Top 10 AI Writing Assistants – Which One Should You Go For?


Don’t you ever wish that there was a helping hand to lower your burden when it comes to writing?  We all know how frustrating it can be to write an essay or article. You sit down at the computer, staring at the blank screen, and try to come up with the perfect words to say. 

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the words just don't come out right. We've all been there. That's where AI creative writing assistants can help. These tools use artificial intelligence to help you write better, faster, and more efficiently. 

There’s been much debate on whether you should opt for an AI writer or not, but there’s no doubt that AI writing assistant online has made writing easier.

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Asper AI

asper AI 

Stop wasting so much time composing blog articles, social media posts, and sales emails... allow Jasper do the job for you.

  • 100% original content.
  • Free 10,000 Words
  • Jasper uses the model of GPT-3

4.9 of 5 stars



Use Writesonic to create long-form blogs or articles, Ad copies, and Marketing Tools.

  • Copywriting formula to generate ad copies 
  • Readability checker

4.8 of 5 stars


Create engaging content that performs satisfactorily across search engines, ads, and social media.

  • Free trial with 10,000 words
  • Grea customer support.

4.7 of 5 stars


Create converting website copy, social media ads, and blog articles in minutes.

  • Great ready-made templates
  • Translated to over 108 languages

4.7 of 5 stars

writecream Ai


There are 40+ tools to pick from for practical cold outreach, SEO & marketing campaigns.

  • Support for 75+ languages
  • Write Blog posts from Scratch
  • Youtube Voiceover & Podcasts

4.7 of 5 stars

Copy.Ai is perfect for getting your ideas flowing. You can use it for short- and long form content

  • Great Social Media Copy Ads 
  • Product descriptions, great for e-commerce

4.8 of 5 stars



Generates optimized copy, gets more conversions and drive more sales.

  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Generate high converting CTAs
  • Great Support

4.7 of 5 stars

LongShot.Ai 1


Get assistance in Topic Research, Fact Check, Write more, Generate heading intro, and SEO check.

  • Content Extender, scaling words
  • Fact-checking tools

4.7 of 5 stars


Generate completely original and SEO-friendly content; ad copy, product descriptions, and more!

  • Generate product descriptions
  • Converting Facebook Ad Copy

4.7 of 5 stars

#10 1

Automatically produce content briefs and answer website visitors’ questions

  • Excellent support
  • SEO Tools 
  • Advanced topic modeling

4.7 of 5 stars

What is an AI Writing Assistant?

This term is confusing at first, as there are so many aspects to think about when you hear "AI" and "writing assistant."

Simply put, an AI writing assistant online is a helping hand that can help you craft great content in no time.

AI Writing Assistant Explained

AI writing assistants haven't been used as much. Many still rely on human efforts due to several factors.

However, an AI writing assistant can save you from the constant headache of editing, spell-check, grammar, and whatnot. 

Every aspect of writing can be covered by an AI writing assistant. At the end of the day, an AI is still a machine, right? That means it lacks the "human flavor."

This is considered a major turn-off for many since only a human can generate content that can connect with the reader on an emotional level.

If there's no connection, there'll be a considerable amount of engagement, which many blog and agency owners can't afford if they want revenue.

But there's a way to go on about this, which is to input the required material and let AI do half the job. That way, it's a win-win situation for both.

Top 9 AI Writing Assistants

Let's approach the main issue: Which AI writing assistant is the best for you?

There are mixed opinions among many AI writer when it comes to picking the best AI writing assistant software out there.

With a thorough diagnosis of every aspect, this article contains a list of the top 10 AI writing assistants online which you can use to up your game.

Let us begin!

There are tons of free AI writing generators, but they don't allow you to experience the many benefits associated with a paid version of a creative AI writing assistant.

1. Jasper AI

The #1 contender on our list is Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis. It uses cutting-edge technology, which allows it to produce creative content five times more than an average human writer.

Payment Plan

Jarvis contains two payment plans (Starter and Boss Mode). Starter's estimated price is $49/m, while the Boss mode's estimated price is $99/m.

Jasper also provides its users with a free trial.

Jasper AI Pricing

Features of Jasper

  • Jasper's most powerful weapon is the "Command feature ."This feature allows you to command Jasper via a natural language interface.
  • Jasper’s “boss mode” makes you feel like a boss! An impressive feature of this version includes typing in just a headline, after which Jasper can write a whole paragraph of related content.
  • Jasper’s user interface is easy-to-use, allowing users to quickly navigate through the features.
  • Jasper uses the model of GPT-3 (Third Generation Pre-Trained Transformer). This makes the AI writer tool produce 100% original content.
  • It contains all the attributes of a great content writer but is so much better!
  • The GPT-3 model used in Jasper allows the AI tool to produce content that has no space for plagiarism.
  • Jasper also does the job of SEO for you! So you’ll be saving hours in your clock and still manage to rank in Google’s rankings without sweating! Talk about luxury.
  • Jasper also contains templates for particular niches, which you can avail yourself of at any time. These templates play a major role in providing you with creative ideas for your content.

What We Dislike About Jasper:

Although Jasper seems like the best AI writing assistant, there are a few loopholes that may lead you to think again.

  • Jarvis can do wonders as an AI tool, but it still lacks "the human touch," due to which it falls short in the eyes of many AI writers.
  • Jarvis fails miserably when it comes to technical writing. The AI tools commonly produce irrelevant information when it's introduced to a technical topic.
  • There’s no evidence that Jarvis produces authentic content since there’s no information about the sources used by the AI tool.
  • This will lead you to proofread and fact-check every piece of information that Jarvis provides you with, especially in the case of long-form articles.


Indeed, Jarvis is a powerhouse of an AI writing assistant and will be in your good books, but it's not as perfect when it comes to technical writing.

If you have a knack for producing great content, then click on the following link to avail Jasper now. 

2. Writesonic

Writesonic is another best AI writing assistant that you can use to your advantage to produce high-quality content for your blogs, ads, product descriptions, etc.

To get yourself started with this tool, all you have to do is provide it with a few keywords or pieces of text, and the result? Well, high-quality content!

Payment Plan

WriteSonic has two payment plans (Short-form and Long-form). Short-form’s price is $10/m while the Long-forms price is $13/m.

WriteSonic also provides its users with a free trial to determine which payment plan works best for them.

Writesonic Pricing


  • Writesonic focuses on user-friendliness. This allows beginners to find it extremely easy to use. Hence, its usage starts in no time.
  • Developers of Writesonic claim to have used a "copywriting formula" in their AI tool. We think that's turning out pretty good for everyone so far.
  • A bonus with this AI creative writing assistant is customer support. Many users have commended the software’s customer service as being cooperative and friendly.
  • WriteSonic provides its users with a handful of options to choose from, resulting in a greater user experience.
  • They possess a great pricing strategy. A bonus is their promo code which can get you a discount of over 60%.
  • Writesonic has all the packages, not to mention the 50+ advanced tools it uses, resulting in lesser time consumption and more productivity.

What We Dislike About Writesonic :

  • Unlike other AI tools in the game, content produced by Writesonic is relatively simple.
  • Users have reported that they had to correct basic grammatical mistakes made by the AI software.
  • Another turn-off of this software is that there are not enough tutorials for its features, meaning that anyone using its “special features” for the first time would be completely lost.
  • According to a customer review, the website can be termed "unpolished ."This leads us to conclude that the website doesn't constantly update itself to provide better service.


WriteSonic contains no major issues so far, so if you’re on a tight budget and want an AI tool, WriteSonic is your go-to.

"Great things come at a cost," but not this AI tool! Click on the following link to purchase WriteSonic:  

3. Peppertype

Peppertype is another AI writer that can help you craft engaging content within a matter of seconds.

Peppertype is for anyone who's looking to create top-notch content in terms of blog posts, social media posts, web posts, emails, and much more.

Payment Plan

Peppertype has three payment plans (Starter Plan, Growth Plan, and Enterprise Plan). It also comes with a trial version.

The cost of the Starter Plan is $35/m, whilst that of the Growth Plan is $199/m.

The Enterprise Plan guarantees you customized suggestions for your business or organization and can be availed via contact with their team.

Peppertype Pricing

Features :

  • “Presentation will take you anywhere ."Peppertype's UI gives its user an amazing experience visually, which naturally attracts the attention of many non-users as well.
  • Comfort is everything! The software’s easy-to-use features allow its users to easily locate the services they are looking for, saving them loads of time.
  • The software also includes creative templates, allowing the users to grab some fresh ideas for their content.
  • One feature of this company that many users appreciate is that they are constantly working hard to improve their services to provide users with an amazing experience.
  • The company has a highly responsive support team that is there 24/7 to cater to your queries.

What We Dislike About Peppertype

  • The number of characters that can be added in certain areas is restricted. According to some users, this can get frustrating at times.
  • Bugs and errors may occur while switching to a language other than English.


If you’re usually out of content ideas, then this content is a blessing for you. It’ll come up with fresh ideas and generate great content.

Do the above-mentioned points sound like your type of AI tool? If so, then download Peppertype to upgrade your writing by clicking the following 

Since Peppertype is a new competitor, it lacks some of the features that popular best writing assistant softwares have. Regardless, it surely has given competitors a run for their money.

4. Copymatic

Recognized as one of the best, Copymatic is a powerhouse of AI writers.

It performs the best when you need to convert your visitors into sales. 

You don’t have to spend time finalizing the perfect copywriter when you have one that can do it better than anyone.

Payment Plan

It comes with two payment plans (Starter and Pro). The cost of the prior is $19/m, whilst that of the latter is $32/m. Pricing


  • Copymatic can be translated to over 108 languages! This may seem normal, but many other AI tools don't perform as efficiently as Copymatic due to bugs or other technical errors.
  • The Copymatic Pro Plan provides you with the luxury of unlimited content generation.
  • Affordability is a problem for many. However, in terms of budget, Copymatic is the best AI writing assistant out there.
  • It contains more than 70 templates, so you’ll be able to come up with new ideas for your content and get them done in no time!
  • By having a built-in plagiarism checker, Copymatic guarantees you 100% original content.
  • With the use of GPT-3 (Generative PreTrained Transformer), you are guaranteed original content that contains no room for plagiarism.
  • It provides its users with comprehensive video tutorials which make usage easier. This gives Copymatic an advantage over other AI tools.
  • Copymatic updates itself automatically, which comes in handy since when you’re away, your software would be updating itself so that you won’t have to wait when it's time to work.

What We Dislike About Copymatic :

  • Copymatic is great, but it works that way for specific niches. This tool can’t be applied to every niche to get the same positive results.
  • Copymatic tends to produce content that contains fluff, so you’ll have to run the AI a few times to get the required results.
  • Since Copymatic is budget-friendly, it lacks some of the advanced features that other AI tools have to offer.
  • The trial version of the software grants you only ten credits. This amount isn't enough to find out what Copymatic has to offer.
  • There are minor plagiarism issues associated with the copy produced by Copymatic.
  • Minor spelling mistakes are associated with the content generated by the AI software.


Whilst being budget-friendly, the results produced by Copymatic are quite restricted. If the software is developed more, these restrictions can be eliminated, leading to a perfect AI tool.

Looking to get quality with a tight budget? Click here to buy Copymatic from their original website:

5. WriteCream

Writecream is your go-to AI writing assistant when it comes to producing compelling and engaging copies for your audience.

This AI software works best when it comes to marketing, producing top-quality content for product descriptions, landing pages, Google Ads, SEO, and more.

Payment Plan

It has two payment plans ($49/m and $69/m).

writecream Pricnig


  • Key features of this AI tool include the production of fruitful results for backlinks.
  • It has an easy-to-use user interface that will allow you to quickly adjust to it.
  • WriteCream mainly encourages personalized content. This will enable you to just type your site address to get great content outreach.
  • Let us leave the high-quality content that this tool generates for a while. The options provided to the users are enough to judge it.
  • It has an effective support system that is there 24/7 to help you with any problem you encounter or any queries you may have.
  • The content types are divided into four categories allowing you to easily navigate your niche.

What We Dislike About WriteCream :

  • The translations generated by this tool can be wrong sometimes, so you might have to proofread them.
  • WriteCream is quite expensive, and if they consider coming up with a new and cheaper payment plan, it'll allow them to attract more consumers.
  • This AI creative writing assistant should consider providing its users with more options to choose from.


WriteCream does a great job producing high-quality content but doesn't come cheap compared to other AI tools.

Do you want effective outreach in no time? Then click on the following link to avail WriteCream: 

6. is one of the best AI creative writing assistant for you if you're a busy writer with many projects at hand. 

The tool can generate Blog Content, Digital Ad Copy, eCommerce Copy, Sales Copy, Social Media Content, Website Copy,  and last but not least, Email Sales Copy.

This ai writing assistant online works best for Blog Writers, Social Media Managers, and Email Marketers.

Payment Plan

The best part is that is the best free writing assistant when you don't have much to generate. You can use the tool for 2000 words per month without paying a dime. 

If 2000 words don't sound like your plan & you want to make the most out of this tool, multiple options are available. Starting from $99 for 100k words per month.

Copy.Ai Pricing


  • We can say that is one of the best free writing assistants as it can generate High-converting content.
  • For non-technical writers, it is an Easy-to-learn AI writing assistant.
  • We are happy to see that is a regularly maintained and upgraded ai writing assistant. It offers survey forms every now and then to make its AI better.
  • It seems to have a hold of AIDA and PAS frameworks - two main frameworks to write a fine copy.
  • is available in 25+ different languages.
  • There are lots of writing templates to choose from.
  • The Free plan requires no payment details or credit card details.

What We Dislike About

The tool can work on introducing a fully automated AI writing assistant for long-form blog posts.

There is no option for Live chat support. The customer support team is not so fast.

It faces difficulties when the user keeps clicking on "Generating more results ."Many witnessed repetition in the content.

There is no plagiarism checker tool available.

Summary: seems to be doing good for writers looking for short-form content. Also, the prices are not too bad compared to other AI writing assistants.

Do you want sales copies and captions in no time? Then click on the following link to get 


Anyword is a great tool for businesses seeking to improve their SEO in search engines.

It is also called the best marketing assistant for helping you find new customers by writing compelling sales copy.

The tool can generate high-performing Ad Copy, Landing/Product pages, Blog posts, Emails, and Product descriptions.

Payment Plan

Anyword offers a free 7-day trial where you can test all of its features. After that, there are three options available:  Data-Driven Basic ($79/m), Data-Driven Unlimited ($239/m), and Enterprise (Which starts at $999/month). 

Anyword Pricing


  • Anyword uses advanced AI language, and it seems to have a hold of the best copywriting practices in terms of vocabulary.
  • Anyword makes it easy to generate copies with a higher success rate.
  • The tool works for almost all types of content writing and copywriting.
  • To make you more surprised, it helps generate high converting CTAs.
  • If you’re looking for an AI writing generator free of cost to write that urgent copy, Anyword is your lifesaver. It also makes sure to use the AIDA and PAS framework.
  • No credit card is required (for Free Trial)

What We Dislike About Anyword :

  • If you want to use more features, you simply have to pay more.
  • Anyword Could Be The All-In-One AI Writing Tool That Caters All Your Writing Needs, But There Is No Built-In Plagiarism Checker And That's A Bummer.
  • Well, as marketers, you need to have multiple options to choose from. With Anyword, you don't get to trying different copies because the tool is not so good at generating content in bulk.


Being an effective copywriting tool, Anyword is a true lifesaver if you want to expand your business and bring in high revenues.

Looking to get the best copy for your ads? Click here to buy Anyword from their website: 

8. is an online AI writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content.

It can help you come up with article titles, subheadlines, and long-form content.

Payment Plan

LongShot offers a forever-free account with ten credits for you to get started. If you want to jump to the premium plans, those are pocket friendly too. Pro for ($49/ month), team for ($99/ month), and there is always a custom plan to cater to your needs

longshot Pricing


  • The user interface is easy to use as you can generate long-form blog posts with minimal input of ideas. It is the best AI writing assistant if generating blog posts is all you're looking for.
  • The tool can produce a variety of formats like blog posts, articles, emails, and social media content.
  • is famous for its fact-checking and well-researched AI-produced content.
  • It allows you to edit your documents by rephrasing and summarizing.

What We Dislike About :

  • The tool is not multilingual, and that's a bummer for bilingual writers or agencies.
  • There’s no option to switch to British English.
  • No integration of Grammarly.


So if you want the initial best free writing assistant that can help you reorganize, paraphrase, and fact-check your content, LongShot may interest you. 

Do you want to write, fact-check, and edit the document in one place? Buy Longshot now.

CopyGenius helps you write compelling product descriptions with a little knowledge about the product. 

The tool was first designed to cater to ecommerce businesses with top-notch auto-generated product descriptions. But now it's providing a wide range of features like About us, Articles, Blog introduction, Blog outline, catchy email subject line, Creative product titles, Facebook Ad copy, and so much more.

Copygenius is here for you to get the most out of your e-commerce business without spending much.

Payment Plan

Three are three plans available: Free, Plus ($9/m), and Premium ($29/m).

copygenius Pricing


  • You can expect higher quality content from CopyGenius as it was created by a super team of copywriting experts with years of experience up their sleeve.
  • There's a wide range of templates available, so it won't be wrong to call CopyGenius, a rounder AI writing assistant.
  • Compared to other AI writing assistants in the market, CopyGenius is surprisingly pocket friendly.
  • The free package costs nothing, and you can generate up to 500 words.
  • No credit card details are required to get the Free plan.

What We Dislike About CopyGenius :

  • Sometimes, CopyGenius produces irrelevant content upon asking for content in bulk.
  • There are not many language options available. 
  • You cannot run grammar checks within the tool.


CopyGenius is your go-to tool if you are all in eCommerce business. This AI writing assistant brings much more to the table within a budget, and reviews have said that you won't regret giving it a try. 

If you really can’t afford copywriting expenses, CopyGenius AI writing assistant is all you need. Buy here :


Frase ai writing assistant is every blog writer’s wildest dream. It helps you research, write, and optimize your content with SEO. All within the same platform! The tool promises to create well-researched and organized blog posts that other tools lack.

Payment Plan has three payment plans (Basic, Team, and Enterprise). Basic plan will cost you $44.99/month, Team plan is for $114.99/month, and Enterprise plan will name its price after hearing your requirements.

Frase.Io Pricing


  • The tool helps create long-form, in-depth articles.
  • You’ll get SEO-rich content with higher chances of ranking on Google.
  • Create well-researched and organized topic briefs within minutes!
  • Generates well-researched content within a matter of seconds, so you won’t have to spend hours in research.
  • The user interface is super easy to understand.

What We Like/Dislike About Frase ai:

  • The AI-generated content can have a few grammatical errors.
  • Frase is the best ai writing out there, but only a human touch can make the content perfect.
  • There’s no mobile version available.

Summary is no doubt one of the best ai writing assistants out there. This tool has everything you need to rank #1 on Google.

Want to create long-form blog posts without writing for weeks? Here’s your solution.

How to Choose the Best AI Writing Assistants 

Narrow Down Your Scope

Choosing the right AI writing assistant can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, and it can be hard to know where to start.

So we’re here to help you on your quest for the perfect AI writing assistant! 

Follow these tips, and you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect writing aid!

1) Know what you want

The first step in choosing the best writing assistant software is knowing what it is that you're looking for.

Are you looking for a tool that will help write an entire Microsoft Word document? Maybe you just want short copies based on your input. So ask yourself: what kind of help do I need from my writing assistant?

2) Think about your needs

Find out what kind of work needs to be done and how much time you have available to complete it. This will help narrow down your search for the best AI writing assistant for you.

3) Don't forget about the price!

Consider how much money you want to spend before making a final decision on which AI writing generator is right for your project.

If money isn't an issue, then feel free to go with a more expensive option because they usually offer better support, as well as more features than less expensive ones, do – just make sure that whatever writing assistant you choose offers enough.

4) Try before you buy

Check out reviews online and ask friends who use them what their experiences were like before making a final decision about which service would be best for your needs. Don't forget that most companies offer free trials, so you can try them before you buy!

Sum Up

There is no one universal best AI writing assistant, as each of them brings something unique to the table. 

Whether it's automatic grammar correction, advanced vocabulary, or an innovative dialogue interface, there is a lot that can be done. 

The trick to getting the most out of them is to understand your own needs and find the writing assistant that fits those needs best.

We hope this guide has you covered...and if you tried just one AI writing assistant and liked it, we'd love to hear your experience in the comments section below!

Affiliate Disclosure

This article may contain affiliate links: means , if you click on one of  these links and make a purchase ( which we appreciated ), then I'll receive a small commission without affecting the original price ( without costing you anything extra ).

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