Bigspy : The Ads Spy Tool for Successful Marketing Campaign

Are you skeptical of BigSpy?

Do you find it hard to decide if BigSpy is the right tool for you to invest your hard-earned money on as a digital marketer?

You are in the right place!

Here you will find a critical BigSpy review without mincing words or playing favoritism. 

If you like Bigspy, we have a discount for you end of this post. 

The Challenges of Digital Business

The internet business is one of the most ambitious ventures of the 21st century.

With a flurry of digital companies springing up day by day, you stand little chance of staying afloat without the help of some tools and softwares to give you the advantage over the others. 

Whether you earn money from the internet as a game developer, dropshipper, e-commerce store owner, or software manufacturer, there's a higher chance that you have to leverage an innovative advertising platform.

Not only will this give you insights and strategies on how to topple your competitors.

But it will also enable you to maximize your profit and stay ahead of the others, regardless of their audience base and years of experience. 

In this article, we have analyzed one of the must-have facebook spy tool for every digital marketer, internet business owners, and online advertisers. 

We explore in-depth the features, benefits, pricing, pros, and cons of this Spy tool.

Also, we compare it with other tools that perform similar functions and thus make our verdicts based on practical results emanating from our comprehensive critical analysis. 

Introducing BigSpy: What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is a digital marketing tool for all categories of internet users that need to get their product to a broad base of the target audience.

This online advertising platform is widely regarded as the #1 Ad Spy Tool by its developer. However, our review will tell if they can live up to that billing. 

BigSpy is best described as a utility tool as it's a one-stop-shop for advertising across various social media platforms ( i.e facebook spy tools ).

It's multipurpose Software that handles various aspects of digital businesses, including getting creative ads ideas, spying competitors' activities across all social platforms, and tracking advertising performances.

BigSpy is integrated and works seamlessly with virtually all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, AdMob, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Yahoo.

This gives users "on-the-go" experience with their ad campaign as they can monitor all activities via mobile devices.

BigSpy allows users to gain creative advertising insights, review product performances, and view daily trends for ads as analyzed by the platform's big data and ads intelligence. 

BigSpy Review :The bottom line:

BigSpy is a freemium ad spy tool. It supports many social media platforms Including Shopify spy. BigSpy has a big benefit in terms of characteristics and cost. If you need a great tool to discover your competitors' advertising secrets and don't possess enough budget, then BigSpy is an excellent alternative!

These are many more than the exceptional features that make BigSpy a must-have software for every team of digital marketers.

With this powerful tool, you can predict the performance of the products you intend to order even before making a payment.

This is particularly useful for new entrants into e-commerce who are still testing the waters. 


How BigSpy Works

BigSpy has designed their website in such a way that it's accessible to every user irrespective of their technical savviness. The user-interface is friendly and easy to use. 

The working mode of BigSpy is similar to using social media platforms or dating sites to filter the type of friends you want, their location, age, and other attributes based on your preference. 

However, in this regard, we will be working with physical products. These images will guide you through step-by-step on how BigSpy works. 

BigSpy interface

Using BigSpy Ads Spy Tool

Let's assume that we want to spy the top advertisers in our niche of acne removal.

The first thing is to register and activate your account. After upgrading, click on "search now" from the homepage. 

use bigspy

Next, choose the social media platform of your choice. Here, we will be making use of Facebook. Enter your keyword (acne removal) and select the social media platform you would love to run your ads. 

Select the page category, language, country, your marketing objectives, your call-to-action, and the eCommerce software.

For beginners, it might be a good choice to leave the other selections blank and just enter the product you wish to analyze.

BigSpy Review

From our selections above, you can see that we have 65 results in 90 days that match our search term.

how to use bigspy

After analyzing each of the results, you can choose to get an insight into the performance of that ad. That would inform you about the likely performance of your ads too.

BigSpy insights

The detailed insights, after tracking, should look like this ( more access in the pro version):

BigSpy Performance 1
BigSpy Performance 2

Using BigSpy for Ad Ideas

Let's say you want to get ads ideas on Facebook using acne removal as your keyword. It will return something like this:

BigSpy ads ideas

You can check the performance of each advert leveraging the engagement, such as likes, comments, number of shares, and the type of content used – texts or videos. 

Users can explore other tools and Software integrated with BigSpy to have a first-hand experience of how BigSpy works.

BigSpy Key Features

We have come to the main segment of the BigSpy. The icing on the cake.

As mentioned earlier, BigSpy has a wide range of incredible features for all internet marketers and digital professionals. 

Below are the key features and usability. 

1. Big Ads database

Market research and competitor analysis are the two most essential aspects of digital business.

BigSpy has a massive intuitive database.

It means that for every ad you want to run, you can have insights on over millions of ads. 

Gaining access to other people's ads can serve as a pointer to know what works and what doesn't not.

As a premium member, BigSpy allows users to harness valuable data that enable them to have an insight into marketing trends and advertising strategies.

This feature eliminates complex product research and unending testing. 

2. Integrated with Social Media Platforms

BigSpy is not one-dimensional as it is fully integrated with the top 7 social media platforms.

Users can select any of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, YouTube, or Yahoo in gaining insights on the performance of their ads before launching it.

This feature eliminates guess works as you can track hundreds of other ads by competitors and analyze the real-time performance across different social media platforms.

BigSpy Social Media

3. Choosing the right Ads

BigSpy not only helps on what to advertise, but its featured search entity also helps you to locate most viewed ads people tracked.

That is the most popular demand in the market. This could Centre on products, brands, or supplier services.

This feature earns you the benefit to get ideas with social proof and real-time data, allowing you to monitor, all by yourself, as activities ensue, and eventually are profitable. 

BigSpy Trends

Furthermore, the self-services include a smart ability of the model to pick winning or trending ads regularly.

This is enough proof that, based on joining a competitive market, your mind is geared to a win-win situation, optimally, and poised optimism.

You still haven't accessed featured Ads?

4. Self-tracking services  

With BigSpy, you can track your ads' performance as well as that of the others.

Why worry sick about market growth, performance, or how many accounts have viewed your products steadily?

The distinguishing feature of my tracked is to analyze and evaluate the result of your ads campaigns and those of your competitors.

BigSpy tracking tools

It's so comprehensive that you can download the analytics of any on-going advertising campaign while tracking it.

You will have access to the detailed insight of any campaigns.

This will enable users to understand the identify market trends, understand consumer's psychometric, and how they respond to various forms of ads. 

You can also compare text-based ads with video ads to see which one works best for a specific product.

5. Advertising inspiration  

BigSpy also works with the features to collect the ads people tracked.

With people tracked, you can use this self-service to help you peruse what people prioritize and patronize. 

It is irrefutable to assert that digital marketers and eCommerce enthusiasts seek to take a different dimensional drive to a successful end.

This is what spurs users the enablement to view the most tracked and popular demands, by users, in the market world.

With the team amassing the best and winning Ads for your views, you can get a glimpse of what Ads your competitors and the market riches use, for booming market sales. 

6. Powerful search

BigSpy has one of the most impressive and automated search engines that makes searching for suitable creatives easy.

Also, it encompasses the skyrocketing feature of compiled demographics, including age, gender, and region.

Filtering your search redirects you to a world of specifics and date, and affiliate network offers. 

The powerful search engine filters search by industry, for strictly items you envisage, the countries of preference, CTA, and even dates to get on with the high-flying Ads of the day. 

For example: if you filter the word "Keto diet," it redirects you to an Ads database on "keto diet" to peruse, choose, and possibly adapt from a multitude of them for your own use. 

7. Social networks

The multi-platform Ads already connects one with the social media world of advertising.

However, for beginners and users of the Free subscription, especially. These set of people would only get Ads from Facebook.

BigSpy provides you with the exclusives, the insides of accumulated Ads surging from Facebook.

Your advertising efficiency, your targeting audiences, your Facebook trends, and advertising creatives are for your decisions. 

Its unique services are rich and not confined to images and snapshots, but also videos that are rich in valuable content for your market guides. 

BigSpy Pros

Some of the challenges faced by internet marketers and online advertisers are rooted in having inadequate knowledge of the market, especially as a new entrant.

Thus, many resorts into trial and error, A/B testing, and other strategies that are not only expensive but equally time-consuming.

This is where BigSpy comes into play.

With this powerful tool and the innovative technologies powering it, you can rest assured knowing you have a proven and practical method to analyze all the data you need before running your ads. 

Also, the essence of running ads is to maximize profit. It's effortless to fall into the trap of hungry marketers that sell you a book that promises 1001 ways to master Facebook ads. 

Unfortunately, most of the information they supply is outdated. Technologies involve every day, and so is the market demand.

BigSpy offers you real-time monitoring of markets trend and changes in consumer's tastes.

Knowing what the customers want can help you in choosing the right products to promote.

What makes BigSpy unique in this regard is that you don't need any experts to run your ads.

You can master Facebook Ads and ads on other platforms harmed with this simple, but powerful advertising tool.

Also, sparing you the painstaking individualized surveys and analysis, the team of specialists in an array of market and industries, have done necessary compilation to simplify your look into the market world.

Besides manually searching for winning products using FindNiche,BigSpy automatically provides users with daily trending ads and gives you the intelligence you need to calculate ad expenses and thus maximize your return on investment.

Furthermore, the 24/7 support system of BigSpy is another benefit you will enjoy.

Users have chatting bots. They can ask a couple of questions in case they are feeling lost.

BigSpy Support

Also, the BigSpy support team is always available to handle any technical support you require and provide you with after-sales free consultation and guidance.

Lastly, BigSpy aims to guide you.

With a couple of explainer videos to make sure you thread the right path to success is paramount to their happiness and satisfaction.

With not just visuals, but audio-visuals, you get the A-class tutorials you need to succeed in your marketing campaign.

BigSpy Cons

Like every other Software, BigSpy is not all beds of roses. It equally has its drawbacks, and some area the manufacturer can improve. This includes the following: 

  • Limited free access

Although there is free access for new users, it's a way too limited to offer any real value. Most of the BigSpy functionalities are non-accessible to free members.

  • No moneyback guarantee

Many users love it when they can get their money refunded if they don't derive enough satisfaction with any services.

Unfortunately, BigSpy has no moneyback guarantee in place. They offer no assurance of returning your subscription fee if you don't find the tool useful for you after subscription.

BigSpy Pricing and Membership (+coupons)

The BigSpy app is packed with varied price plans and subscriptions, to navigate and comfortable choose from. 

BigSpy Pricing plan


This is the beginner-oriented plan. With this plan, one gains access to information from Facebook only.

Also, with the JUST $1 access plan, it is restricted to limited search results, search features, Ads results, and limited filtering features. Also, with a minimum of 10 queries daily.

The JUST $1 access plan might seem shallow. But BigSpy, however, seeks to give you this free plan as a steppingstone to navigating through its beneficial services.

This brings us to the premium membership.

Basic subscription plan of ($9)

The basic subscription monthly plan is bundled with unrestricted Facebook Limits at just $9.

The features extend an Ads Spy to the platform of over 100 million users, Instagram.

Your viewing access skyrockets to unlimited search features, extensive filtering, download opportunities of 25Ads daily, your tracked Ads at 25 per day, and an email support system, all for your benefits.   

Pro subscription ($99)

The Pro subscription bundle is a premium subscription for the highfliers in digital business. It's not dissuading the beginners from accessing package at request freely.

The pro subscription at a rate of $99, gives you the exclusives that you yearn.

It extends your search and views to all social media platforms, unlimited filtering features, unlimited search features, Ads product importation/ download at 250 dailies, and tracked Ads. 

Also, your daily queries are unlimited, landing analysis, demographics analysis, email, and online supports for your pitches, and results aren't left out.

You get up to date information even delivered to your mail.

VIP  Version


  • Networks: All platforms
  • Queries: Unlimited daily
  • Unlimited search features
  • Unlimited filtering features
  • Landing analysis
  • Unlimited Track Ads

ELITE Subscription ($399)

In this plan you will get unlimited Queries & New Features with extra Downloads and My tracked Ads.

BigSpy alternatives

For every Software, there's always at least an alternative.

While BigSpy remains an indispensable tool for all advertisers, several other tools perform similar functions. Notable ones include AdSpy.


AdSpy is another spy tool that blossoms in its rendering of services of sprouting market trends, ads, and strategies. It's, however, not without its advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Its rapid and smart interface
  • Smart data analysis
  • An enhanced but simplified basic search


An exclusive one faced a bundle of $149 per month. 


  • It seems narrow in social media scope
  • Although cheap, expensive compared to BigSpy
  • Non-versatility with bundles (One phased package)

Conclusions (AdSpy vs. BigSpy)

In terms of pricing and affordability, BigSpy has an edge. It renders varieties of services limited to specific bundles, at the tripartite level of free, basic, and pro.

This is different from the singular phased bundle on AdSpy, at $149 per month.

Its single bundle is also costlier to $99 for BigSpy. Its social media scope also seems more limited compared to BigSpy that reaches virtually all social media platforms. 


BigSpy is a must-have tool for online advertisers, digital professionals, information marketers, and every team looking to maximize their return on investment and gain advantage through creative advertising. Its pros far outweigh its cons. 

If you are serious about maximizing your profitability with ads, you should consider giving it a shot!

You can register for free to see all the benefits that BigSpy offers.

Bigspy Coupons / Bigspy Discount

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