Top 9 email marketing tips for an effective campaign


Here we will look at the best five email marketing tips you should always implement.

In a world where social networks are kings, we tend to abandon email. And yet, it is a very effective way of communicating since we reach the user directly.

Think about it, what is one of the first things you do when you wake up? Check your emails! 61% of people watch their e-mails even before lunch.

Sometimes even before getting out of bed!

With the sending of an email, we directly call the consumer in his private area, his inbox.

But still it is necessary to know how to create an effective mailing campaign, which will hold the attention and the interest of the reader.

Before you even tackle the creation of the content of your newsletter, it is important to follow  the following  5 email marketing tips for an effective campaign.

The more you plan your actions, the more chances you will have for success.

1. Determine Your Goals And Analyze Your Target

My Goal this Year 5

Specific Objectives:

The first question to ask yourself is: "Why create an Email list? ". What do you expect? If your answer boils down to "Just to sell ! You are on the wrong track.Of course, the goal will often be to develop your turnover. However, it is an end, not an objective.

This purpose consists of multiple objectives, some of which can be achieved via Emailing.

To develop your turnover, you must make yourself more visible, gain new market share, generate more traffic on your website, more quotes, more inbound contacts and  etc.

Here are examples of specific objectives. It's up to you to define yours :

In-depth knowledge of the target:

Creating an Emailing is an opportunity for you to deliver a message. This message must be understood and seductive. To deliver the right message, you must know your target at your fingertips.

What are the needs, expectations and behaviors of your targets? What are their concerns, their interests?Y

ou need to determine very precisely the typical profile of your target in order to hit the mark. Often, you will determine different profiles.

You understand that you will not be able to communicate in the same way with profile A and profile B.

To create an effective emailing, it will often be necessary to segment your contacts database in order to better adapt and personalize your message. Only a thorough study of your target will allow you to segment it optimally.

In addition, it is essential to take into account the maturity of your prospects to send them the perfect Emails.

A buyer who has just become aware of his need will not have the same communication needs as a buyer who has already compared several solutions.

Quick Note: Personalization is the future of retail and that’s exactly what email list segmentation aims to do. You split up your email master list into a number of smaller lists of customers based on their preferences, buying habits, professional background, and their history with your business.

2. Select your email service provider

The next step is to choose the right email service provider for your needs. Many email service providers have similar functionality, but they are not necessarily the scale you are looking for.

Do your research to find the right email service provider for you. Here are 19 that we listed recently.

Each of these makes for a great business-to-business electronic marketing platform. Plus, they have fair prices that grow with you and your business grows.

But the good news is that no matter which email service provider you reach out to, Convertkit or Encharge are sure to fit in.

3. Make A Good First Impression

To create an Email list  that will allow you to achieve your goals, you must already make every effort to ensure that it is opened by the recipient!

If no one reads your emailing, you can be sure that you will not get a quotation request or visits to your website.

Now that you know your targets at your fingertips, you have to do everything to make them want to open your emails. This involves the optimization of different points:

◆ The name of the sender:

Introduce yourself in your best light. Forget the "Contact" denominations and prefer a more personal identity like your first name or "The NAME OF THE COMPANY" team.

◆ The subject of your Email:

It must be clear and concise. Your title should not be too long to read in full from a smartphone.

◆ The Preheader:

This is the first line of text of your Email. This line appears next to / below your object in your Email box. The Preheader allows you to bring additional information to your object.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we find the famous mention "If you do not view this email correctly ...", Or ‘’ Dear Abdel..’’ .

The Preheader is for you the opportunity to take a small advantage over your competition!

◆ The time of sending:

Another criterion that has a direct influence on the opening rate is the time of sending. There is no typical optimal moment, it varies according to the sectors of activity and the targets. It's up to you to do different tests and analyze the statistics (some email marketing services_ using their paid version _ will help you choose the optimal timings ) .

Quick Note:  It should be something that your reader can understand in one read. If the language is too complicated or even too dull, then the reader can loose their interesting. So, keep it interesting, short

4. Charm Your Recipients

You convinced the recipient to open your Email.  It's probably the hardest but it's not over. You must now seduce him/her with your content,get his/her interest to take action.

Relevant Content

Creating effective emailing inevitably involves relevant content. Relevant content is content that respects two imperatives.

The content must above all be in clear relation with the object of your Email. The subject  is a promise made to the recipient. The content must be up to the task.

If you have been too enticing with your object and the content does not follow, your Email will immediately end up in the trash and you risk getting burned permanently with your target.

As in the example below, you can take the subject of your Email in the upper part of it (Flash Sale - 50% off on Web Hosting):

In this example, the promise - minus 50% and  - is clearly respected in E-mail. Without going further, we can move forward without too much risk that the reader has already made his decision to click or not!

Then your content must be adapted to your target: how does your target consults its emails? When? From which devices? What content is she looking for?

It is customary to say that a relevant communication strategy, in the age of the Internet and social media, is only 20% of promotional content for 80% of high value-added content.

Do not mess with your target with promotional emails. You will not have the expected returns. You must provide them with content that gives them a value. The content may be informative, educational or entertaining.

 Visual content (but not too much)

Emails are more and more consulted on tablet and smartphone. To create the perfect Emailing, you have to think very carefully about its design.

A good emailing contains relevant images that perfectly illustrate the text. Let's face it, the vast majority of emailings are not read in their entirety.

Often, it is the design that persuades the reader to click.

Be careful, too many images will have a negative impact on your deliverability rate. Specifically, an Email with too many images will be considered SPAM and will not even reach the inbox of your target.

You must therefore be attentive to the ratio images / text of your Emailing ( check these  Examples for inspiration ).

Tip: to add a little text to your Emailing, you can add a footer and include your legal notice or a quick description of your product / service!

Content is neither too short nor too long!

As we saw in the previous point, the ratio images / texts must clearly turn in favor of the text. This must be a minimum length.

However, the content of your Email should not be too long. Above all, you must try not to multiply the messages.

Think about the purpose of your and the expectations of your target to stay focused!

By multiplying the messages, you take the risk to disperse the reader's attention or to create confusion in his mind.

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Quick Note:  After collecting your visitor’s email, you have to develop a relationship with them. This will enable you to build trust, which will in turn help them to do business with you.

5.Seduce The Recipient

Let's recap, at this point, your target has received your email, has opened it and has read it. OK, and she/he closes it and continues her life, may be unsubscribed ? No, it's not your goal!

You must now "conclude" by convincing your target to take action. To do this, you need to work on two key points: Call-To-Action and Landing Page.

◆ Call-To-Action:

Call-To-Action is a call to action. More traditional are: "buy now", "add to cart" or "register.

Call-To-Action is the conclusion of your Email. It must punctuate your message and represent the fulfillment of your promise of departure (the subject of Emailing).

In this example, the advertiser's message is clear: a 50$ bonus if you spend 50$ ads using thier service.

The button is consistent: it invites us to build a ad using their platform  and learn more about the offer.

◆ The Landing Page:

The goal of your Email campaign is probably not just a click away. Behind, you have to convert this click and that inevitably passes by an optimal Landing Page.

A Landing Page is a landing page. Clearly, this is the page on which lands the person who clicked the button of your Emailing. For a maximum conversion rate, it must be thought in every detail.

Let's continue on our example below. The promise is a best camera . I have a security concern  and am just looking for this type of connected reliable product. I want to know more and I click on "Order Now ".

The Landing Page here is simple: I can see the product. Clearly, if I'm interested, I go to action, otherwise I leave the page.

The quality of your Landing Page will depend on the success of your Emailing campaigns. This one must be thought for your final goal.

Quick Note:  Ensure your emails are mobile responsive. People are increasingly checking emails on their phones. Hence your email should look good on a mobile device as well.

6 .Consider mobile responsiveness

According to recent statistics, at least 65% of emails are read on a mobile device. If you're designing an email to be read on a computer, chances are it won't look good on a phone or tablet. 

Most email software these days allows your models to be responsive to mobile devices. Also, be aware that large images can delay your email from loading.

Conversely, call-to-action buttons that are too small don't provide the best user experience - which will most likely hamper your conversion rates.

7. Determine the right time to send your emails

Don't think that you can send email all day long. Email marketing campaigns require great precision.

It's best to develop a calendar and schedule emails at times that you think are most likely to capture the interest of your recipients. 

Make it a periodic process: send newsletters only once a month and emails at most once a week.

Make sure you keep your readers interested, but don't be pushy. Emailing on the weekend is rarely a good idea.

Instead, send them during the week, at the beginning or at the end of the day, when people are less busy with their work.

The Best Time to Send Emails to Boost Opens, Clicks, and Sales

8. Personalize your emails

personalised email
Do you want to give your email campaigns a boost? Segment your lists and further personalize your emails.

First, divide your recipients into micro-segments based on their positions in your sales funnel.

New recipients or prospects should receive more general content. Prospects closer to the end of your funnel will want to learn more about your products or services.

Long-time customers will appreciate educational or more in-depth content on what you have to offer them.

You can also segment your email address lists by location, interests, or one of your different profile categories.

9. Analyze And Optimize Your Campaigns

To create the perfect Emailing, it is essential to analyze each of your campaigns. You will not create the perfect Emails the first time.

As you can see from reading the first 4 steps, an Email is composed of different ingredients, all equally important.

To analyze your Emailing campaign, you need to determine which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allow you to gauge the level of achievement of your initial goal.

Here are the main indicators to follow in an Emailing campaign:

The deliverability rate:

It allows you to measure the quality of your email address database. This is the number of Emails delivered divided by the number of Emails sent.

The opening rate:

The number of open emails divided by the number of emails delivered. Here you measure your reputation as an advertiser.

If your opening rate is low, it means that your contacts perceive you as an uninteresting advertiser or worse, a spammer!

Clickthrough Rate:

This is a number of clicks divided by the number of Emails delivered.

The rate of reactivity:

It is for me the most relevant indicator. The responsiveness rate allows you to measure concretely the interest of your campaign and the relevance of your message. The responsiveness rate is the number of clicks divided by the number of open emails.

The churn rate:

This is the number of unsubscriptions divided by the number of Emails sent.

These indicators allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your Emailing campaign. You must then draw the right conclusions and do everything possible to improve them. For this you can use the method called A / B Testing.

◆ A / B Testing:

As its name may suggest, A / B Testing consists of testing two variations of your emailing to determine the optimal recipe. Ok, but how is it going?

A / B Testing is simple:

You realize a version A and a version B of your Emailing;

You select two samples from your contact database and send one version A and the other version B;

You analyze the statistics of these two Emailings;

You send the best performing Emailing to the rest of your base;

A / B Testing allows you to optimize the results of your Emailing campaign. Achieved over the years, A / B Testing will always bring you closer to the perfect Emailing.

With A / B Testing, you can test all the elements presented in the previous 4 steps.

It is recommended to test only one element by Email.

If you create an Email B totally different from the Email A, you will have trouble figuring out the most effective elements: is it the moment of sending that played? The contents ? The call-to-action or the object?

Quick Note:  Poor emailing practices may break down your relationship with a prospect or client, bringing you a seriously bitter lesson.


Digital marketing is more powerful than ever. Nowadays, emails are an essential part of these digital strategies.

With consumers completely knocked out of emails each week, the real challenge (and often one of the most difficult) is to be visible in this chaos.

The goal of email marketing is obviously to have a high open rate, but if we look further, what is really important is the click rate.

It is precisely for this reason that the content of the email must reflect what was promised in the object.

We hope these email marketing tips have been useful for your next campaigns! If you have additional tips or questions, you can post them in comment below.

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