Top 10 Node Frameworks To Increase Coding Productivity


With more and more firms employing web applications to provide a better user experience, the demand for web apps has increased today.

Upon looking at the upsurge demand, developers consistently test various frameworks having advanced features to create web applications.

The 2018 survey of Node.js says that 85% of the respondents have rated the Node framework as their go-to choice. Not just that, but they also provide unique toolsets to their software engineers to develop varied use cases without wasting extra cash or time on developing web applications. 

Although, with the increasing popularity of the Node.js framework, its developer community is also consistently developing. This makes it difficult for companies to choose the best Nodejs development company in the crowded market.

Therefore, to help you choose the right Node framework, the blog has compiled a list of the top 10 node frameworks based on their popularity and performance. While some will support automation, others may offer development freedom. Without discussing this further, let's get started. 

What are Node.js frameworks?

Every Nodejs development company offers different types of frameworks in the development lifecycle. It is of mainly three types REST API frameworks, Full-Stack MVC, and MVC. 

REST API (Representational state transfer)/ REST API frameworks

The Nodejs framework has a strong reference for faster application development with REST API built experience. It means you don't have to be concerned about the architectural styles of network apps.

The REST API framework offers a ready programming interface to the users, which helps them save time in the web app development process that requires internet connectivity. 

MVC frameworks 

The MVC framework or model-view-controller pattern offers a valuable design that divides the app logic into three essential parts, i.e., models, views, and controllers.

Splitting these parts makes it simple to manage and expand the application. Express.js is a perfect example of an MVC framework. 

Full-stack MVC frameworks

While creating a real-time application, the Full-Stack MVC framework provides template engines, libraries, scaffolding and a wide range of development capabilities.

Moreover, the Full-Stack MVC frameworks take care of both the frontend and backend development of web apps. 

Top 10 Node Frameworks to Increase Coding Productivity 

Many companies in the USA have suggested that using the Nodejs framework has helped them grow their productivity by 68% and improved their app performance to a great extent.

The frameworks listed below are leading the market and are most suited to the company's development needs. 

1. Express.js- Express For Everyone 

Express.Js 5

Express.js tops the list of the best Nodejs frameworks with its straightforward and classic framework for coding architecture.

Launched in 2010, Express.js has been known as the standardized platform for Node.js. Using the framework does not need you to be stiff in the learning process. Instead, Express.js only needs you to have a basic understanding of Node.js and its programming. 

Its robust, fast and asynchronous pattern goes well with the Node. The Nodejs framework entailing single-threaded nature and alignment with high-speed I/O operations makes it a default requirement for applications built with the platform.

A more robust API means more streamlined client-to-server requests and visible user interactions. With the help of Express.js, the software engineering principles can be rightly executed.

Enhancing the interaction between client and service offers a seamless experience to a mobile or web user. The companies like Uber, Twitter, IBM, and Accenture deploy their apps with Express.js. 

2. Koa.js- Next Generation Node.js Framework


Koa.js is another dominant Node.js framework that does wonders by offering multiple web services such as Application Programming Interface.

With this Nodejs framework, creating APIs turns easy and super fun because of its ability to cope with HTTP middleware with a stack-like method. 

Also, the Koa.js framework normalizes the Node flaws constructively. You can manage several content forms represented to users with the same Uniform Resource Locator, like having different formats for images, personalized content in eCommerce websites, translating a page and much more with the framework. 

Another benefit of using Koa.js is that it is very similar to the Express framework. This means you can still enjoy the flexibility of Express with fewer complexities and more freedom while writing code for your web application. This reduces the possibility of errors across the complete stack of apps.  

3. Meteor- js– One Application, One Language

Meteor- Js

If you are searching for a framework that uses only one language and is specific to Javascript, then Meteor.js is the ideal choice for your search. 

Launched in 2012, Meteor.js is another popular Nodejs framework with an open-source isomorphic, Javascript web framework. Its framework cultivates data changes for clients without needing a developer's efforts.

Above all, Meteor.js is comfortable with multiple operating systems, including mobile iOS, Android mobile devices and desktop apps, all in a single language, i.e., Javascript. 

Moreover, Meteor has comprehensive testing features and libraries to keep up with client-server communication. It includes easy integration, superfast interaction, full-stack solution etc.

Also, the framework of Meteor.js is known for its smooth running of data between the server and client, which most apps with real-time and high streaming functionalities require. Meteor  offers the best framework to create modern, simple and efficient web apps. 

4. Chat Apps is Easy with


While the products and the real-time applications are connected, comprising essential characteristics that update the requests and responses in real time, firms need to compose the functionality. is a Javascript library that helps create real-time applications and manifests bidirectional communication among servers and web clients. With Socket's library framework, you can build the apps with requirements for WebSocket development. 

 For instance, the chat applications like Whatsapp consistently run to provide live updates and revitalize the background process for messages or updates.

It provides real-time- analytics with very few codes involved. Because of this, more than a thousand companies like Patreon, Barolo, and Bepro use for their web app development. 

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5. Nest.js– A Nestling of Code


Nest.js is a progressive Node.js framework creating scalable and dynamic enterprise-grade apps while providing great flexibility with its huge libraries.

Nest.js is the best example of a backend productivity booster, with the help of which you can create multi-layered enterprise apps since the platform does not stop you from the extensive use of its libraries. 

Because the framework safeguards compatibility with the Javascript subset, the platform lets you stick with the clean-code architecture while managing the complexity of codes in large applications. Additionally, this Nodejs framework provides exceptional integration with sister frameworks, i.e., Express and Fastify. 

Undoubtedly, Nest is the perfect combination of functional reactive and objective-oriented programming. Therefore, it possibly doubles developers' productivity and performance while saving precious time. 

6. Sails.js- Modernized Data-Oriented Modern-View-Controller Framework


Sail.js echoes the modern-view-controller architecture pattern and extends its support for data-oriented and modernized development. The platform is very resilient in integrating Javascript Frameworks and compatible with all databases simultaneously. 

Therefore, Sails.js is the most appropriate framework for creating customized applications for your business. The specific code of Sail.js, which writes policies, assists in minimizing the amount of required code and becomes more flexible and open, enabling integration with npm modules.

Not just that, but the platform is also a frontend-agnostic-backend platform whose lightweight framework and the pattern use for WebSockets and Express for HTTP requests.

Also, you can share the same Artificial Programming Interface used by other development teams or web services, again saving your effort and time in the process. 

7. Total.js– A Complete Framework


Total.js is the only Nodejs framework that offers a CMS-like experience among all other platforms and probably has everything your business needs in a Node.js environment. Total.js is a full-fledged open-source platform whose framework offers maximum flexibility to the developers. 

The Total.js framework is available in different versions, such as HelpDesk, CMS, and Eshop.

With the help of these versions, your web application will have a good scope in future for the REST service, internet-of-the-things integrations, and superfast apps with stable service and low maintenance costs. The platform's framework is best known for its precise real-time tracking in modern applications. 

8. Feather.js– F for Flexible


Feather.js is a well-known Javascript framework used for backend development, offering flexibility with ReactNative and Node.js as well as on other databases.

Feather is a Node. Js-microservices framework has real-time functionality added to simplify mobile app development and modern web applications. 

The platform's framework decodes the programming intelligibly and simply so that the developers do not have to indulge in the complexity of RESTful APIs. The framework makes it easier for the programmers to connect, communicate and implement the features for web applications. 

9. Derby.js- The Racer


Derby.js is a full-stack web application development framework contingent on Node.js technology. Derby uses the model-view-controller architecture with an easy-to-write coding pattern.

The framework is the best choice for building real-time applications as it lets the developers run the same code on a Node.js browser or server. Therefore, you do not have to worry about writing different codes for the view part. 

Moreover, Derby uses the Racer engine to manifest real-time syncing among the application interface, database and user. Also, the framework allows offline usage for developers with a simple script facility to write multi-user apps. 

It reduces the delay in content delivery on the server through a client-side view, which makes the app SEO-friendly and improves the user experience simultaneously. 

10. Loopback.js- Better Connectivity


Last but not the least, Loopback.js provide good connectivity with any Node.js framework. As a user, you can integrate Loopback.js with other Artificial Programming Interface services. Also, the framework of Loopback.js works best in building REST APIs with very less development time. 

It offers great flexibility in connecting with a ranger of services, databases, browsers, and devices. The structured code in the Loopback framework helps manage the development speed and application modules.

The platform is best for developing a real-time chat web application that provides faster content loading, making it the ideal choice for messaging application development. 

Benefits of Using Node.js Framework

JavaScript is the best programming language available to develop web applications. Very few tools can stand up to its glory in client-side programming languages. However, other server-side programming languages do wonder for web applications.

Thanks to Node.js, which has facilitated the best framework to increase coding productivity to great extents. Not just that, but the open-source framework has brought many other lucrative benefits for businesses you should know- 

Easily Scalable

According to a study, Node.js is used by 30 million websites and has grown by the same. With Node Js’ open-source framework, it is very easy to grow your web apps, either vertically or horizontally.

Also, you have the choice to add various resources in a single node when you vertically scale your application. Because of this reason, Node.js is a better choice than JavaScript. 

Quick Learning Curve

Using Node.js makes sense as it has an easy and quick learning curve for web application development.

It requires very less time and effort to learn Node.js, even if you are a beginner. In a survey, 49.9% of professional developers rated the Node.js framework as the most frequently used technology. 

The ease of learning makes the framework so easy that you do not need to invest a lot of time to form the speed. Once you are familiar with its environment, everything in the framework will be more efficient for you. 

Single Programming Language

Node.js lets you use JavaScript while writing the apps on the server side. As it is the most common programming language, it makes sense to use the Node.js open-source framework.

Thanks to the use of the same JavaScript language, you do not have to worry about changing it for both the front end and back end, thus making the task more efficient. Not just that, but its simplicity also works when you create web apps using Node.js. 

High Performance

Everyone wishes to perform well, and with Node.js open-source framework, you get amazing performance. This is attributed to its ability to read JS code via Google's V8 JS engine.

The engine compiles the JavaScript in the machine code, which implies that it is quickly and efficiently implemented into the program. Further, as the non-blocking operations support the runtime environment, its code's execution speed turns much faster than before. 


With their exceptional capabilities in advancing mobile and web app development, the Node.js framework makes the process effortless.

With consistent growing technologies, it becomes quite challenging to choose the right framework that provides the best results.

Now that the blog has compiled the list of top node frameworks, you will be better informed and confident while picking the right Node.js development company or framework to meet the various needs of your projects. 

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