How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Builder for Your Online Store?


This post provides some tips to choose the best ecommerce builder to build eCommerce stores. You don’t require any technical talents to handle them, and there is nothing to download on your pc.

The world is going digital, and you are a part of it. Sticking to the age-old strategies will not help you hit the mark.

Do you want your business to stand out and make some real revenues? You might want to learn a thing or two about eCommerce website builders.

Whether you have already plunged into a line of biz or dying to kick-start a business of your own, focus on developing a website first.

Are you cooking up a storm in your brain? Thinking of ideas and envisioning how you want your website to appear. Great. You have set a course on the right path.

Planning is one thing. But, executing your ideas to the T is way more challenging. Setting up a website might sound easy, but it is a lot of work. Cherry on top - you need to have the skills and be a pro.

  • How do you want your website to look like?
  • Do you know how to create a template or a layout?
  • What kind of site are you looking to host? A responsive website or a static one?
  • Web development - how exactly are you planning to develop a site with zero knowledge about coding?
  • It's eCommerce. You must know how to integrate a payment gateway (a high risk credit card processing one, if needed) into your website.

Don’t be puzzled. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades or a tech-savvy. Start by selecting the best eCommerce website builder.

You will be surprised to see how you can create a website for your business in a snap.

The best part - designs, layouts, development, social media marketing, and every other knick-knack are taken care of.

You can also save big bucks since you don’t have to hire a developer to help your website run smoothly.

Focus on what you and what you wish to accomplish. Setting up a website is not some kind of a school project you are excited to try your hands on.

Time is money.

So, speed up and choose the best website builder for eCommerce.

Tips to Help You Choose the Best Website Builder

BigCommerce plarform 2020 (1)

There are multiple website builders on the loose. The market is crammed with options. If you are a newbie, this is a bit tricky .

Always remember, you have to pick the right website builder for your eCommerce venture.

So, let’s read about a few good ways to choose the best website builder.

Plan your site in advance

This is the primary prep phase of setting up a website. Every business, online or offline, needs a basic framework.

If you are unsure about the key details, it is mayhem. Start by preparing a framework.

Wondering how to do that? Well, ask yourself a few questions. For example:

  • How do you want your website to appear?
  • What are you selling - products, services, or both?
  • Do you want a photo gallery on your site?
  • What are the sections that must be there? Blog space for instance
  • Are you looking to include a drag-and-drop menu bar?
  • Do you want your products to be categorized?
  • What is your primary objective?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Do you want to include a contact form?

In short, there are numerous things to figure out before you go online and select a web-building tool. It certainly sounds easy. But it is a little time-consuming.

Jog your brain and have your answers ready. If it makes it any easier, try, and start jotting down your questions and answers. Walk through your objectives.

This is how you create a framework. When your goals are crystal clear and you know exactly what you want, you are one step closer.

Try and brainstorm first

Ecommerce Builder Brainstorming (1)

You want a website for retailing products. The website works as an online store. Now, step into the shoes of a buyer.

When you walk into a store, there’s an array of products on display. If it is appealing, you go ahead, dig into more options and maybe, purchase a thing or two.

The concept is pretty much similar. Only this time, your buyer drops into a virtual store. You must have your best pieces on display. A slide show could serve the purpose.

As an online retailer, there are two objectives that play a significant role.

  • Your website should reach out to a larger mass. This ensures a spike in sales.
  • The ultimate aim is to increase your turnover.

Have you ever bumped into the consultants at a store? They are not getting paid to greet you. It’s like an ice breaker.

The consultants get you to start talking. Is there anything specific you are looking for, and so on so forth.

The question that pops up here is, how do you make your website roll in more sales? Particularly when you don’t even know who your customers are.

You cannot make your website too salesy. It is an absolute bummer and will draw off your audience instead of drawing them in.

Here’s where a good layout (something eye-catchy), content, product descriptions, and a few other things come into play.

You cannot kick-start a business if you are not optimistic. Of course, your website will grow. There will be more traffic.

The website will rank high in search engines. Views will shoot up. The bigger the audience, the better are your chances of selling out.

Regardless of the innumerable best website builders, you have read about, pick the one you will be sticking with for a long time.

Your site must not crash if there is an upsurge of traffic. The website building tool should support your website, as it grows and gains popularity with time.

The point is - do not randomly pick out a web-building tool, just because it has a couple of good reviews.

Remember, you are not switching between web builders. It is not only about the present. You will also have to chalk out a plan for your website’s future.

Set a budget

In any business line, contemplating the budget you can afford to invest is a primary thing.

If you are choosing the best eCommerce website builder, there is a very dim chance that you will get free packages to pick from. So, plan a budget before you start hunting for a website builder.

Of course, there are crowd-favorite website builders that offer free packages. Little do you know that many of the details are kept under wraps. There could be hidden costs.

The website builder might not provide you the best looking templates or layouts. Options to customize the layouts can be limited.

Integrations may not be available. In a nutshell, free website builders will set you up with a website that is way beneath your expectations.

Think about the amount you are willing to invest before you go all in. There are a few factors you must know of. Put in a little and think in terms of practicality. These factors are:

  • Charges for the registration of a domain
  • Expenses of using stock images and videos
  • Charges of hosting services
  • Back-ups for your website incur charges
  • Availability and pricing of apps and widgets for your e-store
  • Per-transaction fees, if any

After weighing in all the above-mentioned factors, decide on a budget.

Speaking of budgets. You should look deeper into the pricing and plans offered by website builders.

Packages and Pricing

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You have set upon a budget. Do you want to go all out and invest your money in a single go? Is it a wise thing to do? Maybe or maybe not! Let’s find out.

Best website builders come up with flexible payment plans. You can opt for a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

Surprisingly, there are a few website builders in business offering bi-monthly payment options.

Read the agreement carefully before you sign-up for your desired package. Go through the terms and conditions with a fine-tooth comb.

Don’t rush and choose a package because you are too thrilled. Patience is a virtue.

Setting up online stores is a cakewalk with the help of website builders like Experro. Here’s something to cheer you up.

Most website builders reward customers with a trial period. It is an excellent thing since you can get the hang of how the builder works.

Don’t think you can budge paying for the package you like forever. Once the trial-span is over, you will have to upgrade and opt for a paid package.

Of course, there are popular sites like Weebly and Wix that allow unlimited trial plans. What's the bummer? You will not have a domain of your own.

When your page shows up, it will always be featured as a Weebly domain or a Wix domain.

If you are dead set on setting up a business website, choose a plan, and pay for it. Keep your budget in mind.

It is advisable to do detailed research and look for packages that cover pretty much everything you want in a website.

Never forget to go through the refund policy offered by the website builder. Most top eCommerce website builders come with at-least 30 days money-back guarantee.

Then some builders allow an extension, up to 90 days for a refund. Check the details before you make a decision.

Select a builder that is easy to use

Sadly, even the best eCommerce platform can throw you in a pickle. Hosting an eCommerce website sounds easy.

If it was at all true, why on earth would you be spending on website builders? There’s a lot of technology that comes into play.

Digital platforms are all about technology, the new-age marketing thing, social media, and a bunch of other stuff.

Pick the best website builder because it comes to your rescue. You will not have to code. Neither will you have to scratch your brain, trying to figure out a program. The builder covers your needs.

Speaking of website builders, it should be user friendly too. A recommendation - drag and drop features are a safe bet.

Not only is it simple to use, but it is also fun to play around with the tools the builder offers.

Features like drag-and-drop are preferred by many website owners. It makes editing easy. You can tweak and modify the layout without many hurdles.

Don’t be surprised. But, many of the popular online shopping websites run on a drag-and-drop function.

If your package includes an intuitive editor, you are lucky.

Okay, now don’t jump into a conclusion and pay for a plan simply because it offers a drag-and-drop feature. There are a few other things you must keep an eye on.

  • Can you put in texts, even though your website is up and running?
  • Is there a chance to include or modify images?
  • Can you change the font or the color?
  • Does the plan allow you to ease the customization?

Possibly, you will get the hang of it during the trial period. If you are still dubious, speak to someone who has a better understanding of website builders.

Never underestimate the importance of themes

ecommerce themes (1)

In eCommerce, themes and layouts play a significant role. It is all about making the first impression.

Remember, in online stores; you are not really speaking to a customer. So, not choosing the right theme or a template is unacceptable.

The best website builder for you is the one that offers an ample number of themes and templates. It can make your pick a little tricky.

But, with a multitude of themes to choose from, you have more room to play and use your creative instincts.

Customization will happen. There’s nothing known as a one-fit template. Make sure that the website builder you choose lets you customize without much trouble.

A website should not just strike the attention of the audience. It must be unique and one of a kind. Only then you will lure more traffic.

Customization is key. Do not settle for a plan or a website builder that makes customization a slim choice.

You have a specific plan for your online store. The idea is to hunt down the best eCommerce website builder to bring your plan in action.

Probe about additional third-party integration

The best website builder for eCommerce is the one that makes consolidation of third-party platforms easy.

A website is done and your business is on a roll. Sadly, it doesn’t work like this. In racket like today, your website must include social media links, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and so much more.

It enhances your website’s appeal and makes your site much more viable and up-to-date. Integrations are essential to optimize customer relationships in a virtual store.

Do you have the slightest idea about CRM or ‘Customer Relationship Management?’

If yes, you know how important third-party integrations are. In simple words, 3rd party integration works like a glue that pairs your website with other systems.

It can be a merchandising system, gateways, and many more.

How is 3rd party integration befitting for eCommerce?

1. Better customer experience - Business is a big bummer if the customer experience is not up to the mark.

You need to deliver what the customer is looking for. In the world of marketing, the customer sits right on the top of the charts.

Third-party integrations help improve customer experience in your site.

2. Retain customers - Did you know that a good number of customers drop out of a website because of perceived indifference?

It means that the customer believes that the website doesn’t cater to the customer’s requirement. Neither is a query ever answered.

When you pair your website with integrations that add value to your business, it is worth looking into. If a customer puts in a query, it shows up. A prompt resolution wins a customer’s heart.

Simple things like automated emails of receipts and ‘Thank You’s’ work wonders in retaining customers.

They come back to you for purchasing and recommend your site to their known ones. Isn’t a hike in sales, is what you are aiming for?

When you sift out builders to set up the best eCommerce platform, ensure that you have access to third-party integrations.

The integrations are either available at a price or come free in the package you have chosen.

Do not dodge the idea of integrating a website analysis tool for your online store. Google Analytics is the best example. It can make a world of difference.

Integrations surge up conversions and are a great form of marketing.

Read before you buy

Okay, so there are a zillion website builders in the market. Every builder claims to be the best.

However, only detailed learning and reading reviews can help you pick the best website builder for eCommerce.

Before you invest a penny in a particular builder, get a clear picture of how the system works. What are the perks? What are the drawbacks?

There’s a reason why practicing trial and error gives you the best result.

Avail your trial offer. See how the builder works. Does it provide all the features that you have been eyeing on?

Also, it should be plain-sailing to work on the builder. Customization should not throw you in a world of misery.

Easy, user friendly, and feature-rich are the three most important things you need to tick the boxes.


Read before you buy (1)

The website builder must offer round the clock support or at least prompt support. If not, ditch the option without any second thought.

This is usually not a problem with the best website builders in the market. In fact, there is a particular section, dedicated to FAQ’s, Q&A’s and videos.

When you complain about a glitch or any other trouble, there are tickets raised. Effective solutions are provided so that you can run your website seamlessly.

Do not overlook the ‘Support’ feature. You are banking upon the best website builder for eCommerce to start-off your online venture.

Now that you know how to choose the best website builder, exploring the options will not be as challenging as before. Try before you buy a plan. Wish you a happy run and a successful venture.

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