Infusionsoft Review: A Powerful CRM To Automate Your Small Business Sales


Are you looking for a tool which can assist you in building and managing relationships with your customers in terms of sales marketing ?

Then, you read this and let me you opinion in the comment below.

Infusionsoft is one of the most suitable tools for small businesses. It is also one of the most widely used automation platforms. It allows you to automate the repetitive tasks of your marketing to focus on what matters most to your business.

Lead nurturing, lead management, CRM integration, these are all options that this wonderful tool allows to set up to boost the performance of your website/business.

Infusionsoft is a very easy to use and straight forward CRM and e-mail marketing software which aims at the betterment of the small businesses. It is completely automated.

The whole purpose of this company is to encourage the small businessmen with 25 or less employees and . It turns the small businesses into mid-size and even into enterprise organisations in some time.

Here, CRM is Customer Relationship Management which refers to the strategies, practises and technologies used by a firm in order to manage as well as analyse the reviews and the feedbacks of the customers in order to build up a better relationship with the customers.

This helps the company or the firm to reach new heights as better customer-firm relationships lead to a better and smoother functioning of the company. This is the most crucial and the important measure in the cooperate world these days.

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a highly recommended automated software with its features of Customer Relationship Management not comparable to many newly emerging or any significantly more used platforms.

I feel, it is completely a blessing to the small businessmen who are new to the era and are low on budget. It allows the small businessmen kick start new and better level of businesses.

Infusionsoft stats

Infusionsoft Review

Infusionsoft offers many useful features such as the following:

  • Capture more leads: CRM lets you no longer miss out on a business opportunity with your audience
  • Improve conversion rates: position yourself face-to-face with your prospects at the right time
  • Ecommerce: Infusionsoft allows you to market your products and services online Sales process management: easy management of prospects and customers
  • Manage the sales process : easily manage who you follow up with and when
  • Save more time : say goodbye to the mundane tasks that hold you back

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Pricing of Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, as mentioned earlier in this article, is based completely on the small businessmen and hence, its pricing is quote affordable in that respect. So a plus point.

  • The costing of the Essentials plan starts from $199 per month, this plan includes a very basic level of Customer Relationship Management and an automated features of e-mail marketing.
  • It includes quotas of 2500 contacts along with 12,500 e-mails every month. It allows a maximum of three users to connect.
  • The costing of the deluxe plan starts at the rate of $299 per month, this plan includes a little advanced level of CRM. It tiers ups to four different users, it included 5,000 contacts along with 25,000 of e-mails every month.
  • It is exclusive as it comes in two different flavours: you can add either the e-commerce capabilities or the company’s sales automation features, depending upon the requirements of your business.
  • The costing of the complete package is set up at $379 for every month. As the name suggests it is a complete package, which provides you with a double of the deluxe plan i.e. 10,000 contacts along with an e-mail capacity of 50,000 on the monthly basis.
  • It allows you to connect to five different users and provides you with all the core features: e-commerce, CRM, sales automation and marketing automation.
  • And now we have the team plan which prices at $599 per month plan and provides you with 20,000 contacts and 1,00,000 e-mails every month. It allows you to connect a maximum of 10 different users.
Infusionsoft Pricing

Each of the above-mentioned plan according to the pricing of the Infusionsoft is billed every month in accordance with the annual contract that is made.

All the above-mentioned plans come along with permanent application instance. So, this was a brief insight of all the pricing plans of the Infusionsoft along with the features that it provides you with. You choose any of the above plans according to your requirements.

Creating a subscriber list for the Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft focuses specifically at the business owners who have started at small scale. It is very easy to import the contacts from a different third-party service including iContact, constant contact, outlook and many more just by uploading a CSV file.

You can even watch a tutorial during the process and can download sample file. And after all that you just have to map the fields.

Infusionsoft functions by figuring out the emails and the birthdays, so you can build relations and connect with a personal touch. In certain categories, you can add custom fields like menu, drop down menu, text, dates and numbers etc.

Accounts come along with an unlimited hosted web form. And you can easily drag and drop any element that you want to add to the form.

Infusionsoft is an easy to use email marketing and CRM for small businessmen

It is the ideal software for all the newcomers and the small businessmen, the level of CRM that this software provides easy to understand for small business owner .

Any businessmen can work with it without the proper knowledge of sales, marketing, and even the email campaigns. And that’s the best part about it.

  • It provides all your email marketing and the CRM capabilities together in a single easy to use platform.
  • It provides the customers with a fully-fledged automated platform.
  • It lets you access the guides and coaches that helps you to use this software effectively

Verdict on the software:

Infusionsoft is the CRM software which is built keeping the businessmen who have started off at small scale, in consideration, to make them go on a bigger scale for sure.

In my opinion, it is an amazing software for the low budget new comers but it also has a variety of different plans to choose from.

And every plan is worth the money. It allows you to set up e-commerce as well as to manage email campaigns, so basically an all in one package.


InfusionSoft is A Powerful CRM To Automate Your Small Business Sales if you run a small stable business and want to build automation around the sales and marketing processes.

You should be bear in mind that Infusionsoft is perfect for CRM and sales automation not just email marketing software .

If you are using it only for the later I would suggest researching or you may check these tools.

My pro Advice :Continue learning and have someone as a dedicated person who will be the admin and marketing person. And above all Get to know Infusionsoft on your terms with their demo options.

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