Digital Marketing Jobs Remote: How to Find the Right Role for You


A career in digital marketing offers many opportunities, and it’s exciting because the field evolves all the time.

Finding the right marketing job that utilizes your skills and pays you well can be challenging. Digital marketers are always in demand as businesses want to improve their online presence. 

Your career in digital marketing can also take various paths, including working for a company, starting your own business or working as a freelancer. This article will give you more insight into the field of digital marketing and how to go about finding the right role for you. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing that happens online to promote individuals, brands, products and services. It covers a number of different processes, such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing; social media marketing; copywriting; content writing; video marketing and affiliate marketing

The fact that there is so much variety makes digital marketing a good career choice for those who enjoy a challenge and learning something new every day. 

Digital marketing education 

comfortable place to write

If you know you want to pursue a career in digital marketing when you’re still in high school, it will help to take classes that can give you a good head start on some of the skills you will need for a career in digital marketing, such as creative writing. 

Colleges and universities offer digital marketing courses, and if you obtain a digital marketing degree, it may make finding certain positions easier. 

Online courses and on-the-job learning: Formal education isn’t essential, and you can also acquire the skills you need by doing online courses and gaining on-the-job experience. 

Internships and apprenticeships: Becoming an intern or an apprentice at a modern digital marketing agency is often the best way to grow your skills and expertise.

You will work on real marketing campaigns under the guidance of mentors. You may just end up in a permanent position if you can impress others with your quick learning skills and good attitude. 

An online digital presence: If you already have an online digital presence, it could help you to get an entry-level digital marketing job. This may involve starting a blog or a personal website and practicing various digital marketing skills in the process.

You can also cultivate and curate your social media presence. Demonstrate that you understand branding by developing a brand for yourself and promoting it online. 

Company research

ecommerce niche research

Researching the companies you would like to work for can give you more of an idea about their workplace culture and values. You can see whether you’re a good fit for a particular company.

You could assess the qualities and skills a company requires for a specific position and point out in your cover letter where they overlap with those on your resume.

Careersbooster has professional resume writers who can help you to craft a cover letter and resume that gives you the best chance of getting the job. If you don’t get a job within 30 days, you can get a rewrite. 

Do you have these soft skills?

Some of the soft skills you need in digital marketing are: 

  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Persuasive skills 
  • Adaptability 
  • Multitasking skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Goal setting skills
  • Time management skills

Communication skills are essential when dealing with current and prospective customers. They are also necessary when working with various teams.

Listening skills count when getting feedback from customers that could offer more insight into their perspectives and concerns. 

Persuasive skills are needed to convince consumers that they can’t do without a particular product or service.

Multitasking skills are necessary for an environment where so many elements combine to offer success. Goal setting and time management skills are essential to managing the tight deadlines that come with digital marketing. 

The technical skills you will need


Videos form an integral part of digital marketing today, so you will need to know how to create, edit and distribute videos.


You will need an understanding of various systems such as content management systems, social media management systems and email marketing systems.


Knowing basic code like HTML and CSS can give you an advantage.


Understanding data analytics will give you insight into customer behavior which can help you to increase traffic and conversions.


You should know what goes into the design of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UK), as this is essential for successful digital marketing campaigns.


Most businesses rely on automation tools today, and you will need to know how to use them to save time, streamline processes, and improve productivity.

The type of role that’s right for you

Knowing what types of digital marketing jobs are available and what specific skills they require will help you to decide which role is the best fit for you.

Whether you’re more interested in writing and the creative aspect, technology or business and management, there are digital marketing jobs that will suit you. 

From content writing to SEO optimization, you could find a job that suits your particular skills and interests. If you’re not threatened by constant change and are ready to keep learning, you could be a suitable candidate for various roles.

There is often an overlap between different roles, so you may end up on a different path from the one you initially pursued. Fortunately, it is not difficult to pivot from one role to another as many of the skills are transferable. 

The Main Digital Marketing Jobs Remote

Recruitment And Job Search

Digital marketing jobs are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a way for people to work remotely. This section will explore some of the most common digital marketing jobs that offer remote work opportunities.

Content marketing jobs

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant, informative content to the right audience at the right time.

The content must be engaging enough to encourage meaningful audience interaction with a brand. An audience is not prepared to buy from a brand today without building up some trust first.

Writing blog posts, eBooks, newsletters, emails, product descriptions and landing pages are all part of building that relationship with consumers, so they are eventually ready to buy. 

They can become loyal brand ambassadors if content writers help them to feel connected to a brand. 

Content marketing specialist:

You will need strong writing and grammar skills and must have a keen appreciation of different styles and tones.

Meeting deadlines is part of the job, so you will need to be organized and efficient. Some knowledge of search engine optimization best practices is also advisable. 

One of your responsibilities will be to research and write suitable blog posts that offer value to readers. You will also need to write a wide variety of other types of content, from white papers to landing pages.

A general understanding of link-building, keyword research and using keywords correctly in your writing is important. 

Content marketing manager:

Excellent verbal and written writing skills are necessary to become a content marketing manager. You must be able to analyze data that comes from various channels and base decisions on insights from it.

You will also have to target the right keywords from the research you conduct to reach specific business goals. 

Managing a team of writers is your main responsibility. You will need to collaborate with other teams to organize the creation of videos, website copy, case studies, webinars, podcasts and other various other forms of content. 

Copywriting jobs

While content writers usually focus on longer-form content to draw readers to a website and nurture them through the sales cycle, copywriters will mostly create content like product descriptions, emails, taglines and adverts.

The content they create is designed to persuade customers and prospective customers to buy products. 


As a copywriter, you will need strong writing skills and the ability to be persuasive. You will also need research skills, interpersonal skills and some technical skills. If you are team-spirited and creative with an eye for detail, you could do well. 

As a copywriter, you will make sure that all businesses' messages are clear and have a distinct voice. You will collaborate with designers and other professionals on large and small-scale digital marketing projects.

Conducting quality research, editing and proofreading, and using SEO to maximize reach will all be part of your role. As a copywriter, your job will be multifaceted because you will have to write copy for many different digital channels to increase the visibility of the brand. 

Social media marketing jobs

Social media marketing forms a major part of digital marketing today.

Social media platforms can help brands to widen their reach and interact with an audience to form communities. This represents a major opportunity for them to build relationships and create more brand visibility. 

Social media marketing specialist

You will need an understanding of the best social media practices if you want to be a social media marketing specialist.

Each platform functions differently, and you must understand the pros and cons of each platform as well as their different terms and conditions. You must also have good writing and communication skills and be familiar with social media management tools.

Responsibilities of this position will include managing an editorial calendar for each relevant platform and engaging with audiences by responding to posts and comments. You will need to make sure the brand voice is consistent on every platform.

Strategic planning with the whole content team is necessary if you want to optimize marketing strategy for social media campaigns.

Part of your job will be to monitor and report on social media campaigns. 

Social media marketing manager

For this position, you need excellent organizational and project management skills. You will need to create comprehensive social strategies for teams to put into practice. 

Collaboration with various teams will be important to ensure social messaging is appropriate and consistent.

You will have to lead in establishing policies and standards for social media engagement. It is vital for social media managers to keep up with new technologies and industry trends because change is constant. 

Social media influencer

Social media influencers are those who are able to gain a significant number of followers.

If you have many engaged followers, businesses will pay you to promote their products to your audience.

You may be able to start a successful online business if you have a highly engaged audience of online followers. Their level of engagement is often more important than the number of followers you have. 

Search engine marketing jobs

Search engine marketing jobs include search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising.

SEO is one of the best ways to grow traffic and brand awareness because organic traffic from search engines is sustainable over time and provides one of the most cost-effective ways to gain leads. 

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These professionals have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to make your resume a convincing asset in your job search. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, presenting yourself in the best manner is the key to success, and this is where professional resume writing can be of help.

SEO specialist

If you want to be an SEO specialist, you need strong writing and analytical skills. You also need experience with various SEO tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush etc. Working knowledge of HTML/CSS is useful.

Some of your responsibilities will include facilitating and managing keyword research and coming up with link-building strategies. 

SEO manager

As an SEO manager, you will need a track record of being able to increase website traffic and improve brand visibility. You need collaborative skills to work with various teams to ensure they follow on-page and off-page SEO best practices. 

Good communication and organizational skills are also essential. You must know how to interpret analytics on sites like Google Analytics and how to use keyword tools. Collecting and analyzing data is necessary if you want insight into the latest SEO trends and strategies. 

Email marketing jobs

Email marketing is still one of the most convenient, affordable ways for businesses to communicate with customers.

Sending emails may not sound like a difficult job, but there’s a lot that goes into creating effective email marketing campaigns to drive revenue. Smaller companies don’t usually employ email marketing specialists, or if they do, they may have to take on other digital marketing functions. 

In larger companies, email marketing specialists form part of the digital marketing department and assist the digital marketing manager. 

Email marketing specialist

If you want to be an email marketing specialist, you must be able to function in a fast-paced environment, have great communication skills, know how to analyze data and understand how to use email marketing automation tools. 

As an email marketing specialist, you must know how to segment audiences, test different subject lines, use various calls to action and establish which emails get the most attention.

You must know how digital sales funnels work and which email marketing tools are the best to use.

Studying email marketing case studies can help you to build up your skills. It’s important to master the A/B testing process to figure out what strategies offer the most success. You can use AI writing assistants to help you craft emails. 

Product marketing jobs

On your product marketing career path, you will have to learn how to use digital technologies and tools. You will need to multitask and collaborate with sales teams as well as relate to current and prospective customers.

Product marketing today is highly practical and measurable, so you must know how to apply your theoretical knowledge to marketing products the right way. 

Product marketing specialist

For this role, you will need at least two years of experience and probably closer to four or five. You must be able to multitask and communicate well verbally and in writing. Some of your responsibilities will be to:

  • Conduct market research, such as analyzing the marketing and sales material of competitors.
  • Create content. Your excellent writing skills will help with blog posts, compiling white papers, case studies, webinars and more.
  • Create and manage customer testimonial and referral programs.
  • Analyze and gain insights from customer data.
  • Help to create product roadmaps with marketing, sales and tech teams.

Product marketing manager

As a product marketing manager, you will need about five years of experience and great verbal and written communication skills.

You will have to meet deadlines regularly, so you need good organizational and project management skills. For this role, some of your responsibilities will be to:

  • Facilitate promotion of products to new and existing customers by using the right communication tools and content. 
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of buyer/customer profiles.
  • Host client meetings to speak about new products and obtain feedback. 
  • Give marketing and sales teams strategic messaging so they can create website content, proposals, presentations etc.

Director of product marketing

As a director of product marketing, you will need from seven to 10 years of experience. You will need to handle multiple projects and stakeholders.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are vital. The ability to analyze data and establish operational KPIs is also necessary. Some of your responsibilities will be to:

  • Make sure all stakeholders are aware of performance metrics.
  • Collaborate with product engineers to achieve a balance between speed to market and value. 
  • Act internally and externally as a product knowledge expert. 
  • Implement product innovations that can drive conversions and revenue. 

Marketing analytics jobs

Marketing analytics involves being able to measure, manage and analyze marketing performance.

Data offers insights that enable more effective decision-making. These insights can help with optimizing products and writing content that converts better. 

Marketing analyst

You will need strong quantitative skills and experience with data visualization software to be a marketing analyst.

Your attention to detail and knowledge of statistical analytic tools will be valuable. You need to use the right tools to access data such as clicks on ads, conversions, and other metrics that cover every aspect of campaigns. 

You will need to generate strategies to track data from various sources so you can organize and analyze it. Designing and conducting in-market tests will give you valuable data to interpret. Working with different teams enables you to maximize marketing opportunities. 

Digital marketing manager

Another job title commonly seen when applying for digital marketing jobs is that of a digital marketing manager. As a digital marketing manager, you must have experience in creating and implementing digital marketing strategies. Financial forecasting is also an important skill. 

You will have to manage an entire team of digital marketing specialists. In order to manage them efficiently, you need to know how to use some advanced technological tools.

This will enable you to create dashboards for different channels and produce meaningful reports for management and customers. 

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Why a job in digital marketing could be right for you

Which one to choose SEO vs SEM

Digital marketing is still a relatively new career choice, and more jobs are becoming available all the time. Every business needs digital marketers to attract and retain customers.

You can follow a number of different career paths and even work remotely as a digital marketer as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. If you progress through the ranks and become a digital marketing manager, you have the potential to earn more. 

If you are adaptable, enjoy learning, and have good verbal and written communication skills, a career in digital marketing could be right for you.

Starting out may be a little daunting due to the multiple areas involved, but it’s an industry that offers excitement, variety and many opportunities for growth. 

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If you pursue a career in digital marketing, one thing you can be sure of is that you will have to keep learning as the digital landscape evolves. There is plenty of overlap between different digital marketing positions.

The skills you learn for one position may be applicable in another, which makes changing easier. When first starting out, it is important to build up your skills because you can’t just take a single course and think this will lead to success.

There are many different facets to digital marketing, and the more skills you learn, the better the position you can find and the more money you can earn. 

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