the desk for convenience. Additionally, keep a contact folder with your worker's information in it.

6. Using productivity hacks for time efficiency

Strategies to step up productivity free up time to learn new tools and strategies so that you may keep edging out the competition after eliminating distractions, developing a daily schedule, and optimizing the use of your time through a fine-tuned flow of work.

Create mind maps

Despite the fact that we now recognize how the brain works, the way learning methods approach instruction has not altered in years. The innate cognitive skills of the mind are made use of by an effective brainstorming method known as mind mapping.

It incorporates what is referred to as radiant thinking (how the brain naturally arranges information).

Rather than using classic linear thinking, consider the map as a nexus of connected concepts and links, which emerge from a core premise from various angles.

You can work on your concepts, goods, or services by using mind-mapping software. It’s a terrific tool for salespeople as well because it improves retention, which results in persuasive marketing pitches.

Focus on well-being

How to achieve focus in Personal Branding

Even though it may occasionally be challenging, keeping fit is among the most crucial factors to retaining motivation and performance.

Although running a company, whether physical or online, is challenging, it's important to schedule time for healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising.

Anyone who claims that it’s ineffective is mistaken because even the process of contemplating expends energy. Your overall fitness will have a direct impact on how you feel, and how you feel will have a significant effect on how well your job turns out. 

So make sure to track your nutritional consumption, ingest a range of nutritious foods, set the laptop down, and get some fresh air by taking regular walks or jogs.

Use time-management systems

Each individual, regardless of whether they're a seasoned business owner or an entrepreneur, should practice time-management skills because it’s extremely useful.

You will be able to outperform your rivals in the fight for success if you establish daily/ weekly/ monthly routines.

You can quickly identify and get rid of time wasters with the help of good time monitoring tools, and also understand how to organize your duties effectively.

Additional suggestions

  1. Utilize time limitations to self-delegate assignments.
  2. Maintain a time log.
  3. Limit your time spent being distracted.
  4. Set wise priorities.
  5. Reduce juggling.

Take some time to unwind

You work hard and manage time well — okay! But should you work yourself to death? No. You can feel re-energized and prevent fatigue by occasionally allowing yourself a breather.

This is particularly the case for young entrepreneurs who rarely have the opportunity to delegate responsibility. These enterprises typically utilize a small, dedicated workforce to keep them running.

However, it's crucial to recognize when to slow down, not only physically, since being able to detach provides you a useful perspective on how your business is run.

Take inspiration from your rivals

The adage "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery" by Oscar Wilde is accurate when it comes to developing company concepts.

After you've decided on the specialty or specializations you choose to operate in, make sure to research your competitors in these fields because they've already experienced success to a certain extent. Don't be afraid to imitate and take inspiration from their successful strategies.

Have a comfortable office

comfortable place to write

To function for lengthy time frames, set up a pleasant workstation. Don’t be afraid to add anything that brings you joy and comfort.

By storing wholesome foods and beverages close by, you can work at your workstation for long periods of time while encountering fewer interruptions.

An inclusive office encourages immediate information exchange and a welcoming environment when you collaborate with your colleagues in the same place.

An unexpectedly effective strategy for raising productivity levels is the workstation. In reality, this report on how proximity to the outdoors can improve performance outcomes and well-being demonstrates how creative office layouts can impact a firm's overall efficiency.

Develop an effective workflow

Omnisend’s automation workflow editor (1)

Having an effective workflow is quite helpful for making the most of your schedule. Process mapping is analogous to mind mapping in that it enables you to streamline your processes. 

Every workflow that naturally develops whenever a new company first starts out requires to be trimmed to save crucial time and money during those early, formative stages. You can determine where bottlenecks in your processes are by using process mapping — resulting in productivity.

If you're a lone operator, like a web designer or aspiring makeup artist, owning an all-in-one tablet enables you to schedule appointments, collect data, create, develop artwork, and submit proposals to customers from a unified platform.

Knowing how to use your technology, such as mastering operating system hacks and employing several monitors to avoid needing shortcut keys, is crucial.

Network with your peers

Socializing with other people in your sector and the fields you are interested in is essential for accelerating the learning curve.

Individuals are affected by Vygotsky's Theory of Learning — the sphere of influence. It describes “Learning as a social process and the origin of human intelligence in society or culture.

Use every opportunity to connect with subject matter experts and pick their brains; doing so will enable you to rapidly gain a full picture of your area of expertise.

Tackle tough issues first

To make the most of how your mind and physique naturally function, it's a good idea to handle your toughest challenges or tasks first thing in the morning.

Your cognitive sharpness will deteriorate as the clock ticks by and you do one task after another – and you'll get less motivated to take on the next one. Concentrate on the largest challenge first in order to get the best output from your day's working hours.

Effectively manage your team

Effective communication and teamwork are essential for effective team management whenever you oversee a crew, like a modest advertising department.

To organize team activities, using online tools such as Trello or Slack is highly recommended. This software facilitates effective communication and coordination on projects, the automation of some tasks, and the management of deadlines.

In the below illustration, check out how Slack serves as a must-have startup tool – offering you spaces for tools, letters, and documents. You can keep it all organized via an archive.

Create daily to-do lists

Prioritizing your objectives can be done by making a checklist of the tasks you must complete on a daily basis. It may be challenging to squeeze learning Google Analytics into a packed workweek, for example, if you want to become an expert in this area.

It’s a known truth that owing to their burden, businesspersons and startups experience heightened stress levels. However, creating a to-do checklist aids in stress reduction and enhances task-based productivity.

Setting objectives above your essential responsibilities when you wake up can keep you moving in the right way and guarantee job advancement.

Have support groups

It's helpful to hire helpers if you notice yourself getting too occupied and successful. Personal trainers or virtual assistants are both excellent solutions for keeping you competitive.

Virtual assistants enable you to manage your correspondence, allowing you additional time to focus on your key decisions and pursue more lucrative endeavors. Trainers, on the other hand, can make sure you get a better lifestyle with regular workouts and nutrition.

Do away with distractions

Avoid distraction

It's crucial to disconnect from technological temptations if you want to make the best use of your day. We all are prone to wasting time with activities like social networking, pricey TV subscriptions, and dramatic news headlines.

You may use the hours you save for more productive tasks by disconnecting yourself from such activities. Owners of online companies can benefit greatly from the minimalist mindset.

Set up meetings with yourself

There’re many office temptations that might divert your attention, but by setting regular sessions with you, you can lessen the likelihood that this will happen.

Set out 30 to 60 minutes each day to concentrate on vital activities, and treat yourself as though you’re your most valuable client. Place your interests first at this time and don't respond to email messages, calls, or texts

Solve one problem at a time

It's usually advisable to focus on one issue at a time rather than attempting to handle several at once. Multitasking hinders your capacity to efficiently and precisely manage tasks and related issues.

Even while you might think you’re working more efficiently, you could be wrong. And doing a poor job serves no purpose.

Self-control and the innovative utilization of your schedule are essential for boosting performance. You're moving in the proper direction once you start to consider your routines and choices as things that may be turned into performance hacks.

With the level of online competition in the marketplace, as well as the availability of automation software and time management tools these productivity tips will undoubtedly provide you with a strategic advantage.

Time-management skills are essential to saving time in your online business

Owning and running an online business is hectic. Hence, spend more hours on valuable tasks instead of unimportant activities. 

Sharpening your time-management skills to ensure you’re always prepared is crucial. 

With proper discipline and organization, along with our aforementioned tips, you can attain your time-saving goals in no time!

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