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Are you looking for Mythemeshop Review ? here are some info that may help you make the right decision.  

Choosing and buying a WordPress theme is no easy task in 2019. Just take a look at a site like to instantly realize the task ahead!

The themes are often quite complex with a whole bunch of technical features and options available.

You navigate between all these different options but in the end, you must choose only one, which you can use only on 1 site, without the possibility of reversing once the purchase button is pressed.

The decision is often more difficult to make, than simply choosing the color of your new smartphone.

Once the theme is purchased, you cannot replace it and you will have to buy a new one if it does not fully meet your expectations.

Likewise, you may be launching quite a few websites each year or simply have needs for your customers or your secondary sites?

here comes Mythemeshop, with easy interface and panel, making it easy for you to customize the look of your websites.

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Professionally created premium WordPress themes that are simple to use, super-quick support. everything is in One Box.

Renovated, responsive and lovely collection. Types: eCommerce, Bussiness, Magazine, and Blog.

Mythemeshop Review 2021

If one is starting a business online or your personal brand online, it is very important that you make an impressive and attractive website for your business. It is the most crucial step in the growth and success rate of your website.

So, if you have a beautiful looking website then it attracts more customers or viewers therefore increasing the traffic flow for your website.

When it comes to making an elegant yet creative front end for your website, it takes a lot of efforts to create the perfect one according to your customization. It takes days or even weeks for a web developer to create the perfect picture for you.

But don’t worry about spending so many bucks and time in getting your site developed.

Instead you have a time saving alternative, that is WordPress themes. There are thousands of WordPress themes available online that reflects your business and thus personality. 

Some of the themes are free of cost, but some are premium paid versions.

The free WordPress themes are very simple yet beautiful to use, but the premium themes provide you with more features, support and development for your website.

Her i Mean Mythemeshop. Our Affordable Premium WordPress Themes Provider

MyThemeShop is one of the premium WordPress themes that offers outstanding designs and features to its users.

What make this MyThemeShop theme stand out amongst all the other themes is that it has more than three hundred thousand of satisfied users and contains 100+ different themes and 30+ plugins leaving a benchmark in the marketplace.

The MyThemeShop has a variety of themes divided into four major categories namely Magazine, Blog, Business and WooCommerce themes.

So, any type of agency or organization, personal blogger, online publisher, online commerce site or be it anyone who wishes to get recognized online should try the MyThemeShop at least once and you’ll be amazed to see it’s wide range of themes and plugins that MyThemeShop supports.

MyThemeShop features

The key features of purchasing this MyThemeShop premium theme are discussed in detail as follows. So, just keep reading the article to learn more about MyThemeShop.

  • Easy to set up
  • Responsiveness
  • Full detailed documentation with video walkthroughs
  • 24/7 customer support system
  • Powerful options panel
  • No need of coding
  • Unlimited colour and background options
  • More than 600 Google fonts
  • Lightweight social sharing option
  • Lightning fast mythemeshop plugins.
  • Clean and clear code
  • SEO friendly

Easy to set up

All themes come packed with a one-click installation feature that quickly loads the pre-built innovative designs and layouts. All you must do is to customize your content and you are done with creating your own beautiful website.


All the themes of MyThemeShop themes and plugins are 100% responsive and works perfectly well across all the devices including mobile phones, desktops and tablets.

Full detailed documentation with video walkthroughs

The MyThemeShop is packaged with an extensive detailed documentation and along with that comes mini lessons through their step- by- step video walkthroughs by which you can learn more WordPress and each of their themes in detail.

24/7 customer support system

Along with extensive documentation, MyThemeShop has a dedicated team of customer care support, who automatically detects your location and reach to you in your language and within your time zone.

Powerful options panel

The various code doesn’t go through changes and configuration when you are customizing your site. This is a powerful feature provided by MyThemeShop to copy the demo themes and incorporate it into your site.

No need of coding

MyThemeShop is included shortcuts in all their themes so that any user who is just a beginner to WordPress themes does not really have to worry about the coding part to create their websites.

Unlimited colour and background options

The extensive and unlimited stock of images for your background and options pane where you can customize your colour combination is the best feature provided by MyThemeShop themes.

More than 600 Google fonts

MyThemeShop provides you with more than 600 Google fonts that sometimes makes it difficult for users to choose from.

The extensive choice of fonts like serif, sans serif, decorative, etc. all are kept in the library to be browsed by the users.

You can put your own or selected images as background or use a colour palette that perfectly suits an matches your brand and personality.

Lightweight social sharing option

The MyThemeShop theme has the lightweight social media sharing plugins that helps you connect easily with your favourite social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. to popularise your content, products or services.

Lightning fast themes and plugins

The page speed is dependent on the themes and plugins, which are fast loaded due to cleaner and compressed codes.

The Schema is the fastest theme and Magazine theme garnered a 95% score in Page Speed tests.

Clean and clear code

The compressed codes are fast loaded and comes with proper commenting that ensures to run your site at the maximum speed. Also, the codes are readable so it’s easy for you to edit and customize them which makes it a dynamically strong business competitor.

SEO friendly

The clean code feature increases your search engine visibility more and removes any barriers that might hinder the crawlability of your site.

All the themes are in built with latest search engines to boost your search engine rank.

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MyThemeShop Pricing

Compared to most of the top premium WordPress theme providers, Mythemeshop  offers the great economical and affordable prices on the market today.

For $59, you will get access to great themes plus updates, support. For $29, you have access to great plugins, plus updates, support.

for WordPress developers and agencies, they can get one-year membership for $87 sign-up fees and $19/month later

Mythemeshop Pricing

The theme im using for this blog is SCHEMA.  Im using now  Generatepress for this site. 

Still using Mythemeshop for other niche websites.

Why this choice? At the time, I was looking for an ultra fast theme, "SEO friendly" and very simple at the same time. I did not want to use a handy theme just to use a small part of its features.

You may have noticed, the blog is to publish articles only and does not use very advanced features.

The goal is to ensure that the reader remains focused on the content, and at the same time serve an ultra-light blog optimized to the search engines.

This theme integrates, like many other themes of the selection, the rich snippets, a review system with a star rating, a space dedicated to the translation of the theme in the control panel, WooCommerce for setting up your shop Online, and many other small features.

If you are looking for a very easy to use theme, not very cluttered and optimized for the search engines then Schema will be a good choice.

As described in Mythemshop:

Schema is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including our custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design, Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help search engines your site and rank you higher
Schema theme

My Picks 

Among Other themes Offered by Mythemeshop that I like ;


Clean Theme

A great multipurpose theme for personal, fashion, travel, food, technology and  niche sites that might come to your mind .

Compared to other themes ,Clean theme is designed with a minimalistic, clutter free layout that is highly  attractive.

It comes with tons of useful features and four predefined layouts  that make it stand out as one of the best minimalistic themes i have known in WordPress themes

Clean Default - the default demo is ideal for webmasters looking for a fast loading clutter free WordPress theme to use in multiple projects. This default layout is fit for a broad range of niches since its highly customizable and easy to use.

Clean Portfolio - the portfolio demo is a stylish and classy way to build a site to showcase your work and also publish content in an elegant style. Portfolio demo radiates an aura of elegance and is fit for personal, fashion, style and glamor themed sites.

Clean Journal - this is a perfect demo for professional bloggers who want a completely clutter free and professional looking site that commands respect and grows to a niche authority. Every layout is displayed with pixel perfect precision and superb typography.

Clean Landing Page - this is an impressive demo that lets you create a clean landing page on your site. You can add tons of features using the freely available shortcodes. It also supports WP Subscribe Pro which can be a great option of creating a beautiful squeeze page on your site.

BloggingBox Theme

BloggingBox is a multipurpose theme that is highly diverse and can be used in several niches to create professional, corporate, personal and general blogs.

BloggingBox is designed with predefined layouts that can be installed with one-click install feature with great features and layouts : 

Default Layout – this layout provides you with an incredibly easy way to create a tremendous blog in any niche. It is easy to add or remove features that you don’t like from the quick customization theme options panel.

News Layout – this is sturdy and reliable news blog layout that is fit for journalists and freelance news blogger who want communicate effectively with their audience.

You can quickly set up a robust news blog within minutes of installing this news layout.

Fitness Layout – This layout brings to life all your fitness blogging dreams with its personable and charming blend of colors, images display and content presentation.

Travel Layout – This travel layout is designed to help any travel blogging enthusiasts build a professional travel blog for a massive online audience.

It can be used by nomadic travelers, corporate travel bloggers, and business travel bloggers and even for personal travel blogging. discover more here


If we want to talk about design, I think the word "clean" applies perfectly here. Everything is straight, everything is square. No "burrs", the blocks fit together very well.

The format of the articles is also optimized for social sharing (all sharing buttons are there), highlighting the content and banners inside the article.

The section of similar articles makes you want to consume even more content on the site.

 The sidebar is there without being very intrusive, your widgets are not likely to bother the reader.Finally, you can always create a "Shop" page for the sale of your products online.

 WooCommerce is fully integrated into the theme.



Best WordPress theme! It's written in the logo, I'm not inventing anything. Ok, this is not the best WordPress theme: p However, if you want to create a web magazine site this little theme will do.

It offers several layouts for displaying your home page. The loading time of the pages is quite remarkable.

Articles can be divided into several pages. This feature is often found in weblog blogs and other news sites.If you are newbies, I think you will not find it very difficult to appropriate this theme.

Best  Theme


You guessed it right ,

Ad-Sense is a theme optimized for the management of its advertising panels on the different pages of its blog.

And this is not just for Google adsense adsThe other interesting option is the Ad Blocker detection.

Indeed, if the user uses an extension blocking advertisements on the sites, then this option will make sure to hide the content of your site and ask the user to whitlister your site.

To get back to managing your ads, you'll have the ability to control and manage their location on each of your pages. This is very beneficial for your blog since you will save a plugin. No need to look for one to manage your ads.

AD-SENSE theme


OnePage is a Corporate WordPress theme that allows you to create a showcase site that uses the "One Page" style.

All sections of your site are displayed on the same page, with of course the possibility of creating separate pages.

Some companies make the choice to display their site on a single page.

This page contains a full screen page at the top showing a slider and the main title of the site, then the services offered by the company, the team, the portfolio, a comparative table of rates, customer testimonials, company customers , A few blog posts, a contact form and a Google Maps.

The whole being in the desired order.This is a fairly "simple" way of presenting his business.

This may not be appropriate if you want to create multiple pages.

In this case, this theme makes it quite possible to return to the classical way. I'll let you see.

One page Theme


This is an excellent theme to present your work, your portfolio. Your work is directly visible as soon as you go to the homepage.

No way to miss them!For each project in the portfolio it is possible to present several images in the form of a slider.

A fairly eye-catching "About Me" widget can be added in the right sidebar to attract the attention of your visitors so that they can learn more about you as a freelancer or about your company.

The blog page is just as elegant as it is eye-catching displaying the latest articles in grid form.

Several formats of articles are integrated: text, video, audio, gallery, quotation.

I will stop there because I think a small tour of the demo is worth a thousand words. In any case, this theme I keep it under the elbow. It gives me ideas :).



ECommerce is a theme that allows you to create a full-fledged online store. Whether you are selling physical or downloadable products, eCommerce integrates both options. It is even possible to sell external products in affiliation.

The demos. I will not say enough, take a look at the proposed demos.

I also say this because this type of template often has a lot of features that it is difficult to cover all of it here. It is also more interesting to test them by yourself.

You will find plenty of small features that make the site become more attractive: a widget from a slider to products, carousel of high-profile products, ribbons on new products, filters (prices, criteria and others) in AJAX Add to your pages, AJAX search form, a comparison tool to study the performance of your products,



Yosemite is a beautiful, modern and flexible WordPress theme for serious bloggers.It has a lot of handy features and functionality including unique homepage layouts, couple of sliders. I will just let mythemshop describe to you ,Personally it is amazing.

Yosemite is a clean WordPress theme that is inspired by Apple's Yosemite OSX design. With a newsletter plugin, compatibility with MegaMenu and WP Review Pro, as well as being optimized for AdSense, pageviews and readability, you'll see elevated levels of user engagement thanks to Yosemite.
Yosemite theme

This is not the end, mythemeshop developed a great number of great themes, Start Exploring and Discover What’s Out There by clicking this button 

Among the plugin that I like in mythemeshop

WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is the WordPress plugin that I use on other blog to integrate my newsletter forms to my site. You will find a complete sub-tutorial (part 8) to set up your newsletter form in this video :

The mailing list or list of subscribers is what is most important in a site after the traffic generation.There are several plugins for capturing the email addresses of your visitors.

There are simple, complex, free, very expensive and cheap. Depending on your needs, you will find what you are looking for.

A blogger does not have the same needs as a tech company marketing products. The needs vary.

WP Subscribe Pro offers the main features in a very clean design via an intuitive and accessible interface

You will be able to create your pop-up in no time. You can make it appear when the visitor tries to leave your site: this is called the Exit Intent.

This famous option is highly appreciated by marketers and has proven that it can double your enrollment rate.

You can also make it appear shortly after accessing your site.This plugin allows the creation of form of newsletter and its insertion in your articles.

A good way to retain your visitors after reading your articles for example.A widget is also provided for the insertion of the form in the sidebar.

All forms are customizable: you choose your design and your content.

Wp Subscribe Pro is compatible with the following self-responders: Mailchimp, FeedBurner, Aweber, GetResponse, MailerLite, BenchmarkEmail, Constant Contact.If you decide to use this plugin,i receommed using it

What You Get with Pro Version

  • Unlimited Domain Usage
  • One Click Installation
  • Support & Updates for One Year
  • 24x7 Premium Technical Support
  • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Secured & Optimized Code
  • 30 Day Money Back Policy
  • And More...


This one is also one of the most popular plugins of MyThemeShop.

It is a complete review plugin to give notes to products, services and any kind of good that you rate on your site.Notes can be in the form of stars, percentages, circles or points.

And everything can be done without having to touch the code or know technical tricks. You just need to install the plugin and configure it via the configuration interface. Several evaluation criteria can be created.

In addition, with the rich snippets generated by WP Review Pro, your reviews will appear on the search engines as stars with a note.

This allows to generate more traffic and make your articles climb to the top of the search results.

You can also give your users the option to leave a note and a comment to your articles.

The notes assigned to your articles can be displayed on the thumbnail images when they are displayed on your home page for example.

So your readers can view these notes without having to go to the article in question.

This plugin also provides a widget displaying your articles (reviews) in order of notation. So you can rank your products (or other) in a sidebar on the side in your blog or site.

With the ability to allow your readers to give a review with a note you can view an unlimited number of reviews on your site and with a simple shortcode you can post them anywhere on your site.

Finally, WP Review Pro is THE solution for creating a WordPress magazine site. And it is compatible with all themes, not just those of MyThemeShop.

Basically, you can use the theme you want and install WP Review Pro on and launch your magazine site. Example of a review site: comparison of electronic devices (computers, telephones, consoles ...), comparison of online services (hosting, SaaS, ...), comparison of Amazon products, etc.



If you are looking to harvest then display your customers' testimonials (for your products or services) then WP Testimonials will be of great help.

You will be able to create your Testimonial Submission Form and post it on your site using a shortcode.

Several styles of display are offered, in the form of: bubble, card box, quote, carousel, simple grid.

Similarly, multiple metadata can be selected: title, name, link, email, image, note.The moderation of testimony is also proposed in order to moderate the content before publication.

Users can upload their photo for inclusion in the testimonial.

I end by referring you to the demo in order to get a glimpse on the different display style of the testimonials and see what the control panel looks like in the back office.


I will not list all the plugins in this post but would invite you to click this big button and have a look at other 30+ amazing plugins.

MyThemeShop is adding minimum one theme/plugin every month almost.


I have been following MyThemeShop since its beginnings and it must be confessed that they managed to stick to their philosophy (well I do not know if it is their philosophy) that is to create simple and elegant themes whatever the type Of these themes.

They started with blog themes that were very successful.

Then they began to develop themes for showcase sites. Not only have they managed to come out with nice themes but in addition the they are  so simple to configure

Moreover, in keeping with the logic of keeping themes simple and clean, MyThemeShop has developed its own plugins that meet the most recurring needs of WordPress users.

Similarly for the themes, you will find the complete list of their themes here

There you go! I finished my job.

Now it's up to you to take your pen and share something with us in the comments: have you ever used one of the themes or plugins of MyThemeShop?

If so, what do you think? How was your experience? Which themes or plugins do you recommend?

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