DSers AliExpress – How to Automate Dropshipping and Save your Bank


If you are working with AliExpress dropshipping now and trying your best to automate your dropshipping business, you could integrate your dropshipping store on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix with DSers.

DSers helps over 150k merchants start and grow their AliExpress dropshipping business.

But you may confuse what DSers is. In this post, I will provide the exact answer. Besides, I will cover everything you should know about DSers, and answer some FAQs about DSers.

What Is DSers

DSers Review

DSers is an official partner app of AliExpress, a Chinese eCommerce platform that was developed by Alibaba Group. The main mission of DSers is to make the business in the AliExpress platform much easier and more profitable.

The AliExpress DSers dropshipping tool offers plenty of features, including the most significant function for dropshippers - Order Management. With the help of DSers, you could place 100s orders just in one click.

I will introduce the diverse features that DSers offers and receive a lot of positive feedback one by one in the following. Before that, let’s see how to get it first.

How To Get DSers

You can manually install DSers on your PC or laptop in various ways. If you use DSers as a Chrome extension, you can go to Chrome store to download it easily.

First of all, search for DSers in the Chrome store, then you need to click ‘add to Chrome’. Then you can use it by clicking the ‘DS’ logo when there is a need.

Dsers Chrome Extention (1)

As a store owner on Shopify, then you can get the DSers dropshipping tool in the Shopify app store. Sign in to your Shopify store, then go to the app store. You may find the AliExpress dropshipping tool appears first.

DSers Shopify app

If you are running a Wix store, you can find a version of Dropshipping AliExpress-DSers in its app market.

Dsers Wix App

Now, you can create your DSers account. You just need to enter your email after installing DSers to log in. After that, you can link your online stores in Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix with your DSers account to manage them.

Key Features

Here I will introduce a bunch of exceptional features of this dropshipping tool - DSers. For different plans, you can get various features.

With these features, you will not be restricted when you are utilizing the services. It’s true that: DSers can help you save more than 97% of your ordering time.

It’s a great bonus for most dropshippers since they will waste most of their time managing all their orders.

In a nutshell, DSers makes the whole process of a dropshipping business faster and easier. Store owners can work more effortlessly. Let’s take a look at what it provides:

1. Supplier Optimizer

Dsers Supllier Optimizer (1)

Dropshippers earn a small margin by selling products at their market value. Therefore, if you could get a 5% or 10% cheaper supplier for your products, you can get a big benefit from your items.

In a word, a cheaper and more reliable supplier is crucial for your business profits.

DSers Supplier Optimizer is designed to help you find better suppliers for your products.

The goal of this function is to facilitate the process of finding new suppliers, and selling the same product but with better ratings and cheaper prices.

2. Bulk Order

Bulk Order DSers

This DSers feature allows you to place all the new orders you received from your customers with just a few clicks. 

Bulk Order enables you to select up to 100 orders and place them all together to AliExpress in just a few seconds with a few clicks.

You will not waste any more time trying to place all the orders and save valuable moments to grow your e-commerce business with these features.

When growing your online e-commerce business, time is crucial, and efficiency is what you need to focus on.

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These tasks like finding product niche, analyzing competitors, building your store, finding clients, and getting orders are already very time-consuming and they should be your priority. DSers Bulk Order allows you to handle that in no time.

Then you can make use of those moments to find new products, find new business opportunities, get more traffic, more orders, and do everything you need to grow your dropshipping store.

If you want to learn how to use the feature, you can go here.

3. Variants Mapping

DSers dropshipping tool can help you save time, even a lot of time. However, to benefit from it, store owners have to make sure products are set up correctly. You need to link every product in your online e-commerce store to the AliExpress supplier you want to use in DSers.

For example, each variant of your product should be linked to the corresponding variant provided by the suppliers.

That is called Variants Mapping that DSers provides. The feature will allow you to set some substitute suppliers to ensure that if your main supplier is out of stock, you can continue selling.

Variants mapping is what makes DSers shine for AliExpress dropshipping which gives you the opportunity to hand-pick the AliExpress suppliers for your online e-commerce store.

With it, you can set some additional suppliers to have a backup to your main supplier or to offer some additional variants from different suppliers in the same product. In a nutshell, you can easily sell products coming from two different suppliers in one product with DSers.

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4. Bundle Orders

Upselling is an important part of online e-commerce. Being able to increase the average value of your cart can be a game-changer for your store. DSers makes you create a pack of products, from different AliExpress suppliers.

Bundle pricing

These product combinations are a great opportunity to offer new attractive offers, discounts, and lower prices to your customers.

At the same time, selling more products together may bring more profits than what you earn by selling them alone.

Bundling products is an effective way to encourage buyers to purchase larger quantities of goods from e-commerce store owners. Sellers then can increase their profits and revenues by selling more products, or in bigger quantities.

Moreover, it helps sellers to save marketing costs. You will need to spend less money to advertise one pack of 3 or 4 products in one ad, rather than creating 4 different ads. At the same time, it may let you save in shipping costs if you are bundling different products from the same supplier.

5. Auto Sync Tracking Numbers

DSers Auto Sync Tracking

Getting the right product to sell at the right prices is critical to running a successful business. However, customer service is crucial, too.

If you want to make your customers come back to your store to purchase again, you’d better be able to give correct information and feedback to your clients.

Keeping the rule in mind, DSers ensure that you can get any important information to your customers as quickly as possible.

DSers will automatically synchronize tracking numbers when they are available on AliExpress. Then DSers transmits them to your store to notify clients in order to achieve the goal.

The best way to make your customers happy is to keep their purchases up to date. And they are more likely to come to your store to place an order again.

In a word, with DSers, once you have paid the order on AliExpress, you just move on to the next ones without doing other things. DSers automates almost everything during the dropshipping business process to help you save time and grow your online business.

6. Auto-update order Status

DSers Auto Update Order

In an e-commerce online business, tracking the status of each order is crucial. DSers are here to help you make sure you know what conditions are your order. Has the order been placed? Is the order shipped?

Is there a problem with my store or AliExpress? With DSers auto-update order status feature, it’s able to automatically track the status and information of all your orders.

New orders will appear once you receive them and these orders will move to different tabs based on their current status.

Orders will only be processed when completed. Receiving orders can be difficult, so fulfilling all received orders should be your goal. In order to do this, you need to know one important thing: What is the current status of this order?

Being able to answer this question gives you the opportunity to respond to your customers quickly and accordingly.

That's why DSers dropshipping makes sure to automatically update the status of all your orders so you can react and deal with them in the best way as quickly as possible.

7. Stock Management

DSers Stock Management

One of the upsides and downsides of dropshipping is inventory management and information.

It's nice that you don't have to deal with warehouses and piles of products. However, it might be a problem if you don't have the right tools to keep track of how many products are available at all times and end up having to cancel orders.

DSers can help you do just that: make sure you always know the exact quantity of goods each AliExpress supplier is ready to sell.

It’s vital for your online dropshipping business since getting orders in your online e-commerce business is hard enough. If you have to cancel an order because your AliExpress supplier ran out of stock all of a sudden, What a pity and worthless.

DSers Stock Management feature helps you ensure that you always know when your products are available from the AliExpress supplier you mapped for your items.

Plus, with automatic inventory updates and establishing an alternate supplier, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you always have a product for your order.

8. Shipping Settings

Dser Shipping Setting (1) (1)

Selecting and setting up the best shipping method for each order can be a hassle and a lot of time.

With this in mind, DSers allow you to choose your preferred shipping method in advance based on your preferences, based on country, price, or delivery time. 

This is to ensure that when you receive an order in your online e-commerce business, you are ready to order as soon as possible on Alibaba AliExpress, without wasting your precious time, so that you can focus on other things, like your dropshipping Store growth.

Time and money are major concerns for any dropshipping company willing to grow its business.

It's important to make sure your orders arrive on time and that the delivery doesn't cost you all your profits, to avoid customers complaining why they still haven't received their orders, and to be able to continue growing your e-commerce online business. 

That's why the shipping method you use is just as important as the product itself.

DSers help you pre-select your preferred shipping method based on these elements to ensure that when you receive your order, you don't waste any valuable time looking for the best shipping method and can place your order as soon as you receive it.

9. Automatic Pricing

Is my pricing strategy right? 

Am I making enough profit?

Is my profit margin too low?
DSER Automatic Prices (1) (1)

Pricing a product is difficult and time-consuming. Whether your supplier gives you a deep discount, or if you sell more expensive products, setting the right price allows your visitors to decide whether or not to buy your products. 

DSers offers you three different ways to apply automatic pricing rules to all your products imported from AliExpress.

This will ensure that your product is profitable instead of spending a lot of time manually setting the price of each product.

Profits from AliExpress products you sell in your e-commerce online store are where your profits come from. In order to create such profits, you need to change and increase the prices of all the products you import from AliExpress suppliers and want to sell in your store.

These profits should include potential shipping, compensation for the time you spend in the store and your advertising spend. Doing this manually can take a lot of time, so DSers allow you to automatically apply some pricing rules to all imported new products.

10. Multiple Stores Management

Multiple Stores Management
Being able to manage all your different online e-commerce businesses in one place can be a big help.

That's why DSers allow you to link multiple stores, from different dropshipping platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix, to the same account.

With DSers, you can log in to manage all the products you sell online and place all your AliExpress orders in different stores under one unique account to simplify your dropshipping experience and increase efficiency.

Having an account also helps you have a common product base and it's easy to spread them out.

Growth is important in the e-commerce industry, so having multiple stores offering various types of products becomes a must for most e-commerce entrepreneurs. DSers can help you manage all your different online businesses in one place.

Get all your orders from your Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix store, and you can easily switch stores or platforms.

The time and hassle saved from using one login and being able to manage all products and all orders are immeasurable. It will also help you save valuable income because you don't have to pay for X different solutions.

11. Affiliate

DSers Admitad Affiliate

Admit Affiliate, also known as cashback, is a program that lets you get a partial refund on almost every item you buy on AliExpress through your online e-commerce store.

In a way, admits are pretty much a way to save money whether or not a store is running a promotion. The money you "earn" comes directly from Nader, a company affiliated with AliExpress.

Simply put, when you place an order with an AliExpress supplier, you are rewarded with some money back.

Dropshipping is a business, and like all businesses, the ultimate goal is to make a profit.

DSers acknowledge that affiliate programs are the perfect way to increase those profits. Opening an account is simple and the earning process is simple: place an order on AliExpress as usual.

Every dime counts and successful dropshippers use affiliate programs to ensure extra income for your online e-commerce business. Just create an access account, link to the DSers dropshipping solution, and earn some money from your purchases.

Wanting to get a full understanding of these features and learn how to use them, you can go here or visit dsers.com. In addition, you can go to DSers blog to get more information.

DSers Vs Competitors: Pros & Cons

Let’s have a look at DSers pros and cons to get a deep understanding of this dropshipping automation tool.

DSers Pros

  • Cost-effective – DSers offers different price plans to suit every business’s needs with various features, from a free version to a Pro version.
  • Easy to use - The DSers AliExpress dropshipping tool is super easy to use. You can get a handy set of guidelines for every feature.
  • Time-Saving – With DSers, shop owners can handle multiple stores and products with great ease and efficiency from a single source. All these things take is a few clicks.l Unlimited Orders – DSers allows dropshippers to manage unlimited orders, no strings attached.
  • Delivery Tracking- You can keep the order status up to date from processing to packaging with DSers.
  • Shipping Method – When using DSers, it’s possible to can choose the user’s preferred shipping method in advance. Then you can select the most suitable one for your store.
  • Automation - DSers provides plenty of automated features making the whole process of dropshipping super easy, smooth-flowing, and hassle-free.
  • Multi-Language Support – It’s important since users might be from different countries and use various languages. DSers offers support across various languages. Thus, it is quite convenient for businesses to handle their customers' questions although they have a wider customer base.

DSers Cons

  • DSers Currently only supports Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix.
  • DSers doesn’t have a US product database.
  • List Element

The advantages and disadvantages are based on our experience in using DSers. If you want to know how they work for you, you can go here or visit the site to learn more.

DSers Pricing 

DSers has a Free plan with all of the tool’s basic features. There are also 3 premium plans with extra features, store limits, and product limits.

DSers Features (1) (1)

You can pick between the Free, advanced, pro, and enterprise DSers plans. Premium versions are billed monthly or yearly. The Free version allows you to manage up to three stores and a max of 3,000 products per account.

You can purchase the Advanced version for $19.9 /month or $190.80 per year. This is a suitable option for most medium-sized businesses. It can be used to handle up to 10 stores and for up to 20,000 products per account.

The Pro plan is obtainable for $49.90/month or $478.80 yearly. It has all of the basic and advanced plans’ elements. You can operate the same account to manage up to 25 websites and a max of 75,000 products.

All of their plans have a 14 day free trial period to test the product. You don’t need to show any payment details to take advantage of the free plan.

The Enterprise plan is available for $499/month or contact the team for more information. It has all of the basic, advanced, and pro plans’ features. You can operate the same account to manage up to 50 websites and a max of 100,000 products.

DSers Pricing

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs )

1. How can I use DSers with Woocommerece?

On WooCommerce, it’s super easy for you to reap both the platforms’ benefits and increase your profits with the DSers plugin. Go here to learn more about WooCommerce dropshipping.

2. How can I access customer support on DSers?

You can access customer support through DSers’s online chatbot, email, or by following its Facebook page. Also, you can get the latest updates on DSers on its Facebook page.

3. Are DSers transactions and payments safe?

The short answer is an absolute yes. All online payments on DSers are completely safe and follow strict checks and protocols.

4. Does DSers provide a free version?

Yes. DSers does offer a free version with some basic features like importing products, managing stores as well as variants mapping. For more details about its pricing plan, you can see it here.

5. How can I use DSers for my Wix dropshipping business?

If you are running Wix dropshipping, you can get DSers in the Wix app market easily. For services DSers provides and its pricing plan, you can go now and visit its plan here.

6. Does DSers provide 24/7 live support?

Absolutely yes. DSers customer support services are available through email, live chat. And their support team is 24/7 online. Whenever you have a problem, you can get help from them quickly without any hassle.

Final Thought

The first name that comes to most dropshippers’ minds is DSers, when it comes to processing and managing orders and products. DSers has been a great service for those looking to order more than one item on AliExpress.

I have mentioned most of its key features above, like Supplier Optimizer, Order Status Tracking, Stock Management, and variants Mapping. If you want to learn more app details, you can go here.

Apart from that, the customer support you can get from DSers team provides immensely sweet and friendly services. You can contact them whenever in need.

After reading the post, I hope you already have a better understanding of DSers. Therefore, you can go now to start a crazy and amazing dropshipping business with DSers.  
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