16 Top bloggers Entrepreneurs that will Inspire You This Year!


Staying connected with top bloggers entrepreneurs community is core to success. Hence, choose a few of these successful entrepreneurs and add them to your list.

Blogging and entrepreneurship is an art, it is a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings and personal experiences while influencing others.

More often than not though, it is a space where both personal and professional interests intersect to create inspirational ideas which are full of passion. 

Building a successful business from the ground up isn't easy, and no one does it alone.

Being a business owner can make you feel like you really have no one to turn to for advice.

Another way to prepare for being the best entrepreneur possible is to study the successful methods of those who have gone before you.

16 Top Bloggers Entrepreneurs To Watch In

Here are a spotlights of the top bloggers entrepreneurs to hold an eye out for, and bring inspiration from :

Gary Vaynerchuk

1. Gary Vaynerch

“I put zero weight into anyone’s opinion about me because I know exactly who I am. Can you say the same? When” ― Gary Vaynerchuk

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Born in Babryusk Belarus, the 44-years-old digital entrepreneur started his teens years selling baseball cards and made thousands of dollars every weekend off of that.

At the age of 14, Gary Vaynerchuk became a strong-head wine critic and finally stepped into the family wine business which he grew from a 3 million dollar company to 60 million dollars in just 5 years while in college.

Today, Gary is a well-known public figure for his social media and digital marketing works as the chairman of VaynerX.

He is also the CEO of a multi-million full-service ad agency (VaynerMedia) that undertakes advertising jobs for fortune 100 companies in 4 distinct locations. Gary is also a 5-times best-selling author, a motivational speaker, a personal developer, and an internet personality.

On the side, he is a partnership with; VaynerSports (an athlete representation agency), GreenStreet (a cannabis-only marketing and branding agency), and Resy (a restaurant reservation application).

He has appeared on multiple popular media outlets like; Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune 40 Under 40, Mashable, FastCompany, and more. 

Gary is estimated to have a net worth of 160 million dollars in 2019 and is fast-growing. Finally, his blog, GaryVanerchuk, has made him one of the top bloggers today.

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2. Russell Brunson

“This book reveals the most cutting-edge way to drive eyeballs to your product or service to help people find you.”― Russell Brunson

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Russell Brunson is one of the gurus of internet marketing. Russell started his first online company while he was wrestling at Boise State University.

Within a year of graduating he had sold over a million dollars worth of his own products and services .

Russell Brunson; the man from Boise, Idaho that is building a software empire, which consists of over 30,000 paying customers. All these customers have come in the past two years as well.

Brunson changed the game when it comes to selling any type of product or service online.

He’s developed an amazing product called ClickFunnels that allows basically any business owner to create a website and implement sales funnels.

A tool that can help you save a lot of money on tools that you are currently using, and it helps you identify the right traffic and the right customers, and increases your sales conversion.

Russell Brunson has created a number of  products that have helped people make their entrepreneurship dreams become a reality. Among them including Clickfunnel :

>>Learn more about Russell Brunson

neil patel

3. Neil Patel

“If your friends don’t motivate and inspire you, you’re choosing them all wrong.” - Neil Patel

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Neil Patel is an author, influencer, marketing genius and an entrepreneur all wrapped in one.

He has been a New York Times best-selling author and was labelled as one of the top 10 marketers in present scenario.

Neil Patel launched his first business or his first website at the age of 16. With all his capital, he tried to get the best results in a marketing company, but unfortunately, that was not the case.

With much frustration, he decided to soak up as much marketing information as possible. That's why he entered Cypress Community College and learned digital marketing.

Patel had his first customer, who was a manufacturer of external power supplies. The entrepreneur was successful in getting his client to generate more than $ 25 million in sales. This made him realize the power of well-implemented online marketing.

When he was still young, Patel created his first website: Advice Monkey, a site to connect candidates with potential jobs.

In addition to his blog NeilPatel.com and Quick Sprout, as a guest author at the Content Marketing Institute, Neil Patel has also created some great tools that have brought him to where he is today.

The content he shares through his blog has been applied to his business and the results have been sensational.

Here we tell you a little about these tools.

Crazy Egg :This tool is amazing because it gives us a clear and precise overview of the behavior of users on our website.

Hello Bar : With this tool, you can convert for various purposes such as offering discounts, promoting system registrations, increasing the mailing list, among others.

Kiss metrics: This tool, as its name suggests, presents metrics and statistics about your site so that you can adjust your strategies.

Quick Sprout : Its purpose is to train those who use this tool to learn best practices in SEO, Email Marketing, Link Building, among others.

Ubersuggest : a tool that helps you generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production

>>Visit Neil Patel's Site 

pat flynn

4. Pat Flynn 

“In other words, a sure-fire way to predict the future is to take no action at all. When you do nothing, you get nothing.”― Pat Flynn

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A self-made millionaire and the father of two, Pat Flynn’s journey to financial breakthrough would begin on June 17th, 2008 when he was sacked from his dream job as an architect.

According to him, getting sacked was the best thing to happen to him as it lead him to the awareness of the massive financial opportunities in digital entrepreneurship. 

Without any prior knowledge of how to build or grow a business, Pat immersed himself in knowledge bases, studied the best practices, improved on whatever is lagging, and went ahead to build The Smart Passive Income (SPI) in 2008.

Though a personal blog at first, SPI now takes the lead on the list of the top 100 blogs where thousands of young entrepreneurs learn and master the needful skills to build their dream online businesses. But SPI is just one of Pat’s massive projects. 

Fast-forward to 2015, Pat Flynn and his team built the Smart Podcast Player, a podcast player that encourages the binge-listening of online podcasts. Today, Smart Podcast Player is renamed FuseBox.Fm.

Another Pat Flynn’s project is the SwitchPod which was founded in 2017 together with Caleb Wojcik, Pat’s personal photographer. SwitchPod is a brand that engineers tripods for vloggers.

Pat Flynn also has a personal podcast where he reaches out to thousands of listeners across the globe. According to 2019 statistics, Pat’s net worth is estimated to be between 1 and 5 million dollars.

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John Lee Dumas the Podcaster

5. John Lee Dumas 

“Set a goal.  Make it big.  Then look at the grind it’s going to take to get there.  Fall in love with that grind.  Then start grinding.” - John Lee Dumas 

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John Lee Dumas was in the military just before delving and totally diverting into entrepreneurship in 2012.

He is the founder of The Fire Nation, a popular podcast where he interviews the sizable successful entrepreneurs in the world.

This he does to expose the young and coming entrepreneurs into how the interviewed successful ones like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Seth Godin, and other stars made it through the thick and thin.

Not only was John given a mention in Gary Vaynerchuk's book but he also featured in Bollywood's movie of the year 2009, Yuvvraaj. In 2011 he also won a car on The Price is Right.

Other than being a podcaster and a successful entrepreneur, John has written quite a large number of journals; The Freedom Journal which has sold in over 30, 000 copies and his Amazon's Choice for journals,

The Mastery Journal which is another Amazon's Choice for journals that have sold in 20, 000 copies so far, and the 2018-launched Podcast Journal.

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Darren Rowse

6. Darren Rowse

"Success is more about doing the things you know you should do than discovering the secrets you don't yet know" - Darren Rowse

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The Australian blogger, consultant, speaker, and co-founder of over 300 blogs, Darren Rowse has been an inspiration to all bloggers on the web since the founding of Problogger in September 2004.

At first, the main focal points of discussions for Problogger were spirituality, blogging, and pop cultures, today, Problogger is completely built around blogging and blogging alone.

With Problogger, Rowse has reached out to over a ton of visitors per month, teaching the art of blogging whilst establishing the platform for other bloggers to share their experiences and promote themselves. 

Darren Rowse is also the founder of The Digital Photography School in 2006 which has grown into a community of over 2 million photography enthusiasts and students who are enjoying the privilege of a friendly learning environment to acquire techniques and tips that enhances all aspects of photography. 

According to a source, Darren Rowse earns a minimum of $20, 000 from each of his two main blogs.

Finally, Darren’s biggest project was b5media, a new media blog co-founded alongside Duncan Riley, Shai Coggins, and Jeremy Wright.

B5media is a network of over 300 blogs that generates more than 1 million views every day. If you’re a blogger and want to tap into the deepest core of blogging, then Problogger is one of the best blogs to read.

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Brian Clark (1)

7. Brian Clark

"Past failures generate false evidence appearing real. To the contrary, it’s likely you learned things from your past failures that instead provide evidence that your odds are now better than ever'' Brian Clark

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As the recognized pioneer of the $44 billion worth content marketing industry, Brian Clark’s love for the content development sector of digital marketing has made him a millionaire whilst still doing the things that matter most to him namely; traveling and writing.

Brian Clark is the founder of the one-man blog Copyblogger, developed in 2006 to create people how to create online content that truly converts.

According to AdvertisingAge and The Guardian, Copyblogger is one of the major influential and powerful blogs to ever exist on the digital planet.

To help people learn the art of content development better, Clark has created several multimillion training, tools, web hosting, WordPress themes, and services.

Other projects by Brian are; Further (a personal development newsletter) and Unemployable which offers fast and effective strategies to entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world.

>>Visit copyblogger Here 

Tim Ferris (1)

8. Tim Ferris

“If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.” - Tim Ferris

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Tim is a superstar entrepreneur, a passionate blogger, and an angel investor in Facebook, Uber, and more.

His two-times best-selling book, The 4-hour Workweek, has gained public attention having been produced and sold in 35 languages.

Out of these and many more, what actually made Tim Ferris prominent is his blog and podcast (The Tim Ferris Show) which is a 3-time best of Apple podcast. 

Among his over 300 million series, Tim has featured Tony Robbins, David Yarrow, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger in his series, and this has contributed in making his podcast the number 1 business podcast on Apple out of 500, 000 other podcasts.

He has also featured Neil Gaiman, Jamie Fox, Whitney Cummings, Amanda Palmer, among other big names.

Other than being a podcaster, Timothy Ferris, as he is fondly called, a total of 5 best-selling books that continue to impact lives on the digital world.

>>Vist Tim's Blog

seth godin (1)

9. Seth Godin

“The secret to being wrong isn't to avoid being wrong! The secret is being willing to be wrong. The secret is realizing that wrong isn't fatal.” ― Seth Godin

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As a speaker, a teacher, and one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Seth Godin has written more than 19 best-selling books, some of which are; Purple Cow, What To Do When It Reaches Your Turn (And It's Always Your Turn), Linchpin, Dip, and The Tribe.

His latest book, This is Marketing, has changed the world's view on digital marketing, having been sold in hundreds of copies.

Seth Godin also runs one of the most successful marketing blogs in the world, where he focuses and shares his knowledge base with the world on leadership, effective marketing, motivation/inspiration, changing, and spreading of ideas…

Among the 3 few professionals chosen in the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013, Seth is one. He was also the only one inducted into the general Marketing Hall Of Fame in 2018.

In 1995, Seth started Yoyodyne, a marketing company that uses games and scavenger hunts to connect and market companies with his participants.

Later in 1998, Yahoo acquired Yoyodyne at the price of $30 million.

He also launched Squidoo in 2006, one of the 500 most-visited websites which he later sold to Hubpages in 2014.

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michael arrington (1)

10. Michael Arrington

"A business model that hasn't been tried before is always interesting, even if it's likely to fail" - Michael Arrington

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Graduated from both Claremont McKenna College and Stanford Law School, Michael Arrington founded TechCrunch in 2005 with the hope of earning a living running a tech blog.

But the whole idea changed.

Michael instantly developed an interest in the silicon valley technology start-up community, thereby restructuring TechCrunch in such a way that it is centered on that whilst penetrating into the core of the wide spectrum America technology field and of the world at large.

Prior to developing TechCrunch, Michael Arrington was the CEO of Pool, an online company that buys deleted or dropped domain and then sells the same through auctioning on the company's marketplace.

He was also the CEO of RazorGator, an online ticket reseller for theater and concert tickets, sports, and a vacation packages reseller for sports events from 2002 to 2003.

Immediately after the acquisition of TechCrunch by OAL at the price of $25 million, Michael started Crunchbase and UnCrunched which has the same foundation as TechCrunch.

Like most other top bloggers mentioned so far, Michael has made the front pages and headlines of prominent media outlets with appearances on hotlists.

>> Visit Techcrunch Here

How To Start A Successful Blog : Step By Step With Sitground

Pete Cashmore (1)

11. Pete Cashmore

"Execution really shapes whether your company takes off or not" - Pete Cashmore

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Pete is one of the prominent entrepreneurs of the modern age with the biggest digital footprint.

Barely 19-years of age, Pete initiated and founded Mashable in 2005.

Driven by his strong passion for news and technology, Cashmore's interest was to share with the world how systematically the technology is reshaping social interactions and how social media is craving a whole new culture that the world shares in common. 

So far, Mashable has shifted from just a tech news blog founded in Aberdeenshire, Scotland to a tech-based digital company that reels in millions in dollars every year.

Severally, Pete has been noted as the Sage of Media, listed among Times Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2012, and featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list.

According to The World Economic Forum, Pete Cashmore is a Young Global Leader and a mentor to all entrepreneurs of the technology development age.

In 2011, the CEO of Mashable and the secret ingredient between the million-dollar company's growth strategy, Pete Cashmore was named one of Ad Age's top influencers.

>>Visit Mashable Here

Arianna Huffington (1)

12. Arianna Huffington

"Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me"Arianna Huffington

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Arianna Stasinapoulou Huffington is an American-Greek businesswoman who has written more than 15 revolutionary books.

In May 9, 2005 she co-founded and launched The Huffington Post, a massive blog that aggregates American news in both international and localized editions.

Beyond being liberal-focused, The Huffington Post covers other similar sub-niches like entertainment, business, pop culture, lifestyle, healthy living, women's interests, comedy, local news featuring columnists, technology, and more.

Later in 2015, Huffington was bought at the price of $315 million by AOL and finally, it fell into the manager-ship and ownership of Verizon.

Prior to that acquisition, HuffPost has received several notable awards, the most significant being the 2012 Pulitzer prize for national reporting.

Arianna herself has featured in several shows. She has written for Politically Incorrect, a tv show hosted by Bill Maher.

Arianna is one of the top bloggers that are the role model of the manor present news blogs and online magazines alive.

>> Visit Arianna Huffington Here

Rand Fishkin (1)

13. Rand Fishkin

“Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and turst of those who might buy.” - Rand Fishkin

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In 2004, Rand Fishkin became the CEO and the co-founder of SEOMoz which was only but a blog and a community on the digital landscape where the world’s professional search engine optimization experts share knowledge and best practices.

Together with Gillian Muessig, Rand was able to build SEOMoz from one of the best blogs to read about SEO from, visited by tens of thousands of experts, to an SEO software development company in 2008. By 2018, Rand was no longer the CEO of Moz.

He, together with Casey Henry, started SparkToro, a software development company that was initiated to help businesses make targeted reaches by knowing where and when their audience spends time online.

In 2009, Rand appeared on the list of the 30 young tech entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by Businessweek.

He has appeared in the New York Times, News Week, and Seatle Times among other popular publications. 

He is the author of powerful books that are widely read by SEO professionals. His best-selling books include; Lost And Founder, Inbound Marketing And SEO, and The Art Of SEO.

>> Visit sparktoro Here 

Melyssa Griffin (1)

14. Melyssa Griffin

"Through online courses, free webinars, a Facebook community, and more, I’ve helped over 100,000 brilliant, creative, hustlers LIKE YOU, stand out online" - Melyssa Griffin Goal. 

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Bored by her 5-9 English language teaching job in Tokyo, Japan, Melyssa Griffin could no longer watch her creativity wither and her desire for freedom in every area of life die off.

Her first step into the digital world marks the launching of her first blog The Nectar Collective in 2012 which is now the popular Melyssa Griffin blog. 

Initially, The Nectar Collective focused on puppies and Neopets among others.

But as soon as Melyssa added a graphics design studio to the blog, a new source of income cracked open, sparking the interest in blogging to success in Melyssa.

In 2015, Melyssa was branded the first Pinterest expert who was later to become a self-made millionaire in 2018.

The MellysaGriffin blog is one of the best blogs to learn blogging, self-development, and get enrolled for business growth courses.

On the side, Melyssa's Limitless Life podcast has won the interest of hundreds of listeners and is fastly growing in popularity.

>> Visit Melyssagriffin Blog 

Brian Dean (1)

15. Brian Dean

"As an entrepreneur one of the best things you can do is just keep trying stuff and failing and messing up and learning lessons' - Brian Dean

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Brian Dean is one of the world’s most sought-after SEO experts.He helped businesses of all shapes and sizes get more search engine traffic using proven link building and content marketing techniques.

He started Backlinko after he have noticed a hole in the SEO industry.

Although the demand for quality SEO information was at an all time high, practical information that people could actually use was almost impossible to find.

Forbes said about his  blog “Backlinko is the place for next-level SEO training and link building strategies. You'll find in-depth and value-packed articles.”

>>Visit Brian's Site

Jonathon Morrow

16. Jon Morrow

"It’s for people who know that a blog without a clear goal is like a killer resume without a dream job to apply for" - Job Morrow 

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Job Morrow is one of those inspirational figures that everyone looks up to.

He was given 2 years to live for when he was born because he had Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disorder which has a 99% mortality rate in infants.

In the face of adversity, he (coupled with his mother) stood up and succeeded and he is still alive as fully functional member of society at the age of 27.

Smart Blogger is not only a blog. It’s a flourishing company managed by one of the greatest teams — an excellent gift from really all over the world.

Jon’s viral blog posts have been viewed and experienced by millions, but it took three displeased blogs before he got the answers to blogging achievement and built a multi-million dollar business.

>>Visit Jon's Blog

Sum Up

I’m sure, at this point of time you are all pumped up to work hard and give your best to Blogging or any profession you are into. Keep giving 100% and succeed!

As an entrepreneur, you can too be one of those top entrepreneurs shortly, why not, with your effort and commitment. The distinction of entrepreneurs is departed in those who achieve their ideas and bring them to existence, and those who just wait with their arms crossed.

If you enjoyed reading this post, then help us spread the word about it and share it with all your friends and followers.

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