Content Marketing: How to improve your visibility


You own an e-commerce store or a showcase site and are unsure how to go from 10 visitors per day on a monthly traffic to at least 10000, 30000, 50000 or more, depending on your industry and your needs? content marketing can help you get there in a few months

If your design and copywriting are a great base, they are not enough to improve your online visibility.A good strategy of content marketing will help you attract, convert and retain your prospects.

What are we talking about when mentioning this type of marketing? How can you implement it in the most refined way possible, to maximize your ROI?

This article will help you see more clearly and understand how to intelligently take action.


The content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and disseminating useful and high value-added content to attract a clear target audience in order to acquire new customers but especially to convert and loyalty.

This last point is important because it marks the subtle difference between content marketing and inbound marketing, the latter being more focused on being found. The two are inseparable for a successful web presence.

Unlike a more traditional approach, content marketing as inbound marketing focus on the possession of the medium, rather than its location (the act of paying for a virtual advertising insert or "real" for example).

What types of content are we talking about? These are varied and selected based on their impact on the target market and buyer personas:

  • professional blog
  • feature articles and tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Guide
  • moderated forums
  • White ebooks and books
  • videosInterviews
  • SlidesSpecial
  • ReportsContent curation
  • Mini-course by email
  • Press Releases
  • podcasts
  • Infographics ...
  • List Element
  • List Element

Here we see how content marketing is not there to push immediately for sale, but to create a lasting relationship with prospects and customers to drive "naturally" to purchase and develop long-term the trusted brand capital.

Her most of markets fail when they try to push sale from the start; absence of patience and strategy

The content marketing does not replace traditional marketing: advertising, press relations, etc. Rather, it is part of an overall editorial strategy.

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Beyond, a significant ROI varies from one company to another, content marketing is to first great strength to be desired and expected by consumers, as opposed to intrusive advertising that they will rather seek to avoid.Hope thay you got my point here; the ultimate aim is to satisfy the customer and conversion.

Another advantage: it allows to be present at the entire sales cycle:

Awareness : the customer finally realizes he certainly is a solution to his problem

Results: it searches the available solutions and deepened the knowledge and understanding of the problem or topic of interest.

The consideration and comparison, excluding rare isolated cases, the prospect has the choice between several actors, products and solutions. It compares various criteria (quality, price, specific needs).

Buying: the prospect makes the decision and is ready for the transaction/to buy.

Advertising and traditional marketing work well for the 3rd and 4th stage, but are less effective than content marketing when it comes to be present in the eyes of the prospect from his earliest research, including the Internet.

This means several things:

The content must be relevant, high value and easily accessibleIt must be visible on key requests, which implies a good SEO (SEO) or a solid distribution via various channels.

A lead recovery system must quickly be put in place, to find a way to get back to a pre-qualified prospect.


Before rushing headlong to your blog or your social accounts, take time to think through your strategy.

The following are key points that will help you control your content marketing and to fully adapt to your target.

What are your goals ?

The content for the content does not make sense and could work against you. For effective approach, consider how each type of content will help your business and goals.

These can be of different types: increase awareness of your brand? Expand the size of your subscriber list? Creating a virtuous cycle of lead nurturing? Promoting recommendation? Increase the frequency of repeat purchases?

Another objective is to ensure better customer service after the sale. Can you offer such tutorials, videos and articles to your buyers and be clear with them.

Of course, you can have multiple objectives, and expect your marketing to impact positively SEO and traffic to your site.

The key is to make these goals and ensure the content serve the clients.

If you answer "no" better drop the subject or even decide to come back later.

Planning and Resources: estimate your upstream strike force

If well show you ambitious, ask yourself all the same the following questions:

what budget do you have for your content marketing?

What are your financial resources but also human? are you alone or with a partner

Do you have trained employees who can take over all or part of the creation and distribution of content, or are a starter and you can handle all ?

Or is it important to outsource this task to a specialized company?

Profile of buyer personas: to whom do you are targeting ?

Your content should not apply to everyone. It is important, as you would elsewhere in the framework of a traditional business plan, refine the profiles of targeted buyers. Called "buyer personas" and the more you are able to describe precisely, the better you'll touch.

Each buyer persona attached particular problems, specific expectations, ways to search, compare and interact... if you earn more target customers expect content tailored to each profile.So being specific is my recommendation.



The content mapping allows you to visually place the different stages of content publishing: personas and needs, questions raised at various stages, you will bring answers, content that matches these responses, identifying potential gaps and creation .


Do you have a particular style that speaks to your customers? Very "corporate" or relaxed, personnel or detached ... it is important to think about your "voice".

Then, the creation of a specific editorial calendar will allow you to organize the work and avoid delays that may reduce the attractiveness of your content in the eyes of customers and visitors: published, author, topic / category size, target keywords, problem solved ... be exhaustive to streamline your efforts.


In searching keywords and relevant long-tail phrases for your content strategy will increase the impact of the latter: better SEO, but also a good understanding of your target market research.


Your business blog is one of the most powerful tools available for your content marketing strategy.

We've talked about in this article, we recommend you read to understand the advantages brought by the regular publication of articles optimized and high added value.

Lead recovery mechanism and segmentation

As long as you do not put everything to retrieve data about your visitors (including their email), your content marketing will not bring you the expected ROI.

On your blog, your social networks and your corporate website, consider adding application forms in the newsletter. Today there are many ways to vary the messages, formats and bonuses issued to the registrant.

This will allow you to segment your subscribers by interest, demographic and industry data, downloaded ebooks, etc.

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The effectiveness of your content marketing lies in your ability to deliver quality content, highly targeted that your readers and customers end up looking forward.

Are these video tutorials? frequent articles, guides or in short What form should help you bring, and how to evaluate its success? All these questions will give you a frame to be respected.


It is not enough to click "publish" for overnight exceptional results. You absolutely promote your content.

Newsletter, social networks, sponsored publications, collaborations with other websites or blogs in your field ... think now about the channels you will use.


No ROI without measuring your performance against objectives and investment budget ... so you need to carefully monitor what is happening and conduct various tests to eliminate what does not work. Several tools allow.

You can also combine Analytics data, tracking your newsletter and autoresponders, your results of A / B testing ... all is whether what you are doing it in a correct way.


Marketing on social networks differs from content marketing to a certain extent , but you have to associate with them at the maximum to relay your content efficiently.


The content marketing is not necessarily a complex gas machine for large companies. By following our advice and strategically addressing your creative approach and content delivery, you can quickly get your first results.

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