Brevo (Formerly SendinBlue) Review – 15 Reasons to Choose This Email Marketing Solution”


In a world where businesses rely on effective marketing strategies to thrive and succeed, choosing the right marketing platform is a decision of paramount importance.

Brevo, formerly known as SendinBlue, has emerged as a comprehensive and versatile solution that offers a plethora of features designed to empower your business. 

With its user-friendly interface, robust capabilities, and commitment to personalization, Brevo stands out as a top choice for businesses seeking marketing excellence. 

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Key  Features:

  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Free Plan available 
  • Powerful Analytics dashboard
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • A/B Testing







Brevo (Formerly SendinBlue): Simplifying Email Management 

The Problem

Are you tired of juggling multiple tools and platforms to execute your marketing campaigns? Do you find it daunting to make sense of complex analytics and data? Are you struggling to engage your audience across various channels effectively? Is your budget a concern when seeking a comprehensive marketing solution?

The Solution

Brevo presents an accessible and versatile email management solution, catering to SMEs with its practical features, diverse communication channels, and efficient automation capabilities. Brevo is prepared to improve your email marketing efforts and contribute to the success of your business whether you are just starting out in marketing or are looking to optimize your strategies.


In a rush? Here's a concise snapshot of our comprehensive Brevo (formerly sendinblue) review:

  • Brevo's streamlined email management and marketing tools are designed with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in mind.
  • Among Brevo's many strengths is its generous Free plan, which offers serious functionality even to cost-conscious customers.
  • Price Competitiveness: Even with its paid plans, Brevo is a low-priced email tool that can help businesses stretch their marketing dollars.
  • Brevo's user-friendly onboarding process makes it a good fit for marketers of all experience levels.
  • Multichannel Engagement: Brevo shows how flexible it is by letting you use different ways to communicate, like email campaigns, SMS outreach, WhatsApp messages, and web push notifications.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Brevo's integrated CRM system combines marketing and sales functions in a seamless way, giving customers a single place to interact with the company.
  • Email Editor That is Easy to Use: With Brevo's easy-to-use email editor, it is a breeze to make newsletters that get people's attention. This makes creating content fun and quick.
  • Effective Automation: Brevo's automation features are not as complicated as those of some other platforms, but they are still very useful and help streamline tasks in impressive ways.
  • Comprehensive Support: Brevo puts a lot of emphasis on support. All plans come with email help, and the Business plan adds phone and live chat help as well.

Brevo (Formerly SendinBlue) Review. Why It Should Be Your Choice for Marketing Success

In this comprehensive guide, we explore and expand upon the top compelling reasons why Brevo should be your preferred marketing solution, starting today.

1. All-in-One Marketing Mastery:

All-In-One Marketing Brevo Mastery

Brevo is a powerful marketing tool that does a lot more than just send emails. It brings together a wide range of marketing tools under one roof, including email marketing, SMS campaigns, marketing automation, CRM management, and more.

This all-in-one approach makes your workflow more efficient, gets rid of the need for multiple platforms, and gives you a single solution for all your marketing needs.

2. Unparalleled Transactional Emails:

Brevo 2. Unparalleled Transactional Emails

With Brevo's transactional emails, you can be certain that your important messages will be delivered and placed in the recipients' primary inboxes.

This level of deliverability is important for time-sensitive messages like password resets, confirmations of purchases, and notifications of new accounts.

With Brevo's reliable SMTP integration, you can rest assured that your transactional emails will consistently reach their intended recipients.

Utilize Brevo's dynamic themes and user-friendly drag-and-drop builder to revitalize your e-commerce communications. Create aesthetically appealing messages that intrigue as well as instruct. Integrate shoppable elements into your emails so that recipients may easily click on them to make purchases.

Discover the strength of thorough tracking and analysis. Examine recipient involvement to learn which products generate interest and clicks. Brevo enhances your e-commerce efforts by facilitating the production of appealing content and providing useful insights to improve your tactics.

3. Visual Workflow Automation:

Navigating the realm of email automation is made remarkably intuitive with Brevo's visual Workflow editor. You can create complex customer journeys with this simple tool, automate follow-ups, and send user-targeted messages.

automation in Brevo

The visual interface provides a clear overview of your automation processes, enabling you to create complex workflows with ease.

Imagine you run a charming flower shop. You've cultivated a list of 500 flower enthusiasts who eagerly await your weekly bloom updates. Now, you want to introduce special discounts for various occasions, but bombarding them with emails is hardly the right approach. Here's where Brevo's automation steps in.

Brevo's automation tools empower you to design a workflow that guides your recipients seamlessly. Begin with a captivating email showcasing your latest blossoms, discreetly hinting at upcoming discounts.

automation in Brevo 2

A link leads them to a dedicated landing page revealing more about your exclusive offers. If their interest is piqued and they opt for your deals newsletter, Brevo takes charge. It automatically adds them to the appropriate list and promptly sends a confirmation email.

The brilliance of Brevo's automation lies in its user-friendly interface. Construct your tailored flowchart, orchestrating each step with ease. Multiple entry points ensure a smooth journey, whether it's through distinct email lists or engaging SMS campaigns.

Bid farewell to manual follow-ups and let Brevo's automation work its magic. It's akin to having a devoted marketing ally that tirelessly manages tasks, freeing you to tend to other aspects of your blossoming business. Brevo simplifies intricate marketing processes into a set-and-forget masterpiece.

4. Infinite Contacts and Details:

personalized emails

Brevo recognizes that your audience is diverse and expansive. With the ability to manage unlimited contacts and their associated details, you can seamlessly scale your marketing efforts to cater to your entire customer base.

Brevo gives you the freedom to connect with everyone, whether you are talking to a small group or a large audience around the world. 

unlimited contacts Brevo

5. Extensive Integrations and Support:

Brevo's flexibility is further demonstrated by its many useful add-ons and excellent customer service.

The platform integrates easily with numerous other platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, and various customer relationship management tools. Additionally, Brevo's compliance with GDPR regulations ensures that your customer data remains secure and protected.

Take your website's functionality to the next level by seamlessly integrating Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) through their robust APIs.

With compatibility in various coding languages such as PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, and C Sharp, the integration process is both flexible and straightforward. Elevate your site's performance and tap into Brevo's capabilities effortlessly using their APIs

Having trouble finding the app you want? 

Using to effortlessly link Brevo to your preferred apps with a few simple clicks. Whether it's designing, building, or automating tasks, integration becomes a breeze by connecting apps like Brevo to create visual automated workflows. Select from an extensive range of ready-made apps or utilize our no-code toolkit to integrate with apps not currently available in our library. Unlock a world of possibilities and enhance your workflow efficiency with seamless app integration through Brevo.

6. Multi-Channel Communication:

Multi-Channel Communication Brevo

In the era of diverse communication channels, Brevo empowers you to engage your audience through multiple platforms. Brevo's email marketing is top-notch, and it also runs effective SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. This multi-channel approach allows you to connect with your audience on their preferred platforms, enhancing engagement and response rates.

Brevo's CRM

Brevo's CRM

Discover Brevo's CRM's capability,a feature-rich product that has no bounds. Brevo's free plan includes a built-in CRM in addition to its limitless contacts, marketing automation, and web monitoring features, which is unusual among all-in-one email marketing providers.

While most platforms charge an additional fee for this premium service, Brevo generously includes it without additional fees, which is a major advantage.

Of course, powerful CRMs like HubSpot have more features. But if keeping things simple is what you want, Brevo's CRM might be the best option. It serves as evidence of our support for it as one of the best HubSpot alternatives.

The voyage through Brevo's business pipeline is enjoyable. The fact that it is simpler than more complex CRMs actually works to its advantage. You won't feel overwhelmed by the variety of options; rather, you'll have no trouble performing tasks like adding or modifying properties or updating columns.

WhatsApp Campaigns: Elevate Audience Engagement

Brevo is proud to be one of the first Meta partners for WhatsApp Campaigns, which lets you connect with your audience through this famous messaging app.

Brevo Whatsup

In contrast to SMS, Brevo's WhatsApp ads have a more personal feel with images, videos, attachments, and calls to action (CTAs), which makes customers more interested. 

You can manage your contacts well by uploading them all at once and dividing them into groups that can be used for things like SMS and email marketing.

With this unified method, Brevo makes it easier to manage multiple channels, making it easier for you to reach your audience. It's important to note that this function is available on all plans, though the cost of sending may vary by country. With Brevo's WhatsApp ads, you can keep your audience interested, informed, and in touch.

SMS Messaging Made Global and Easy

Brevo SMS Messaging

Brevo opens doors to SMS messaging across more than 200 countries, facilitating worldwide communication. To explore the complete list of available countries, refer to our SMS pricing calculator.

Brevo introduces a flexible approach to SMS, without the constraints of a specific SMS plan. By purchasing SMS credits in packs of 100, you gain the power to send messages at your convenience – credits that remain ever-ready, never expiring.

Sending an SMS involves a dual-factor calculation:

  • Recipient's Country: Charges vary based on the country where your message lands.
  • Message Length: The number of characters in your SMS contributes to the credits needed.

For instance, sending SMS within the US is priced at $1.09 for 100 SMS, $10.9 for 1000 SMS, and so forth. Regardless of your geographical location, charges are consistently in Euros.

Brevo makes SMS messaging a global endeavor, breaking barriers and offering you a seamless, credit-based approach to staying connected across borders.

Subscribe to a monthly or annual plan today and receive your initial 1,000 messages at no cost. Utilize your SMS and WhatsApp credits seamlessly for sending messages through WhatsApp.

7. Unleash the Power of Segmentation:

Brevo's segmentation feature is a strategic asset that enables you to categorize your contacts based on specific attributes such as demographics, behavior, and preferences.

Creating targeted marketing campaigns allows you to reach specific audiences with messages that are more likely to have an impact. Taking a more individual approach like this not only boosts interaction, but also reduces the possibility of your messages being flagged as spam.

Importing and managing your contacts becomes a breeze with Brevo. Whether you have a spreadsheet, a list from a previous mail application, or need to create web forms to gather email addresses, Brevo simplifies the process for you.

Segments in Brevo

Importing Made Easy: Brevo allows you to import contacts from various file formats, including .csv and .xls(x) files, ensuring your data is seamlessly integrated into their platform. You can include details like names, addresses, phone numbers, and signup dates, creating a well-organized database.

Custom Segmentation: Brevo offers advanced segmentation, enabling you to categorize contacts based on their interactions with your emails. Whether they've opened, clicked, or engaged in other ways, you can tailor your follow-up strategies accordingly.

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List Hygiene and Suppression Lists: Maintain a clean list of engaged recipients with Brevo's list hygiene features. Easily locate contacts that are actively responding to your emails, and differentiate them from less responsive ones. Additionally, you can create suppression lists to exclude certain contacts from your campaigns, ensuring targeted and relevant messaging.

Efficient Blacklisting: Brevo allows you to manually blacklist specific email addresses or entire domains. This ensures you respect the preferences of recipients who have unsubscribed or expressed a desire to opt out of your emails.

Brevo's contact management tools empower you to streamline your email campaigns, focus on engaged contacts, and adhere to best practices for effective communication


Brevo gives you the tools to thwart disruptive bot attacks on your subscription form. By manually blocking specific domains, you ensure that your transactional emails reach their intended recipients without interference. This feature enhances deliverability and safeguards the integrity of your communication against unwanted disruptions.

8. Real-Time Push Notifications:

Push Notifications in Brevo

Brevo's real-time push notification feature is designed to engage website visitors immediately. When a visitor lands on your website, a notification request prompts them to subscribe. By sending timely updates and notifications after receiving permission, you can encourage continuous interaction and stay in touch with your audience.

9. Strategic A/B Testing for Optimization:

Enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns is a continuous process, and Brevo empowers you with strategic A/B testing capabilities.

Experiment with different elements of your campaigns, such as subject lines, content, and calls-to-action, to identify the most resonant components. You can optimize your strategies so that they have the greatest impact possible by using a data-driven approach.

AB test an Automation Brevo

Guidelines for Effective A/B Testing in Workflows:

  1. Contacts Progress: To include a contact in your A/B test, they must reach the A/B split step within the workflow.
  2. Single Path: Contacts can follow either path A or B, but not both, remaining on their chosen path.
  3. Equal Assignment: Contacts at the split step are evenly distributed between paths A and B in an alternating 50:50 ratio.

Components Open for A/B Testing:

You have the flexibility to A/B test the following aspects of your workflows:

  • Email Templates: Discover which template drives higher engagement and conversions.
  • Workflow Configuration: Determine the optimal arrangement or sequence of steps.
  • Message Frequency: Identify the most effective timing for sending emails or texts.

Feel free to test any element within your email or workflow to refine your strategies and achieve optimal results.


Brevo leaves the winner selection to you, allowing you to decide based on your specific goal and criteria

10. Facebook ad tools: 

When it comes to expanding your reach, Brevo's Facebook ad tools offer a comprehensive solution.

No need to leave your Brevo dashboard; crafting the perfect Facebook ad is seamlessly integrated. Just upload your image, input your text, and choose a suitable call-to-action (CTA) aligned with your objective.

Brevo streamlines the process further: set your budget and ad duration, and let the platform take care of the rest. With Brevo's user-friendly interface, reaching a broader audience through Facebook has never been easier.

11. Engaging Landing Pages Made Easy:

Brevo Landing Pages

Brevo's user-friendly landing page builder simplifies the process of creating captivating and high-converting landing pages. These pages serve as dynamic entry points for your audience, providing them with targeted information and driving them towards conversion.

Brevo empowers you to craft impactful landing pages that captivate your audience's attention and drive action. While I didn't have the opportunity to fully explore this feature, here's what I've gathered:

Striking Templates: 

Brevo's landing page builder offers an array of mobile-friendly and minimalist templates, ensuring a sleek and modern design for your pages. These templates are visually appealing and well-suited for showcasing specific services, products, or time-sensitive promotions.

Customization Flexibility: 

Tailor your landing pages to your brand's identity using the drag-and-drop editor. You can choose from predefined layouts and content blocks, allowing you to create a unique design without extensive coding knowledge.

Seamless User Experience: 

Connect multiple landing pages to create a seamless post-sign-up or onboarding journey for users. This helps you guide them through a cohesive experience, enhancing their engagement and interaction with your brand.

Domain Integration: 

Brevo enables you to link your landing pages to your existing domain, seamlessly integrating them into your website. This provides a cohesive look and feel, reinforcing your brand's identity.

Brevo Domain Integration

Plan Flexibility: 

While the full capabilities of Brevo's landing page builder are available in the Premium and Enterprise plans, you can create 5 to 20 landing pages, depending on your subscription level. The Enterprise plan offers even greater opportunities for expanding your landing page portfolio.


Landing pages are a valuable feature offered exclusively to Business and BrevoPlus users, providing them with the ability to create compelling and effective landing pages as part of their marketing strategies.

12. Powerful Analytics and Insights:

In the world of marketing, numbers hold the key to understanding your audience and refining your strategies. Statistics unravel the narrative behind your campaigns, shedding light on what resonates and what needs improvement. While numbers alone don't tell the whole story, they serve as the foundation for informed decision-making.

Brevo understands the value of data-driven inferences, so it provides you with an easy-to-use analytics dashboard. The dashboard displays key metrics like emails sent, opened, links clicked, and engagement levels in a glance.

Brevo Powerful Analytics And Insights2

For those seeking deeper insights, the Premium plan and beyond unlock a treasure trove of detailed campaign reports. These reports delve into the heart of your campaigns, presenting timelines, trends, and conversions. Uncover nuances like time-to-click, click-through rates, and more, allowing you to refine your approach based on empirical evidence.

The granular nature of these reports is where the true value shines. Visualize how different contact lists engage with your content, pinpoint the most-clicked links, and track individual contact interactions. This level of detail empowers you to tailor your strategies with precision, leveraging the unique behaviors of your audience segments.

Brevo, however, does not end there. Integrating Google Analytics is a low-cost option for those who crave sophisticated analytics. Although individual tastes vary, Brevo's analytic prowess is enhanced by the availability of this well-known tool for gaining in-depth insights. 

13. Enhance Customer Engagement with Brevo's Live Chat

Brevo's live chat feature is a powerful asset for customer support and sales efforts. Seamlessly integrated into your marketing platform or available as a separate addition, it offers easy implementation without any coding required. Setting up your chat widget's appearance and installing it on your website is a breeze, taking just minutes.

Brevo's Live Chat

With the live chat widget, visitors can connect directly with your team from your website, funneling inquiries into your Brevo chat inbox. Team members gain insights, knowing the specific webpage visitors are on when they initiate a chat.

Connecting to Brevo's marketing platform guarantees that all relevant contact details are always up-to-date, allowing for more productive interactions.

There is a free tier for a single user, but for $15 per user each month, you can gain access to premium services like cross-platform chat and in-depth visitor analytics, among others. Brevo's live chat feature will help you communicate with customers on a whole new level.

14. Brevo Forms

Brevo Forms

When we checked out Brevo's form maker, we found it easily under the "contact management" tab, which gives the tool extra points for being easy to use. Modern software needs an easy-to-use interface, and Brevo is great at this.

Brevo showed us how to make a form by adding a name and allowing GDPR fields, which are important for keeping customer data safe. In the second step, the tool smoothly switched to the real builder, which is different from other tools that send you to a new page. This new way of doing things saves a lot of time by making it easy to switch between menu choices.

Brevo Forms 2

Form creation was easy and fun, and it was easy to make changes by dragging and dropping items from the menu on the left. Even though there is no specific "Save" button, the design is saved when you hit "Next."

Even though Brevo doesn't have as many form themes as some other builders, the ease of use makes up for it. The choices we already have are enough to make unique shapes.

In short, Brevo's online form structure is impressive. It combines important features like double opt-in and success/failure messages into a single, easy-to-use interface.

15. Cost-Effective Pricing and Value:

Brevo's pricing structure is designed with your budget in mind. Brevo's dedication to accessibility is on full display in the current offer, which allows you to send 20,000 emails per month for just $25. This upfront pricing structure guarantees maximum return on investment and broadens access to cutting-edge promotional tools for companies of all sizes.

Brevo's Pros and Cons


  • Friendly on the Wallet: Brevo catches your attention with its affordable prices. You can start with a plan for as low as $25, and it gives you a lot – 20,000 emails and unlimited contacts. That's a deal that stands out when compared to other options like ActiveCampaign
  • Smart Automation: Even though it's not expensive, Brevo doesn't skimp on smart automation. It's like having a digital assistant that follows your visitors' actions on your website and sends them messages accordingly. This is particularly useful for folks using Shopify.
  • Special Transaction Powers: Brevo goes beyond the usual and offers you the ability to send transactional emails and SMS marketing. Not many tools do that, and the best part is, it won't cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Easy WordPress Bond: If you use WordPress, you'll love Brevo's plugin. It's like a helper that seamlessly connects your website with Brevo, making things super smooth.
  • Free CRM Goodies: Even if you go for the free plan, you still get a sales CRM. Think of it as a digital notebook that helps you keep track of your customers and leads. Check out how it stacks up against other free CRM software in our guide.


  • Team Considerations: Brevo may be less ideal for larger teams, as the Business plan is needed for multiple users, and there's an extra charge for each.
  • Feature Access: Unlocking advanced features like A/B testing and landing pages requires upgrading to the Business plan, which might not suit everyone's needs.

Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue) Pricing: Choose the Right Plan for Your Needs

When it comes to pricing, Brevo offers a range of plans designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. With unlimited contacts across all plans, you have the flexibility to scale your marketing efforts without limitations.

Brevo offers four distinct plans, each tailored to specific needs: Marketing Platform, Conversations, Sales, and Transactional Email. Let's explore the paid plans in detail:

Forever Free Plan:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Perfect for testing and exploration.
  • Up to 300 email campaigns daily.
  • Includes customizable email templates and a user-friendly drag & drop editor.
  • Transactional emails and SMS & WhatsApp campaigns (additional cost).
  • An ideal starting point for familiarizing yourself with Brevo's features.

Starter Plan:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Starting at $25 per month.
  • Send up to 20,000 monthly marketing emails.
  • All features of the Free plan, plus:
  • No daily sending limit.
  • Option to remove the Brevo logo (add-on).
  • Basic reporting & analytics.
  • Email support.
  • Recommended for marketing managers, online stores, and eCommerce professionals.

Business Plan:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Begins at $65 per month.
  • Includes 20,000 emails and everything in the Starter plan, with additional features:
  • Email marketing automation.
  • A/B testing capabilities.
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Multi-user access for collaborative efforts.
  • Send time optimization.
  • Phone support.
  • An excellent choice for those seeking email and SMS campaigns, detailed reports, and the creation of landing pages.

Brevo Plus Plan:

  • Tailored for enterprises with custom pricing.
  • Enterprise-grade security to safeguard your data.
  • Advanced integrations for seamless connectivity.
  • Sub-account management for efficient organization.
  • Tailored onboarding to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Personalized support for dedicated assistance.
  • Ideal for large-scale businesses seeking a comprehensive and customized marketing solution.
  • And More
Brevo Pricing

Choosing the right plan depends on your business requirements and goals. Brevo's tiered pricing model allows you to easily access the premium features that best suit your business without breaking the bank. Brevo has a strategy to help your marketing efforts succeed, whether you are just getting started or are aiming for enterprise-level solutions. 

Conclusion: Elevate Your Marketing with Brevo

Brevo is an exceptional choice for businesses of all sizes due to its comprehensive features, user-friendliness, and low cost.

Brevo equips you with the tools, resources, and support you need to make your mark in the digital landscape, whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting out.

By leveraging Brevo's advanced features, intuitive interface, and commitment to personalization, you position yourself for marketing success in today's competitive environment.

Experience the power of Brevo for yourself and elevate your marketing endeavors to new heights.


What are the advantages of Brevo?

Brevo offers a range of benefits, including a user-friendly interface, versatile marketing automation, email and SMS marketing capabilities, landing page creation, contact management, and more.

Is Brevo free?

Yes, Brevo offers a free plan with generous features, allowing users to explore its functionalities without cost.

What does Brevo do?

Sendinblue, now Brevo , is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that enables businesses to engage with their audience through various channels, such as email, SMS, and social media.

Is Brevo a good company?

Yes, Brevo (Sendinblue) is a reputable company known for providing effective marketing solutions and user-friendly tools.

Is Brevo a CRM?

Yes, Sendinblue (Brevo ) offers a built-in CRM to help businesses manage contacts, interactions, and customer relationships.

Is Brevo the best email marketing service? Which is better: Mailchimp or Brevo?

The choice between Brevo (Sendinblue) and other platforms like Mailchimp depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Both offer unique features and pricing structures. My preference: Brevo, after a disappointing experience with Mailchimp.

Is Brevo GDPR-friendly?

Yes, Brevo (Sendinblue) is designed to be GDPR-compliant and provides features to assist businesses in adhering to data protection regulations

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