Encharge Review – A better alternative to Mailchimp and Convertkit?


In this Encharge Review, together we will come to know how you can automate the email marketing process with a drag-and-drop flow builder. Encharge allows you to design user segments with real data from your site, product, and other marketing tools.

Marketing automation is one of the biggest digital developments that marketers are profoundly grateful for.

Thanks to this platform, creating and monitoring campaigns have never been easier. Everything you need is conveniently located in one place, and that will surely help you improve your strategies. 

But with the numerous marketing automation platforms available, how would you know which one is best for your business? That’s why Encharge.io is here to help.  

Encharge Review – Summary

In this article, we will introduce you to Encharge – one of the most innovative marketing automation systems in the market. It’s also quite versatile, so businesses from start-ups to enterprises can make the most of their services. 

To give you an overview of what’s contained in this review, here are some of its highlights for your immediate reference. 

Minimalist Interface.

There’s no denying that Encharge’s minimalist interface is among its top features.

Unlike other software, it does not contain a lot of media elements that could distract you from doing your job.

Since most navigation options are in text form, scrolling through the software is no issue. 

Everything is also highly organized, so looking for what you need will come easy. You can even create folders under the Flows tab, so you can easily locate the flow you want to update or manage.

Also, its design is easy on the eyes. You can surely work on it for hours on end if you choose to. 

encharge features (1)

Superior Customization. 

Encharge is also known for its superior customization options.

While there are ready-made templates available, you can also choose to change some of them to make them your own.

That way, you will send emails that are always on-brand – and that will also help with your company's reputation. 

For more experienced users, you can also choose to build your broadcasts from scratch. That way, you have full control over what your potential users receive. 

Impressive Automation Tools.

Another interesting Encharge feature is its impressive selection of automation tools.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that it has one of the most comprehensive lists of tools we've ever come across – it's that impressive. 

All of these tools work hand-in-hand to help you identify clients who are most likely to convert into leads.

And once it’s done identifying users, it will start sending automated emails according to your defined flow. We’ll discuss this more later on.

Easy Integration. 

Encharge is compatible with popular third-party apps that will help you reach a wider audience.

These integrations range from e-commerce to analytics to forms, and all of them are bound to help broaden our reach. 

Reasonable Pricing. 

And finally, Encharge offers reasonable prices for what it offers.

There are two plans available, and you pay the amount that corresponds to the number of subscribers you have for your business.

This is a great way to make sure that you’re only paying for what you need. 

With that out of the way, we know you’re excited to learn more about this platform. Let’s start with giving you a deeper understanding of what Encharge is. 

What is Encharge?

Encharge is a platform that incorporates customer messaging with marketing automation to ensure marketing success.It is programmed to help businesses monitor and manage all of their marketing campaigns in one digital space – so you are truly in charge of everything. 

What Is Encharge ?

This marketing automation tool allows you to track customer movement across your website, so you can send automated emails according to their interests.

This strategy enables you to create more targeted campaigns to ensure higher lead conversion. 

Also, Encharge has partnered with the biggest names in the industry.

As a result, it allows you to connect with platforms such as Facebook Ads, HubSpot, Stripe, and Salesforce within minutes. And that magnifies your reach to be noticed by potential clients. 

With all these interesting features in mind, we’re all the more excited to test it out and determine whether it lives up to its claims. 

Encharge Features

Now that you have an idea of what Encharge is, we know you’re excited to learn more about its features.

With all the positive Encharge appsumo reviews out there, we’re so eager to test it out for ourselves. Here are our thoughts about its features.  

User-Friendly Interface

Our impression of Encharge when we tried it for the first time was that it had a clean and well-organized look to it. As we explored it further, we realized that there’s a lot more to it than what it seems. 

Upon logging in, you will be greeted with a dashboard that contains an overview of all the activities on your campaigns.

Encharge dashboard (1)

My Test Account 🙂 Still no activity yet.

This includes the number of emails sent, how many of them were clicked through, how many of them were opened, and similar activities. 

Of course, what you see on the dashboard still depends on what campaigns you’ve activated, but seeing how organized everything was, we were already quite impressed. 

At the top of the page, you will see tabs like Flow, People, and Metrics. Because they are clearly labeled, navigating through each tab is a breeze.

Through each tab, you will have a left-side menu bar that helps you manage and organize all your data. We guarantee that you won’t get lost in this minimalist yet highly intuitive software. 

encharge menu (1)

Impressive Marketing Features

But as simple as the interface is, you’d be surprised by all the marketing automation features that it contains. Here is an in-depth analysis of all its features for your reference. 


Since Encharge is considered as an email marketing software, it’s a given that it should have a broadcast feature.

This feature allows it to send automated emails to your audience – whether as a whole or in pre-defined segments.

As a result of this segmentation, you can reach out to a targeted audience with less hassle on your part. 

encharge email segment (1)

Interestingly, this marketing automation software offers an advanced A/B testing option where you can distribute broadcast variations to different receivers.

AB Testing Encharge (1)

The system determines which broadcast received the highest activity, so it then switches to the more effective spiel.

With this feature, you don’t have to manually monitor each movement, and that gives you more time to focus on other campaigns. 

And if you’re not very creative, you don’t have to worry about anything. Engage has an easy-to-use drag and drop editor that helps you create the perfect broadcast in minutes.

You can add different elements to your email to make it your own, so you can build your brand effortlessly.

Email Editor Encharge (1) (1)

Aside from the default templates, Encharge also offers responsive broadcasts that adapt to whether it’s viewed on a computer or mobile device.

You don’t have to worry about your emails looking weird and unprofessional. 

Flow Builder

We also especially loved the Flow Builder option on this software. 

Encharge Canvas (1)

Earlier, we mentioned the Flow tab that you see at the top of your screen when you first log in. Clicking that link will lead you to your Flow dashboard, where you can monitor current flows or create a new one. 

What’s interesting about this feature is that it also has a drag and drop interface. This allows you to choose among the Triggers, Actions, and Filters to create the ideal flow for your customers.

This is the part of the process where you can go wild – it can be a simple flow chart or one with as many connections as possible to ensure a successful conversion. 

If you’re still learning the ropes, perhaps choosing a pre-built template would be more to your liking.

These templates can be used by all Encharge users, so you can use them if you’re in a hurry if you’re still at the testing stage. 

But perhaps one of the best features of this software is how you can choose to create a complicated flow that depends on a user’s actions and decisions.

encharge flow 202


This makes the experience personal and interactive, and that will surely catch a potential client’s attention. 

Behavior Emails

Out of all the marketing automation platforms in the market, none has created a behavior-based system that’s truly effective – except Encharge.

That is why we truly believe it’s one of the top marketing automation platforms of all time. 

Through this feature, the software sends out emails to potential clients based on their activities across your website. That is especially helpful for billing cycles and similar events. 

For example, if some users appear to have subscribed, you can send emails to win them back. Similarly, if you notice that the billing period is about to end, you can also send emails to remind them of the nearing payment deadline. 

In the old days, you have to know how to code to get something like this to function. Thankfully, technology found a way to make things simpler – and we’re grateful for Encharge. ( watch this video by Rk Online's Marketing min : 01:37  

A/B testing

Previously, we mentioned about A/B testing. This feature helps you send different emails to your clients and allow the system to determine which one is more effective.

Once it’s determined, the system automatically sends out the more effective option to all of your users. 

AB Testing Encharge 1 (1)

But aside from emails, you can also use the A/B testing method on your Flows. This allows you to create more dynamic user experiences.

In this way, you are already conducting your research as to which campaigns will work best for your target audience. 

Encharge Flow AB Testing (1)

Also, through the merge tags on this feature, you can personalize emails to make the user feel more trusting towards your service.

This is interesting because it allows users to realize how much they need your service or product. With a little help from these tags, you can certainly land conversions to ensure business growth. 


When it comes to marketing automation software, one of the key features we have to look into is the email personalization feature.

This feature allows you to make the necessary changes to templates and broadcasts to make sure that it’s on-brand highly attractive. Fortunately, Encharge’s personalization feature did not disappoint. 

Thanks to this feature, you can send out emails that reflect your brand to all potential clients.

With the help of liquid tags, you can customize the email to make it appear personal – and that will surely keep them intrigued. In most cases, this translates to lead conversion. 

Personalizing email encharge

Through this personalization feature, you can use gathered client information to attract new users or convince old users to give your business another try.

This way, you will not only gain new clients, but you will also maintain your old ones. 

Aside from email personalization, you can also opt to personalize your flows. Encharge has a Filter feature under the Flows tab that allows you to customize the user journey based on his or her choices.

With this feature, it seems like there are endless possibilities – so you can create the experience that will attract your potential client.

Without a doubt, that is an impressive feature.

Email Editor

Working hand-in-hand with the email personalization feature we mentioned a while ago is the email editor. Both of these features seem identical, but there’s quite a big difference – and it’s best to use one with the other at all times. 

Through the personalization feature, your focus is on making the client interested. But for the email editor, your focus is to create emails that are bearing your brand. 

Thankfully, the Encharge email editor allows you to incorporate multiple media elements into an email to help you build your brand. 

You don’t need HTML or advanced coding degrees to get it done, either.

Email Editor Encharge 2021 (1)

This Encharge has a foolproof drag and drop system that allows you to build your email according to how you want it to look.

Even with no coding experience, you can create professional-level emails in minutes. 

Each email is also programmed to look great across different gadgets. Whether your client is accessing it through a mobile device, a tablet, or a laptop, the email will look clean and in one piece. 

customization email encharge (1)

User Profiles

We also love the User Profiles feature on this software.

As previously mentioned, Encharge can track each user’s movement and activity on your website. This allows you to send curated emails to make sure that leads get converted. 

All of these activities are listed under the People tab, where you can see all of their activities and when they engaged in those activities.

user interface in encharge (1)

This gives you an overview of what they're doing, and that gives you a good idea of their buying pattern or behavior. 

Also, this feature allows you to access all the user’s information to your advantage. Encharge allows you to view user information on one page, so you don’t have to scroll through different pages just to get data on one user. 

The sync feature also makes data collection less stressful. With this tool, you can collect and incorporate user information into profiles with ease.

If new information matches with a current profile, that information also goes to that profile. In this way, you don’t have to worry about sending duplicate emails to one person – which can be a headache on their end. 

User Segments

Aside from the individual user profile, you also have access to user segments. And perhaps we can all agree that this is Encharge’s unique feature. 

While other marketing automation apps allow you to send in groups, not all of them allow you to create multiple groups according to different activities. This is where Encharge reigns supreme. 

With its User Segments feature, you can group users according to different items such as according to their product behavior, feature use, page visits, and similar activities.

Segmentation in Encharge (1)

You can even gather data based on third-party apps and segment them accordingly. 

With this feature, you’re bound to send automated and highly targeted broadcasts to each segment.

No longer will you have to worry about whether you’re getting your message across to the right people.

Also, sending broadcasts by segments is quite easy.

Encharge made sure that the interface remains simple and highly usable.

With that said, sending to segments is as simple as creating broadcasts – but just make sure that you select the correct segment to send your message to. 

Lead Scoring

Lead Score Encharge (1)

No marketing tool is complete without a Lead Scoring feature. Simply put, this is the feature that scores your users according to how their different engagements.

As a result, you get an idea as to who is most likely to buy your product or avail of your service. 

Once you’ve identified the users with the best scores, you can start to interact with them proactively to make sure that they become convinced to convert. 

Among the criteria used to score users include product usage and engagement, whether they were interested enough to consider the prices, and whether they scrolled through the features.

If users are identified based on these scores, you can create automated broadcasts to reach out to them and convince them about your services. 

You can also opt to engage with them through a live chat feature. This will also make the experience more personalized, and that will go hand-in-hand with their high conversion potential. 

No doubt, lead scoring is a feature that all marketing platforms need to be successful in the business.   

Transactional Emails

There will be times when you have to send transactional emails to your users. This includes password resets, automated payment acknowledgment, and similar transactions. 

In most instances, you have to avail of this service separately from your marketing tool. fortunately, this is not the case with Encharge.

It truly lives up to its promise of having everything in one place.

One of the notable aspects of this feature is how flexible it is. You have the option to use your domain for sending out these emails, or you can opt to use Encharge’s.

Either way, it’s important to set up the DKIM and SPF records to make sure that the emails end up in the inbox and are automatically marked as a high priority. 

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about important emails getting filtered out by the email provider. 

Email Verification

Just like the transactional emails feature, the Email Verification feature is also noteworthy. With this feature, you can be confident that the contact information under the user profile tabs is true and accurate. 

Some of the verification systems used by Encharge include checking whether the email is in the correct format, whether the domain used is still live, check whether it is hosted in a temporary domain, check the MX records, and authenticate SMTP. 

email validation encharge (1)

With all of these verification systems in mind, it seems almost impossible to come across any made-up emails. That’s how you know Encharge can be trusted. 

Multiple Integrations

Aside from the abovementioned automation features, Encharge also allows integrations with multiple apps and software.

integration encharge (1) (1)

This feature allows you to make the most of its services, so you can truly create the journey that best suits each user. 

Among the popular names that you can integrate on Encharge include Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Zapier, Stripe, Salesforce, and HubSpot, to name a few.

With that said, you can easily incorporate data from these third-party apps into the platform to make things a lot easier.

This allows you to do more campaigns – so it seems like you’re not limited to email marketing alone. 

However, we did notice that while it is compatible with most of the popular names of today, it’s not as comprehensive as the others. Especially when it comes to eCommerce, we feel like the options are limited.

Although there are third-party apps that can function similarly, migrating all the data can be quite a hassle. That’s the only downside we can think of under this feature. 

Encharge Cons and Pros

As impressive as Encharge.io seems, it’s not without flaws. Like all other software in the market, it has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. 

  • The interface is responsive and easy to navigate through. Buttons and commands are clearly labeled, so you won’t have a hard time using the software even if you’re new to using marketing automation tools.
  • Users can easily organize items to manage campaigns with ease. 
  • The automation features are very innovative, allowing users to create intricate flows to ensure marketing success.
  • It contains multiple advanced features that you can only get from expensive software. So while it’s a few more dollars more expensive than their alternatives, you’re getting great value for the price
  • The software allows you to send emails to targeted clients based on their behavior on your website. It also has follow-up features, which makes the pitch feel personal. And that largely contributes to lead conversion.
  • It offers highly customizable templates to help you build your brand as you reach a larger audience.
  • Fantastic Support Team.
Encharge Support Team (1) (1)
  • While it has a decent selection of partner platforms for integration, some users feel that the options available are quite limited. If you’re a marketing expert who needs more eCommerce options, Encharge may not be the perfect choice for you.
  • Migrating all your information from your old platform to Encharge can be quite a hassle. That’s why it’s more recommended for first-time marketing automation software users. Unless, of course, you’re patient enough to wait for the transfer to complete.
  • There is software available for more affordable prices.

Here are some Encharge happy users from Appsumo  : 

encharge reviews (1)
encharge reviews 1 (1)
encharge reviews 2 (1)
encharge reviews 4 (1)
encharge reviews 5 (1)

Encharge Pricing

Encharge offers two plans for different businesses – the Growth plan and the Premium Plan. The Growth plan starts from $49 to $999, depending on the number of subscribers your business has. The Premium plan similarly offers different rates depending on the number of subscribers, and the price ranges from $59 to $1,199.

Encharge Pricing (1)

While there seem to be more affordable options, they do not offer the user-friendly interface, usability, and overall performance that Encharge has to offer. 

And if you want to try the platform out first, you’d be pleased to know that Encharge offers a 14-day free trial.

This offer will help you learn the ropes and determine whether the platform is perfect for your business. Check also down for the encharge appsumo deal.

encharge Free Trial (1)

Encharge Vs Others

At this point, we’re quite impressed with Encharge’s overall performance. Aside from its impressive features, it also boasts superior usability that puts all the others to shame. 

But if you’re still unsure about how this platform fares with others, we also prepared a comparison between Encharge and other popular marketing automation platforms. 

Encharge vs Mailchimp

When it comes to email marketing, Mailchimp is a name that often pops into mind. With its impressive array of marketing tools, it’s easy to see why it remains to be one of the top marketing automation platforms in the market. 

While Encharge is mostly geared towards email marketing, Mailchimp is geared towards a wider marketing scope.

That includes social media advertising, survey, marketing analytics, and similar categories. That’s why it’s more of an all-in-one marketing platform. 

Also, Mailchimp offers more integration options. You can choose from over 250 third-party software to connect with, and that can make expert marketers truly happy. 

We must also note that Mailchimp offers a free plan. You read that right – there’s a starter plan that’s best for start-ups and bussing businesses, and it’s available all for free.

While the services offered are limited, these are all you will ever need if you’re just getting started anyway. Even if you choose to go for the paid plans, they are still quite inexpensive compared to Encharge.  

But this doesn’t mean that Mailchimp is superior to Encharge. They have different strengths and weaknesses, which means that they are perfect for different types of marketers. 

With that said, Encharge is ideal for SaaS, content creators, start-ups, and similar establishments. On the other hand, Mailchimp is ideal for more experienced marketers who need a lot more than just email marketing solutions. 

Encharge vs Convertkit

Another popular alternative is Convertkit. If you think the prices offered by Convertkit are too high, a good option is Encharge. 

Like Encharge, ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that allows users to create and track campaigns conveniently. Because of the visual automation process, you can easily monitor your campaigns and funnels without fear of your dashboard looking too crowded.  

You can also send timed emails and targeted autoresponders to engage users and further convince them to try your product.

This software can also track some of the users’ movements, although it may not be as comprehensive as Encharge. 

Another similarity between these two platforms is that they can also create highly customized emails to make sure that your brand is memorable.

And like Encharge, ConvertKit is also compatible with multiple integrations. 

Perhaps the biggest differences between these two platforms lie in their pricing and user interface. 

While Encharge offers a free trial for 14 days, ConvertKit offers a free plan if you have 1,000 subscribers or less, more than that ConvertKit  is pricey.

Once this number starts to expand, you can avail of its Creator or Creator Pro plans for affordable prices. So, there’s no doubt that ConvertKit is a somehow budget-friendly. 

As to the user interface, users agree that Encharge offers a minimalist and clutter-free interface that’s easy to use.

This is not the case for ConvertKit. While it’s not cluttered, navigating through the platform can be complicated. And that can be a problem if you’re not familiar with similar marketing software. 

All things considered, Encharge is the way to go if you’re looking for ways to grow your business through various marketing tools. On the other hand, ConvertKit is another  budget-friendly alternatives to others, that’s geared towards improving the visibility among content creators. 

Wrapping Up

We’re quite impressed with Encharge’s overall performance. Its user-friendly interface makes it excellent for startups, while the numerous marketing tools will make any expert go wild on his options.

That, in itself, is one of the reasons why we think Encharge is one of the best marketing automation platforms available. 

But aside from its features and undeniable usability, Encharge also boasts integration with multiple partners to help widen your reach.

While it doesn’t have as many partners as its competitors, it has partnered with the biggest names in social media and marketing, and that’s enough to help you grow your audience. 

Admittedly, there are more expensive options out there. You are going to save a few dollars on Encharge, while you’re also going to experience an advanced innovative technology – and that’s why we believe Encharge is worth the money.

Also, the pricing is dependent on the number of subscribers your business has, and that makes pricing more competitive. 

All things considered, Encharge.io is a practical tool that helps businesses to improve their reach while maintaining the customers they already have.

Regardless of the business’s current size, your marketing team will surely thank you if you choose to go with Encharge.

Encharge appsumo Deal 

Encharge is the most suitable option for anyone looking for a reliable alternative to Converkit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and others.

It seamlessly integrates into your infrastructure, allowing you to segment subscribers to your needs while maintaining time-saving automation. 

For a limited time, Encharhe partnered with appsumo for a promotion where users would pay ONLY $59 for a lifetime (small plan) account, providing access for up to 5,000 subscribers, 100,000 site tracking API events per month, Unlimited emails, full Integrations & marketing automation and a ton of other features. 

Encharge appsumo Deal (1)

Encharge New Updates/features

Time Field Trigger

One of the most demanded features in Encharge. The Date Field Trigger and its relative the Birthday/Annual Trigger.

You can immediately start a Flow-based on any date range entered for a person.

Some of the most popular use examples include:

  • Birthdays and name days.
  • Trial expiration dates.
  • Yearly renewal notices for insurance policies.
  • Call reminders, and others. 

The step runs with time as well, so you can do it to send reminders before sales calls and others.

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