10 best places To sell college books online for Cash – 2024


If you’re looking to sell college books for a good deal, this article is exactly what you need to read! Selling college books for cash is a great way to get some of your money back, while helping others afford books at a relatively lower price.

We’ve gathered the 7 most popular textbook buyback websites to sell college books and get the best deals.

Let’s get started!

Websites To Sell College Books For Cash - where to sell college books ?

1. BookDeal

BookDeal (1) (1)

Selling your second hand textbooks on BookDeal is a breeze. BookDeal makes it easy to sell your textbooks by allowing you to input the barcode or ISBN number on the back of the book into their website and get an instant offer.

The BookDeal Guarantee ensures that you will be paid the amount you specify, as long as you adhere to the BookDeal Selling Guidelines and do not violate the terms of the agreement.

If you decide to sell textbooks to them, they will provide you with a free shipping label after you accept their offer. If you'd rather not use a drop-off site, you may hand the box over to your UPS driver and have it delivered to the location of a vendor provided on the BookDeal website.

They'll verify the books once they arrive to make sure they're in the condition you specified when submitting the book for sale.

A PayPal, Venmo or Zelle transfer will be sent to you after the requirement has been met.

Free Shipping at bookdeal.com

Shipping textbooks purchased on BookDeal is completely free due to its pre-paid shipping label. So don't be concerned about shipping expenses; instead, take advantage of this opportunity to sell used textbooks and earn more money without paying a single penny!

Put your books in a box and deliver them to your local USPS, FedEx, or UPS location using the mailing label that was included with your order. Keep in mind that you have seven days to mail your books after completing your transaction.

When you ship your books on time, you may be confident that you will be paid the amount that has been quoted to you. Quotes will expire after seven days, and you will be required to complete a fresh transaction after that time.

2. Textbooks.com


Textbooks.com's selling procedure is really simple. Your ISBN or barcode number for the book or books you wish to sell is the first thing you input. It's simple: They offer you a quotation, you accept, and the price is locked in.

Afterwards, you send them your books by pre-paid label, and they pay you after inspecting them and determining that they are in the condition you specified.

Both PayPal and a cheque will be used to settle your invoice with Textbooks.com In addition, a "guaranteed cash back" scheme is offered by this business.

A textbook purchased from them and returned in excellent condition at the conclusion of the semester is eligible for a 50% cash refund under their "Cash Back" program.

Aside from that, it's always wise to conduct some research before making any decisions, since some of the other sites on our list may be more rewarding in the long run than this one.

Tips to successfully sell books at Textbooks.com

Check the condition of your textbooks before you put them up for sale to make sure they are in good condition. This includes making sure the covers are undamaged, there is minimum underlining, writing or highlighting, there are no ripped pages, and the spine is not damaged by damp or water.

Use precaution while shipping your textbooks, and make sure they get to the proper customer. The shipping label and packing slip for each offer should be unique, especially if you are sending to many locations.

Find out what books are popular and what sorts of novels aren't. To locate the sweet spot between what you can find to resale and what others are seeking for, you will have to put in some time.

3. Amazon.com

Selling Ebook on Amazon

If you want to sell college books for cash on Amazon, it is also a great option! There are two ways that Amazon may assist you with the sale of your textbooks.

It is possible to sell your textbooks to Amazon directly (so that they may resell them), or it is possible to advertise your textbooks and sell them directly to purchasing customers.

You'll be paid quicker and have less hassle if you sell your textbooks to Amazon directly.

You may have to wait longer to obtain your money if you sell your textbooks on Amazon by making them accessible to buyers on the marketplace, but you'll probably earn more money for your books.

How to sell used books in Amazon

Selling books on Amazon can be a relatively simple procedure, as there is no need to worry about developing a website or setting up an online purchase system. When you use Amazon's seller tools, you may get up and running in a short period of time with little overhead.

Firstly, start buy creating your Amazon account. Then, make a decision on how you will fulfill orders. Do you want to be in charge of your own inventory, packing, and shipping processes? Alternatively, would you prefer Amazon to handle everything for you?

Next, decide on a price for your book. The price of a book is determined by a number of factors, including the type of book and its condition. Keep an eye on the prices that other book vendors are asking for, and alter your prices as necessary.

You can always go back into the system and adjust the pricing at any point in the future. Afterward, List your books on the website.

The quickest and most straightforward method of listing books for sale is to go directly to the product page and look for the titles of the books you wish to list.

Finally, pack and mail your books as soon as possible. Preparation is critical to ensuring that your books arrive at their destination in good condition. Remember, satisfied consumers are more likely to become repeat customers!

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4. Recycling Textbooks

Recycling Textbooks

Entering the ISBN or barcode number of your book will get a price quotation from Textbook Recycling. Personalized, pre-paid shipping labels will be sent to you as soon as you approve their quotation.

Be aware that Textbook Recycling requires you to drop off your book at one of their designated shipping sites within three calendar days after receiving a quotation from them.

With this site, you may either pay with a check or with PayPal. When paying through PayPal, the normal payment period is between one and four calendar days after your book is checked in and processed.

Following the check-in and processing of your book, you may expect to receive your payment by cheque within 7-10 calendar days.

There are occasions when payments may take longer to arrive on the site. Your payment status may also be checked on the site, however they advise that if you don't see a status on your account, your book is probably still being evaluated.

5. Bookbyte


Bookbyte's selling method is much like the others on our list: simple and straightforward. Enter the ISBN or barcode number, receive your quotation, select "Continue with Sale" if you're okay with the pricing, and then they'll give you instructions on how to print out your free shipping label.

Once you've sent your book, the site estimates it will be received and processed in 4 – 14 days. As soon as the transaction is complete, they'll send you either a PayPal payment or a check.

BookByte allows you to sell a variety of book formats, including hardcovers, paperbacks, and electronic books.

For anybody looking to list and sell books from their physical shop, resale nonfiction books they've already read, part with treasured comic book collections, list rare hardcover rarities or get rid of children's books, there isn't a better place to go.

Tips to sell college books successfully in BookByte

If you have a stack of well-loved books that you're attempting to resale, the first thing you'll want to do is get them in the best possible condition. A book with no rips, bent pages, writing, or ragged edges will fetch a far greater price than a book with these defects. 

Despite the fact that not all of these issues can be resolved, you should make every effort to restore any harm done to your books.

Unfold any 'dog-ears' and remove any old bookmarks or sticky notes from the pages. Tape the edges to keep them from fraying further and repair any noticeable tears.

It's important to remember that certain books sell more than others. Investigating high-demand novels might be fruitful if you do your study properly. According to sales, the list of best sellers in books might assist you in locating popular current titles to read or listen to.

6. TextbookRush


For the next 20 days, Textbook Rush will provide you with a price on the cost of your book. As a bonus, they'll mail you a pre-paid shipping label.

Your textbooks will be reimbursed to you in one of three ways: by PayPal, by check, or by shop credit. If you want to be paid in cash, I'm not sure how they do that.

So, do you get it in the mail or something?

PayPal or shop credit would be the best options for you. If you're still in school and will need to purchase additional textbooks in the future, store credit may be useful.

How to ship your books safely?

Comply with all shipping rules and pack books securely to ensure that products get to clients in perfect shape.

Books can suffer a great deal of damage during shipment, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your books arrive in perfect condition.

First, make use of a variety of packaging materials. A mix of bags, Kraft paper, and bubble wrap might be used to create the most appropriate packaging. Keep in mind that book corners, edges, and dust jackets should all be protected. 

For further protection, consider wrapping each book individually or mailing them in discrete book boxes if you're shipping more than one book.

If you have a lot of books, you may put pieces of flat cardboard between each one of them. Lastly, a padded envelope or box should be used to ship books since there should be little opportunity for error.

7. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Sell Your Textbooks, a division of Barnes & Noble, provides textbooks for sale. Inputting the ISBN or barcode of your textbook will get an offer from the Barnes and Noble buyback site.

As long as you accept the quotation, they'll provide you with a pre-paid shipping label. PayPal or a cheque will be sent to you after the book is received and inspected.

If you really want to make absolutely sure the book arrives securely at Barnes & Noble, you might consider purchasing insurance or other services from your local post office, which they mention on their website as a precaution against books being lost in transit.

On Barnes & Noble, you may read reviews of sellers, and you can communicate directly with sellers to inquire about a product's specifications. If you're searching for a great deal, you may adjust your product selections to obtain slightly used books at a large discount.

The ease with which you may sell your own books on this website is an additional perk. You can just enter the title of your book and the website will provide you with a list of things that may be similar. If you don't want to shoot your own photos, it will give stock images of your book and propose a selling price for it.

Your item's condition, language, and shipping choices are all details that you'll want to include in your listing. As a result, the website makes this a simple and quick procedure as well. There is bound to be a buyer seeking for what you have to offer, so get to work on your ad!

8. eBay

Sell books on eBay

eBay is another great platform where you can easily resell your old textbooks. It is an auction site where you can get extra money to sell your books. 

The whole process on eBay isn't that simple: you'll have to take pictures of your book, post an ad, and wait for your book to sell. However, if your book is popular or rare, you can get many high bids and sell it quite well.

9. Bookscouter


Bookscouter is another amazing textbook reselling search engine. It is an online platform with 35 sellers that allows you to resell books at the best price and buy cheap second-hand textbooks. If you find a good deal, you can accept the offer, ship your books, and get your money.

10. Decluttr


Decluttr is similar to Amazon: you can enter the ISBN details of the book you want to sell or scan the book on the app to get the details listed. Then you wait for a buyer to buy your book. When you receive an offer, you must ship the book. Once it's done, you get paid.

Sum Up 

So you know the best sites to resell your books safely at any time. You can browse them and choose the interface that appeals to you the most, or even test them to form your opinion and keep your favorites.

Reselling your books is a good action to protect the planet, but also to allow other people to enjoy them before they end up in the trash. And we must admit that recovering a few dollars for each book is a significant bonus!

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