Top 18 Awesome Feminine WordPress Themes To try This Year


This article will highlight the  best premium and feminine WordPress themes to build your website.

If you have a blog, shop or portfolio, a female brand always needs an appropriate WordPress theme that fits your brand image.

However, choosing a WordPress theme based solely on aesthetics could lead you to choose the one that does not have the features you are looking for.

Fortunately, there are a lot of pretty and chic feminine WordPress themes that also offer lots of features for creating a fully functional website.

We will offer you on this list of WordPress themes designed with the feminine design that offers features that will be useful for you to create your blog.

1. Feminine WordPress Theme For Bloggers ( mythemeshop ) 

Feminine WordPress Theme For Bloggers

Whenever it comes to designing a site or an online store that targets the female audience of your industry, color, and typography matter.

So to speak, with a special girly theme like the Feminine WordPress theme for bloggers you have a final solution.

This is a uniquely coded theme for beauty, fashion, travel, and girl lifestyle blog.

It offers 3 creative slider layout together with 3 post layouts that enable easy navigation from page 1 to 3 for your visitors without the loading delay of accessing pages via links or search engines.

By integrating a special header space for your latest ads and offering a drag-and-drop option for that, your ad placements just got easier with promises for higher conversion.

 Meanwhile, for greater command of traffic to your Instagram posts, there’s a colorful Instagram feed widget section dedicated to showcasing your newest updates and commanding followership and likes to your Instagram page.

Another relevant section is a bold, girly unique portfolio space for maximum exposure for your portfolio if you offer female-related services.

And lastly, at the end of the classy “about me” widget which is customizable, there’s a clear signature support space where you boldly insert your unique signature and stand out of the crowd by taking a personalized approach that earns you more authority.

Overall, everything about this theme is customizable with 14 different custom widgets and unlimited background and frontal color options.

Lastly, your blog is made SEO-ready from scratch, speed optimized, and Adsence-optimized ready with the Ajax loading program and a zoom-out effect that gives visibility to your products and contents.

2. Purple - Beautiful Feminine WordPress Theme

Purple - Beautiful Feminine WordPress

Purple is yet another girly theme both for your eCommerce ventures and your female blogs.

Unlike the previously reviewed theme, it is tweakable for a male online presence though specifically designed to be girly in the real sense. Purple is highly versatile, it offers more options for dynamic web design.

For one, it integrates the Google translation option that converts your content to the uniquely preferred language for each visitor in 900+ fonts.

In the same light, with the available 6 pre-defined homepage sections with 2 different header layouts each, you can flesh out the site of your dream and make it suitable for your outreaches and business nature.

Every element is editable and constructible either with the drag-and-drop-option, a broad, clean coding option, or with the use of shortcodes.

Meanwhile, Purple offers up to 4 different paginations, namely; numbers, next/previous, load more options, and infinite scroll.

This comes in handy to make your female online course easy to navigate and track for your subscribers while, at the same time, enables the better display of lines of girl products. 

With up to 20 social media sharing buttons, a dedicated page to showcase your social media posts, and 5 post layout to expose up to 5 updates to steady organic traffic, you can make every spot on the web your base and generate leads from multiple sources.

Overall, Purple allows easy management of your everything especially if you’re just starting out.

Both the zoom-out and breadcrumb option helps your visitors to zoom in completely on your products and have a real-life contact with your copies.

With more than 600,000 customers have taken the dive, MyThemeShop is almost certainly one of the most reliable WordPress Themes around — it provides an exciting variety of themes at an affordable rate, with an excellent, versatile selection of plugins and ongoing support.

3. Glam Pro Theme Package

Glam Pro Theme

If you’re a start-up and a complete beginner to the internet-of-things but want to build a functional base online, this is for you.

Glam Pro theme package is an open-source that gives you the chance of using female WordPress themes free of charge.

No coding needed, with several free ready-designed, complete packages at your disposal, just import whichever suits your ventures and upload your contents via a drag-and-drop method.

However, Glam also comes in a ton of paid packages for your more professional sites and blogs. From the Glam Pro genesis framework package with a one-time purchase fee of $130 for unlimited updates and sites-building.

To the pro plus membership package charged at $500 that provides all previous, present, and future themes developed by the Glam pro programmers of 316.

But here’s the complete breakdown of the package. Other than being able to tweak the pre-designed themes with a dedicated theme customizer, Glam provides all the tools you need to develop your dream theme from scratch.

Landing pages, default archives, and categories; Glam provides custom page templates in eye-grabby colors and designs that you can tweak. The theme is built around two homepage layouts and footer widget areas, customizable to your brand’s demand.

Glam is coded to make your site mobile responsive and the translation-ready so you can have your funnels distributed across the globe with no language barrier.

Finally, you receive regular support from experienced web designers at no cost to you, and together with full access to Glam’s detailed tutorials, even a novice can build their online footprint from the ground up.

4. Isabelle Theme

Isabelle Theme

Isabelle is another translation-ready theme, which means that it translates your content to your visitor’s preferred language. But this time, Isabelle is solely coded and designed with eCommerce stores in mind.

It provides everything you need to put your store above the fold. For one, there are 3 special promo boxes that have been coded with SEO factors in mind and designed to compel your potential customer to take purchase actions.

Just upload the perfect images of your products and services right there and drag your custom design call-to-action button beneath each of the 3 widgets and you’re all set to start reeling them in.

Isabelle is Woo-commerce compatible and that makes it the perfect fit if you’re selling a digital product or a physical product line.

All themes are infused with responsive layout designs to make your store responsive on mobile phones, tabs, desktops, and every screen of all sizes.

What’s great? Isabelle is cost-effective and it offers integration with your essential business tools and SEO plugins.

For instance, there’s a Mailchimp and Convertkit pre-styling form below the slider of your theme. With this, you can easily build your mailing list without the need to design a form ever again.

Other features include a collection of social media icons that speedily take your customers to subscribe to your social media and receive a life-time update of your new products and offers.

And with the sticky menu box, visitors can easily and effectively navigate your verticals and browse through your categories more easily.

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5. Maggie Theme ( a pretty wordpress themes)

Maggie Theme

Maggie is the second theme on the list coming from Bluchic. It is the ideal female coach WordPress theme to sell your courses and ebooks online. 

Whether you’re a photographer, a DIY teacher, or a tutor online, Maggie has all the features to take create a large digital footprint that makes teaching easy for you and equally makes learning fun for your students.

Maggie’s newsletter signup widget is bold, eye-catchy, with easy-to-read lettering for easy subscription to your tutorials.

The theme’ SEO-friendliness drives quality traffic to your first pages where your professional portfolio in the Bluchic portfolio plugin becomes the first thing to engage a visitor for a first-time good impression.

Right under that, the hero image integrated together with your above-the-fold call-to-action button intuitively enables easy signup to your subscription/mailing list at the footer.

Also, just like every other Bluchic theme, Maggie offers 3 promotional widgets where you can display your hottest offers and direct visitors through 3 distinct funnels.

All latest blog posts are automatically rolled up on your homepage where new visitors can catch up with you. 

In the same light, with the all-new testimonial builder plugin, Maggies allows you to design the perfect portfolio template and allows you to showcase past customers’ reviews on your homepage or any other page of your website.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

6. Victoria Theme

Victoria wordpress Theme

Victoria is my last pick from the verticals of Bluchic. It is an $80 theme that opens the door to lifetime access to future updates at no additional cost to you.

Highly compatible with WooCommerce, Victoria is a classic, girl boss theme for entrepreneurs and professional bloggers who are looking to showcase their skills in an authentic way.

Once the zip file is exported and opened, you’re given a step-by-step tutorial guide as a sidelight to creating your site even if you had no web design idea.

You also receive one-on-one support from expert developers on the Bluchic team to take you through the entire process if the pre-recorded tutorials won’t help. the only downside with this theme is that it is limited to self-hosted WordPress sites only.

This means that you cannot use it for Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, or a ShowIt website. Also, when developing a WordPress site with Victoria, it only works with the WordPress $25/month Business plan. Well, you would expect that from a theme meant for a professional site like yours.

Another limitation to Victoria is that it doesn’t allow code customization unlike Feminine WordPress Theme For Bloggers reviewed initially.

This may be a deal-breaker for every techie coder looking for DIY customization. Other than this, Victoria is quite flexible.

Customization is made easier for the beginner to create professional-looking sites. And the theme is mobile responsive like every other Bluchics.

7. Beautiful Pro Theme

Beautiful Pro Theme

Coming from the house of StudioPress, the Beautiful Pro theme is another great girly theme that automatically offers you a complete Genesis framework package upon subscription.

Regardless of the plan that you’re subscribing to, Beautiful Pro doesn’t put a limit to the number of sites you can design, neither are you restricted from coding your way to a more DIY digital footprint of your choice. 

What’s the catch? Files of featured images you can select from and save money from purchasing a stock image. 10 widget areas that offer more customization for a more functional blog to display more of your products per page built.

Beautiful Pro has been engineered from the ground up to make your blog available with super-fast loading speed on all mobile devices and desktops. Drag and customize your brand’s logo in the customizable header.

If you feel cold coding, Beautiful pro allows easy and complete customization of a launch-ready, unique theme just for you. Launch your first-ever content with the 5th generation HTML5. Customize headers, footers, and your lineup categories in the menu widget.

You also have a powerful plugin for landing pages creation at your disposal. And, this is especially for your community space, visitors are allowed a more interactive communication with one another, thanks to the threaded comments feature.

Finally, Beautiful Pro comes in two packages namely; Beautiful pro theme and pro plus membership. The first costs a one-time purchase fee of $100, and a one-time purchase fee of $500 for the later.

8. Pretty Chic Pro Theme

Pretty Chic Pro Theme

Pretty Chic Pro is another StudioPress theme for female blogs. And as expected it is the combination of Genesis Framework package and a child theme that offers coding possibility to the techie.

Don’t worry if you can’t code, as long as your aim is to have a highly functional female site that looks truly girly, this is for you. Pretty Chich, as the name suggests is a call girl theme WordPress users who want to create multiple call girl sites will find the best theme solution. T

hough functional for other female-related niche sites, Pretty Chic is more like the updated version of Roxanne which was the first call girl theme WordPress found integration with.

Sexy, dirty, addictive, if those words describe the purpose of your website, Pretty Chic Pro is for you.

By integrating HTML5 Markup, Pretty Chic offers more visibility to your content and helps to prevent render blockage, making your site a fast loading one. 

You can build up to 4 homepages from scratch or quickly tune the pre-designed ones to get your space up and running. The theme is customizable from header to background through footer.

You’re equipped with an endless color palette to mix-match and test multiple color combinations till the right design is fleshed out.

Also, as you make your changes through the customization stage, you get to see previous edits in real-time and fall back to an omitted section for correction. This is especially important to the novice designer.

By the way, you have a truckload of free tutorial videos at your disposal to take you down the road.

9. Simply Charming Pro Theme

Simply Charming Pro Theme

Simply Charming Pro is the number one feminine theme designed with Genesis Framework in mind. If you’re looking to keep it simple and make your content appear unique in bright colors spread through a wide white space, this is for you.

Simply Charming Pro is a WooCommerce-ready theme that integrates the technology of parallax. This technology enables your product descriptions to slide in motion over the static picture of your product.

This is especially needed for your fashion store, travel blogs, and your photography shop online. The only limitation is that Simply Charming requires you to spend an extra $60 on the Genesis Framework package. And again, it is a WordPress-only theme.

Straight from the house of Restored, Simply Charming Pro is built for a detailed, refined, and meticulous design of online stores and blogs.

The auto-installation of all included plugins speeds up your design process in lieu to downloading multiple plugins separately.

Likewise, though provision has been made for that, if you have a custom design background and a custom retina logo that you’d rather use for your brand, Simply Charming Pro allows you to easily do that via a drag-and-drop option. 

With the combination of HTML 5 Markup and a special code meant to boost the loading speed together with the responsivity of your WordPress site, you can rest easy of a store that doesn’t throw visitors away.

Special Note: Simply Charming comes in 2 different packages namely; Sparkle, and Sparkle and Shine. The former is only for new sites and doesn’t work as an updating theme for an existing site. The later finds application in both updating an existing Woo-Commerce female store and building your store from scratch.

10. studiomommy Feminine WordPress Themes

studiomommy WordPress Theme

Studio Mommy is one of the famous and leading Feminine WordPress Themes developer.

They major in developing girly themes only and they have been the theme solution behind leading female blogs such as the Sincerely Sisters blog. A female blog with an authority in fashion, female DIY projects, motherhood, and more. 

If you’re looking to start a blog in any of these categories or in other female digital footprints, Studio Mommy has the theme you need.

On their verticals, you’ll find lines of Premium themes, blog themes, and bundle packages for freelance developers.

Though their major products are stylish, feminine WordPress themes for creative bloggers and entrepreneurs, Studio Mommy Premium themes include those for building your portfolio online and those for your tutorial class development.

Their WordPress blog themes cost between $10 and $15.

If you’re just starting out with low-budget, Studio Mummy may just be your best choice to build your online presence at a low cost.

What’s great? Exclusive offers. If you purchase any of Studio Mummy’s $90-$150 packages, and I mean if your purchase 2 packages, Studio Mummy gives you an extra free package of the same theme.

Likewise, if you purchase 10 Studio Mummy themes of your choice, you get the 10 for $250 and save $80 doing so. 

Authority blogs such as The Book View, Counting Cures, and Thriving Wonders are all users of Studio Mummy themes.

As at present, Studio Mummy is offering a 40% discount summer sales offer on all their themes and you can jump on the moving train straight away before the summer ends.

11. Gema WordPress theme

gema wordpress theme

If you’re looking to build an image-heavy website with a large menu bar in simple layout design, there you have Gema.

Gema personalizes your blog and makes you stand out with the classic WordPress theme. 

It’s an ideal choice for designing coffee shops, food and recipes blogs, fashion and lifestyle, and even travel websites.

Once installed unto the back-end of your WordPress site, you can change the overall outlook from WordPress customizer.

Editing and tweaking Gema is reasonably easy, especially for the beginners.

The tweakable elements include but not limited to; all buttons, layouts, the spacing between elements, logo, and you can even flesh out a unique layout of your choice or just pick from the ready layout options.

An auto-adapting layout technology has been integrated into the theme that automatically adjusts your site to different types of featured content or images you pull off, whether landscape or portrait or a combination of both.

Other than using WordPress customizer to blend your colors, Gema dedicates an intuitive Style Manager feature as a customization tool loaded with predefined color palettes and fonts.

The icing on the cake is the integration of the Gutenberg library of more than 60, 000 eBooks for on-the-spot creation of content. 

And this even serves as an eBook development software so you can create eBooks fast and upload them directly on your homepage or even create a library on your site.

Other features include a multi-lingual translator, comprehensive documentation of a web design guide, and a fast-loading speed for an SEO-ready blog.



If you’re running a female service-based business online, this is another theme from Bluchic for you.

Chicserve WordPress theme is a female couch WordPress theme for the female entrepreneurs. It offers a stylish, flexible, customizable WordPress experience and allows you to blend multiple elements into a modern-looking digital footprint. 

By integrating the Elementor plugin, Bluchic allows the Chicserve theme to offer an intuitive web design process that appears like you’re editing directly from the front-end of your website.

This is a breakthrough for solopreneurs who don’t know how to code but still want a personalized-looking online base that works hard in attracting more business.

Who is this meant for? Female copywriters, business coaches, accountants, online marketers, virtual assistants, bookkeepers, social media marketers, online business managers, and web designers.

Basically for every online service-based business. From a professional Home page to a revealing About page through 2 service pages plus one extra page for your portfolio.

The Elementor customization plugin is completely free and you can easily drag and drop features into the elements that you create. 

Chicserve offers endless customization, reduces time spent on designing, and secure that your website has a responsive design.

It enables GDPR cookie consent that buys you trust with your visitors and is at the same time WooCommerce-ready to list up your services in a fancy way. Chicserve costs a one-time fee of $129.

13. Simple & Elegant - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Simple & Elegant - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

For an online base for your spa business, Simple & Elegant is a WP theme that has been engineered to give you a simple but yet elegant presence online as the name suggests.

It is WordPress 4.9, 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2 compatible and Woo-Commerce 3.6.x ready. 

Regardless of the WooCommerce plugin that you’re looking to integrate into your design tools, Simple and Elegant offers a single-click multi-concept and ton of typographic options and adjustability.

As a plus, you get a free Visual composer page builder you’d spend an extra $34 on.

The boxed layout of it allows you to display your services in high-resolution pictures, add to that the possibility of adding up to 40 social icons wherever you believe your visitors can easily see.

Other important features include; Mailchimp widget, Contact form 7, Gravity forms, Google fonts, Live customizer, WooCommerce off-canvas cart, Google translation, and WPBakery page builder.

Also, with the multi-project layout, you can display videos and audios samples of your works and performances in the spa, whilst showcasing your portfolio in multiple portfolio layouts.

You can set up a pricing table right on your homepage.And also automatically generate video thumbnail from YouTube, especially if you have a YouTube channel.

The CSS and Jss files have been minified to prevent render blockage and increase the loading speed of your site on all phones and desktops.

Finally, once the one-click installation is done, you are exposed to lifetime upgrades of Simple and Elegant.

14. CheerUp - Blog Magazine

CheerUp - Blog Magazine

For anyone looking to design a female Magazine blog and be creative doing so, this the ideal theme that is fully GDPR compliant.

CheerUp Blog Magazine theme offers over 1000 possible layouts, enabling you to continuously upgrade the overall outlook of your site to suit the trend as it changes. 

With self-hosted Google fonts support, Newsletter consent support, and comment consent section, CheerUp secures a site that builds trust with your subscribers and creates a strong sense of security in them. 

So far so good, all Cheerup designed sites are known to have 99/100 Google Pagespeed score, 95% Pingdom Pagespeed score, 93% GTMetrix Pagespeed score, and 100% Pagespeed score on WebPageTest.

A superfast code script is loaded at the end of each page to make your content load faster, and the theme works with all cache plugins including; WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, and Total Cache.

If you are an affiliate membership earning via cost-per-click on your blog, this is an important set of features.

With CheerUp, you can create a ton of header styles, amazing slider styles for motion images of your services and products, plus several modern footer styles that you can choose from to give professionalism to your magazine.

At the bottom line, CheerUp is social media-friendly, SEO-ready, and with WordPress AMP plugin support. And just what you need to get your magazines on a free popular library, CheerUp integrates Gutenberg eBook studio.

With it, you can create your eBooks and magazines right on your site and get them published on the spot.

15. Buzz - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Buzz - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Just as the name suggests, Buzz is a feminine theme for WordPress sites developed for lifestyle bloggers and magazine websites.

You can get direct access to 15 demos on the spot with a single-click installation. Or just subscribe to the complete package to have full access to the A-Z offerings. 

With up to 40 posts layouts and 40+ images layouts at your fingertips, you can secure that your website is in every way unique and not a replica of what is already existing.

Buzz lets you get more social and allow you to buzz your content through all your social media whilst, in the same light, enabling share buttons to Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and even Pinit feed widgets and more.

Buzz increases time spent on the page by featuring 5 varieties of pagination; either you use go the “infinite scroll” style, the “links only” style, “links with page numbers” style, “load more button”, or the “load more button with offset feature” style.

Offering more versatility, Buzz features 7 features area sliders that can be boxed, used in full-width, or inside a blogpost.

For every first time visitors, an EU cookie law pops up without covering your entire content but being obvious to your visitor so that they can give conscient to using your site. 

There’s also a powerful admin panel for solid teamwork if you’re running your magazine together with a team.

Finally, with the Ajax search engine support, visitors can interact with your site better and more effectively get access to the content that they want.

16. Jack & Rose - A Whimsical WordPress Wedding Theme

Jack & Rose - A Whimsical WordPress Wedding Theme

Talk about developing a colorful website with an intuitive interface in the wedding niche and you’ve found one. Jack & Rose is a whimsical WordPress wedding theme with ease of customization, flexible layout, and aesthetically pleasing design.

At the beginning of your design process, you’re provided with a 10-15 minutes learning curve that equips you with everything you need to know to get up and running.

If you’re building your site for your wedding event and don’t have any experience with blogging, you’ll especially find this helpful.

It supports Google maps integration so that you can add your wedding location and guide your guests instructively to your venue.

There’s also the RSVP online guestbook for your guests to fill and share their thoughts about your wedding. All of these can be initiated at just one click together with the drag-and-drop page builder.

Once you have your WordPress hosting and you have WordPress installed on your web design media source (phone or desktop) you can simply install and import demo data and tweak what’s available into a full-blown website in minutes.

17. Tribe - Feminine Coach WordPress Theme

Tribe - Feminine Coach WordPress Theme

Tribe-Feminine coach WordPress, as the name suggests, is a girly theme designed from the ground up with online female coaches in mind.

Whether you want to build a highly functional site for your online tutorials or your aim is to create a platform where you can sell a series of online courses, this is the theme for your venture. 

This elegant feminine design with Woo-Commerce integration for female coaches requires zero codings though it offers coding options if you’re tech-savvy.

Right from the standard “About me” page that elegantly presents your bio in a professional way to the signature widget where you authoritatively etch your unique signature.

Tribe has several unique lead capture forms that you can tweak into a personalized design and let your subscribers know the difference between you and your competitors.

The service/product page is fully-customizable as well and you can showcase the demo of your courses in eye-grabby styles. Meanwhile, there’s no limitation to how your testimonial page would be. 

Tribe allows you to make your testimonials share the same space with your homepage where the first time visitor can easily read the success stories of happy students who have taken your courses.

With 4 blog layouts, 4 custom widgets, multiple social share buttons, and right and left sidebars, Tribe lets you get your message out there with an Amazing customizable blog.

18. Look- Fashion And Model Portfolio WordPress Theme

Look- Fashion And Model Portfolio WordPress Theme

Finally and last on the list is Look. It is a unique female WordPress theme design intended for models and fashion bloggers to showcase their expertise in an elegant way and attract more businesses online.

This theme is sophisticated with everything you need to make an exquisite statement and a solid presentation of your authority in the fashion industry.

With up to 23 PSD files and chunks of detailed documentation, Look is stuffed with multiple widgets and varieties of shortcodes to dynamically flesh out your definition of what a Fashion blog should be.

You have multiple options of footers, and various headers that once made your static front-end outlook, your visitors can zoom in upon thanks to a responsive breadcrumb.

And because the theme has been built with Unyson Framework in place of Genesis, Unyson offers a more free and cool backend page composer for the novice to intuitively develop a professional-looking blog.

The complete outlook is all lined up; from an events page that keeps your visitors updated on your newest events and webinars to an appointment page that makes the booking processes for your sessions with subscribed visitors easier.

More specifically, Look is loaded with a truckload of custom design plugins for models. The featured recent posts OWL carousel automatically displays and arranges your latest posts in sliders.

Other important features include; Contact form 7, AccessPress, 12 Footer Layouts, RTL support, MailChimp integration, valid HTML5 code, and several model plugins.

At the bottom line, Look-Fashion And Model Portfolio WordPress theme costs a $ 50-lifetime access.

For This blog, I use GeneratePress. GeneratePress has a focus on superior performance and clean code. The whole theme is less than 30kB, which is about as tiny as you'll ever encounter. It will work with all page builders with Multiple Customizer Options.

Now It’s Your Turn

Now I want to hear from you  :What do you think of this humble list of feminine WordPress Themes ? Or maybe you have great one that missed !

Either way, leave a quick comment below.I’ll be around  to reply to comments and answer. it be great if you care and share ;). 

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