10 ways Fiverr Can Help you Scale up your e-commerce Business


Fiverr enables the comfort of hiring experts at affordable rates that will assist you Scale Your E-Commerce Business with Fiverr

Looking for a simple and feasible way to scale up your e-commerce business? 

Well, Fiverr is here for your help. Fiverr has a plethora of experienced freelancers who will help you grow your business while saving you some valuable time and resources.

More and larger companies are recognizing the power of hiring top freelancers rather than borrowing full-time staff. 

This is for Many reasons including cost-effectiveness. The variety of Fiverr high talents is a piece of evidence that today’s freelancers can handle just about any field. 

Before diving into ways Fiverr freelancers are providing modernized e-commerce boost, let's remind you about what is Fivver and what is an ecommerce business.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of services, tasks, and mini-jobs for hundreds of categories including eCommerce businesses. It aims to provide an online platform where freelancers and buyers can advertise and buy digital services. 

What is Fiverr

On the site, you will find millions of gigs for each type of skill. Whether you are a graphic designer, web developer, lawyer, or eCommerce expert, Fiverr has something for you.

On Fiverr, the services offered are called "gigs" and many of them start at just $ 5, hence the name of the company.

Therfore, Fiverr is a platform for connecting freelance to professional and individual in the field.

What is an e-Commerce Business?

Ecommerce Statistics (1)

According to The EcommManager website , e-commerce, or electronic commerce, is ...

''Ecommerce is a business model that involves the selling and buying of goods and services over the internet. This is why it is sometimes called internet shopping. You could think about ecommerce as a digital substitute for brick-and-mortar stores.'' 

In other words, E-commerce corresponds to a set of commercial transactions carried out remotely through electronic and digital interfaces. Remote sales can also correspond to goods or services.

These transactions can be carried out via various devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles, connected TVs, etc. 

Due to the recent pandemics and related issues, every day, more retailers are making the progress to online business, while entrepreneurs are making their start through eCommerce investments.

By 2022, e-retail revenues will increase to $6.54 trillion, up from $3.53 trillion in 2019.

However, eCommerce is an ever-changing industry, therefore, you need specialists and a second hand to help your business thrive and beat your competitors – here comes Fiverr. 

10 Ways Fiverr Can Help You Scale your E-Commerce Business

Here are 10 awesome ways Fiverr can help you scale up the e-commerce business and grow.  

1. E-commerce Ads

Ecommerce Marketing Fiverr This year

Acquiring new customers is always the main focus, so it really doesn't matter if you're in the early stages of launching a new brand or managing a successful e-commerce business earning millions of dollars in revenue.

One of the best ways to acquire the attraction of new customers is through advertising.

With the help of advertising, you can easily reach people that may or may not have heard of your business and products.

However, advertising can be one of the most elusive and difficult to figure out tasks for many people who're just starting to launch their own ecommerce business.

Luckily, Fiverr is there to help you with such a problem. 

Fiverr freelancers are capable of advertising your business the way you want it and like it. In short, according to your own sets of preferences.

The freelancers on Fiverr will even help you with social media marketing, which is the most popular method of advertising.

They'll not only advertise your products and services in one platform only; they'll do that on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on. 

Furthermore, Fiverr is the home to the best freelancers who will provide you with enough assistance in advanced market strategies like Search Engine Optimization aka SEO.

In this way, you’ll be able to make sure your business is coming out top in Google searches.

So, if you want to advertise your small e-commerce business like a pro, browse Fiverr this instant and sign up.

Recommended gigs :

2. Videography and Animation

Video on Fiverr 2021

As the focus on visuals and graphics is increasing day by day, it's safe to say that today's world of digital business highly depends on videos and commercials for its existence. Videography can ensure an increase of conversions by 85%.

They’re educational and appealing to customers. They’re pretty much popular with mobile phone users. 

Moreover, they cater to omnichannel shoppers, make visitors buy, lead to increased sales and reduced returns, and reinvent the buyer's guide.

In fact, they can be shared on social media. 

If you want to ensure the online success of your business, you must develop compelling and interesting videos, as well as make influencing videos that can attract and convert potential customers.

Hiring a digital advertising agency is a great choice to start but it may be too expensive for you to afford, especially if you own small e-commerce business.

So, if you're looking forward to adding some digital extravaganza with the help of videos and advertising commercials, you should check out Fiverr.

From Fiverr, you can get the services of cinematographers, editors, video directors, advertisers, and video makers within a small budget.

However, there are some things in an e-commerce business where videos and advertising commercials aren't enough.

In this case, you should seek out help from animation. The animation is helpful in creating a much stronger and influential impact on the customers than a simple text or a picture. 

Fiverr, freelancers, graphic designers, or animators are great at creating small clips or product explanatory videos.

With these creations, you can expect the sales of your business to boost up. 

Recommended gigs :

3. E-commerce SEO

SEO Services (1)

When you’re starting to create your new gig, you must remain careful while choosing the right title. 

It’s really crucial to get the title right because once your gig goes live, there’s no way you can turn around, go back and change the title. 

Apart from getting it right, you should also ensure it fits with the type of services you’re going to offer, as well as make it search-friendly.

Infusing the title with SEO words can let you do these things perfectly and accurately.

SEO is essential in driving brand awareness, filling the marketing funnel, and elevating content.

It has the ability to expand remarketing audiences, as well as capturing the tail. With the help of SEO, you can improve the user experience, lower-paid search costs, and create lasting value.

Fortunately, Fiverr can help you figure out the right SEO word for your e-commerce business. 

With Fiverr, you can find the best freelancers who will input the right keywords to use by typing the word of choice into the search bar and seeing where it’s placed among what is auto-suggested.

The first word represents the most popular words searched by the user.

If the word you typed didn’t appear in the search bar at all, then it’s safe to assume that not many people searched for it. So, you should avoid using it.

You should also avoid titles that are long and convoluted. Instead, you should keep it simple and easy to understand.

Gig titles that are too long and convoluted don't get displayed on the homepage fully; which will cause consumers not to see them when they search for them.

Recommended gigs :

5. Content Marketing and Social Media

Social media Fiverr 2021

If you think that a one-man business is better off without needing an aggressive marketing strategy, you're absolutely wrong.

At first, it might seem that advertising is easy when you have an abundance of tools and applications helping you to get in touch with the consumers.

However, they make use of complex algorithms that don't work as you expect. 

Besides, there are many channels of communication to cover; which can cost you a lot of time and creativity, not to mention constant tracking and upgrading.

It's a very flexible job which you can do any time, so it's best to have a freelancer at your beck and call. Sometimes, you won't have anything to do about it; sometimes you'll need all the support you want. 

This is why you should hire a freelancer from Fiverr.

They're excellent in this job.

With them, you won't have to pay overpriced agencies in order to get a solid and realistic marketing strategy.

Just hire the Fiverr freelance writing experts and get the job done for a lot less budget. 

Another reason why hiring a Fiverr freelancer is a great idea is that they know their way around when it comes to promoting an ecommerce business via social media.

Social media is pretty much a powerful tool, as it's capable enough to display your products to the entire world. 

However, even social media needs professional content, and creating one can consume a plenty of time.

This is where the benefits of hiring a Fiverr freelancer come in. Fiverr freelancers have great knowledge of social media and networks.

They can easily help you through this important step. 

The Fiverr eCommerce marketing team can help you generate strong content for effective marketing strategies. 

They can adjust your campaign to make it more interesting for social consumers since there’s a big difference between Facebook and Instagram consumers.

Moreover, they have access to paid tools and apps; which will allow you to save more money in the end.

6. E-commerce Branding Creatives

Logo Design Fiverr 2021

The term "e-commerce" doesn't only refer to sales. It also refers to the projection of your brand to the online world.

Branding is the link that can connect business and customers. It's fundamental for every startup including small businesses, partnerships, and corporations. 

With proper branding, you can create sales and extra revenue for your business. You'll be able to let your customers know who you are and what you stand for.

So, it's important to create or design a proper brand.

Designing the brand of your e-commerce business is quite a complicated and difficult job to do.

Brands of an e-commerce business should be designed in such a way that whenever the customers take a look at it, they'll feel like it shares a connection with the story, logo, and graphic design of the business's official website. 

Fiverr is quite an expert in this kind of job.

If you don't want any famous name to take your spotlight, you should hire a ghostwriter for Fiverr.

They can write an interesting story for you without taking much of your spotlight.

When you need to contact the press for the release of your story, you can look up to Fiverr for freelancers that are experienced in this area and fully capable of offering you the maximum quality press release. 

One of the best things about hiring freelancers, ghostwriters, graphic designers of Fiverr is that you can easily terminate cooperation with them once you realize you don’t need their help anymore. 

Recommended gigs :

7. Website Copy

You should never forget about making a site for your e-commerce business, no matter how small or huge it is.

For many consumers, it's the first point of contact. With a website, you'll be able to have a great first impression on customers online than in person. 

If there’s something faulty in your website, you won’t have the chance to tell by the consumers’ body language and therefore, have a couple of minutes to fix things up.

Instead, they’ll just go away from your site and visit another one. 

So, you must ensure that your website is free of grammatical errors, as well as filled with pretty, high-resolution pictures.

You should also make sure it's functionality is high, easy to use, and has been updated with all the promotions you're currently offering. 

Fiverr is full of freelance web developer experts. Hire one of them and you can expect to get your web programming done online easily, efficiently, affordably, and quickly.

Your e-commerce website development can be taken to the next level with their expertise. 

Recommended gigs :

8. High-quality Design

Design Fiverr (1) (1)

If you want to take your business to a higher level, you must make sure that the official website of your business incorporates high-quality design.

It’s considered to be one of the most effective growth tools that one can use to scale up their small e-commerce business. 

High-quality design nearly covers every aspect of the external elements of an e-commerce business; from the logo of the company to the appearance of the website, marketing brochures, user experience, and more.

All of them must be designed smartly. Otherwise, your business will be undermined greatly.

So, it can be undoubtedly said that the success of an e-commerce business majorly depends on the designs. 

If the design of your business's official website is of high-quality, you'll have no problem optimizing its load speeds and the business for mobile access, targeting existing customers, and harnessing the power of the landing page.

High-quality designs can also help you to recover abandoned shopping carts to boost sales. 

However, graphics and design can turn out to be one nightmare of a job as it takes a lot of time, energy, and obviously; plenty amount of money. It also makes it impossible to maximize the efficiency of your capital.

Nonetheless, worry no more because Fiverr can help you with this problem with an efficient solution. 

Hiring a graphic designer on Fiverr is one of the best ways to imbue your business with high-quality art.

They're professional and amazingly skilled at what they do. They have the ability to design anything from simple logos to more complex graphics for the website or page of your e-commerce business.

In fact, they cost you less money; that too with no loss in quality. 

Recommended gigs :

9. Market Research 

Market research is highly important to create a sustainable marketing strategy and make your mark in the industry.

Even with some stellar ideas, you can fail in the market without understanding the market demand. 

Market research helps you discover what your customer wants and helps you find the right demographic for your products.

It gives you both qualitative and quantitative data so that you can make the right decision for the business. 

It’s important that you conduct both primary research and secondary research before you come with your marketing strategies. 

You need to first determine the potential size of your desired market, the growth rate, and trends.

You can use Facebook groups, social media channels, or even use the direct network to collect the data. Once you gather solid knowledge, you should move on with the business. 

While conducting market research, you also need to do research on your competitor for any given market segment.

This will give a clear insight into the saturation in the market and help you find out the pros and cons. 

However, all these works are quite hectic and time-consuming. You can get market research reports and consumer survey services at an affordable rate from Fiverr.

Just let them know about the market you want to enter; they will conduct research and quickly get it done. 

Recommended gigs :

10. Mobile application development

Mobile App Fiverr (1) (1)

There are around 5.2 billion mobile phone users around the world and the number is growing every day.

The mobile phone has an immense effect on businesses and the e-commerce app will give you a step ahead in this competitive market. 

Modern technology has turned mobile apps an integral part of the business and it has a lot more reach compared to other methods.

As per eMarketer estimate, the mobile e-commerce sale is expected to hit about $3.5 trillion by 2021. 

The mobile app will give the customer an enhanced user experience. This will eventually lead to a greater conversion rate that will help you generate more sales and revenue. 

Creating a so-so app will not be able to grab your customer’s attention. You need to create something that stands out in the crowd and gives a user-friendly experience. For that, you need a top-notch developer who can help you with the process. 

Through Fiverr, you can hire some killer mobile app developer who can help you create the best mobile app for your e-commerce business.

The awesome part is, you don't need to be stuck to a specific area. The world is your oyster and you can hire the best even in this highly competitive market. 

Recommended gigs :

11. Customer Analytics

This is basically the behavioral data of your customers. The customer analytics/e-commerce analytics will give you some data-driven insights about how the shoppers interact with your e-commerce website or app.

These insights will show you the right path for website optimization and guide you for improvement and innovation.

You need to dig deep into a variety of data and integrate these analyses to create the ultimate e-commerce strategy. 

You need to emphasize the user-friendliness of your e-commerce website or app, make recommendations and feedback, and ensure solid usability.

You can maximize the effectiveness of e-commerce with CRO testing, heat mapping, click tracking, etc. 

Having new customers will give your business the boost it needs.

However, retaining old customers is the backbone of your company and it truly helps you to sustain in the market. Around 80% of your revenue is typically generated from the existing clients. 

Customer analytics is the data point that finds out how many customers you're interacting with and for how long. In order to flourish in the market, you need to use a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) channel.

You can hire the best Data Analytic Consultants from Fiverr to build up the proper CRM channel that will help you identify consumer behavior and predict future outcomes. 

Additional Ways Fiverr Can Help to Scale up the Business 


WooCommerce is currently the world's most renowned open-source e-commerce solution. It's a free plugin that converts your WordPress website into an e-commerce website.

Now, if you're wondering how you can use that because you don’t have any WordPress website, that’s when Fiverr comes to your rescue. 

Fiverr has tons of talented freelancers who will create the WordPress website for you and turn it into an e-commerce website.

The fun part is, it’s super easy to open and you don’t need to hire an expert developer to launch the store. Just hire someone with moderate expertise and create an e-commerce website without any hassle. 


Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that will help your business grow. It lets anyone set up their online business and sell their products or services. 

It's one of the internet's biggest marketplace that you can manage from anywhere in the world. 

Fiverr Shopify projects can be done by the expert freelancers there. You can outsource the projects and customize your Shopify store very easily. 

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are an absolute godsend for those who don't want to hire full-time employees.

This is highly suitable if you have just started the business and you're on budget constraint. It's hard to do the tasks alone when you have too many things on the plate. 

Having some virtual assistant means having some extra pair of hands without having to hire permanent employees.

From Fiverr, you can hire virtual assistants with specific skill sets that you need for your e-commerce business. 

These assistants can work remotely from anywhere in the world and take some load off your shoulder. 


To set up a successful e-commerce business, you need to get the attention of your potential customers and make them aware of your products.

An infographic is a set of images, charts with small texts that help the audience get an easy understanding of the topic.

This is a quick attention grabber and this will help you communicate quickly with your customers. 

Fiverr has a huge pool of infographic designers who are able to make infographic designs. This will help you create a better image of your brand with more exposure.

Also, it will have a strong impact on the audience with a lasting impression. 

Proper Product Description

The goal of your e-commerce business is to generate revenue by selling your products and services.

However, if the product description is poorly written then it will make the buyer confused and hamper the decision-making process. 

Fiverr freelancers can help you avoid such mishaps. They will write innovative and authentic product descriptions that will give the customers a clear idea about the product.

They can also revamp some of the ideas and bring new insight into the products and services. 


Podcasting is a method where you spread out the information about your business through audio files.

Despite being an effective Fiverr digital marketing tool, podcasting has not been acquired by the e-commerce industry very much. 

Usually, business managers or e-commerce owners are unable to manage enough time to create their podcast content.

You also need to have the technical understanding and proper equipment to create the audio content. 

The Fiverr freelancers will help you create the scripts, edit, and even promote your business. 

How to Choose the Best Fiverr Freelancer?

Now that you know the ways to use Fiverr to scale up your e-commerce business, it's time to get in action.

You're probably wondering how to find the best freelancers from this large pool?

Well, we have some tips that will help you find the right freelancer who will do a killer job for your project. 

Have some Specific Requirements

You need to narrow down your requirements and be specific about the services you need from the freelancer.

how to choose a gig in Fiverr 2

This will help you pick the experts who possess those requirements and who can perform the services that you need. 

how to choose a gig in Fiverr 2021 (1) (1)

Make sure that you be clear to the freelancer about the outcome that you’re expecting from their service.

This will help you have clear communication with the freelancer and help you attain your desired goal easily. 

Contact Fiver Sellers (1) (1)

Check the Portfolio

This is one of the best ways to pick the best and right freelancer for your task.

Check out the previous work done by the freelancer as it will help you figure out if they’re suitable for the task or not.

Fiverr Review (1) (1)

Check for reviews from previous clients to get an idea about their work ethic and styles. You can also ask the freelancer for previous work samples to get an insight about him/her. 

Fiverr Review 2020 (1) (1)

You can also check how many jobs that person is doing at the moment. We suggest you to not go for someone who has too many ongoing projects.

As the person has too many things on the plate, this may end up deteriorating the quality of work. 

Check the Price

People generally hire freelancers from Fiverr because they don't want to spend tons of money on full-time employees.

Always check the price before proceeding with the deal to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

fiverr compare prices

Ask the seller the services you will be getting for the price you pay. You can proceed if those match the requirements you have in mind. 

Create a Shortlist

There are a gazillion freelancers in Fiverr and you need to ensure that you pick the best for your project.

Create a favorate in Fiverr (1)

Before you settle down on one choice, create a shortlist of sellers and communicate with them individually. 

You should ask the relevant question and describe your needs clearly to them.

This will help you to develop an understanding which will help you pick the best person from your shortlist. 


The microservices in ecommerce business is booming and it seems that Fiverr is leading the market.

It is very practical because it allows you to quickly obtain a logo, an article, an assembly or any other service quickly without having to sign a quote, and that's great!

I recommend Fiverr for now mainly for the quality of the platform and the services offered.

Not sure if Fiverr is the right platform for you? Do you have something to add to this article ? Want to share your Fiverr experience? Head over to the comments section below!

One small request: if you feel this post is helpful then kindly share it, as this will support me to write similar contents

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